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Thiefcat's Guide to Lvl 20 Avatar Fights.Follow

#1 Aug 16 2004 at 11:43 AM Rating: Excellent
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Thiefcat's Guide to Level 20 Avatar Fights.

Update: August 17th 2004
I beat Ramuh Last night and my strategy seemed to work perfectly. So if your having trouble with Ramuh check it out below.

WEll I fought all the avatars this weekend and although I had a few Hiccups alont the way, I came away with more success then failure and a few hints/tips/tricks.

Please note I am no expert but I really feel like I can go in with confidence now and defeat these guys. Some of the information below is my personal opinion and you may disagree with it. Its your right to do so but hopefully something in here will help someone.

Hints and Tips

1) Bring the following at a minimum
---4 Hi-Potions
---4 Ethers
---1 Boiled crab or Boiled Crayfish
---1 Yagudo Drink

You may not use all the above but my theory is its better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Besides what ever you don't use can go towards your next avatar or resell it back at the AH.

2) Defense/Hp are king! Some usefull items are
---Physical Earrings (Convert 25Mp to 25Hp)
(Thanks to Treppe's post for that one.)
---Shield Earrings (-10Mp +10Hp) Use these if you can't find Physical Earrings
---Black Slacks
---Black Tunic
---Scentless Armletts

You only need 50 MP to beat these guys. The rest is a waste of mana. Granted I am not saying go in with just 50MP but the point is you need more HP and Def then you do MP. With these items your giving yourself a 90 percent chance of winning at least in my opinion. The + evasion items are helpfull in avoiding getting hit and the Physical Earrings are expensive but your gonna sell them back at the same price in about 2 days anyway. GET THEM!

3) More Defense ^^.
---Try to get Protect III if you can. At least Protect II. (Aero II from Garuda hit me for a 123 Damage twice.)
---Boiled Crab. If you can't find any use Boiled Crayfish. But use one of them!

Can you beat these guys with your own half powered Protect 1?...I am sure you can. Would I risk it...NO! It took me about 10 seconds for every single battle to give a shout for protect and shell. People are glad to take 10 seconds of their time to help you. I got Protect 3 for 3 of the battles and the other was Protect 2. I made a macro before hand for all my avatars that go like this...

/shout {Protect} 2 {Shell} 2 {Please} {Ramuh} {Battle} {Thank You}

Use the translator and if noone responds, do a quick scan of the area for Whm or pld and send them the following message…

/tell (Name of whm) {Excuse Me...} {Protect} 2 {Shell} 2 {Please} {Garuda} {Battle} {Thank You}

Again Use the translator and have your flag up incase they invite you, so they can find you on the map. Make it easy on them and they will be glad to help. Boiled crab is a great help to your def boost, but if they don't have any get boiled crayfish. Every bit of defense helps.

4) Know your game plan.
---If you can find them watch the videos of Azzam battling the avtars. (I will try to find the link)
---Read everything you can about how to use the 3 searing light method.
---Write Macros to quickly access the things you need.

(I found Azzam's Website but he has taken down the video's. I have the videos and if anyone can contact him, please ask him if I can post his videos on my server)

Azzam's videos are very inspirational, as he makes the battles look so easy =P. But they also show, what in my opinion, is a very key element to fighting the avatars....location of the starting point! The battle field consists of 3 sections that everyone talks about, the crystal, the bend, and the nest. I am adding a 4th section..."The Crack". You will see this in Azzam's video's but basically when you past the bend, about halfway to the nest you will come to a jagged section with a crack that splits the jagged rock with the next rock. This is where your going to begin your battle. (See the walkthrough section for more details)

Macros are great, use them carefully and you going to give yourself an advantage. (See macro section for more details).

5) Banish is your second best weapon

If your finished with 3 Searing Lights and the Prime has less then 1/8 of HP use Banish. It should hit for 25-34 dmg every time. (At least mine did, and hopefully your divine skill is maxed from your whm leveling) I tried to melee once and it was useless. If I had not paniced and used Banish I would have won the first time I fought Garuda. Carby's second Searing Light hit for only 104 dmg instead of 210.

