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Returning Player, Newish Dancer, Some Questions.Follow

#1 Aug 24 2011 at 9:20 AM Rating: Good
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Hello. :)

I stopped playing about 2 years ago. Levelled DNC to about 50 on my old character. I've started up again about 2 months ago, but with a new account, making DNC my first/main job this time around, playing a Mithra, just hit level 60.

First question, subs. 2 years ago, NIN was the only sub of choice due to Dual Wield, now that is a native trait, is this still the case? I have not unlocking so far, and I never particularly enjoyed levelling anyway, plus the cost of tools/spells. Up to about 50 I was fulltiming /THF, due to falling lucky and getting a Dagger Belt, for the extra skill. Now I've swapped over to WAR, and I am levelling SAM up as well. Will these 3 subs be sufficient (WAR, THF, SAM), or is there anything else I should consider also?

Next to equipment. As I said, this a new character, and 60 is my highest job, so I'm on a bit of a budget. I hear everyone makes money out of Abyssea these days. I do have access, but key leeching is out of the question, because I don't yet have any Cruor to buy keys with to go leech, so I can't go earn any Cruor, until I have a job high enough to contribute.
But I digress.
Currently in, full AF on body slots, 2x Bone Knife +1, War Hoop, Dancer's Torque, Harvest Earring, Heims Earring, Unyielding Ring, Garrulous Ring,Jaguar Mantle, Potent Belt.
I've got Amemet Mantle for lvl 61, and I'm getting a Chivalrous Chain as soon as I can afford it. What should I be looking at for my next dagger upgrade? Is it worth getting any other armour on the way up to 75? Or just wait for the pink stuff and eventually AF3?

Lastly, food. Do people even bother with it anymore? Personally so far I've been using Meat Mithkabobs or Rice Dumplings. Have done most of my levelling in Crawler's Nest, and hardly anyone uses anything. Had a couple of solo bouts to stay on top of Dagger skill ups. Although even that's a bit tricky, they moved the beetles out of the basement in Garlaige Citadel for some 90ish ones, they would have been nice solo fodder for 60ish.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice/words of wisdom/cookies. :)
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#2 Aug 25 2011 at 4:19 AM Rating: Good
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If you ever want to solo (which is where DNC currently really shines) you will want to have NIN. EXP Groups expect you to pull (because most people havent seen a good DNC DD) again /NIN is nice. Id say NIN is all you really need, the other jobs are slightly more damage friendly, but you give up a lot of survival.

Essentially this is what you get:

WAR: Berserk/WArcry (DA trait does not stack with Saber)
SAM: Meditate, Sekkanoki
THF: TH (CF eliminates need for SA)
NIN: Shadows (best survivability tool in the game, some yellow procs.)

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#3 Aug 25 2011 at 8:50 AM Rating: Good
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I've only bothered with /NIN or /SAM on DNC. /NIN because, even if it only gives us shadows, we take those shadows and combine it with self-healing, evasion, and occasionally fan dance to be nigh unkillable, which is addictive. If I'm going up against something weak enough to not need shadows (rare - the only times this really happens is when I'm slaughtering mobs for magian trials) then /SAM does the trick: more TP = yay!

/WAR I find kinda lousy since DA doesn't stack with saber and Berserk just means more TP into healing, and if I'm farming things that I'd want /THF for I'm probably better off going /NIN to reduce downtime.
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#4 Aug 30 2011 at 8:59 PM Rating: Good
If you are looking for somewhere to go for exp, check out the little fov/gov guide i did in my sig.
I used both /sam and /nin while leveling. Both have their use (shadows, tp bonus/meditate..), if you don't pull and just DD/Heal you may only need /sam.

NIN really isn't that expensive, if you do all the quests for spells. There are new tools that can be used when NIN is the main job, each tool can be used for multiple spells and can be bought from an NPC (or so wiki told me). Most people level the "new" way so you wouldn't have to be tank, thus not spending so much money to cast Uts.
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