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#1 May 10 2009 at 6:34 AM Rating: Excellent
1,877 posts we have spent a month as of today with the Royal Redingote. I was wondering how everyone else felt about their augmentation choices and what changes, if any, you are planning on making.

Current Redingote and reasoning on choices:

Pet: Magic Accuracy+7/"Magic Atk. Bonus"+7

The M.Accuracy and M.attack was an easy choice to make at the time, and still 100% pleased with the choice. The Magical BPs increase, and redoing to merits to accompany them has really expanded the uses of my SMN now.

For example, on Tiamat yesterday I was doing a very constant 558 Tidal Wave in the air on Tiamat (612 on day bonus.) This every 47 seconds was invaluable, and very good for magical damage on Tiamat. While our best geared BLMs were doing 300-650, they had to deal with draw-ins, and slowing down damage at times due to hate. I never had to pause a single time. Combine this with Predator Claw damage on the ground, and my Tiamat damage has sky rocketed.

I have no desire to replace this stat at all, and is still the best option of them all for SMN in my opinion.

Pet: Accuracy+15, Ranged Accuracy+15

The reason I picked this one. Having decided to go a balls to the wall magic build, I planned on dropping all my physical merits to max out m.acc and m.attack. I figured the loss of the accuracy merits would make this augment a strong choice. Turns out that my high Summoning skill (334 if I use Summoning torque, 327 if Sacrifice Torque) has kept me at pretty much the same accuracy if I keep using AF2 body over redingote. I also thought switching to the Redingote would help build TP faster for better merit BPs, but since no avatar cost, the MP to damage ratio just isn't enough to justify it.

I have thought about switching to attack +15, but I speculate the difference between Attack +15, and Critical Attack +3% (and hopefully one day +4%) Without knowing our avatars attack number, it's virtually impossible to do the math to see which is better in the log run. And knowing that I do hope that someday the +1 body will roll my way, the idea of changing augment...again, after that sucks. (And yes, if I do get +1 body, there is no way I'm not using that.)

Overall, I guess I've decided that on the physical BPs, AF2 body still trumps Redingote augments. So the question is, what should I do for the second augment now. Sadly, there really isn't a good 2nd augment for Magical BPs. So after before believing and arguing against Avatar cost -2 as an augment, could I be deciding it's now the best 2nd choice? I haven't decided.

Or the other I put on a stat for something like my WHM? I can't deny that accuracy +10 with the +5 MND on the body would make an insane Hexa/Mythic Boon body piece. And I do really love playing WHM/NIN (smokes all my other jobs in Campaign. A good 45 minute non-stop campaign can net me over 6k XP.)

So what is your opinions, thoughts, and pro/cons of your choices on Redingote, and feel free to comment on my choices and other people's choices.

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#2 May 10 2009 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Changing up your augments is indeed a ***** to do, double because people are more or less done that are going to be doing the climb. So, I'll take a stab at this topic.

My personal choice: Pet: Magic Accuracy+7/"Magic Atk. Bonus"+7 and Pet: Accuracy+15, Ranged Accuracy+15.

As it stands right now I am at 317 skill upon triggering a BP, with 3/3/2/2 Cat1 merits for general use. I have always had horrendous luck with the 70 BPs, for whatever reason. I can recall one night I was trioing pots in sky with full acc gear for the time and Mountain Buster missed 8 times over the course of the night, while the level 70 SMN we had missed once, I think. 200 point Pred Claws were not uncommon for me in the slightest. It was pretty embarassing, and frustrating to be sure.

Ever since I've been swapping YYR to Redingote on BP trigger though, all of a sudden I'm not seeing the misses any more. Predator Claws is scary consistent and now the occasional miss is now just that, occasional. I still need Oracle Legs, B Staff, and Nashira feet, so that may also help to make up the accuracy even a little bit more but I'd rather err on the side of going over accuracy cap at this point as opposed to switching to an attack bonus or crit rate up.
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#3 May 10 2009 at 3:28 PM Rating: Decent
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It may be a month, but with how much more popular my COR is I really haven't had time to get any feeling at all.

