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#1 Jul 15 2009 at 1:45 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok so I know that corsair is or can be the most expensive job(class) to level and I've seen people say it shouldn't be your first 75. It is the job(class) that appeals the most to me out of all of them so I'm going to do it either way, but I was just wondering if there are ways to be really effective without having to spend the gil needed to be the best possible corsair you can be. I will have a static party so invites won't be a problem but I still would like to be as little of a gimp as possible. So for instance, I would imagine being /rng would be the all around best but since I will most likely not be able to afford all of the things that go along with that is there a poor mans version I could get by on until I am high enough to be bringing in more gil? I guess I'm still a noob to the game, I quit and came back a few times over the past 6 years or so but never made it that far.
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Rather than list the number of problems you're gonna have I'll try to give you a few corner cutting ideas.

Having all the key buffs is your top priority. Since you said you're in a static I assume it's a regular pt build. You want the 2 important backline buffs available to cor which are healer's and evokers roll. I don't know what melee you have but you generally want to have at least chaos, hunter's, samurai, fighter's, and rogue's roll depending on the situation.

Most other buffs can be skipped but you will be slightly gimp for manaburns if you lack the red mage and black mage dice. It's good to have scholar's and dancer's rolls on hand as well if you can afford them at a later time.

Not to bring down your hopes at all but dice expenses (which run well over 1 million in gil and can not be farmed) are just the tip of the iceberg for cor.

Your job of choice is extremely reliant on consumables (bullets and cards) to reach its maximum party potential. You can reduce costs and add a revenue stream by properly lvling alchemy/smithing/goldsmithing as well. This takes a significant time/gil investment though.

Your final option would be to reduce the amount of consumables you use in a party. This would involve leaning more towards a purely buff based hybrid with /whm or /dnc sub. /dnc is prefered since you can at least melee and build tp for ws dmg to assist your pt.

I really don't recommend doing pure support and negating your ranged attacks however. That's where the bulk of cor dmg comes from, and you'll suffer later on if your skills aren't properly capped in it.

When you hit 40 be sure to have at least the big 4 card sets for Quickdraw. Light cards for sleep, dark cards for dispel, earth cards for slow enhancements, and ice cards for paralyze enhancements.

I've never actually farmed or done any gil making events with my cor. It's not a good solo farming job. You'll definitely have your work cut out for you. Best I can tell you is find a gilmaker that works for you, and cut corners as best you can in your consumables without gimping yourself too much.

Edit: Two more points I need to make clear. You need to keep yourself capped on ranged attack. Since cor is your first job to 75 you'll have a horrible time with "Breaking the Bonds of Fate" (your final quest to increase level cap to 75 on cor) if you keep your skills under leveled.

Expect alot of negative comments and requests for you to lvl brd instead. This forum's very pro-DD cor and looks down on ppl that do exactly what you're asking advice for.

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#3 Jul 15 2009 at 9:14 PM Rating: Good
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Are you in a race to finish FFXI? Is there a deadline you have in mind to have it finished?

If not then there is no excuse to not level it properly. I'm a casual player who's levelled COR and never once tried to "cheap it out". It wasn't that hard to level for a bit and then farm for a bit to cover costs.

If you want advice on how to play the job cheaply I wouldnt' come to these forums. i'd just watch some of the bandwagon COR's out there levelling the job for easy meripo invites. That'll give you an idea of the lower expectations.

My big question for you is: If this is truly "the job" for you, why fuss about cost? COR is a labor of love for those that choose to make it their main job. Do it right the first time.
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tmlane wrote:
Not to bring down your hopes at all but dice expenses (which run well over 1 million in gil and can not be farmed) are just the tip of the iceberg for cor.

By "well over 1 million", do you mean 752,417 gil for all 20 dice? Cause that's what they cost if you buy the entire set from the NPCs.

And if you drop the PLD and DRG dice, which are some of the most expensive dice and are also very uncommonly used (Gallant's Roll is pretty much never useful, and Drachen is extremely situational), the total drops to 579,167. Finish them up later to complete your set, but those two really aren't urgent purchases.

Don't skimp on the others. They're either low level and cheap, or worth the gil. The first 18 dice get progressively more expensive in the order of the level, meaning that as you get higher in level (and gain more money-making options) that's when the price goes up. The last two (DNC and SCH - you definitely want both) get a bit cheaper.

Also, CHECK THE AH! You will occasionally find dice for sale for less than NPC price. For whatever reason, some people must buy dice and hold them for later use, then decide to sell them on the AH. I got my Paladin Die for 2/3 of NPC price by picking it up this way. In the past 3 months on my server, 4 Black Mage dice (108k NPC price) have sold for 50k, 50k, 80k, and 80k. People often don't check the AH, but dice do sometimes show up there. Don't count on it, but do go ahead and check!


As for general costs, COR armor is generally not that expensive. Pieces tend to last a long time, stuff like the ranged acc. rings are cheap, and endgame gear is almost all R/E stuff instead of AH purchases. You'll run into two main levels where there's a lot of gear to buy:

Level 30
- Noct (or +1) set
- Beater's Earring and Gun Belt for /RNG
- You'll be well into levels where shooting for TP/damage is useful, so Bullet Pouches will be an expense.

