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#1 Feb 17 2008 at 6:36 PM Rating: Good
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As you reach higher levels you are rewarded by being able to store strategem charges which is nice but I dont understand why the recast timer on each is linked to one timer.

A level 75whm/10sch is able to use the same amount of strategems per hour as a 75sch who is able to store 3 strategems. As a level 50sch I find I'm not linking my strategems together at all which seems to be the only benefit of being able to store them.

To put it in perspective, if a lv75 scholar were able to store 15 charges then a lv10 scholar could still use the same amout of charges each hour with only access to the one charge every 4 minutes.

Anyone else feel the charges shouldnt be linked?
#2 Feb 19 2008 at 11:09 PM Rating: Good
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This makes it useful in special occasions (time battle like bcnm etc) where you can that way use more stratagem in less time than usual (what does limbus coffer do to our stratagem charges btw?). It is as well usually useful whenever you start an activity where you need to use them after 10-15min not using them.

But overall I agree with you, no huge difference overtime, I would be far happier with a timer decrease, or as you say 3 separate timers....but then that would be overkill, unless each stratagem has its own timer, meaning one can still only use accession once every 4 min, but then for bcnm battle we become unable to use the same stratagem 3times in a row....
#3 Feb 25 2008 at 7:55 AM Rating: Good
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I think this is a bug.
I didn't understand the charges at first so I'll just elaborate.

Right now you can only get 1 charge back every 4 minutes.
If you have used 2 charges you'll get your first charge back in 4 minutes and you'll get another charge back in another 4 minutes, total of 8 minutes for 2 charges.
So even if you have 3 charges or more, it'll take you n x 4 minutes to get all your charges back. (Where n is the # of charges)

The only benefit of having more then 1 charges right now is to combine these charges like (Accession + Penury) then wait 8 minutes to get them back.


So far this is only useful if you want to create a spell with multiple strategem you can with a huge downtime, that's kinda sad.

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#4 Feb 25 2008 at 9:45 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah, it did bother me that the only reason to have multiple charges was to use two at the same time. Sure, that's great...I can count the number of times I've needed to use two at one time on one hand (outside of healing Campaign NPCs).

I usually activate Accession and Phalnax/Stoneskin if I'm mainhealing. If, for some reason, I'm not, I'll cut the MP cost by half for nukes or recast time for Aspir. The charge system feels like it needs a change, but chances are their solution will be 120000xp worth of Colibri kills.
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