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#1 Aug 04 2009 at 11:06 AM Rating: Good
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I'm going to be trying to duo the Hume swift belt NM with my BST friend later today. My BST friend is going to charm blubber eyes, 2-hour, and feed it pet food to keep it alive as long as possible. After that, he'll use jug pets if necessary.

As SMN, what should my strategy be? I'm thinking either keep enfeebles up with Fenrir, so that my friend's pet stays alive as long as possible, or just spam something like Double Punch. Opinions?
#2 Aug 04 2009 at 6:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Well I've done bst duo before two blubber eyes can take out the hume NM pretty easily so maybe a bst with smn helping might do it. This NM 2hrs with eagle eye shot which can be a pain.

Some of the other swift belt NM's are more trouble due to magic and job abilities. Like the red mage Mithra NM going nuts with chainspell.

On to the fight! I would DD to help speed things up and maybe temporarily pull hate of the pet to help keep it alive longer(double slap or maybe thunderspark for paralyze). Then if things started to look iffy near the end I'd 2hr and astral flow. Pop some meds and repeat as needed.

The blubber eyes should do the majority of the work. If your careful enough I suppose you could pull the NM back to the start of the maze. That way if the blubber eyes did die you could charm some of the gazers to help finish it off. Though using a CC and snarl might be helpful too.

I've heard of bsts solo'n the hume NM. I've never tried to solo any of them on purpose(on bst) but i ended up doing the mithra one once when everyone else died. It worked great until it used chainspell and turned my blubber eyes into mush.

So in conclusion :) (/end rambling)

bst + smn ......... It should be doable.

trega of titan
smn 75, blu 75 also bst51!
Tarutaru power!

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#3 Aug 04 2009 at 6:34 PM Rating: Default
Ehh, spam Double Punch. But you're not going to be that useful, honestly.
#4 Aug 04 2009 at 11:53 PM Rating: Good
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hmmm. i'm not sure that you (smn) will be useless.
i've soloed balor several times on bst (familiar blubber eyes, spawn balor, drag him to the zone with the pet and start throwing gazers, bats and a few jugs at him until he dies).

the major problem that occured from time to time causing me to lose where people passing through the dungeon that would kill/pull away the gazers/bats/tauri near zone line. a respawned taurus blocking your way back is nearly a guarantee to fail. a decimated number of potential pets can as well cause a fail.

i would have been more than glad if i would have had a summoner with me in those cases. someone who can zone tauri without danger. someone who can hold balor if i need a little longer with finding or calling a new pet.

my suggestion would be: try this the bst-solo-style. pull balor to zone on winds- or darksday (way back is shortest, easiest then). save your bloodpacts (double punch/slap) for the moment when the bst will have to swap pets. your bps should do enough damage that balor will stay with the avatar instead of chasing the beastmaster when he uses leave (he should not let his pets die, takes long till they respawn).

there are some nice information about bst-soloing balor here in the bst-forum. take a closer look at that before heading out if you didn't already. should help you a lot.
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