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Thought that I would move this into here since it is Official and got such good reviews so thought some here might like it.

Thread: Dancer = Bard?

This is NOT a "Dancer WotG job" or a "Please make Dancer" thread, this is just a thought that came to mind on how it could work in Vana'diel. Okay yes if Dancer were to be incorporated into Xi, yes Brd has every aspect covered that a Dancer would have. I believe in Tactics Brd was the Enhance while Dancer was the Enfeeble, but Brd covers both categories in Xi. However there is a way I could see Dancer working in Xi without falling too far from the tree and stay "somewhat" the same as before.

Now the other day while I went to visit my mother I found an old "Guild Wars" manuel of mine from a couple years back, and just scanning through the pages I thought to myself "I wish Xi had a heavy DoT job like this Mesmer (and no I don't wanna go play Guild Wars it was just too boring for me)". Anyway sitting thinking about it yes Mesmer would be nice but imo I think too powerful and would have to be toned down. And then I thought that maybe Dancer could work in a similar fashion.

Now the "Mesmer" just put the idea in my head, but this is more based off of the Songstress in X-2, so I'm not saying let's make this game like someone else's. Basically when the Dancer goes into a Dance, it'll cast like an instant to 5 seconds spell, but instead of the casting bar going away when reaching 100% it'll stay there and count down backwards for the duration of the Dance. Of course if a Dance is resisted then the casting bar would of disappeared at 100%. Now with this method the Dancer would only be able to use one Dance at a time. Duration of Dance's could last between 10-30 seconds depending on the Dance that is used.

Dancer uses Paralyzing Dance (Don't remember the names), Enemy is Paralyzed during the duration of the dance, 15-30 seconds. However it would be the same as regular Paralyze so the enemy can still attack.

Only problem I see with this is that their Sleep Dance would keep enemies asleep while Party keeps doing damage (like some mobs we know), but probably keep this limited by duration of Dance and it's Recast timer. But yes they would have their debuffs, and perhaps even party buffs, but what I would really like to see is heavy DoT where you can actually see how much of the enemy's bar you took down within the 30 seconds of Dance.

As for interruption it would work like any other Spell Interrupt hit, or moving on accident. If anything Dance would almost be the same as Song, and equipment would be similar to Brd. I would also say give Dancer a small skill in Singing (not neccessary but Dancer could hum something to Dance to), and give them Instruments but with limitations as a Pup is to Mnk, for example a Dancer can only equip Maracas or Tamborine.

I'm sure 2hr would increase the duration of the next Dance maybe they would even have a Job Trait of Slowcast (opposite of Rdm's Fastcast) which may slow down the Dance's cast time, but will also increase the Dance's duration.

As a final note, I'm not saying that this is going to be a new job, not even saying we'll ever see it in Xi, so if you feel to it nuke me out of existance that is your choice, but this is for those that wish to see Dancer in game and MY OPINION on how it could work without being a Brd. I hope some like my ideas tho!^^

EDIT: And forgot to add this from same thread~
Thought I would look up some Dances from other FF titles on Wiki and change them up a bit to give a basic idea:

Final Fantasy V
Tempting Tango: Charm. (I would say this be similar to Brd's Charm song, but unlike how I described the way Dances work, the enemy will Charm at the end of the Dance if successful) Cast=I Dur=15 Recast=300

Mysterious Waltz: Aspir. (Aspirs 0-3 MP/Tick Max=90) Cast=2 Dur=30 Recast=200

Jitterbug Duet: Drain. (Drain 0-3 HP/Tick Max=90) Cast=2 Dur=30 Recast=200

Sword Dance: 4x Physical Attack (Hits enemy 4x every 2.5 sec) Cast=3 Dur=10 Recast=30

Final Fantasy X-2
Darkness Dance: Blindga (Enemies Blinded for Duration) Cast=2 Dur=15 Recast=45

Samba of Silence: Silencega (Enemies Silenced for Duration) Cast=2 Dur=15 Recast=45

MP Mambo: Party Conserve MP (Original was Party Manafont but that just wouldn't work, but Party has Conserve MP for Duration) Cast=4 Dur=20 Recast=200

Magical Masque: Shellra (Party gains Shell for Duration) Cast=2 Dur=30 Recast=30

Sleepy Shuffle: Sleepga (Enemies asleep for Duration) Cast=5 Dur=15 Recast=500

Carnival Cancan: Increase Party Max HP (Original double Max HP, but I think +.5 good enough) Cast=5 Dur=20 Recast=200

Slow Dance: Slowga (Slows enemies for Duration) Cast=2 Dur=15 Recast=45

Breakdance: AoE Terror (Original was Stop, but I think Terrorize is closest thing to it) Cast=5 Dur=10 Recast=150

Jitterbug: Hastega (Party Haste for Duration) Cast=4 Dur=30 Recast=200

Dirty Dancing: Increase Party Crit. Rate (Original was Party "Mighty Strikes" but that wouldn't work either) Cast=4 Dur=15 Recast=200

Final Fantasy Tactics
Witch Hunt: AoE MP Damage (By Description I think it does damage taking away from enemies MP pool; 10 MP/Tick Max=300) Cast=5 Dur=30 Recast=300

Wiznaibus: AoE HP Damage (HP Damage ignoring Defense; 15 HP/Tick Max= 450) Cast=5 Dur=30 Recast=300

Polka Polka: AoE Lowers Atk (Enemies Attack reduced for Duration) Cast=2 Dur=15 Recast=30

Disillusion: AoE Lowers M. Atk (Enemies Magic Atk reduced for Duration) Cast=2 Dur=15 Recast=30

Nameless Dance: AoE various abnormal status (Enemies inflicted with various abnormal status effects for Duration) Cast=4 Dur=30 Recast=300

Last Dance: AoE TP reduce (Original was CP to 0, so just put TP in it's place with -30%/Tick Max=300) Cast=10 Dur=30 Recast=500

And a Job Ability that I can see happening also from Final Fantasy Tactics would be "Fly" which would work similar to Drg's "Super Jump", which I'm sure would be nice to have assuming that some of these Dances would give off some hate. As for Cast/Duration/Recast times I just came up with them at the top of my head while typing them out, I'm sure SE would make them to what they see fit.^^

Now that this is a job, not saying that this is how it'd work but its an idea. One thing tho, AF not as hot as I was hoping for. :(

..but good enough! ^^

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One thing tho, AF not as hot as I was hoping for.

If you boot up FFV for the SNES or GBA, you'll notice that the dancer AF is quite close to what the lead male character is wearing as Dancer in it. Just need to mix and match Bartz and Lenna's dancer outfits, pretty much.

Link: The left-most guy and right-most girl on the following :
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