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buffing/healing mode on Light Spirit?Follow

#1 May 31 2009 at 5:19 PM Rating: Default
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so i keep reading everywhere about how light spirit is affected when it is in healing/buffing mode ("Light Spirit in healing mode or buffing mode, 1/2 Casting Time" etc ~ taken from, but i cant seem to find anything about actually ~putting~ the light spirit in healing/buffing mode

am i missing something right in front of my face?
is it an option on the spirit in the pet command section for the light spirit (light spirit is one of the 3 i do not yet have, the other two being dark and thunder ~ go figure =P)?
is it just people calling it a mode, when its really just about the positioning?

i know you can get the spirit to buff someone else by having that person stand between you and the spirit when the spirit's casting timer is up ~ is this "buffing mode"

any constructive info would be helpful

i've checked Alla, KI, Wiki, etc and havent found anything, so please forgive me if its something thats been asked to death before and everyone knows lol, i didnt see any info on it in the first 20 pages so i figured it hasnt been talked about in that long and i dont have premium so i cannot do a search.

anyway, thank you all.
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#2 May 31 2009 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Whenever your light spirit isn't engaged with an enemy, it's in buffing/healing mode. If it's attacking something, it's in an offensive mode.
#3 May 31 2009 at 7:36 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah its not so much that there are modes that you can switch in and out off manually, but it's just something we've decided to mark a difference between because the behavior of the light spirit changes so drastically when its idle compared to when it's attacking an enemy.
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#4 Jun 01 2009 at 4:09 AM Rating: Good
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Buffing mode might not be the best description really. Probably better with protection mode. All spirits have it, and as soon as you get aggro it will cast a nuke in protection mode, then swap over to offensive mode. Assaulting puts it directly in offensive mode (and resets timer), while retreating puts it in protective mode (and resets timer).

In basic theory you could do the following:

/ja retreat <me>
/wait 1
/ja animated flourish <t>

to actually nuke every 25 seconds in middle levels. You just need to have meleed 10 TP and landed 1 steps first. Of course the problem is that you can't do this before level 40 SMN. If you want to do it at level 10, you need to instead sub WAR and use provoke, and that is more dangerous. You could actually just use your WHM sub and drop some heavy curaga to grab hate too, but it is just like provoke. (Curaga won't be until level 32 though)

PS. Spirits ALWAYS have access to ALL spells. They just don't cast AM on party members or random yellow mobs. If you want light spirit buffs while it is fighting, try standing behind the mob in a vertical line to the spirit and mob. I once got regen this way while I was kite-killing a NM.

I'm pretty sure if SE removed the assault = reset timer "glitch", spirits would actually be moderately useful. I don't know why they thought nukes needed twice the recast anyway, because you might as well get paralyze and NOTHING says 50 seconds of waiting between 2 paralyze is balanced.
#5 Jun 09 2009 at 5:33 PM Rating: Good
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Pretty much already explained, trying to simplify it.

Say you cast a Light Spirit, it is already in a behavior pattern of buffing, unless someone has low health, in which case it will heal them. If everyone is at health, it'll cast Regen, Haste, Protect (level depending), and Shell (level depending). The spirit will buff anyone which is in its line of sight in the party that doesn't already have a buff or higher tier buff (in the case of Shell and Protect).

When the summoner gets hate, or sends the spirit to attack, it'll go into offensive mode, casting Dia, Banish, and Holy. It'll occassionally do buffs as Mellowry stated if lined up right. Otherwise it'll also heal if a party member needs it. I particularly like when a Light Spirit casts Curaga IV on a party that really needs it, hate free.
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