6) Be level 20 and Max your smn skill

I would suggest taking the time and obtain lvl 20 before going into these battles. Can you do it a lvl 19...I am sure its possible but every extra bit of HP and Magic skill you gain from getting to 20 can't hurt. And max your smn skill. Your a smn, its the most important skill you have, take the time to be a good smn and max your skill every two levels at least. We spend alot of time looking for parties. Use that time to level your summon skill. You will thank me when your lvl 20 and don't need to sit there for 2 days cause your smn skill is at 35. The cap for smn skill at 20 is 63.

7) Battle the Avatar on its weak elemental day.

Ifrit: (Watersday)
Shiva: (Firesday)
Ramuh: (Earthsday)
Titan: (Windsday)
Leviathan: (Lightningday)
Lightsday is Carby's strong day. I fought Ramuh my second time around on Lightsday and had no problems at all beating him.

I fought everyone of the above on their weak day (Except Ramuh) and let me tell you, Garuda hit me for 124 dmg with Aero II on her weak day. I don't know if that was her max on her NON weak day, but I will be damned if I am gonna find out. You can do the following and have all your avatars in one day.

Watersday - Ifrit
Wait 2 Hours
Iceday - Garuda
Wait 2 Hours
Lightsday - Shiva (Carby's Strong Day)
Wait 2 Hours
Earthsday - Ramuh
Wait 2 Hours
Windsday - Titan
Wait 2 Hours
Lightningsday - Leviathon

8) Don't PANIC!!!

The biggest suggestion I can make is not to panic. I paniced a few times and I lost those battles. I was very nervous going into these battles as I have very little patience and like to have things right away. The thought of loosing and having to wait 24 hours to try again made me cringe. So my heart was racing and I made some poor decisions along the way. If you can stay calm and not wildly start to drink ethers and potions you stand a better chance of winning.

9) Fame 2 in all you need.

You DO NOT need fame 3 in all 4 cities to obtain the avatar battles. You only need Fame level 2 in Norg/Windurst/SanDoria/Bastok. I already had fame 6 in Windurst and fame 7 in Norg so I can't tell you what to do for those but I started with fame 1 in both Bastok and SanDoria. To obtain fame 2 I did the following.

I know this as a FACT since I only have Fame 2 in SanDoria and Bastok and I was able to obtain the Avatar quests.

SanDoria - Turned in 3 stacks of flint stones to the guy in the Tavern.
Bastok - Turned in 8 treant bulbs to the lady in the merchant house.

THATS IT!!! It was cheap and quick and its all you need to get fame 2 and aquire the avatar battles.


Now I am going to explain my version of the 3 Searing Light Methos.

My version is exactly like all the other versions except for the inclusion of "The Crack". Now the crack may or may not be the deciding factor for these battles but I felt like I was A)In control of the fight this way and B)The timing worked out perfectly. So here we go.

Step 1
After getting the required fame level talk to the Non Taru NPC in the appropriate location and obtain the Mini Tuning Fork.

Location are as follows:

City: Kazham
NPC: Dodmos
Area: J-9
Day: Watersday

City: Bastok
NPC: Ferrol
Area: I-8
Day: Windsday

City: Rabao
NPC: Rahi Fohlatti
Area: G-8
Day: Iceday

City: Norg
NPC: Verctissa
Area: H-9
Day: Lightningsday

City: SanDoria
NPC: Castilchat
Area: E-7
Day: Firesday

City: Mhaura
NPC: Lacia
Area: I-9
Day: Earthsday

Step 2
When your ready to go and its the appropriate day send out the following message:

/shout {Protect} 2 {Shell} 2 {Please} {Avatar Name} {Battle} {Thank You}.

