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#1 Jan 15 2010 at 3:36 AM Rating: Decent
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I've just solo'd my first Lizardtrap, however, I cannot get it to work with Kegsay's recommended kiting path. Instead I circle around the 'aggro' zone. Which I seem to find easier.

However, I have noticed that I de-aggro to Flytrap when it starts casting a spell at me then I move out of range. This leads Flytrap to re-gain 10% HP by the time I claim. Which is through Dia, since waiting for pet to engange will make it 100%. =(

Here is the run down on how I do the fight. I would greatly appreciate if anyone here can further explain on how to start the kiting through the recommended path found on Kegsay's wesbiste.

For an external link, here it is

Alright, I'll give a run through on how I do the fight.

1.) I summon Fenrir, assault and Eclipse bite.
2.) I run to (Distance plugin) 40.
3.) Wait for Fenrir to die. Checking at BP timer.
4.) If BP timer reusable, I summon Fenrir, if not I summon Carbuncle.

EDIT: I would like to add that, as /whm sub (no access to utsu:Ni yet) I don't feel confident in using BP all the time when it is up. Since While I run to the necessary range for Flytrap to engage BP, my pet could be dead by the time I do so. Giving me insufficient range to successfully re-summon and not get hit. This has happened a few times. Also, as a side note. I survived a Blizzaga with around 10Hp left. I believe I only had Shell at the time.

However, since I cannot make the recommended pathway to work for me, I cast Sneak in the 40 zone, which seems to gives me hate with Carbuncle out, unless I BP. (This is where I start getting de-aggro problems) This leads to Flytrap chasing me around while casting -Ga spell and Carbuncle chasing and getting hits when possible.

At this point. When Carbuncle is defeated, the Flytrap can de-aggro even when I am at *32. Does it have something to do with the aggro table? It has no target to cast its spell? Should I let it start casting with me first, before I go out of range?

If I could get a run through on how you guys do the fight, regarding Distance plugin numbers and such, it will be appreciated. I am a Galka with 1117 (max) MP - I haven't tried BP'ing it to death, which is why I cast Carbuncle if BP is down, to prevent MP loss.

I've only soloe'd Bombs and worms prior to this, which I don't de-aggro from. Critism will be greatly appreciated!

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First thing that I see as a problem is the 40' distance. It's not nearly enough to resummon, because by the time you finish your cast, Lizardtrap will be just about on top of you probably casting a spell on you. Even if you run out of range of the spell, you just accumulated a ton of hate by casting a summon within 30' of the mob. Ideally, when you resummon, the mob should be a good 60' away so that you finish casting before they get within 30.

The other thing I see as the problem is casting Sneak within 30' which will also give you more enmity. You should have no problem kiting in the aggro-free area between Lizardtrap's pop area and the nearby zone line. That's where I fought him. I even have enough distance there to run far enough away that I can do a Siphon, release the spirit, and then summon Ifrit again and still finish before he gets within 30'. You do have to turn him around a lot, which means running past, but just wait for him to cast a spell first then run past him. (Fenrir may be a problem there because he can die pretty quickly to one of those nukes.) My method is to put Ifrit on Lizardtrap with Favor up, do Flaming Crush once, then run away and wait until Ifrit dies and repeat. Usually takes about 5 Flaming Crush, I think, and I do end up needing the Siphon to finish him off most of the time using that method.

As for losing hate, I'm not sure why that was happening, were you running through water maybe? There is some standing water in Aydeewa so that's my guess.

*EDIT: Just looked at Kegsay's kite path, and it's unnecessarily long. That's probably why you were getting aggro. Don't go south past Lizardtrap's room, kite between the zone line area & the room Lizardtrap pops in. Since puktraps don't link or aggro, you are safe to resummon in that room.

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