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#1 Aug 06 2011 at 5:14 PM Rating: Good
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Long story short: I am working on VNM trials at the moment, Jyeshtha to be specific.

I can't quite seem to take it down solo, though.

It's not that the fight doesn't usually go simply enough. Auroral Drape/Sub-Zero Smash/Filamented Hold, spam headbutt, keep shadows up, flash when shadows go down to get them back up, etc etc.

This works 90% of the time, but the problem is, it takes a long time to kill something when you're having to put your MP entirely towards defense. That's a long time for that rare little slipup to kill you.

Every single time, at some point in the fight, I will end up without shadows for a split second during Mighty Strikes, which results in insta-cast break and.. well, the moment that happens, it's game over. May as well go afk the moment break lands, because there is no way you will be alive when it wears off.

I have tried to just kite it during mighty strikes, but it seems to be immune to Regurgitation's bind effect. Just straight tanking it does not seem to work, as it's a complete crapshoot whether or not it petrifies you, and over the course of how long it takes to kill, the odds seem stacked in favor of failing.

Has anyone solo'd this? And if so, how? More evasion-stacking so as not to get hit?
#2 Aug 06 2011 at 5:53 PM Rating: Good
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I can't say I have solo'd this, but I have duoed it as NIN and as MNK with a mage. NIN I just evaded everything when I stacked evasion gear, so this could be an option I guess, but BLU's evasion isn't exactly incredible. MNK I just facesmashed through it like everything else.

Might I suggest carrying a few mp recovery items? Could free up a little MP for some damaging spells.
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#3 Aug 06 2011 at 8:08 PM Rating: Decent
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AFAICR, it's easy to land head **** stun on it, and it last a bit longer than your usual T+ mob.

I wouldn't rely on my BLU's evasion for tanking though. BLU is probably the only melee out there that has really bad evasion.
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#4 Aug 06 2011 at 8:20 PM Rating: Excellent
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Ya I was successful. I would still say I lost 1/3 times out of bad luck on break.

What's your evasion set look like? Aurore Body is an easy evasion body, and ill switch in some other equipment if subtle blow isn't really needed. I beat it before I had heed ring, ocelot trousers, or boxer's. You don't need an amazing set.

Also, look into getting a peiste belt or the ribbon from ancient beast coins. I used peiste +1 for subtle blow and the resist petrify and it saved my **** once.

It's all about shadow timing unfortunately. That paralyze, slow, and blind are invaluble, and the only way you will be successful. Keep that disseverment poison on, set evasion bonus, and use vorpal blade for your big damage source. Maybe Quad with CAEF. You can definitely do it though. Good luck!

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#5 Aug 06 2011 at 9:22 PM Rating: Good
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I've succeeded once, though I don't know if it was a fluke, as Death Scissors missed me with no shadows up.

I'm having more success in general with more or less the same strategy, just tighter execution.

I havn't been really gearing for evasion, just using a hastey tp-set and spamming headbutt. I can nearly stunlock it, and usually when shadows drop, Actinic Burst is there.

Really, the only way I have died has been to get hit with break during Mighty Strikes. It seems that it's all about keeping shadows up and getting a little lucky; there isn't much to be done when it two hours right after you cast :ni, with Flash down.

I'm sure it can be done, now, but I am not sure it can be done -consistantly-... maybe with a full evasion set. I'm trying to just burn it down with constant Delta Thrust right now, to give me less time to make a mistake. It really is the kind of fight where one mistake will be fatal, 100%, every time.

Edit: To anyone else planning to try this, I would recommend using Auroral Drape + Filamented Hold, ignoring paralyze as I have not seen Para go off once on him.

His HP is not amazing, and if you keep the attack up with Delta Thrust / a single CAEfflux skillchain he will go down quite swiftly. This seems better than trying to turtle and hope you survive long enough; just spam head **** every time it's up and be extra careful during Mighty Strikes. I usually can go ichi -> ichi -> ichi all day, but it's better to just :ni if shadows are low during it's two hour.

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#6kimjongil76, Posted: Aug 06 2011 at 11:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I solod 400 of these. they suck, i suggest shout for a partner doing quest. drks, ninjas, thf do it.
#7 Aug 07 2011 at 1:03 AM Rating: Excellent
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#8 Aug 07 2011 at 1:07 AM Rating: Good
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You may be thinking of the wrong trial.

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#9 Aug 07 2011 at 1:51 AM Rating: Decent
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Yea, I tried to delete the post when I realized I was wrong. I did help out on this guy long ago though. two rdms dot kite killed it back then. That was awhile ago though so I am sure theres a better way. I look forward to hearing what you find works out well.
#10 Aug 07 2011 at 8:15 PM Rating: Good
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I finished my Jyeshtha trials; the last two I duo'd with a ninja, which made it an absolute joke.

The basic gist of the fight is really simple: Keep shadows up. It's a habit of mine to try and flash/ichi and save :ni for emergencies. Don't risk it. If shadows are down, get shadows up. If you die it will be because you get hit with break most likely.

It's extremely weak to head ****; cast head **** every time it's up.

Moving on, just in case anyone actually needs info: the next trial, Capricornus, seems much easier. Nothing it did was much of a threat to me. When it two hours, it spams recoil dive, but it's easy to get out of range; just stun once and then run. Usually you'll make it, if not, shadows will absorb it. When shadows were down or only at one, it still didn't hit all that hard, and so long as you keep running, it won't have a second chance to hit you.

The only risk I can really foresee with Capricornus is that it goes unclaimed as you kite, so if anyone wants to steal it and not team up, it'd be easy to. It's just as vulnerable to stun as Jyeshtha; I got to 20' range in one head ****.

tl;dr: Capricornus is a lot easier than Jyeshtha. You just have to kite it every 20%. Apparently it can spam Mighty Strikes under 20%, so I'd reccomend just saving tp to do a solo skillchain for it's last 20% hp.
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