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#1 Jul 31 2009 at 9:38 AM Rating: Excellent
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For years SMN has been stuck with the same old gear, with very little improvements at all throughout most of ToAU and WotG. This has changed drastically over the past few months, with the introduction of powerful new augments that vastly improve our damage and soloing capabilities. This guide aims to outline just what powerful augments lie in wait for SMNs, and what it compares to.

Things to know prior to thinking up augments

Augmenting the right piece of equipment for the right stats is a tricky business. Bear in mind all of the alternatives (which will be outlined in italics), as well as the limits of your augments:

*Blood Pact Ability Delay caps at -15, for 45sec recast.
*MKE Final Equipment: Pet:Adds "Regen" Effect is 1hp/tick.
*MKE Final Equipment: Pet:Damage Taken-10% takes off the additional 10% AFTER accounting for the innate -50% Damage reduction from avatars. E.g. 500 damage > innate avatar damage down reduces to 250 damage > damage augment reduces to 225.

Please note the list only lists Pet improvements. This does not account for Max MP builds or best setups for Elemental Siphon.
BUY=Auction House
ANM=Allied Notes NM [ANNM Area]
HNM=Normal NM [NM Name]
ZNM=Zeni NM [ZNM Name]
PIX=Pixie Fights
COF=Tenshodo Coffer Item [Key Name]
FOV=Fields of Valor
AF1=Artifact 1 (Lv52~60 gear)

All Items - Sorted By: SLOT

DYN*Summoner's Horn (-3 BP Delay)
MIS*MKE Headpiece (choose 2)
-Pet: Damage Taken -10%
-Pet: Adds "Regen" Effect
-Pet: Crit Hit Rate+3%
-Pet: Haste+5%
-BP Delay -3
ZNM*Karura Hachigane (Garuda: -2 Perp, Att/Def Bonus) [Vulpangue]
COF*Silk Hat (Pet: Macc+1~2) [Peach Coral]

BUY*Summoner's Torque (SMN Skill+7)
BUY*Sacrifice Torque (Avatar Attk+)
COF*Beak Necklace (Pet: RAttk+1~5, Attk+1~5) [Amber]
COF*Aureate Necklace (Pet: Crit hit rate+1%) [Red Coral]
COF*Nitid Choker (Pet: Racc/Acc+2~3) [Red Coral]

BUY*Summoner's Earring (SMN Skill+3)
COF*Angel's Earring (Pet:Racc/Acc+1) [Ivory]
COF*Diamond Earring (Pet:MAttk+1~2) [Ivory]
COF*Emerald Earring (Pet:Evasion+1~5) [Ivory]
COF*Sapphire Earring (Pet:MAcc+1~2) [Ivory]
COF*Spinel Earring (Pet:Racc/Acc+1~3) [Ivory]
COF*Topaz Earring (Pet:DEF+1~5) [Ivory]

DYN*Summoner's Doublet (-3 Perp depending on Day, Avatar Crit Hit Rate+3%, BP Delay-3
MIS*ACP Body (choose 2)
-Avatar Perpetuation Cost -2
-Pet: Double Attack+2%, Crit Hit Rate+2%
-BP Delay -4
-Pet: RAttk+15 Attk+15
-Pet: RAcc+15 Acc+15
-Pet: MAcc+7 MAttk+7
HNM*Yinyang Robe (Refresh, BP Delay-5) [Shikigami Weapon]
ANM*Errant Houppelande (BP Delay-3) [Meriphataud Mountains]

LIM*Nashira Gages (Perp -1)
DYN*Summoner's Bracers (BP Delay -2, Avatar Acc+, SMN Skill+10)
HNM*Carbuncle's Mitts (Halves Carbuncle's Perp Cost) [Crimson-toothed Pawberry]
HNM*Evoker's Gages (Leviathan: Attack Bonus, Besieged: Leviathan Perp-2) [Lamie No.9]

