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#1 Sep 18 2011 at 12:24 PM Rating: Default
50 posts yeah i just aby leeched my smn to 90 and now i need a crash course on what gear is mandatory and such
should i be gearing for BP reduction or att bonus for blood pacts this stuff seems messy to me. its nothing like whm or rdm which both jobs can sare rings and sum pieces of gear.

im also working on evokers ring and unlocking purple puppy atm.

while abyssea advice is very welcome this job will prob be used more for voidwatch

thx in advance
#2 Sep 19 2011 at 9:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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I suspect everyone is banging their heads against the desk thinking "not another leeched-to-90 SMN," because there are a lot of really terrible SMNs out there who just have no idea what they're doing or should be doing. If you leeched it to 90, you'll have a lot of work to do. SMN is harder than people give credit for.

I'll try to cover the absolute basics but there's no replacement for experience. I suggest doing a bit of soloing to teach yourself things like how to kite on SMN (it involves very little running, just once per re-summon) and what you can get away with without pulling hate off your avatar (it's surprisingly little, and you'll quickly learn to stay as far away from your target as possible).

Anyway some things to know:
1. You can gain the benefit of BP reduction gear without losing the benefit of skill/pet:acc/pet:atk gear. Swap in the BP reduction gear before you use the BP, use the BP, then swap into your skill gear while the BP is readying.
2. Maximum range for Assault & BP:Rage is almost always 18 yalms. Some larger monsters you can do it from 20+ yalms. This can be a problem when some AOEs are 20 yalms. Being a SMN means constantly being aware of your position and that of your avatar.
3. As far as mandatory gear, I tell every SMN this: First thing you should buy is Sacrifice Torque. It's cheap and awesome for physical BPs like Predator Claws, and it can also wake you from sleep as long as you have an avatar out (because it damages you while equipped). Aside from that, empyrean & relic armor are the best thing to pursue. Relic armor has lots of BP timer reduction, empyrean has lots of skill & perp down. Yinyang Robe is also another great source for BP timer. Magian perpetuation staves are very nice as well, as is the Pet:MAB+12 staff from the ice path.
4. For Voidwatch specifically, you won't actually be doing much most of the time. Buffs & debuffs mainly. Earthen Armor is often good if you're in a tank party. Diabolos' Favor is good in mage party. Tidal Roar and/or Diamond Storm never hurts. Aside from that, I tend to just keep an avatar out (usually Diabolos for favor) and every 10 seconds I do Assault followed immediately by Retreat. This will often give a melee weakness hint. Between Assaults (10 sec recast), spam Dia for magic hints. SMN is a hint machine, without doing any significant damage. Of course once damage is on the menu, you can dish it out with BP:Rages.
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#3 Sep 20 2011 at 10:04 AM Rating: Excellent
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Pretty much everything Perg said.

Just to add a few things:

ToM Staffs are what you should be shooting for obviously, but until you finish them, or if you don't plan on making them, the Soulscourge is a decent macro piece for all your bloodpacts and siphon. Vox Grip is nice for summoning skill.

Visible Armor
Thankfully, there's not a lot to get outside of AF, AF2, and AF3 and the things Perg mentioned. Augur's legs have -perp on them, if you still need extra perp. Same goes for Nashira Hands.

Again, everything Perg said. Get your AF3 accessories.
If you haven't already made a different Moonshade Earring, the Refresh augment is great for SMN. Gifted Earring is also good. As for rings, weld Evoker's ring onto your finger and never take it off.
Wear a Caller's Pendant for Avatar TP and siphon. Wear a Sac. Torque for physical rages. Eidolon Pendant is good for magical rages.
Tiresias' Cape is good for magical rages and BP delay.
Aside from Caller's Sash, we don't have much of anything special in the way of belts, but Diabolos's Rope and Summoning Belt come to mind.

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