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What would you like to see for your job: Red Mage Edition!

#1 Dec 09 2012 at 4:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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I hate playing the, "It's a new poster, they gotta be trollin'..." game, but the more this goes on, the more I fear sincerity is waning.

The reason we have a new ****** 2 hour on the block is because SE is out of touch and has refused to listen to the RDM community. Trust me, you're talking to someone who's been throwing ideas at them for years to get the job better melee integration. At the same time, I've also argued up and down against things that further solidified Pink Magery or the outright obsolescence of melee in general. I am not alone in this. I have seen other people propose good ideas. I have adapted some to my own concepts. I've seen people propose lots of bad ideas, too. Assuming the utmost sincerity, I'm not trying to bash your ego when saying this, but they're bad ideas. And I have no shortage of contempt for those who simply want to sabotage RDM's future.

At the very least, you're advocating stripping multiple abilities. While this has happened very, very early in the game's life with RDM, Marksmanship, and a couple spells, it hasn't happened since. Red Mage does not need nerfs. That's what they are. We have what we have. What we have can be built upon, contrary to the opinion of at least one individual here who also likes to claim we have Asperger's on the OF. Yes, there are finer adjustments that need to happen under the hood like how Enspells don't play nice with other additional effects like Excalibur or Sambas, but we can live without those. Simply wanting more enfeebles, or enfeebles to mean something, is not reason enough for SE to throw that **** at us. The prior iteration was fine. A lot of us were excited about it. The only thing that needed tweaked was its potency and duration. But somehow, somewhere, they got this idea for Elemental Seal-50. There's so much better they could've done if "We want to be enfeeblers!" was the big message received. Prolonged Saboteur? A Bad Breath-esque spell? Something more unique like the Dischord/Enemy Level Down idea? Trust me, we've thrown lots of things at them. This is just ostrich mode on display and it gets doubly nauseating when bad ideas do pop up.

I hate items with Quick Magic, thus I'll hate some small percentage of Triple Cast. I'll hate my nukes always having double enmity. I'll hate getting watered down and useless spells. For all the ******** the backline camp (or trolling outsiders) has done about Temper and how it's self-cast, it's not a useless spell and did a good job in weening us from Joyeuse or Joyeuse-like weapons. The primary thing melee has needed is more incentive to do so, and none of this does that. So, while maybe you have explained something poorly, you definitely haven't flubbed on wanting to nerf the job on multiple postings. I don't care if Vlor wants to get ***** at me for being abrasive here, but **** that noise.
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