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Uncertainty in Decussate Follow

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To recapture these quests, I've taken down the dialogue and random notes (initially by hand no less!).. To look back on, or for others who are interested in it, as I'm not sure this entirety can be found elsewhere. Needless to say it contains spoilers, so proceed with caution!

~An Imperial Heist~

Abquhbah: ... This is all the exitement was about? Am I missing something here, or does this just look like a rusty old weapon to you? I'm sorry, Carrilei. I didn't mean to belittle your efforts. It's just not what I had expected. President Naja!

Naja Salaheem: No doubt about it. The quartz trrransmitter's signal is synchronizing perfectly on both ends. This is what we've been looking for. I've got to hand it to you, Captain Carrilei. Another job well done. If you're lucky, maybe I'll even let you tag along to the Imperial Palace with me. As my attendant, of course.

Oh, and I'll be hanging onto this weapon for now. For safekeeping. I hate to pull rrrank on you, but you were under orders when you happened to find it. And it is I who gives the orders around here, after all. So simple logic tells us who should keep it. Abquhbah!

Abquhbah: Y-yes, President Naja!

Naja Salaheem: Well get on with it already. That Imperial invitation isn't going to read itself!

Abquhbah: Ah, yes, President, of course! The sealed document from Ovjang. <Ahem>... Oh dear...

Naja Salaheem: What's the matter, Abquhbah? Is it written in too formal a style for even you? Hehe what's wrong? Didn't you ever learn your royal platitudes?

Abquahbah: N-not exactly. It's just that... This isn't exactly the issue to the palace we anticipaed.

Naja Salaheem: <Gasp>! Well perhaps I had gotten a bit ahead of myself. An invitation to the palace doesn't come lightly after all. Ever the bearer of dissapointing news, aren't you?

Abquahbah: Well, it's not that I... I don't mean to... Is it getting hot in here?

Naja Salaheem: And just how do you propose that I maintain my ladylike demeanor through such a disconcerting letdown? Huh!? Abquhbaaah!!!

Abquahbah: It's not my fault!

(Naja hits Abquahbah)

Naja Salaheem: You've got quite a task ahead of you, Captain Carrilei. Here's the skinny. We're looking at three orders from the Empress herself. Bear in mind we're running a business here. And these orders are your charge. We have a reputation to maintain. Now, do you need me to break this down to the basics for you?

It seems my proposals haven't been falling entirely on deaf ears after all. The Empress herself seems to have taken notice of the counsil I've been providing. As you may or may not know, the emprire is ceaselessly pursuing to advance relations with the beastmen via peaceful negotiations. But rrrecently, some chieftains have been hampering progress, and proving to be quite the thorn in the proverbial side.

Only... After reading the Imperial orders, they seem to be a bit... Well, lenient. So here's how we're going to do this. First rrrule of upper management, Captain Carrilei. Change what you don't like! I want you to go and drop these chieftains like a bad habit! There are three specific targets we're after. You are you got the sand for this one, Captain?

First, Gurfurlur the Menacing, the chieftain who holds sway over Halvung and all the trrrolls that infest it. Next, the ruthless Mamool Ja leader, Gulool Ja Ja, tyrant of Mamook. And finally, the foul lamia witch Medusa, who commands her Undead Swarm from the evil rrreaches of Arrapago Reef. Think you can remember all that?

This could be the mission that breaks you, Carrilei. Think of it! The mercenary of humble beginnings who felled three beast kings. The stuff of legends, I tell ya. That's all you need to know about that. Anything else?

This Imperial decree confirms that the thread posed by the Archaia is indeed a viable one. "What's an Archaia!?" I hope you're joking... They're those metal contrrraptions that are always spotted hovering around the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. Don't tell me you've never even seen one! It seems that recently they've been able to slip outside of the ruins through the rrrift that Alexander opened. And in case you didn't know, they're capable of self replication. At this rate, if they continue to escape from the ruins unchecked, their numbers will multiply to the extent that... Well let's just say the Empire wouldn't stand a chance and leave it at that.

