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#1 May 24 2009 at 6:52 PM Rating: Good
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Ok, so I finally get to lvl 65 and get Fenrir's <Eclipse Bite>. At this point I should have been satisfied that I could do over 1200 dmg on average to mobs that proc EP to me. But not this kid, I'm never satisfied.

So I set out to get my hands on some of the gear I cant even wear yet XD

Karura Hashigane was first:

My journey started out in WG shouting for help. (I know... unlikely right?) BUT NOT TODAY!!! 3 Hours of shouting and calling in favors and I finally found a LS who specializes in ZNM fights. We left for the Spawn point to start our first fight. The first fight went awsome until around 10% mob health. Then we lost control of the hate and Vulpangue nuked the mages and took all 4 out in one hit. From there, it was basically one after another. Soon, we all wiped. As we lay there dead, we watched as the mob went unclaimed. To make things EPICLY WORSE, we had to sit and watch as Vulpange fell to the ground dead from Poison II. Unclaimed... no Credit... no drops... no nothing. We wanted to kill ourselves.

Attempt number 2, we added 2 more DD's to the mix and did even worse. We lost hate control right off the bat and it was chaos.

Attempt 3. Repeat attempt 2

Try number 4: After the party got raised and we all came back. The LS leader got ******* He then invited all of his LS to turn out a full alliance. with 17 lvl 75's and me at 65, we BLASTED the NM and got full drops. I got my Hashigane!!! 4 fights and one de-level later... -_-

Next up... I wanted my YinYang Robe. So after I did my research on the Mob, it was time to find out the ToD. I shouted in WG again and all I got were people laughing at me for expecting someone to tell me. I gave up after 2 hours.

I pretty much decided I would never get it, until yesterday. One of my LS mates who happened to know I was after the ToD sent me a /tell and let me know he just watched Shikigami Weapon go down on his way to Sky. I got my ToD and waited. Come 1 hour before pop time, I grabbed a few close friends and a few COMPLETE STRANGERS and went to Ro'Maeve.

Party set up was as follows: Me (now a 67 SMN), a 75 DRG/RNG (for Widescan), a 75 PLD/WAR and another PLD/WAR who happened to be in the zone and nice enough to help.

We walked under the bridge in the center of the zone and waited until nightfall. At 22:00 exactly, he popped up on the DRG's WS and we gave chase!!! It took about 5 min or running around to get him to aggro us and the fight was on! Absolutely a CAKE WALK. The PLD kept the hate the whole time and we hardly even had to heal. In total, fight took 7 min. Badda bing, badda bang, badda boom. Long story short, I got my YYR 1/1!!!!!!

So in case anyone wants to know. the Shikigami Weapon ToD on Kujata is 9:37pm EST on May 24th 2009. GL!!!!

So now im decked out and ready to lvl again. I cant wait to wear them!!!!

Edited, May 24th 2009 10:55pm by TaruTaruQuezacotl
Name: Yygdrasil
Race: TaruTaru
Server: Kujata
Rank: 6 (Bastok)
Linkshell: FatalDisconnection
(Smn)75 / (Whm)37 / (Blm) 37 / (Thf) 15
#2 May 25 2009 at 3:28 AM Rating: Good
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ah the yyr does bring back memories. when i was camping mine there were 3 of us there and we'd agreed to team up till we all got our robes. this was soon after a maintenance and there were almost 40 people in the zone that first day we were smn/whm, nin/war and myself as a sam/rng. and we were getting the claim everyday. I'd macrod /ja "Blade Bash" <scan> and it was working like a charm stunning shiki fractions of a second after he came visible while everyone else had to physically target him. took us 4 days to get the first robe to drop and our smn got his congrats from everyone in the area. (I think not expecting to see us again)

Few nice tells the next day when we were again in the zone and got the claim again. Was day 8 when our second robe dropped and we were 8/8 on claims (trusty bladebash <scan> macro) Anyway back again on day 9 and got our third and final robe. which was a big relief as by this time the tod was becoming extremely unfriendly. had gotten to about 5:30am on day 9 and i dont think we'd have gotten much earlier.

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