MIS*Evoker's Ring (Perp -1)
BUY*Conjurer's Ring (In yellow HP and less than 100% TP: Perp -1)
COF*Angel's Ring(Pet: Racc/Acc+1~4) [Ebon]
COF*Spinel Ring (Pet: Racc/Acc+1~2) [Ebon]

SEA*Astute Cape (SMN Skill+5)
COF*Sarcenet Cape (Pet: MAcc+1~2) [Crimson]
COF*Altius Mantle (BP Delay-1, Pet: MAB+1~2) [Angelskin]
COF*Rugged Mantle(Pet: Rattk/Attk+1~3) [Angelskin]

COF*Brocade Obi (Pet: MAcc+1~3) [Amber]
COF*Gold Obi (Pet: Acc/Racc+1~2) [Crimson]

AF1*Evoker's Spats (Avatar Acc+)
DYN*Summoner's Spats (BP Delay -2, Shortens Elemental casting time)
COF*White Slacks (BP Delay -1~2) [Peach Coral]

LIM*Evoker's Pigaches +1 (Perp -1, Avatar Eva+)
DYN*Summoner's Pigaches (Avatar Attk+, BP Delay-2)
ANM*Errant Pigaches (Pet: RAttk/Attk+5) [Crawlers' Nest]
COF*Chestnut Sabots (Pet: MAcc+2) [White Coral]
COF*Raptor Ledelsens (Pet: DEF+1~4) [Peach Coral]

BUY*Elemental Staves (Perp -2 of respective avatar, +2 to opposite)
BUY*HQ Elemental Staves (Perp -3 of respective avatar, +3 to opposite)
HNM*Bahamut's Staff (Perp -3, SMN Skill+5)
ANM*Ebony Wand (Pet: RAttk/Attk+2) [North Gustaberg]
ANM*Mythic Pole (Pet:MAcc+2 / SMN Skill+3~10) [Meriphataud Mountains]
PIX*Fay Crozier (3 randomly chosen)
-BP Delay -2~5
-Avatar Perp Cost -1~3
-Pet: Attk/RAttk +4~8
-Pet: Acc/RAcc +1~6
-Pet: MAttk +2~4
-Pet: MAcc +2~4


Sorted By: EFFECT

Blood Pact Delay - (caps at -15)
*Summoner's Horn = 3
*MKE Headpiece = 3
*Summoner's Doublet = 3
*ACP Body = 4
*Yinyang Robe = 5
*Errant Houppelande = 3
*Summoner's Bracers = 2
*Altius Mantle = 1
*Summoner's Spats = 2
*White Slacks = 1-2
*Summoner's Pigaches = 2
*Fay Crozier = 2-5

*Summoner's Horn = 3 (Weather)
*Karura Hachigane = 2 (Garuda)
*Summoner's Doublet = 3 (Day)
*ACP Body = 2
*Yinyang Robe = 1 (Refresh)
*Nashira Gages = 1
*Evoker's Ring = 1
*Evoker's Pigaches +1 = 1
*HQ Elemental Staves = 3
*Bahamut Staff = 3
*Fay Crozier = 1~3

Optimal Setup (No specific day/weather/etc)
*ACP Body (2)
*Nashira Gages (1)
*Evoker's Ring (1)
*Evoker's Pigaches +1 (1)
*B.Staff/Fay Crozier/HQ Staves (3)

*Karura Hachigane = Garuda: Attk+
*Beak Necklace = 1~5
*ACP Body = 15
*Evoker's Gages = Leviathan: Attk+
*Scorpion Mittens = 1~2
*Rugged Mantle = 1~3
*Summoner's Pigaches = Avatar Attk+
*Sacrifice Torque = Avatar Attk+
*Errant Pigaches = 5
*Fay Crozier = 4~8

Optimal Setup (No specific avatar)
*Beak Necklace (5) OR Sacrifice Torque (Unknown)
*ACP Body (15)
*Rugged Mantle (3)
*Fay Crozier (8)
*Summoner's Pigaches (Unknown) OR Errant Pigaches (5)
TOTAL: ~36
Comparison: This is about as strong as Valor Minuet 2.5

