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Best Blue Mage swords?

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 6:57 PM Rating: Default
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Seriha wrote:

Otherwise, I'll never quite grasp the hate of the multi-hit weapons. The higher your haste gets, the less the increased delay means much. BLU has the benefit of a possible 40% Haste before DW is factored in for further delay reduction. In situations where BLUs are actually allowed to melee without getting their heads bitten off by their peers, mobs are likely to be dead before the difference in delays adds up to be a factor paired with BLU quick casting (and subsequent global delay). Yeah, the lesser per-hit damage is a blow, but that's ideally where the increased WS frequency picks up. Overall, I feel like these weapons were intended more for /DNC use across the jobs, as SE was a bit afraid to recreate the superiority of things like Joyeuse and Kraken club.

Looking at the spreadsheet though, multi-hit's faster WS frequency really didn't catch up. It's not that much faster WS frequency.
It's not like WS frequency increased by 100%

Using dynamis DC as target, /DNC, used RCB, and 12 STR DEX merit.

Using average Joe BLU TP/WS set:
TP: Almace/oce+1/thaumas body/legs/hands/feet/rancor/atheling/rajas/epona/suppa/brutal/twilight
WS: Almace/oce+1/toci/athos's hand/athos's legs/thaumas feet/rajas/epona/rancor/atheling/brutal/moonshade attkTP/wanion

Offhand STR:
WS dmg 2254
set DPS 230.801
full DPS 200.876

Total cycle time: 1533
(833 with haste samba and double march)

OA 2~4:
WS dmg 2087
set DPS 201.204
full DPS 183.117

Total cycle time: 1386
(759 with haste samba and double march)

WS dmg 2143
set DPS 212.115
full DPS 189.664

Total cycle time: 1500

WS dmg 2231
set DPS 221.629
full DPS 195.372

Total cycle time: 1525

OA 2~4, which supposed to TP fastest, actually has lowest full DPS overall.

There's one situation that DA offhand beats STR though, that is in Abyssea, /WAR and eat RCB.
I got 531.773 from STR and 534.704 from DA. But who'e want to make a sword and eat expensive food just for abyssea?
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