So what we've got to do is somehow get to the chariots giving the orders, these command chariots, and bust them up real good. There are three specific targets we're after. You sure you got the sand for this one, Captain? First, there's the Battleclad Chariot that resides deep in Zhayolm Remnants. Then there's the Armored Chariot that lurks somewhere in the Arrapago Remnants. Also the Long-Bowed Chariot. You'll be able to find that one in the Bhaflau Remnants. And lastly, the Long-Armed Chariot. That one can should be rrroaming around in the Silver Sea Remnants. These are your four targets. It's not often I get emotional but the safety of the Empire, and dare I say the world, may be at stake here. So get to it, Captain!

That foreboding visige known as the Dark-Rider is now known to be none other than the nefarious god Odin himself. Reliable sources have confirmed rrrumors that he regularly haunts the Hazhalm Testing Grounds. And as you may have heard, the Empress has been making great strides towards reconciliation with opposition forces through such acts as the establishtment of the Seagull Phratrie. Not sure what to make of it all, to be honest. Seems like every auspicious omen we see is offset by an equally ominous one in turn. And all while everyone is resting on their laurrrels! It's a complete deadlock and something must be done! You guessed it. That's where you come in! If htis Odin really does exist, and is capable of what they say, then you must send him back to the **** from which he came! That's my Carrilei! Always taking care of business. Though I can't deny that some of the credit is due in part to my behind-the-scenes guidance.

Well that's all you're gonna get by way of debrrriefing. Might not be a lot, but i'm not entirely opposed to leaping before you look. There's osmething to be said for taking the initiative and surging forward. As long as there are results to show for it, mind you. Now, get on it!


Well, well, well, if it isn't the great Captain Carrilei. You honor us with your prescence. It would seem you've completed all three of the Empress's objectives. Purged the beastkings, dismantled the chariots, and banished the mighty Odin. Quite the resume you're building. I suppose the Empress should be gettin' in touch with us any time n--

Abquhbah: President Naja! Distressing News!

Naja Salaheem: Speak of the devil! Impeccable timing, Abquhbah. Calm down. Deep breaths. Thaaat's it. Go easy.

Abquhbah: <Pant, pant, pant>... If you could <pant> give me a moment <pant> to catch m--

Naja Salaheem: Good! Now that you've collected yourself just go ahead and read my invitation aloud.

Abquhbah: That's kind of what I wanted <pant> to speak with you about, President.

Naja Salaheem: Abquhbaaah!!!

Abquhbah: Oh dear...

Naja Salaheem: Do you have any idea what will happen if I have to stand here again and listen to you tell me that you don't have an Imperial invitation? Because I certainly don't. All I know is that I won't be responsible for it.

Abquhbah: Oh, well you'll be pleased to know that this is indeed an invitation!

Naja Salaheem: Well why didn't you say so!? Sometimes I think you tear me down just to build me back up again, Abquhbah. You're either very smart, or very stupid. In either event, I thank you for trrrying to amplify my happiness.

Abquhbah: You're most welc--- oh! Oh dear... Actually this invitiation seems to be made out to Captain Carrilei here.

Naja Salaheem: Oh come on!

Abquhbah: It has been sent by Paparoon in Nashmau.

Naja Salaheem: Hahaha! Paparoon!? Nashmau!? Oh that's rrrich! Hahaha! And here I was getting all worked up. The seals are so similar, I assumed it was from the Empress herself.

Abquhbah: Well that's not... Nevermind.

Naja Salaheem: Hm? You have something you'd like to add?

Abquhbah: N-no. Nothing at all.

Naja Salaheem: Well that about wraps this up. Captain Carrilei! A sincere congratulations on your most recent glories. All this excitement has left me a tad drained. I think I'll go ahead and take that extended break I've been meaning to get around to. Hey I know! In the meantime, you could go and visit your Qiqirn firned in Nashmau! Hahaha! Oh, that's rich!

~Duties, Tasts, and Deeds~

Paparoon: Yooo! Yooo be the Carrilei person Paparoon been hearing about! This is right, yes? I'm the Paparoon. Big general of the Empire! I've been waiting for yooo. Catch yoos off guard, did I?

That's the right. The Empress found a nook for us in the army. We're on the same side nooow! Qiqirn in the army! Best thing to happen since sliced cheese!