If you can't get this don't panic, simply cast protect and shell on yourelf and continue to step 3. Again, I had no problem (Except in Rabao) getting Protect 2 and Shell 2 within 5 seconds of sending the shout. Rabao is tougher only becuase most people there are fishing and many of them (deny it or not) are botting. It took me a little longer to get help there but I got it. (Thanks Magica). Again use the translator and be very courtious to who ever helps you. /kneel /bow {Thank You} are all good responses to getting help =P

Step 3
After you get your Protect and Shell trade your Mini Tunning Fork to the same Non Taru NPC in the appropriate city. When you do this a small cutscene will take place and you will be transported to the area where the Protocrystal is.

Step 4
When you get to the Protocrystal your now ready to battle the avatar. First eat your Boiled Crab or Boiled Crayfish, then trade your mini tuning fork to the Protocrystal. When you do this you will see another cutscene introducing the Prime and will then appear on the battlefield. Don't worry you have 15 minutes to beat the prime and your safe by the crystal.

DO NOT click the Protocrystal or you will be sent to the real lvl 65+ battle (So I am told) Simply trade the fork to the Protocrystal.

Step 5
When you arrive in the battlefield cast Aquaveil on yourself and the appropriate Bar element spell. You currently (if subbing whm) only have 3 bar element spells that are usefull. For the rest don't worry about it.

Leviathon - BarWatera
Titan - Barstonra
Shiva - Barsleepra

Step 6 Click here for Diagram
Head just past the bend to the jagged rock platform and drink your Yagudo Drink. As soon as your finished using the Yagudo Drink walk up to the "Crack" and start casting Carbuncle. As your casting Carbuncle, the Prime will start to come for you. This is the part that I feel helps put you in control of the battle. When I fought Titan (my first battle) I casted carby long before the bend which meant I had to physically walk up to the nest to aggro the Prime. First and foremost this made me very nervous and I felt like it put me on the defensive. The primes aggro on site, so I am told, and I believe casting carbuncle when standing at the "Crack" will aggro the Prime to come for you. As soon as Carby is out he will automatically go after the prime. You do not need to use the assault command.

Note: If for some reason the Prime didn't aggro you while casting Carby simply walk 2 steps past the "Crack" and then walk back. If you casted carby in the correct location this will be enough to aggro the Prime to come out of the nest.

Step 7 (See the Ramuh section for specifics on this part of the battle when fighting him)
As soon as Carby gets a couple hits in walk up and stand next to the prime. Now hit Astral Flow then Searing Light. When you use Astral Flow and Searing Light the Prime will turn to attack you. Good thing you got all the HP and Def gear. Don't panic, you will be ok. Now when you use searing light whatever you do makes sure you close to the Prime and do not, I repeat do not move until Carby jumps up in the air. As soon as Carby leaps into the air turn and run down the ramp to the Crystal. Keep your eye on carby's name above your log, and if for any reason it disappears stop and recast Carby.

Note: Do not wait to long to start Astral Flow and Searing Light. The longer you wait the more carbys hit points will be depleated. You need carby to have about 1/2 his HP when you start running for the crystal.

Step 8
Now you should be back at the crystal. And Carby should be just about dead if everything went well. As soon as Carby dies recast carby. Again Carby will automatically go after the Prime, you do not need to use the Assault command. After Carby goes after the prime, check your MP bar. You will probably need to dring an ether at this point and possibly a Hi-Potion. Just remember first and foremost Carby is your body guard. Make sure having him out is your first priority. If he is out and has HP and you don't, then use a Hi-Potion. If he dies, then casting him is your first priority. Don't panic about MP. After casting Carby you have plenty of time to drink an Ether.

Step 9
Now that you recasted carby and he is fighting the prime (near the crystal) head up to the prime and stand next to him. Fire off Searing Light number 2. Again DO NOT move! As soon as carby jumps up run like **** for the nest.

Note: Be carefull on your way to the nest cause I found myself in a panic and there is part on the Jagged Rock section past the bend that you can get stuck on. Stick to the left side of the path and you should be fine. Also keep your eye on Carby. As soon as his name disappears recast him. If you make it to the Nest area and carby is doing well and you need HP then go ahead and use a Hi-Potion.

