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Leaden Salute, the uber quick draw?Follow

#1 Aug 11 2009 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
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I was reading about it, people say it sucks, but are they using it right? Apparently every % of MaB you have goes into a % of dmg for leaden salute, and AGI is the mod, so what if you had a fane hexagun (yeah the one everyone thinks is lawl) with mab on it and a full mab setup /blm, and a full acc setup for joytoy tp melee? Leaden Salute is not affected by the user's gun dmg, or the bullet dmg, nor the target's def or eva. It's only affected by your MaB, your AGI, and the target's MdB and resistance to darkness dmg. I originally was thinking of a pluto's staff for more mab but then I thought how would you get tp lol fane hexagun isn't strong nor the fastest gun so tping with it is silly, figured the only way to go was joytoy. What are your thoughts on this? Personally I think I'm gonna try it, nothing ventured nothing gained yeah? I personally feel wierd about using the same ws I got at level 56 when I'm lv75. Time for something different and new!
#2 Aug 11 2009 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
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I've played around with the numbers quite a bit... and you CAN get passable* numbers... but you really have to make sacrifices to make it work... like using a pluto's staff... but then... I guess you're shooting for TP... while /BLM. o_O;

And Magic Defense+ mobs are still going to laugh at you.

* A good DD build will still deal more damage unless we're talking about flans or something. In playing around with the formula, assuming I don't fail at Excel Spreadsheet math, I was getting results in the 800-900 range against what I considered to be a fairly average expected Int value (70) for other mobs. But you've really got to have it all to push this number... and anything with MDB is going to reduce that. That's even counting in a Leaden Salute-tailored Anwig Salade... lol. (AGI +4, Weaponskill Damage +2%, MAB +2)

Also, all the times I've plugged numbers into the formula, it doesn't seem like MAB is that much stronger of an effect than AGI is. So, really, Peacemaker shines as the best Leaden Salute gun, if you want to really use it that way, unless you get the AGI +5 Fane Hexagun.

I still feel, at this point, Fane Hexagun is only worthwhile if you get AGI+ and Magic Acc+ on it. It's the best Light Shot gun at that point. Not sure I want to spend 60k (on my server) for 5 shots at a Light Shot-only gun.

Still haven't heard of anyone getting MAB on it.

If you want a different and new weaponskill, might I suggest giving Detonator a try? ^^

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#3 Aug 11 2009 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Okay I'll try out Detonater haha could you give me any tips on a Detonator build?
#4 Aug 11 2009 at 1:09 PM Rating: Decent
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You can ditch most of the R.acc you would use on slug shot and gear primarily for STR and AGI with detonator. AGI is only a 30% mod though so focus more on STR than on AGI.
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#5 Aug 11 2009 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
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STR and ranged attack, unless you can use an option with a lot of AGI (Denali Jacket is freakin awesome). Flame Ring(s) > Breeze, Triumph Earrings > Drone, etc. etc.

Dooom wrote:
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Allatards/uber casuals hate elitists.

Allatards/uber casuals hate haste, as valuing it would acknowledge that elitists are right

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#6 Aug 12 2009 at 1:37 PM Rating: Good
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There have been a few cases where LS has been pretty good. When I'm in a pulling only build in nyzul; i work up some extra TP and usually LS the magic weak monsters. Dynamis is another area i enjoy. Leaden Salute works wonders on a two houred paladin or thief monster.

Also, if anybody plays for fun, I pump up the magic attack and store TP on my cor in campaign and spam the **** out of Leaden Salute. It cannot miss. It's pretty nice.

#7 Aug 12 2009 at 6:51 PM Rating: Default
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Sometimes i think it's fruitless to try and re-invent the game in certain cases. Trying to get leaden salute or even detonator to outperform slug shot will (in most cases) proof fruitless I think.

I used to find detonator with close to 200 tp and martial would outperform slug shot in similar situations. However, that was /rng. As /war I find it's the opposite and slug shot will kill detonator regardless of TP.

It's still a quality WS though and worth using if you're fighting something that has high evasion and you can't trust a slug on. You can sub out most racc for STR, Ratt and AGI.

I've been mostly unimpressed with LS tho. I'd actually call QD the uber LS lol.
#8 Aug 13 2009 at 11:33 AM Rating: Good
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A (slightly unrealistic) comparison:

Max damage of Detonator if you cap fSTR, pDIF, with WS salade, gorget, reasonably difficult but not impossible to obtain gear, HQ staff vs. piercing weak mob:

1561 damage

Max damage of Slug Shot with the same gear set, feint on the piercing weak mob, angon, dia III, DRK roll, /WAR berserk (basically everything to cap your pDIF):

3062 damage

Max damage of Leaden Salute with max AGI build, max MAB build (+15), pluto staff, Anrin obi on darks day, target INT = 60, /RDM:

1117 damage

So for a merit level mob, especially colibri, the ceiling on slug is about 2x that of det and over 3x that of LS. But this isn't WS averages, this is if you debuff a mob, buff the snot out of yourself and want to pop a single epeen shot where your pDIF value lands right on the max (for slug at least, Det and LS won't vary as much).


If you increase mob level to 90, VIT to 85, inrease mob def by 50%, make RACC consessions for slug and INT to 80, but still have feint, dia III and angon:

Max damage of det (you can use about the same gear set as above thanks to the ACC bonus, swap out a little AGI for more STR since the fSTR cap is higher):

882 damage (45% reduction in damage over merit mobs)

Max damage of Slug swapping out some gear for RACC but still /WAR with berserk and DRK roll:

991 damage (68% reduction in damage over merit mobs)

Max of LS with the same build as above:

1046 damage (7% reduction in damage over merit mobs)

So, this is not 100% accurate, but it gets the point across. Slug has the highest ceiling, but as your target gets more difficult its damage output decreases very quickly and you need to rely on your party/alliance to keep its damage up.

Det is decent, consistant damage.

Leaden Salute requires a very good gear set to get decent numbers out of it, but it will be the most consistant damage (I'd argue the numbers above are about 20% higher than the average-above average LS build will get). In that case, it is very much like an uber QD. 300 QD damage on a merit mob is not super significant, but 300 damage on an HNM is better than some WSs. LS's 800ish damage on a merit mob is not spectacular, but 800ish damage on an HNM is respectable.

They all have their place.

#9 Aug 20 2009 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
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Leaden Salute is a situational weaponskill, you will hardly use it in parties besides manaburns where you'll probably be /RDM and have Wizard's Roll up anyway.
Having said that there WILL be times when you'll be very happy you have it.

One such time for me was in Nyzul Isle against Cumin Custard. I was COR/NIN at the time with my Peacemaker equipped since i'm usually pulling things for the DD's to mow down. I had a Dusty Wing and a Braver's Drink on me as well as an Oracle's Drink i found in a chest on the previous floor, i equipped my AGI gear and my Dark Staff and used all three meds and then told the BLU to solo Distortion on the NM.
(If i still had my old Photobucket account i'd submit the screenshot)

BLU solo's Distortion and i then follow with a 300% TP Leaden Salute with all the AGI and Magic Atk+ gear i had as well as my Obi with a SCH using Voidstorm on me.
The NM got it's face caved in! Leaden Salute hit it obscenely hard - just about into the 2000's if i remember right and the resulting Darkness skillchain **** near killed it.

Quickly followed by this in /p chat...

DRK: o.O
WAR: ******* owned!
BLU: hahahaha

You'll be very happy you have Leaden Salute when the situation calls for it.

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