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#1 Oct 27 2010 at 10:48 AM Rating: Good
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I've soloed all 8 of my charis leg seals off of Manohra in abyssea miseraux. I wouldn't call it easy, but it's definitely doable for anyone with the right gear, no abyssea shell, and no desire to run around doing ridiculously long quests that never give DNC seals.

Manohra is popped by trading an avian remex to the ??? in teh frigatebird area, they can usually be bought off the AH for a very low price or you can farm them when there aren't 17 alliances competing for them. Manohra is very accurate and very evasive. I had to wear all the evasion gear that I have to keep my shadows up, and macro in my haste for utsusemi.

My evasion skill is capped, but not merited, and my evasion gear looks something like this:
AGI/eva Kila+1x2
evasion torque
Aurore body
Denali hands
Boxer's mantle
Scouter's rope
Aurore feet

Might seem like overkill, but it seemed to be barely enough to survive to me.

Here's how the fight goes.

Make sure the area around the ??? and the path along the wall toward the cave with the conflux is clear then trade the item and run toward the conflux where alliances usually fight birds. I used pizza for food because he seems pretty evasive and my hits didn't do much to him. Basically just whittle away at him with WSs when you can manage, and melee hits + Climactic Flourish when you can't. He seems pretty resistant to SC dmg so wild flourish is usually a waste of FMs, but Building flourish does great. Try to keep at least two shadows and fan dance up at all times. He can double attack, and use some pretty damaging TP moves. Helldive can take off around 800 dmg without fan dance up and he'll often use it right after a double attack. Damnation dive is hard to predict, and witout fan dance up it can alo do massive dmg. It can take 1 2 or 3 shadows, it's never the same. If it strips you of shadows and still does dmg you, or hits you with no shadows up, you will be stunned for 30+seconds and be afflicted with unremovable silence that lasts about a minute. If it strips you of shadows and does no dmg then you wont get stunned or the silence effect at all. Damnation dive can be stunned with Violent Flourish if you're fast. What I did was melee, BF/WS, use Climactic Flourish whenever I could spare teh FMs or when No Foot Rise was up, kept fan dance and shadows up at all times, and enjoyed the ride. Violent Flourish seems to stun often, and gives you just long enough to recast ichi when Ni isn't up yet. If you get hit with damnation dive, Basically hope you have Fan Dance up, a way to get a lot of TP fast for cures, and enough evasion that you wont get hit too many times while you're silenced.

It's not an easy fight, but it seems to have a MUCH better drop rate on Charis seals than that stupid quest. I got all 8 of my seals in 12 kills. The fight is made MUCH easier if you've got good atma to back you up.
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#2 Oct 27 2010 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm 0/6 for DNC seals on him lol, he always seems to drop WAR for me...

Is there a !! you're getting?

Side note: Wiki says DNC/NIN can solo that rabbit... I'm like 0/3 on solo attempts on him, but my EVA isn't capped yet
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#3 Oct 27 2010 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
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I got all 8 of my seals in 12 kills.

Assuming that you weren't getting yellow !!, that's a very lucky rate, btw.
#4 Oct 27 2010 at 11:45 PM Rating: Good
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Makes me sick... but I watched a Dnc on my server solo Athamas. I tried it a day later.... got my *** handed to me. Foucade.... you badass.
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#5 Oct 28 2010 at 6:24 AM Rating: Good
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Makes me sick... but I watched a Dnc on my server solo Athamas. I tried it a day later.... got my *** handed to me. Foucade.... you badass.

Athamas is stupid random in my opinion. It was a cake till around 10%, no problems at all, then got combo of spider web, addle, waltz took slow instead of addle, utsu: ni, spider web, silencega, sickle slash (which didn't hurt too bad), and then I couldn't get shadows up again and died. I swear that thing has regain when it gets to low health.

In a trio kill he sickle slashed me for 2900+ tho >.>. And that was with fan dance up, altho it had taken a few hits. So that too is incredibly random.

#6 Nov 01 2010 at 8:03 AM Rating: Default
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I would imagine the DNC who soloed Athamas had an appropriate selection of buffs from abyssite, Atmas, and/or temp items. Load up on VV, maybe Ebon Hoof, get all the cruor buffs, and don't forget to use some of those temp items that drop all the time but you never notice. If you've done Bastion at all, get a couple Fanatics (drink and powder) and go to town.
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#7 Nov 04 2010 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I've seen a dnc solo athamas as well. He didn't seem to have anything special. I didn't see double attack rate from VV nor crits from RR. Seemed like a basic fight with high evasion.

As for manohra, i soloed him down 60% in about 15 minutes when the party camping him offered to help. It was a straightforward fight with exception of damnation drive. I had +71 eva and +17 skill. In addition, this bird has horrid droprate. I was in a lowman party that downed him 7 times and only saw 2 seals (which only dropped when i got a yellow !!)
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#8 Nov 04 2010 at 2:08 PM Rating: Good
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Just to add, Gieremund is soloable too with a solid evasion build, though it takes around 30 minutes.
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