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#1 Aug 04 2009 at 12:57 PM Rating: Good
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So I'm getting closer and closer to 37SCH and more and more excited to go SMN/SCH so in preparation for that I've started to think just how I want to use Sublimation.

At the moment I'm rocking two Astrals though I assume I'll be down to one by the time I get 37SCH so there's 25-50HP I can get back (assuming I'm not at max MP when I use sublimation), what are some other ways I can increase my HP without sacrificing much else?

Any interesting food that can help us while increasing max HP?
Any good neck or ear items?
Any good straps?
Any good ammo?

I think most of my other slots are taken for other things assuming I have an avatar out but I could switch out those above slots assuming I don't have a full MP pool or using a blood pact.

Whoops, forgot that things that convert HP to MP don't count, +HP food, and you can't equip HP gear, sublimation, and then re-equip MP gear. Still though, think it's worthwhile to think about.

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#2 Aug 04 2009 at 1:17 PM Rating: Decent
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Doing a quick look through, I guess these could be some possibilities:

Tempered Chain (+20HP)
Promise Bade (+10HP, +5MND)
Bloodbead Amulet (+15HP)

Ethereak Earring (+15HP, converts 3% damage taken to MP)
Crimson Earring (+20HP)
Stoic Earring (+20HP)

Axe Grip (+20HP)
Raptor Leather Strap +1 (+15HP, +10MP, +2MND)

Atter of Roses (+8HP)

Seems like a lot of work for another 20 or so MP but could be worth it and at least fun to plan.

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#3 Aug 04 2009 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
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Because in my opinion a Mithra doesn't need to bother with it. I get 220 MP back, and since the recast is just 30 seconds or so, it doesn't feel like such a huge deal.

Might be worth it if you intend on storing it up first for a fight though.
#4 Aug 04 2009 at 3:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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Max HP isn't really a big deal for Sublimation. It has VERY quickly diminishing returns. This is because even if you had 10,000 HP, it would still only charge at the same 2 per tick. The only difference is that every time you use Sublimation, it's 30 seconds before you can activate it again. So with more HP, you have less 30-second windows with no charging going on.

The threshold seems to be about 800 HP. If you can hit 800, any additional HP beyond that will have minimal effect in the long run.

Here's some math:
HP/4 = max Sublim
Max sublim * 3.33 / 2 = number of seconds to charge

For example:
800 HP = 200 MP charge = 333 sec charge + 30 sec cooldown = 200 MP per 363 sec, or 33.058 MP/min.

600 HP = 32.172 MP/min
800 HP = 33.058 MP/min
1000 HP = 33.613 MP/min
1200 HP = 33.994 MP/min
1500 HP = 34.384 MP/min

Of course, that being said, there is one exception: Prebuffing a full sublimation before a battle begins. With a lot of HP gear, you can prebuff a nice sublimation to have on tap as soon as you drain enough of your MP, but once you use it you are back to the old 2mp/tick minus 30 seconds cooldown between uses.
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#5 Aug 05 2009 at 6:49 AM Rating: Good
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sublimation is still a poorman's refresh for smn :-/

i sub /sch often in dyna to get the 30sec recast aspir.
i'm not a real big fan of the sublimation itself.
being able to sleep your mob can be handy, just make sure you're able to retreat the avatar when you do ;-)
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#6 Aug 05 2009 at 6:50 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah, I completely forgot it takes take more time the more HP. I knew about the ticks, I just kept thinking 30 seconds. xD

Oh well, I'm still going to keep some +HP items handy for when I'm doing nothing and want to charge up Sublimation to have it ready.
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