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#1 Jul 21 2009 at 8:55 AM Rating: Excellent
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Kylen's got a great post about Store TP for Joyeuse users, which I'm sure many of us have put to use. But I couldn't find much info on sTP for pure ranged attack -- not surprising, since many sTP pieces have melee stats as opposed to ranged stats. But the recent introduction of the Rose Strap helped open this up a little more, so I thought I'd crunch some numbers.

Every warning Kylen gave (or really, that any job gives regarding sTP) still applies: it's not worth sacrificing too much of any stat (particularly ranged accuracy) to make this work, as it will be counter-productive. In that spirit, let's look at the more useful sTP pieces first.

Mekki Shaki: sTP+5, STR+5
Rose Strap: sTP+4
Rajas Ring: sTP+5, STR+5, DEX+5, Subtle Blow+5
Enkidu's Subligar: sTP+5, STR+4, DEX+4, Subtle Blow+5
Skadi's Chausses: sTP+7, R.Acc+4 R.Att+5

This means, with minimal sacrifices, you can fit +19 sTP in gear using Subligar, +21 if you have the Chausses.

Of course, there's additional options for sTP, but these offer no useful stats to ranged attacking (or at best, a steep sacrifice to "normal" alternatives).

Cobra Unit Cap: sTP+2, Enm-4
Almah Torque: sTP+2, Subtle Blow+2
Chivalrous Chain: sTP+1, STR+3
Brutal Earring: sTP+1
Cobra Unit Harness: sTP+6, Enm-8
Cobra Unit Mittens: sTP+3, Enm-3
Ecphoria Ring: sTP+1
Bushido Cape: sTP+1, Eva+1, Subtle Blow+1, Enhances Zanshin
Katana Obi: sTP+1 (/SAM only)
Cobra Unit Leggings: sTP+4
/SAM (Store TP II trait): sTP+15
Carbonara: sTP+6, HP+14%, MP+10, STR+4 (Att+ but no R.Att+)

So, with full +sTP gear, /SAM, and Carbonara, you could reach a max build of +63 sTP.. Not that you would ever do this.

So now the real meat. Table broken down showing different gun delays, and the required +sTP needed. Please note that I'm staring at 0TP, thus assuming you're TPing and WSing in the same amount of +sTP gear. If you want to make calculations for WSing in less +sTP gear (such as swapping out Skadi legs for Relic legs on WS), I'll leave that math up to you.

          9-hit     8-hit     7-hit     6-hit     5-hit     4-hit 
466       0         2         17        36        63        -- 
480       --        0         10        29        54        -- 
582       --        --        0         13        35        -- 
600       --        --        0         12        34        -- 
612       --        --        --        0         20        49 

In summary:
  • Shark Gun users: You would pick three of {Mekki, Rose, Rajas, Enkidu, Skadi}. OR Skadi, pick one of {Mekki, Rajas}, and another sTP+1 (such as Brutal).
  • Coffinmaker users: You would pick three of {Mekki, Rose, Rajas, Enkidu}. OR Skadi and pick one of {Mekki, Rajas}.
  • Martial Gun users: You would need Mekki, Rose, Rajas, and Skadi. OR Mekki, Rose, Rajas, Enkidu, and another sTP+1 (such as Brutal).

Whether this is worth it or not is up for debate, and depends on your gear/merits/food/camp. But this hopefully points out what your options are (and what they aren't).

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#2 Jul 21 2009 at 2:17 PM Rating: Good
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Nice post.. The highest amount of Store TP (within reason) that you have is 20 for 5-hit Martial, and I think Mekki Shakki + Rose Strap + Rajas + Chausses is worth it. You're taking a little dip in Raac and Raat, which is not cool against the kinds of things we /ra TP.. But it's not too bad, and probably worth the 16.7% increase in WS's. Rose Strap has made Mekki Shakki much more of a target now, that's what I take away from this.
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#3 Jul 21 2009 at 10:26 PM Rating: Good
I could even see /sam working fairly well with an vulcan staff to double up for +r.atk as well as QD dmg boost. Yes you lose damage from barrage, as well as the /rng r.acc traits, however you gain some extra str from hasso as well as +3 more from axe grip.

Keep in mind I'm hume <.<!


67 Base Str (capped str merits)
68 Base Agi

+15 Trait
+5 Rajas
20 STP total

+5 Vulcan Staff
+3 Axe Grip
+5 Hasso

none added

Totals (with my 'meh' gear)
67+50 Str
68+17 Agi


64 Base Str (capped str merits)
72 Base Agi

+5 Mekki Shaki
+4 Rose Strap
+5 Rajas Ring
+7 Skadi's Chausses (or) +5 Enkidu +1 eucphoria/brutal

+5 Mekki Shaki
+4 Enkidu's Subligar
R.Acc+4 R.Att+5 Skadi's Chausses

+22 Traits (all other gear is the same as /sam)

Totals (again with my 'meh' gear)
64+39 Str
72+14 Agi

A dip into the -r.acc department. Also you lose out on barrage, but you gain 60% tp every 3 minutes, closing that gap slightly. An option that I've used at events in the past with pretty positive results. Also, the fact that you can have the vulcan staff for some increased fire shot damage as well. Small bonus, but a bonus non the less.
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