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#1 Oct 27 2009 at 11:32 AM Rating: Default
Hi, I have not played FFXI since around the end of July, but I continue to follow the update news and feel of the community. I originally wanted to post this in general forum, but felt it may be better to post this here. Right around the time I decided to leave I had sent SE a suggestion regarding BST and SMN to help enhance their roles and also the overall enjoyment of the two jobs. I have recently posted the BST portion of my idea to SE in the BST forums. AS a long time FFXI player and SMN, I felt as the job adjustments and introductions kept rolling in, that SMN really started to lose it's use in most situations. With the implementation of SCH the idea of even being a secondary healer kinda went down the drain. This is the SMN portion of the suggestion I sent to SE:

As time has gone on, it has gotten harder and harder to fully use the functions of Summoner without taking away from party efficiency. Even with an Auto-Refresh trait, refresh gear, perpetuation down, and refresh buffs, mp can quickly become an issue. Over the past year and a half, you have added stance-like abilities to jobs such as red mage and samurai to offer an offensive and defensive approach. With the addition of Scholar, a job that could manage and control their mp was born. My idea to fix this issue with Summoner and allow for greater reliance on Avatars would be a combination of the stance-like approach and ability to work around mp limitations like Sch. The two job abilities could be called Soul Shave and Mana Shave. Soul Shave would have 2min reuse time and 2hour duration. It would allow the summoner's hp bar to cover the cost of keeping an avatar out and allow for the avatars to use the summoner's essence to increase in strength. Mana Shave would also have a 2min reuse time as well as a 2hour duration. It would simply cancel out the effect of Soul Shave and allow for normal mp cost and return avatars to their regular offensive and defensive state. Using these two Job abilities together could help ease some of the issues of mp costs, and enhance the role of the summoner.

Now to flash forward, the update to summoner does sound interesting, although I would really hate to see summoner evolve into a cor or brd type job. Just curious as to what my fellow smns think of the idea I sent to SE. Thank you for reading and gl Summoners of Vana'diel.
#2 Oct 27 2009 at 11:56 AM Rating: Default
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Sounds like a bad (or in our world, good) idea since it would allow you to go SMN/healer and keep avatars out a long time by healing yourself.
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