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Getting back into it: XPing past 60?Follow

#1 Dec 01 2010 at 9:18 AM Rating: Decent
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Since FFXIV is kind of a flop for me, I came back to FFXI to check out all the changes. I have been working on Dancer off and on as my Taru whenever I play but I gotta say the xp gain has been terrible. I am 64 and geared mostly towards Evasion and Accuracy with a side to attack (emp hairpin, scorp harn, jaridah stuff, potent belt, chiv chain, ame mantle, snipe rings). I got all the AF which I do gear swaps in, I have subbed nin for shadows so far.

The leveling spots I used are generally just fields of valor there in the western alteppa desert doing the largest antmen (don't remember the page). Generally I can knock out one of those pages in 45 minutes (what with travel time and all that) but the rewards are... less then ideal. I can get maybe 3k per hours give or take and I am sitting here looking at 19k for the next level. I look for parties, but the whole range of people seeking on my server (Siren) from 10-70 is generally countable on my fingers (aka less then 10), and rarely a spread that could form a realistic party.

I tried campaign, but the entire past seems pretty dead right now and I am just not strong enough to survive those mobs and get any sort of decent xp. I thought about Abyssea, but from all my forum trolling it seems like one really need 70+ to try that out.

So I guess my question is, is there an xping method I am missing out here that would cut my trip to 70 down from 60+ mindless hours of grinding? Even tips on speeding up the FoV method would be welcomed.
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Gear more towards Att/haste for Fov and burn through weaker mobs, xarc page 5 is pretty quick. But if you can, try to get into an Abyssea party as a chest opener or puller.
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#3 Dec 01 2010 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
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Dancer pretty much owns in campaign. I was capping XP from 60 on. Obviously, if there are no tanks playing, you'll need a battle with NPCs, since you won't be able to solo campaign mobs until 70 or so. Just spam steps and violent flourish, and that should be enough to get you max xp even if you're barely hitting the mob. Eat some crab sushi if you're having trouble building enough TP for your steps.

As far as FoV goes, you can still do the East Altepa page for goblins/manticore. The xp rate seems low when compared to a party, but if you time it right you can manage 5k+/hr with a ring. When you factor in how much time you're generally wasting seeking a party and waiting for people to show up, it's really not bad at all.

But, yeah, your best bet is definitely to get into an Abyssea party and open chests. Good luck!
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Also if you can get some friends MMM isnt bad xp on birds all piercing mobs and now a days its pretty empty lol.
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