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Question about master gear effecting puppetFollow

#1 Feb 23 2012 at 9:44 AM Rating: Good
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Ok, I am getting a bit confused though maybe it is nothing. I always thought that the stats on gear for the Master would effect the stats on the puppet like some body armor with str 1 would add str 1 to the puppet. So what I am looking at is gearing for my black mage puppet, I do not have any of the high level relic gear and I am not rich (I don't have millions of gil, just 100,000 and less usually) So I have most of the Teal set at level 78, does the magic acc and Magic attack bonus stats on the gear apply to the puppet?
#2 Feb 23 2012 at 1:55 PM Rating: Good
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The only time a stat will affect your automaton is if the gear specifically states, "pet: ex." or "automaton: ex." so the only time you will get MAB from gear would be if it said pet: MAB +1, or automaton: MAB +1. The same essentially goes for all per jobs.
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#3 Feb 27 2012 at 6:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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Camwin is correct that stats on gear don't affect the automaton unless they are "Pet:" or "Automaton:" stats.

Maneuvers are an exception though, and seeing mentions of that might be part of your confusion here. Two points:

1) If the master's stat (STR, AGI, etc.) at the time of using the related maneuver (see below chart) is greater than or equal to the automaton's stat, the maneuver will generate less "burden" toward overload. The "burden" will also decay faster. Read the Overload page on Wiki for more detail, much of this was tested by the Alla forum regulars back in the old days (in particular, NateyPoo did a ton of work on this).

Fire = STR
Wind = AGI
Thunder = DEX
Earth = VIT
Ice = INT
Water = MND
Light = CHR
Dark = no stat correlation, and note that Dark maneuvers inherently generate less burden than the other 7 maneuvers

2) Each active maneuver will give the puppet 1-7 of the associated stat (scales by level, see Wiki maneuver page for chart). Also, if AF or AF+1 gloves are on when you use the manevuer, adds an additional +1 to the automaton stat boost. So, for example if you have 3 fire maneuver up as a lv99 PUP, and you used AF gloves for all 3 maneuvers, your automaton will have STR+24 (7+1 STR for each maneuver, times 3).

What does all that mean to you?
As for how this should affect your play/gear... I firmly belive it's not worth bothering with stat gear to affect manevuer burden at all. It's just such an insignificant problem. How much are you really overloading? With AF Gloves, Buffoon's Collar, and Cirque +1/+2 body, AND now Cooldown in a pinch, it's simply not a problem.

The only possibly plausible situation is using INT gear for ice maneuvers if you're constantly activating and stacking 3x Ice maneuvers to nuke, and even then I think the risk is fairly low and you probably want to use a Condenser in that situation anyway. If you're really having Ice overload issues though, you could look into some pieces to boost your INT to equal/greater than your puppet's INT.

What you SHOULD do is always use macros for your maneuver gear. AF Gloves are a must not only for reduced overload potential (read more on the above linked Overload page), but also for the extra +1 automaton stat per maneuver. You'll also want to use Buffoon's Collar and AFCirque+1/+2 body in your macro.

Even with a standard 6-line macro, you can do this with a single macro if you're already TPing in Cirque +1/+2 body. Obviously, line limitations are not applicable for Windower users.

The classic 6-line maneuver macro:
/equip hands "Puppetry Dastanas" or +1
/equip neck "Buffoon's Collar" or +1
/ja "____ Maneuver" <me>
/wait 1
/equip hands [TP Hands]
/equip neck [TP Neck]

Edited, Mar 1st 2012 5:39pm by Anza
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#4 Mar 09 2012 at 4:37 PM Rating: Good
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can even save a line in that macro set by putting the wait after the maneuver like so:

/ja "____ Maneuver" <me> <wait1>

(not sure about my syntax - would have to open up XI and look at my macros but you can now add a wait to any line)

Edited, Mar 9th 2012 2:37pm by Olorinus
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#5 Mar 13 2012 at 6:53 PM Rating: Excellent
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Then you could add a <wait 10> to the last line and add a "/echo MANEUVER READY".

I have a bad habit of wanting to do another maneuver 9 seconds later.
#6 Mar 14 2012 at 2:41 PM Rating: Excellent
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Elwynbelwyn wrote:
Then you could add a <wait 10> to the last line and add a "/echo MANEUVER READY".

I have a bad habit of wanting to do another maneuver 9 seconds later.

As long as you don't use any other maneuver in between (WS, Repair, any subjob JA/spell, etc.). Using a new macro will override a currently "waiting" macro and you'll never get the echo.
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