*Nitid Choker = 2~3
*Angel's Earring = 1
*Spinel Earring = 1~3
*ACP Body = 15
*Summoner's Bracers = Avatar Acc+
*Angel's Ring = 1~4
*Spinel Ring = 1~2
*Gold Obi = 1~2
*Evoker's Spats = Avatar Acc+
*Fay Crozier = 6

Optimal Setup (Please bear in mind, this does not take into account SMN Skill which does increase Avatar Accuracy!)
*Nitid Choker (3)
*Spinel Earring x2 (6)
*ACP Body (15)
*Summoner's Bracers (Unknown)
*Angel's Ring x2 (8)
*Gold Obi (2)
*Evoker's Spats (Unknown)
*Fay Crozier (6)
TOTAL: 40 + 2xEnhances Avatar Accuracy
Comparison: This is about as strong as Blade Madrigal.

Magic Attack Bonus
*Fay Crozier = 2~4
*Altius Mantle = 1~2
*ACP Body = 7
*Diamond Earring = 1~2

Optimal Setup (This stat directly boosts Diabolos's Nether Blast and Merit BPs)
*Fay Crozier (4)
*ACP Body (7)
*2x Diamond Earring (4)
*Altius Mantle (2)
Comparison: This is the same as giving your avatar a Novio+Moldavite+Zenith Mitts

Magic Accuracy Bonus
*Fay Crozier = 2~4
*Mythic Pole = 2
*Chestnut Sabots = 2
*Brocade Obi = 1~3
*ACP Body = 7
*Silk Hat = 1~2
*Sapphire Earring = 1~2
*Sarcenet Cape = 1~2

Optimal Setup
*Fay Crozier (4)
*Chestnut Sabots (2)
*Brocade Obi (3)
*ACP Body (7)
*Silk Hat (2)
*2x Sapphire Earring (4)
*Sarcenet Cape (2)
Comparison: This is just 6 points shy of giving your avatar the equivalent of an HQ Staff in Magic Accuracy.

Work in Progress.

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#2 Jul 31 2009 at 11:03 AM Rating: Good
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Thanks for all the time and work put into this!

An absolutely wonderful idea. :)

Admins, we can haz sticky prz? :<
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#3 Aug 01 2009 at 6:19 PM Rating: Good
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Don't forget the the Yinyang Robe has +5 avatar enmity. And the Scorpion Mittens cannot be worn by summoners. The moogle expansion hat also has "Pet: Haste +5%". Very nice post btw ^^

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#4 Aug 01 2009 at 9:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Very useful thread. Saves me making my own list on what I'd need to get for optimal perp- and pet pacts.
#5 Aug 02 2009 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
241 posts
a great thread! only thing that would make it a little bit nicer would be including what is key used, or AANM fought, or battle won for the augmented items.
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#6 Aug 02 2009 at 9:14 AM Rating: Good
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What about Sacrifice Torque?
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#7 Aug 02 2009 at 10:39 AM Rating: Good
1,181 posts
What about Sacrifice Torque?


Don't forget the the Yinyang Robe has +5 avatar enmity. And the Scorpion Mittens cannot be worn by summoners. The moogle expansion hat also has "Pet: Haste +5%".

Removed Scorpion Mittens.
Added Haste+5% augment.
Not including enmity as that generally has little bearing for most SMNs.

including what is key used, or AANM fought, or battle won for the augmented items.

Added key names and ANNM areas, as well as NM names.
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#8 Aug 03 2009 at 7:57 AM Rating: Decent
66 posts
Wow great work keep it up ^-^, this seems very useful, Thank you very much !
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#9 Aug 06 2009 at 4:11 PM Rating: Excellent
The Fay Crozier can have up to +6 Accuracy so far from what I've seen, as I managed to get this off my Crozier.


You may want to update that part of your Accuracy list.

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