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#1 Nov 21 2011 at 8:43 AM Rating: Good
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I pulled this off bluegartr, at

I have to say, I am happy with this gear. They took our macro in gear and made it even better for the macros. The hands are kind of pointless, but the rest is very nice. The bare 4% of haste pretty much locks this into macro gear.

def23 HP+28 STR+7 acc+9 attack+9 waltz potency+7%

Def51 STR+6 DEX+6 acc+15 attack+17 Enhances "Violent Flourish" effect 2

Def22 HP+21 VIT+6 AGI+6 acc+7 attack+7 evasion+7 enmity+4

Def36 STR+6 CHR+6 acc+6 haste+4% Increases jig duration 2

Def21 HP+28 DEX+6 AGI+6 acc+7 evasion+7 increases step accuracy 2

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#2 Nov 21 2011 at 11:15 AM Rating: Good
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One thing to keep in mind when you look at these stats is that they are only the AF +2 versions. There should be another version after them with even better stats. With that in mind, my thoughts are this:

Head: Waltz Potency +7% is cool, but Anwig Salade with Recast -2 is unreplacable for the Waltzes I generally use (Healing and III). This is gaining ground as a WS head, and may overtake Aias Bonnet in the +3 version but isn't there yet. It's fairly low priority for me.

Body: I love the body. It is now the best WS body for most things sort of Toci's Harness, which I will never see load into a chest. If it continues to improve on the way to +3, it may end up even better than Toci's, which makes me very happy. Highest priority.

Hands: Ever the reject-piece of the set, Hands are now actually strong enough to start replacing Slither Gloves as my pure evasion gloves. Bravo hands, Bravo. Still, second lowest priority.

Legs: Still not better than Charis Tights +2 for TPing, probably. But it's getting better, and the +3 should be better than them. fSTR is very potent for 1H jobs, and 8 STR + 5% Haste would pretty much glue these to my legs. Second highest priority.

Feet: Feet have always been cool, but also always misguided. We don't actually need Step Accuracy, but oh well. After the +3 upgrade I probably won't have to bug people to do the BC for Calmecac Leggings anymore. Middle priority.
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