Anywhooo, the Empress asked me special to come and make shooore yooo got the jist of what she said. Just let me know if yooo's need any more information, yes?

  • [Alexandrite Gems]

  • Alexandrite! Ooo, that's da stuff! Sooo shinies! Yooo's can bring 30000 of those, yes? They say thoose stones be tiny, tiny pieces of a god name Alexander something ooor other. Sooo shiny, they are! I dunno what all those shinies are for. I'm just a messanger yooo know? Sooorry, Paparoon not too bright... But if you can get together a nice shiny bunch of thooose alexandrite gems, come and give them to me, yes! Make Empress verrry happy, I thinks.

  • [Wyrmseeker of Areuhat]

  • The Empress wants that yooo should find a pretty book. Lotsa pretty pictures insides. Pretty story about Areuhat out looking for dragons. Paparoon heard story once, but forgot hooow it goooes. Something about... Nope, I forgets. What's Empress want story for? Maybe Empress likes pretty pictures too. But I dunno... Sooorry, Paparoon not too bright... But if yooo's see that pretty picture book, bring it back to me, yes? Paparoon will take care of things.

  • [Assault Memoires]

  • Think you can bring Paparoon some assault memoos? Empress say maybe five of them. I's be waiting right here for yooo to bring them back, yes?

    (you recieved five bound volumes containing blank pages)

    Each memoo gets special name. Carrilei needs tooo make memoo from each assault area. Empress say maybe five of them. So Paparoon thinks maybe five special titles, yes? What's memoos for? Qiqirn no take memoo ever. Sooorry, Paparoon not too bright... Yoo understand the words coming out of Paparoon's mouth? Yooo bring back five special assault memoos to me, yes?

  • [Holy Relics]

  • Yooo think maybe yooo can go and find the Balrahn's eyepatch? He only had one eye, yooo know? eyepatch he wear now holy treasure. Verrry valuable, and Empress says she wants! Balrahn ooold herroo of Aht Urghan. Verrry good and shiney. But only the one eye. Missing eyehole not good or shiny so he covered with eyepatch, yes? Paparoon don't know what purpose nasty old eyepatch can dooo. Not even shiny... Sooorry, Paparoon not tooo bright... But if yooo's can find dat eyepatch, yooo's bring back to Paparoon, yes? Maybe make Empress very happy.

    (You obtain Ilrusi Ledger, Periqia Diary, Lebros Chronicle, Mamool Ja Journal, and Leujaoam Log)

    - Zasshal CS Opening the Wyrmseeker of Areuhat option -

    Well if it isn't the 'ero of the remnants herself! How goes the treasure hunting? If I'm not mistaken you're out looking for a copy of "Wyrmseeker of Areuhat," right? Hehehe, you sure don't mess around, eh? Information this choice is going to demand...a different type o'currency I wonder, 'ave you come to 'ear of tokens, yet? No doubt you're savvy to the Nyzul Isle Investigation, 'at slightly peculiar of assaults. Well, these tokens can only be obtained in those most uncharted of ruins.

    I think I've made it painfully obvious by now that I can never 'av enough assault points. But truth be told, I am always interested in getting as many of these tokens as I can as well. Unfortunately they aren't nearly as easy to come by as the assault points. In fact, it's rare 'at I ever come across any of 'em. Bit of a predicament, it is...

    Funny thing about humans, their desires certainly know no bounds. But that's not what you're 'ere to talk about. The copy of "Wyrmseeker of Areuhat," right? If you really want one, I suppose I could get me 'ands on it for you. It's just going to cost you a certain number of tokens, of course. I've got confidence in you though, Carrilei. You're probably rolling in tokens as it is, am I right? Well it's kind of difficult to put a number on something like 'at. But for the sake of argument, let's say... 150000 tokens! Too pricey? Well if you really want one I reckon you'll be willing to come up with 'em somehow. Stop by anytime. I'll keep up my end.

    Might add more bits and pieces soon (for e.g., the ??? next to Paparoon explains the assault memoire task in surprising clarity), but that's the bulk of it up to where I am. Pretty enjoyable cs's - the Rush Hour reference had me seriously lol'ing. Hopefully will get to see the rest of it someday, and post it here in super-late fashion!

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