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#1 Mar 12 2009 at 5:51 PM Rating: Good
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Having recently dinged 74 (20k to 75!) and after a grueling series of Charybdis sessions and getting my Joytoy (hurray! thanks sammeh and gnomie for logging in with literally less then 3 seconds til other group claimed and owning it!) and equpping Azoth (woo!) it's been a very exciting week as far as gear goes for me. We even 5 manned Hakutaku for my OHat the week before!

As soon as I hit 75 and fit myself into a comfortable buffer - the linkshell I run with has offered me a spot in a largely succesful Dynamis shell. I will be -the only individual lotting DNC AF as primary, so they have said!- and I will largely be aiming for all of it - legs and body being the primary targets.

Unfortunately out of the four thousand million and ten Nyzul runs I have done I have only seen Denali head drop. We get so much Askar I brush my teeth with it. I am also aiming for a few of those pieces (namely: feet/hands/legs) since it's going to take another 50 days (without missing) continious rank up in Campaign to earn my Wings and get Cobra Unit. However as luck would have it - I haven't been able to get any of them.

I have decent AH gear at the moment (SH+1, PCC, Sniper's, Tabin Boots+1, Dusk Gloves, Spike Earrings [Everytime I try to get in on a DM they turn down my BRD :(] Amemet Mantle+1 (Soon Forager's) as well as some random rare/ex gear [Swift belt, OHat, Smart Grenade] but . .

I am not really feelings Dancer's Tights anymore. I justified them for awhile now that they aren't horrible.. but now there's too many options for me to look at to not feel obsessive enough to have to replace them. I also am not fond of Tabin Boots +1.. but the ACC+ is something I enjoy..

So the few things I look at (PLEASE NOTE: WHILE WAITING FOR DYNAMIS DROPS AND/OR NYZUL) are the following:

Dusk Feet - Haste. Haste is ****. Was going to buy these for Utsu recast anyway. Would these be okay to TP in?

Oily Trousers - I have a have a hard time denying the stats on these. A net 7ACC is the most you can put in the slot on Dancer (please correct if mistaken) until I can get the AF2 legs for haste. However they run 1.8M (could always resell) and are kinda scarce at the moment.

Price's Slops - Moderate HP+ and ACC+4.. would be better then AF.

Yes, yes. I know everyone wants to comment about my rings and earrings and CoP, blahblah. I'm working on it, I swear - and DM and CoP are some of the priorities on my list. Thanks. Might grab Merman (PLD next!) anyway.

In my endeavor to be as dance-tastic as possible, I am once again reaching out for advice. I can't parse (PS2 limitations!) and I am slowly teaching myself some of the math stuff (although not being able to see results via parse is bleh) but I always like hearing from everyone about what they did.

SO how does everyone feel about the options - or other options - or what personal experience does anyone care to share about what they used "In the mean time.." ?

#2 Mar 12 2009 at 6:03 PM Rating: Good
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Haste is best option for dnc tping.

with 23-25% in gear, 10% from samba, 15% from spell, and 30% from double march, thats hitting the 80% cap with little effort.

Which bumps your tpm from 100ish up to about 500ish

Thats a LOT of tp. I have dusk hands feet, enkidus subligar while waiting on relic, walmart turba, rap harness, and working on swift belt and airy buckler for about 21-22 % haste.

If you dont want to be generic with walmart turban, go for panther mask, it gives some wicked chr and some haste too
#3 Mar 12 2009 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah, I forgot to mention I've already got W. Turban and Rap harness.

I guess there's no reason to not get and tp in the feet or maybe try for the +1 feet - I see them sometimes.

We don't do ZNM really which is why I really only brought up Prince's and Oily.
#4 Mar 12 2009 at 6:51 PM Rating: Decent
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I don't want to make this an argument but I see myself eating sushi with sword due to lower skill as well as the hastes pieces for dancer not having accuracy.

If you are on the same boat, you should be ok with accuracy but will have low attack specially on offhand.

So, for pants I would suggest you try getting dusk pants. They are great. Also, if you do limbus or might want to try either soloing/duoing some zones you can try upgrading AF pants to +1. The AF +1 pants have 5 acc 5 att and 5 vit/chr.

Feet I'd suggest enkidu because in reality it doesn't take a shell or a huge group to do the NMs. You can ask your friends for help killing NM and give them everything but the feet. You can farm the points easily by yourself
#5 Mar 12 2009 at 6:52 PM Rating: Good
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I wouldn't really worry about denali unless you're serious about getting it for town gear....

Yes, Dusk is perfectly fine (unless you can somehow hack the game and get some homam going lol)

Wouldn't worry about oily trousers. Go after Cobra unit pants (altana help us all if you're male) until your pants drop from dynamis. And if you need something now, I just say stick with AF pants...not the best but they don't suck and at least you do know that you're shooting for something better. I would just keep them instead of getting something expensive from AH when you're just going to get rid of them the second you get cobra gear or relic pants

My "in the meantime" pants were pahluwan that were left over from my rng which for me worked out perfectly (at this time there was no AF/relic/cobra gear for me anyway).

You seem to be on the right path so just trust your judgement and be patient with drops. Before you know it you'll have them

DNC: 90 THF: 90 RNG: Semi retired @90 RDM: Retired@75

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