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What would you like to see for your job: Red Mage Edition!

#1 Jan 22 2013 at 9:38 PM Rating: Good
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Every time I see someone say Refresh/Convert defined us and that it should be locked or nerfed when subbed, I have to roll my eyes a little.

I see two sides of this argument, maybe there's more? A lot of RDMs did not want to be seen as the Refresh/Haste and Convert and do it some more B-word. I myself, as I'm sure you must be familiar with, didn't like looking at RDM for just that aspect of it. I explored a lot of other options and enjoyed it.

On the other hand, what I did like about Refresh/Haste and the limited supply of it, is that it practically guaranteed me a spot in an alliance doing end game things on the job I enjoyed the most. It wasn't one aspect of RDM I enjoyed. I enjoyed it all with a little bit of a bias toward doing things unusual, just because. So when I was refresh/haste/converting with the occasional cure bomb or silena, I was enjoying myself. Could I enjoy *just* that play style, no.

But I don't need to be a Rank 1 tank, Rank 1 melee, Rank 1 caster, etc to enjoy RDM. I'm ok with Rank 2 across much of the board, as long as there's something I can do that makes me desirable regardless of the role I want to play. And that leaves us to the question of "how?"

How do we make RDM desirable? There's really only so many options on the table. You can think in or out of the box, but there's going to be a limiting factor: Is it going to displace the main purpose of another job?

That single question by itself, I feel, really limits the options. I don't think we'll get far on the caster swordplay unless there's something that comes out of it that enhances everyone else's play as a result of our caster swordplay. Everyone wants to optimize their efforts, and bringing a RDM DD isn't optimized, currently. Optimizing doesn't require us to be able to win parses, and would actually require us to not win parses, but it does require us to win the hearts of the folks we play with. We need them to want us.

An aura that enhances the party or alliance by having composure up?
A unique buff that we can cast?
Something a heck of a lot more interesting involving enspells?

These are very basic ideas that I think could work. You could expand on them in different directions easily. Example:
*Give RDM a <cast on others> spell that does <insert some method of enhancing another player>
*Make enspells do <insert something that enspells could do>
*Give RDM an aura attached or unattached to composure that does <insert something the aura does for the party/alliance>

... but honestly, I'm not interested in doing any kind of detailed break down at the moment and instead, I'd be interested in hearing other very basic concepts of how things could be changed to allow caster/swordplay. By basic, I mean as basic as the above listed with an asterisk.

I think right now, whether most of us realize it or not, is the best time to throw ideas out there. There are a lot of proposed changes on the horizon for various aspects of the game.

I just hope no one is expecting to be invited as a DD equal, cause I really don't think that's ever going to happen with our tool kit.
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