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#1 Jun 13 2011 at 11:58 AM Rating: Good
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I'm finally catching up on some old gear and levels, and it's getting about time for me to turn my attention to upgrading my AF3 to +1 and +2 Status.

The problem is, as I look over the items required, I get a bit confused as to which methods are more reliable, and what manpower is needed for some of these NMs.

Any quick tips around for each of the individual seals, and when it comes time for +2 upgrades, which NMs did you find the best for farming what you needed?
#2 Jun 13 2011 at 3:01 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hyrist wrote:
Tips for hunting Seals

I recommend a club and targeting the young ones.

The only rdm stuff I've done right now is the legs. The quest is **** easy and just requires giving a galka right next to a conflux some galkan sausage and zoning. Quests generally have ****** returns/time, but that one's so easy, it might be better.
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#3 Jun 13 2011 at 7:22 PM Rating: Good
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I've mostly quested my +1 seals so I can't really help you much there. However, joining a few parties for my +2 items since the update I've noticed something. After I think the last update, there was a second pair of +2 upgrade items to NMs that already had a set of Tier 2 items. Let's take the NM Amhuluk for example. Before, this NM used to drop at best 3 Coins of Balance and 1 Jewel of Balance. Now they've added an additional Jewel of Ardor and Coin of Ardor drop to it. As you can see, the Coins of Balance drop with a higher rate than the Jewels of Balance, the Jewel sometimes not dropping even with Red Proc or Treasure Hunter. Similarly, there is a relationship between the Jewel of Ardor and Coin of Ardor in that one has a higher drop rate than the other. Although the max I've ever seen is 1 of each for this NM, usually I see the Jewel of Ardor drop and rarely the Coin of Ardor. That is to say, there's a higher chance for the Jewel of Ardor to drop from this guy. What does this mean? You should be wary of which drop you need before you join a party for an NM hunt. Since you're a RDM, Amhuluk is a good NM since the Coin of Balance is useful for RDM and Jewel of Ardor is also. I'm sure there are other NMs that seem to have this relationship with the newly added second set of drops where one has the higher chance to drop while the other doesn't. Hope this was a little helpful :o)
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#4 Jun 14 2011 at 9:03 AM Rating: Good
I did not quest any of my seals because, well, I would rather kill stuff. Here is where I got them and the general set-up.

Head Seals -- Wherwetrice -- typically a nin and rdm duo. I got lucky because I was going after blm seals and ended up with all of the seals for my mages.

Leg seals -- Sirrush -- I tried all 3 nms, Guku was next to impossible to claim and the raptor thing just sucks -- again most of the time nin and rdm duo.

Feet seals -- Iktomi -- I also did Seps, but his drop rate was really random -- usually a nin and rdm duo.

Now I do have blm, and yes it probably would have made more sense to go blm for yellow procs, but for security reasons (my BF was new to nin) I went rdm for the partial chance at a proc, heals, and debuffs. If you have a blm or a blm friend, I highly suggest bringing a blm.

Hands -- Koghatu -- Typically we have a thf tank, blu, blm, and whm -- however, this nm can be dot kited.

Body -- Yaguarogui -- Same set up as above -- this fight can be a little long and drawn out, but pretty decent drops.

I have not started on +2 gear yet, so I cannot help with these NMs.

Good luck to you!
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#5 Jun 14 2011 at 3:55 PM Rating: Good
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Lucked out on feet seals, some friends needed seals as well and we got all 8 of my feet seals in one go.

However... that does me no good as I've yet to successfully farm for my actual feet! ; ;
#6 Jun 14 2011 at 9:50 PM Rating: Good
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Basically try to target NMs if you can, using quests for their respective seals if you find yourself 1-3 off after a sudden party break. Annoying thing about going for the body seals is unless you're willing to throw money at pops, you have to go through the buffalo NM to get a hide (80-100k a pop on my server) as well as one from general tigers before killing the tiger NM. In my case, when I'd tried it, we killed the 3 tigers our small party would allot and walked away with no RDM seals at all. Joy of the random number generator. Funnily enough, I have the items to +2 the body, but I just haven't ***** myself to spam the repeat quest or try the tiger again since I just plain tend to be on BLU more because it's more useful.
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#7 Jun 29 2011 at 10:55 PM Rating: Default
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If you have blm it works out best for alot of them nms. You just need a mnk or nin friend to help,.
All you need to do is proc on blm and help heal and debuff. Nuke when you have extra mp :)

For example on your rdm body like Elspetta said Yaguarogui, You will need to get an HQ Buffalo horn.
And An Hq Tiger fang.

The HQ horn spawn a NM Buffalo and you can duo it with mnk or nin and blm. Get proc and you get DnC Thief Mnk Hand seals. you need the hide this drops to spawn Yaguarogui.

Farm the tigers just on the ledge at the spawn and you can get the Hq fang. Trade the Hide and Fang to the ??? is near the tigers and
to pop Yaguarogui. These are NIN SMn WHM and RDM body seals.

So all you need is someone that nees some of those seals and you can farm them.

You can also buy the set for like 150k on Bismarc if you want to go straight to the body farming.

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