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What subjob for blue mage

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Vlor you need to take the recent healing skill adjustment into considering. /RDM doesn't give anywhere near enough healing magic to make Cure IV useful. /SCH gets LA which gives a fully powered Cure III, considerably cheaper MP:HP ratio. Also barspells and other enhancing magic are gimped to high heaven as /RDM due to limited enhancing, though stoneskin isn't hard to cap with enough MND.

139 Healing Magic Skill
144 Enhancing Magic Skill

370 Healing Magic Skill
370 Enhancing Magic Skill

You'll get a fully powered Aquaveil which I've found invaluable when I ~need~ to get a sleep, cure off or whisker off.

The two primary cures would be Magic Fruit and Cure III, using Cure IV @139 skill is not very efficient.

MAB I costs exactly 1 spell point as you have flower set anyway. MAB II is only +4 MAB over MAB I which is itself +20 MAB.

Anyhow for solo situations it's really a toss up, for a party setup /SCH easily. I've met many BLU's who were incredibly resistant until they actually gave it a fair shot, it requires a slightly different play style. It's the old WHM/BLM vs WHM/SMN, and then WHM/RDM vs WHM/SCH debates.

Something I forgot to mention earlier was the effects of DA. LA/DA don't effect Blue Magic directly and as such you can freely switch between the two modes with little to no impact on your primary spells. DA gives you 404 dark magic skill along with Aspir / Drain, completely replaces MP drainkiss for aspirable targets.

Ok some healing values. Earlier I had posted 404 skill as thats what the calculator gave me, after logging in and manually checking it's wrong and 370 is what should be there.
My Cure Macro has the following totals
Now I don't have the best set but it's more then serviceable.

MND= 144
Cure Potency = 30% (With Sanus)

Cure II = 172, 7.81 HP:MP ratio
Cure III = 383, 9.11 HP:MP ratio
M.Fruit = 681, 9.45 HP:MP ratio
P.Embrace = 824, 7.77 HP:MP ratio
Regen II = 240, 7.27 HP:MP ratio (just for demonstration)

MND= 146
VIT= 97
Skill= 139+10
Cure Potency = 30% (With Sanus)

Cure II = 148, 6.16 HP:MP ratio
Cure III = 309, 6.71 HP:MP ratio
Cure IV = 549, 6.23 HP:MP ratio
M.Fruit = 650, 9.02 HP:MP ratio
P.Embrace = 793, 7.48 HP:MP ratio

That should highlight the raw difference between the healing power of /SCH vs /RDM. All without including -na's (BLU already has a better erase). /RDM's barspell is +68 ME, though you can raise it by 1 for every 5 enhancing magic. Phalanx is 12 damage absorbed but goes up by 1 per 10 enhancing skill. Stoneskin is capable by either sub, though /SCH has it auto-capped and /RDM needs ~130 MND (not hard to get) to cap @144 skill.

Also this should highlight why M.Fruit is vastly more preferably then either Cure IV or P.Embrace. It's 72MP for a 650~681 cure vs 88MP Cure IV (549 HP) and 106MP for a 793~824 Embrace. After Fruit a fully powered Cure III is the next up at 42MP for 383HP.

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