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What subjob for blue mage

#1 Dec 03 2012 at 7:00 AM Rating: Excellent
kimjongil76 wrote:
Professor Shock Vlorsutes wrote:
The Reraise and -na spells I'll give you more than anything, but I was meaning along the lines of being able to Convert if necessary, having access to Stoneskin/Aquaveil as well as Bar-spells, Phalanx, Fast Cast II, En-spells, and Cure IV. I personally prefer what /Red Mage gives over /Sch just because of those aforementioned spells/abilities/traits that Scholar doesn't have, though I can see the reasons for using /Scholar over /Red Mage in some situations.

/sch um sch gets stoneskin anyway. and we get white windand wolf spell what will both beat out cure 4. Convert, sorry a real blu won't use convert. and who wants C or B- rating in magic

The value of sch is the high. B+ all magic fields. You are a MP leech mage. You get rerase, You can drain. Your cure and darkness magic can equal 500 or close to it with /sch but never as rdm.

The true power of sch though is the fact it saves you many points. The GM notes stone skin. Well if you have that you don't need metallic body. You can drain and aspir at a high level so you don't need MP drainkiss. you have all cure spells of affects for the most part as well as erase, so no need to set an erase spell. You get sleep and oe sleep so no need to set those. So sch's true power is in point conservation. And on many nuke spells you can cast weather affect upon yourself to get the benefit of it as well. And lets not forget kliform. . And blink.

White Wind costs you nearly twice as much MP as Cure IV, so for the sake of MP efficiency I wouldn't recommend that unless you're in a party situation and several people need heals. Besides, Saevel specifically mentioned Cure III, which is why I responded with mentioning that /RDM gives Cure IV, which /SCH doesn't offer. I don't know what situations you're in where you would never need Convert, but I personally have been in several situations where I'm taxing my MP to the point that Convert has been a life saver.

Even with having the ability to cast Erase, you should keep Winds of Promy. set anyway, since not only is it an AoE Erase (if you're in a party situation) but it also is one of the better spells to have set for the Auto-Refresh trait. In a situation where you need an AoE sleep quickly, you're going to want to have Dream Flower or some other Blu "Sleepga" handy anyway, since it'll take you less time to cast Dream Flower than it'd take you to cast Manifestation + Sleep (or even worse, need to switch to Dark Arts, then Manifestation + Sleep).

The majority of Blue Mage's best nuking spells are Thunder and Darkness based, which /SCH doesn't offer the proper -Storm for (/SCH offers Hailstorm at best), so that's pretty irrelevant when it comes to nuking. Not to mention going /SCH means you're losing out on Magic Attack Bonus II trait. Sure you can set MAB I trait through spells, but again, it ends up costing you spell slots, which you say /SCH is better at mitigating.

Klimaform, for the aforementioned reason that they don't have access to the corresponding -Storm, would be situational at best (situational in that they'd need to have an existing Thunder or Darkness weather in the region).

A Blue Mage should be using max skill Occultation over Blink any day, since the moment you're able to learn it, you'd have access to several more shadows from it than the two shadows you'd get from Blink. Not to mention Occultation has a far shorter cast time than Blink does.

You're also forgetting that by going /SCH over /RDM, you're losing out on Fast Cast, which is a significant loss. Yes, you can set Fast Cast I through spells, but that's a minimum of 6 points to set an inferior level of Fast Cast from what you can gain normally.

It could easily be argued that you might need to allocate more points to compensate for what you'd lose going /SCH over /RDM. You'd have to use 6 points for an inferior Fast Cast and 3 points for an inferior Magic Attack Bonus. If you wanted, you could also drop Battery Charge for the Refresh you're getting /RDM, which has a shorter duration but gives you the same MP/tic for another 3 points freed up.

Then there's still the fact that /SCH doesn't offer Bar-spells of any sort (I know they won't make a significant difference, but they could still take the edge off magic damage if you get a partial resist), En-spells to add a bit of extra damage during your TP phase, Phalanx (even though Barrier Tusk counts as Phalanx, its damage mitigation is % based, making it arguably less suitable for lower damage attacks), and the ability to not be penalized by casting a spell of the other magic arts (As /SCH, you'd either have to swap to a different Arts, which would take time, or take the increased cast time and MP cost penalty).

I'm not saying /SCH doesn't have some uses to it, but given my experiences with it, /RDM offers far more and is far more flexible of a subjob for those situations where you're wanting to use a mage subjob.
Lady Jinte wrote:

Vlorsutes' Negotiation Skill rises 0.2 points
Vlorsutes' Observant Parent Skill rises 0.3 points
Vlorsutes' Argument Diffusing Skill rises 0.1 points

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