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How looks your current 85 set ? Speculation about future ?Follow

#1 Nov 18 2010 at 4:29 AM Rating: Decent
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How looks your current 85 set ? Speculation about future ?

I'm back in the game after almost 3 month break. I did catch up my level 85 and have both RDM and WHM 42 (SCH still 37 and have to level the whole thing to 49 anyway :?).

The point is that I'm kinda lost on all the set I have to wear, especially that SMN is for me my only mage job.
With all our support jobs offer and will offer in near future and lots and lots of gear available I wonder how the summoner's community struggle with this.

There's the basic 4 :
- Perp Cost
- BP Delay -15 (no point to have more)
- MP+
But what about
- MND set for Stoneskin (that is still stronger than earthen ward, well with less duration)
- MAcc & Dark Magic for Aspir when /SCH
- MAcc & Enfee for enfeebling when /SCH (situationally useful on low-man situation before Abyssea release)
- Enmity- for that **** Cure IV
- Haste & Fast Cast still in an idea of healing support.
- Haste & Acc (even Store TP) when /THF or /SAM for Spirit Taker

I'm lost, gear wise and macros wise :P What about you ?
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hMP has more or less gone out the window. It's still useful sometimes outside Abyssea, but not nearly as important as it used to be. We don't really rest much since we picked up Refresh, Convert, eliminated the 350 cap on Siphon, and have a bunch more perp down gear available.

MP+ is similar, due to the fact that we don't burn through MP very fast anymore, having more Max MP isn't such a big deal. In fact if it comes at the cost of HP, it can sometimes do you more harm than good by upsetting your Convert HP/MP ratio. I tend to gear for efficiency now, maximizing my stats like summoning skill rather than boosting MP a lot.

Most of the other sets you listed in the second half of your list are pretty unimportant as well. Of course, they don't hurt. I do have a cure potency & enmity down set for cures, and I have a Stoneskin macro that equips a bunch of MND pieces I happen to be carrying but I don't go out of my way to buff it up. I also have some melee sets, much of which are in my satchel most of the time.

Really, there are 5 key sets you need right now, and the rest are less important:
- Perp down
- BP timer (like you said, -15 max)
- Physical BP (summoning skill, pet atk/acc)
- Magical BP (summoning skill, pet magic atk/acc)
- Pure summoning skill (for Wards and Siphon)

I don't see this changing in the future, either. It's all about squeezing the most out of every BP now.
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