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What would you like to see for your job: Red Mage Edition!

#1 Dec 09 2012 at 5:15 AM Rating: Decent
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Fynlar wrote:
Temper should absolutely be a party cast spell. Cure 5.

No. If you give temper away to buff other party members your dooming redmage to a life of buff cycles forever, it's not suppose to be a party enhancer. No cure V, play WHM for cures, play BLM for nukes. SCH for enhanced enhancements.

Redmage sincerely needs spells of its own, that make it do the role of enfeebling, use of black and white magic that compliment it's role. All with sword enhancements, enspells and temper have been the only ones.

I recommend Aura, Feather, Chaotic Cruelty, triple cast, and Mirror. I've changed it since discussing it with a couple people about it.

Chaotic Cruelty Job trait lvl 36 - Halves mp cost of elemental spells, doubles enmity gain for casting elemental spells.

Triple cast Job trait lvl 75 - Occasionally triples elemental magic cast, at no addtional mp cost. Target doesn't receive tp for additional spells cast.

Aura spell lvl 80 - Haste, temper, Regen, Regain. 100 mp, 5 minute recast. Self cast. Doesn't stack with any of the 4 spells separately.

Feather spell lvl 60 - inhibits targets tp gain, doubles attack speed, lowers attack. 30 mp. Self cast. Stacks nicely with enspells. 5 minute recast.

Mirror spell Lvl 80 - Absorbs set amount of DMG taken by party member until shatters converting DMG absorbed to HP/MP/TP. Effects party members within area of Effect. 80mp. Self cast. 5 minute recast. An overall DMG reduction to all attacks on party members. Thinking each member can absorb 750 DMG, and it then shatters splitting the DMG. 250 HP, 250 MP, 250 TP. Thoughts? I'm thinking absorb 1/3rd of all attacks on party members until it reaches a cap of 750 and then gives returns. That way it's truly defensive.

I'm satisfied with these 3. I've made the best enhancing, enfeebling, and defensive spell I could think of that fits RDM's role. Frankly the best idea ive seen. Now if I could just persuade you guys to hear me out on lowering Tier IV nukes. RDM would be so cool if it could attack the fastest and could triple cast like a gatling gun. It would fit the role so **** perfect. All red AF like its a hot head, just blazing with speed and energy.

If you feel Tier IV nukes need to stay like seriously if they don't stay, RDM dies needs to stay. Fine I won't push it. I was just gonna slide in maybe lower their Tier nuke so they could triple cast, and maybe throw in a native trait that didn't give mob tp from additional nukes in triple cast. If RDM keeps Tier IV's I'm sure it'll be too strong magically then. And it'll be like I just argued for all this for nothing. Just so SE slaps me with a "Over 9000" disclaimer. I feel like this is an awesome idea. Abysea ruined everything in this game.

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