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Returned to FFXI, questions on PUPFollow

#1 Sep 08 2011 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
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I recently returned to FFXI after something like a two year absence. I've been all up in the game this time around, having gotten farther into the progression than I ever had before, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. At the moment, I've leveled Monk, Dancer, and Warrior to 50 (and they are my highest jobs). The latter two are leveled as sub jobs for Monk. I'm quite poor at the moment; I barely have 200K.

Puppetmaster is my favorite class in the game, bar none. It's been the one I've enjoyed most since its introduction, even more than Monk, which I enjoy immensely. However, upon returning to the game and looking at the prices of things, many of the attachments are extremely expensive, relatively speaking. As of right now, I have all the attachments from Yoyoroon plus the II versions of Yoyoroon's basic models. Additionally, I have Attuner, Strobe, Pattern Reader, Replicator, Drum Magazine, Heat Seeker, Smoke Screen, and Mana Converter. It seems, then, that I am missing most of the important ones, which is the problem I have currently.

I feel that to be effective as a Puppetmaster, I will need these attachments. However, being 'low level' distances me from the means to acquire large sums of gil with which to purchase these attachments. And farming them is also out of the question. Folks keep suggesting/recommending/commanding that I just focus on leveling Monk right now and getting it to 90 and then making the money to buy what I need or farming for the attachments. But I've gotta say, my enjoyment levels as a Puppetmaster are way higher than they are as a Monk.

So I guess what I'm asking y'all is: are those attachments that I'm missing are as crucial as they seem? Do I need them to play an effective Puppetmaster? Should I listen to folks and just level Monk first so I can make more money? Or should I throw caution to the wind and dust off Lobo and just go for it?
#2 Sep 08 2011 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
It seems to me that you are really into the job and seriously want to devote your all to making it the best it can be... then do it.

Initially the time sink involved will be somewhat daunting primarily because the job requires that you double-up on skilling (for the master and then again, for the puppet and it's respective frames), then on top of that you'll need the currency or good luck to acquire the top tier attachments.

It seems, aside from the necessity in skilling up, getting the attachments are one of your major priorities--my only suggestion is to DEVOTE your time to getting them. Check on how to acquire each one and then do whatever you need to do to acquire them. I personally have them all and depending on circumstances, I use them all. One of your questions was whether they were crucial... my answer is absolutely. As a puppetmaster you'll find yourself in a variety of situations which, because of your ability to customize, may require your automaton tank a heavy hitting NM or kite casting high-hitting magic etc... and the attachments (especially the newly introduced ones) are imperative to easing yourself into victory.

Are they required in order to play the job...? nope... but if you are as serious about the job as you state... then by all means get them.. you won't regret it...and you'll have a hard time full-timing another job... believe me^^ Good luck!
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#3 Sep 19 2011 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
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So it's been a couple weeks since I started back up. So far, I've been playing Monk (I have it at 60, about to do the Genkai 3 quest), and have left Puppetmaster alone, instead opting to accrue some gil and attachments before I devote myself to the job. But man, it is just not nearly as fun. The gameplay of Monk is sort of fun for just punching things, but I definitely miss the variability of the Puppetmaster. It's taking a lot for me to not just say ***** it to getting all the attachments for right now and instead moving forward with what I have until I can do the BCNMs and the farming necessary to get the others.

I have bought a few more attachments, while we're on the subject. Currently, I'm only missing: Reactive Shield, Heat Capacitator, Tranquilizer, Power Cooler, Tactical Processor, Turbo Charger, Barrage Turbine, Analyzer, Equalizer, Schurzen, Coiler, Dynamo, Galvanizer, Condenser, Percolator, Vivi-Valve, Optic Fiber, Economizer, and Disruptor.

As far as I'm concerned, these are the ones that are most essential. Currently, I group most regularly with a pair of friends, one of whom is most often playing either Dancer or Blue Mage, while the other is Samurai or Ranger. That usually leaves me able to fill a number of roles, like Physical or Magic DD, Secondary Healer, and/or Off-Tank.

Because of this flexibility, however, I feel like I need a lot of the above attachments to really be successful (namely, Coiler, Turbo Charger, Tranquilizer, Economizer, and Dynamo. But those are all a difficult thing to get, given my and my friends' low levels and lack of funds since we've all recently returned.

So do I hunker down and push through the difficult aspects and just get those attachments later on when I can? Or do I keep leveling Monk, farm the attachments or gil for the attachments later, and play a somewhat boring but okay class?
#4 Sep 19 2011 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
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What I really want is Turbo Charger and Coiler. I guess Tranquilizer would help too. I've been looking up the Ashu Talif quests on the wiki and it seems like there's no chance I'll be able to get them until I'm at a high level, like 80s or 90s, along with finding a static group with my friends who are also in the 80s or 90s.

My only other option is getting the five million gil together for them on the auction house, which is just as unlikely to happen anytime soon. Siiigh.
#5 Sep 20 2011 at 5:52 AM Rating: Good
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I just restarted not long ago and PUP was a job I was leveling before I quit a few years ago. When I came back, I decided PUP was what I wanted to take to 90. Of course, the one thing I remembered about it was how expensive it was. And it still is. But, prices on a lot of attachments have dropped to more acceptable levels, and due to the lack of higher-levels wanting to farm low-level stuff and just buy it, has given me some gil-making opportunities. As of now, the only attachments I am missing (and I am 60PUP, currently level capped until I can cap my current skills) are Reactive Shield, Mana Converter, Turbo Charger, Optic Fiber, Eraser, Disruptor, Schurzen, Dynamo and Barrier Module. While Charger/Fiber/Eraser are incredibly good, they are also 1m (with Eraser being 300k) so I am working on those now. Given most leveling occurs in GoV, they aren't important at that level, but ones I plan on obtaining before I start endgame. While it's better to start with these things in-hand, I don't think it requires you to play something else all the way to 90 before you can start this, as long as you accept you won't be able to burn it and play effectively. I can barely solo Ts right now because my skills are still in the lower 50s, so it makes them closer to IT level due to misses, low damage, etc.

Coiler is 100k on my server, not bad. And so far, I'm not completely impressed with it. Better than without it, but Thunder is a constantly strapped resource with the +ACC attachments so it's hard to fit it in currently, best when acc is high versus what you are fighting.

MY suggestion? Do BCNMs, farming to get the attachments, then when you are higher level and want to do things like Ashu Talif, Ob, them for the experience/fun, then sell the attachments back (this way you kind of get your gil back, like with equipment. That way you can pay for the things you sold to get them in the first place, like Phalanx or Utsusemi:Ni, or maybe some quested scrolls. I sold Aspir for 300k, but since I want to /SCH and 75 is close, I'm gonna have to farm to get that scroll back. So it's like a loan, in and of itself when it comes to quested scrolls...can be used to get a few attachments quicker, but you will need them eventually.)

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