I just know that Macc does not create miracles. Ice on tiamat is still heavily resisted. (Stone seemed to get 50% resist though, so I should be able to reach around 500 damage on tiamat I guess)

Was going to test magic on cerb too, but had to paralyna, haste, cure all too much to get BPs in. I got one ice in, for 0 damage, probably a combination of stoneskin and perhaps fire based mob. Would have liked to try geocrush too but as I said, too busy babysitting melee and stunners.

Too much COR, COR, COR, COR, in my LS. Which I keep finding hilarious because it still only have 3 merits since I just boost my SMN with upgrades. As I see it, if my SMN isn't good enough to come over COR, then it is the job needing merits.
#4 May 11 2009 at 11:55 AM Rating: Default
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I picked the Pet Macc/Matt as well (meriting physical att/acc) and chose Perpetuation -2.

I was doing 700 with Tidal Wave/Aerial blast in beseiged. No wish to change my stats.

I am debating on keeping vermy or getting YYR. Only time i Have carby out is on too weak farming and very low mp when it's almost dead and I may need a healing ruby. Sublimation takes care of low mp problems since I use it as a sub now.

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#5 May 11 2009 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
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I dunno even with all the Buffs to the T2 Bp's Predaror claws still owns. For the few Occasions that i do use magic with my Avatars id rather have the Physical dmg +15 att because 90% of the time it is what I use.
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#6 May 11 2009 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
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I dont have a yingyang robe so I chose -2perp -4bp and I'm happy with it.
My goal is to keep my avatar out as much as I can and do as many bp's as I can for dot. I use my merited bps also so avatar TP helps me also.
I play solo almost all the time. The only time im in a party is when Im helping with something or other misc, but I am never in xp/limit point parties so I dont have to worry about what everyone thinks of my choices.
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#7 May 12 2009 at 9:04 AM Rating: Good
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A Month later? I still love it. Okay so it's not so stylish with the big horn coming out of my forehead but..I do love it.

I too chose Acc and M.Atk/M.Acc. But it's all about how you play the job. We have one person who is having a tough tough time and has no real time to camp daily for YY robe, and just hasn't dropped or out claimed. So he went down the -2 perpet path, and he does fine, and he picked the pet: Atk route.

The M.Acc / M.Atk w/ the M.Atk merits? I notice a good difference and I like it. Now on higher up mobs? Not so much, I notice mobs that I would nuke..or magical BP on for low numbers won't toggle so much, it will stay rather constant. But our LS doesn't do HNM's so I'm not missing out.

As for the Physical Acc? More constant on my pacts, with the occasional "Yay you!" to Shiva on her Rush.

This is a great piece.
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#8 May 13 2009 at 10:53 AM Rating: Excellent
I picked the +7's and -2 prep. I only use it for doing "BP's". I have noticed a 50+ damage increase on mobs. It was rather fun to get 800+ windblades constantly on kirin with the kote.

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#9 May 26 2009 at 11:54 AM Rating: Good
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Just wanted to report today I got a 1777 Eclipse Bite on an easy prey (Snow Lizard). I've killed a lot of Snow Lizards in my time, and before getting ACP body with the Pet:DA modifier I never saw one over 1400. Shortly after getting ACP body I saw one around 1556 which led me to believe it was a 1400 with an extra swing from the DA proc. I was sorely disappointed that the rumors appeared to be true and that it only added an extra melee swing to BP's with DA, not a real extra swing to the move. Well, this 1777 is making me rethink that... maybe those extra swings do count as part of the BP and can crit after all...

The only mystery factor is that it was 93% full moon when I got the 1777, and I know Fenrir is supposedly stronger on full moon, but I do not know the exact details. Could this freak BP be attributed to full moon and not a 4x crit Eclipse Bite? So far since getting the ACP body, I've seen two in the 1500's and one 1777, and nothing else over the normal 900-1400's.
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