Level 55-61
- Jaridah/Akinji gear (particularly legs and hands)
- AF quests (three are done by trading craft items to NPCs, so you're essentially "buying" those pieces - two of which, the body and feet, are must haves)
- Trailer's Kukri
- Amemet Mantle +1 (you can use the NQ, but you'll definitely want to save for the +1 because it's much better and a great piece for the rest of your COR career)
- Dice around this level are expensive
- The 55-69 level range is probably the most expensive in the game for ammo, as shooting for TP is very effective here and you get access to more expensive Iron and Steel bullets.

A couple of the standard endgame guns are also expensive: Peacemaker for pulling and Martial Gun for WS (generally melee for TP and fire off a WS).

Mitigating the expenses:
* To drastically cut costs at high level, get help to get a Joyeuse ASAP. With a multi-hit melee weapon (R/E Joyeuse or the very expensive Mercurial Kris), COR becomes extremely effective meleeing for TP and only using ammo for WS. You'll be using the best ammo you can buy (currently Steel Bullets), but you'll only be using one bullet per WS.

Even without a multi-hitter, you can be effective at high levels playing in the same style with a good fast single hit dagger (Jambiya and Behemoth Knife come to mind). Not as good as a multihitter, but you certainly won't be useless. Essentially, your damage is coming mainly from getting off WS.

At lower levels (especially pre-Slug Shot), you'll contribute a lot more by shooting bullets as your primary damage. Melee weapons are weak there, and you have lousy WS prior to Slug so you're not just trying to get to 100tp quickly like an endgame COR would.

* Play a SMART support role. COR/RNG (or /WAR) acting as a buffer/DD will cost more money because you're using more ammo. But those aren't the only ways to play effectively.

(a) COR/DNC meleeing with Dagger can be extremely useful to a party. Continuously stacking Steps helps all the melee a lot, Drain Samba lessens the healing load, and you can do some emergency spot healing with Curing Waltzes. Note that /DNC isn't really useful before 30main/15DNC for Curing Waltz (Drain Samba alone is not impressive), and especially 40main/20DNC for Quickstep.

(b) COR/NIN is certainly a capable puller. At lower levels you're still gonna be involved in the fights (and spending money on ammo), but at later levels, particularly 74+ with Utsusemi: Ni and fast killing parties, you shouldn't even have time to do anything but pull with cheap ammo, buff, and run out to get the next mob. Occassional Light Shots mixed in for sleeping pulled mobs for the party to kill next. What that means is a very active role for COR and not a whole lot of costly consumables used.

(c) COR/WHM. Don't do this. This is NOT a smart support role, I don't care if lots of Japanese do it.

Things you MUST do:
* Keep your Marksmanship skill high. Don't slack off and just melee, stand around and buff, or be a backline COR/mage who doesn't shoot. You'll want high skill no matter what - you'll want to be able to land a ranged WS when the opportunity is there, or to step back and shoot as the situation dictates. Even if you can only afford NQ bullets, shoot! From level 22 on, you'll need to strive to be skilling up continuously. Conveniently enough, in the 22-69 range you're also going to provide your maximum damage by shooting. And you should have plenty of time to do so while also buffing the entire party.

Even if you're trying to melee, pop off ranged attacks too AT LEAST until you cap skill for your level. Once you cap Marksmanship, if you want to skew things more toward melee until your next level when you're below cap, that's an option if you're strapped for cash.

One hint - level RNG to 37 first, and use crossbows to cap skill. Gives you a very nice head start on skill for your COR, and RNG can do it with much cheaper crossbow ammo. And you'll have a useful subjob for your COR all done.

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#5 Jul 16 2009 at 7:22 PM Rating: Good
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I don't really have an issue with low-lvl CORs getting cold feet about the potential cost involved. I think lvl 21 for any job is too early to know if it's the job for you. Not even sure 37 is high enough to *know* that and I'd argue on COR it's not. Four-roll cycles don't usually come into play till 40+, quick draw isn't till 40+ and our beloved slug shot isn't till 55+.

At least at low lvls, I'd go against the grain and advocate /whm over /dnc tbh. I guess it depends on how much help your pt needs and seeing as you have a static, this probably won't vary all that much. if drain samba, steps and the occasional waltz is enough, by all means go /dnc. If you need more, I'd say go /whm. If you're curing more than occasionally you'll never get to WS anyway or if you do, your ability to cure is gone for that moment.

Other major factor is the make-up of your static. If you have a BRD already, then playing a bit more of an attack role might be wise. If no brd, playing more of a support role should be fine.

You'll need racc gear > anything else at low lvls. Don't wanna advocate too many cost-cutting type things but there's a huge difference between the casual player and the hardcore player. Some people have lost sight of that and just expect everyone else to play 10+ hours a day like they do.

My only other advice would be to read up and find out what a COR is really capable of and decide if that's the kind of COR you want to be and are willing to make the sacrifices both gil and event wise to become. Every person who dings 75 isn't a career COR or a COR main. If you want to be one of those then you should really put in the time and work to become a good COR.
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