Step 10
When Carby dies reacast him as the Prime is comming up the ramp for you. He will run after the Prime automatically so don't worry about assault. Once carby goes after him check your MP. If you have less then 44mp down an Ether and start heading for the Prime. Once you have 44 or more MP get next to the prime and hit Searing Light 3. Once again DO NOT move.

Step 11
This last Searing Light should kill the Prime. If not a few things may happen.
A) If carby is still alive and the Prime is not dead run back towards the Crystal as far as you can until Carby dies.
B) If carby dies before you can run and the prime has very minimal health like 1/8 or then down another Ether and Cast Banish on him. This should kill him.
C) If Carby dies and the Prime has more HP then the above recast Carby and let him melee while you cast Banish.

If the Prime was not defeated by the three Searing Lights then don't panic. Yes you will have one angry Prime but remember these things in order of importancy.

-Carby is your main priority. Make sure he is out and meleeing. This will do dmg to the Prime as well as keep hate off you.
-HP is your second priority. Make sure you HP is out of the red if not more and out of the yellow. Without HP your dead and the battle is over.
-MP is your last priority. The Yagudo drink will keep Carby out long enough that you should be able to defeat the Prime. If it runs out, verify your situation and act accordingly. Either concede your death, drink another Yag drink and get carby out or cast banish and release carby.

Step 12
Defeat the Prime and obtain him and the warp scroll. Warp back to you HP and enjoy your new friend =P

Ramuh Section -
I beat Ramuh last night Aug 16th without a hitch on Lightsday. The following information is all you need to know to beat him in my opinion. Good luck.

When you fight Ramuh things are pretty much the same except one major difference. Thunderspark!!!! When I fought Ramuh the first time, I went through my usuall routine. Past bend, drink Yag Drink, get to "Crack" cast carby, Prime comes out of nest then.....

Bam....Thunderspark! Half way from the nest to the "Crack" Ramuh charged up and fired off a Thunderstrike that hit both Carby and myself. So what did I do....PANIC!!! Not the right thing to do. What I then did was cast Paralyna on myself. I was lucky and got it off on the first try. I then did Astral Flow, stood next to Ramuh and fired off Searing Light. I waited about 2 seconds when I noticed Carby didn't do anything. So I figured man I must have hit the wrong macro, so Searing Light again.... 0:45 seconds remaining..OH MY GOD!!!!! Obviously looking back now, I realise Carby was paralyzed...duh!

So here is my strategy for beating Ramuh.

I fought him twice now and both times Ramuh did the same exact thing. Which was to hit us with Thunderspark halfway out of the Nest. If you get hit with Thunderspark DO NOT use Astral Flow!. Don't start the 3 min astral flow counter until later.

Assume everything is the same up till Step 6.

Ramuh Step 6
Run up past the bend to the "Crack" and cast Carby. Do not use the Yagudo drink yet because...Ramuh should come out of the nest and use Thunderspark. You and carby will be paralyzed.

Ramuh Step 7
Cast Paralyna on yourself and Run for the crystal. Let carby melee Ramuh for awhile until Carby dies.

Ramuh Step 8
A split second before Carby dies down the Yagudo Drink and recast Carby. (Basically the 3 searing light method starts now) As Ramuh comes down to the crystal carby will attack him.

Ramuh Step 9
Now stand next to Ramuh and use Astarl Flow then Searing Light 1

Now repeat all the steps above. The only difference is Searing Light 1 is at the crystal, searing light 2 is at the nest and searing light 3 is back at the crystal.

Beating Ramuh
I thought I would write down the step by step results of my Winning fight angainst Ramuh in hopes that it may help you. These are the actually events that took place on Aug 16th 2004. I wrote them down from my log after the fight.

These are just the "Main" things that happened in the order in which they happened. I left out everything elese such as melee dmg from Carby or Damage numbers that he and I took.

-Casted Carbuncle.
-Ramuh Starts to come for us.
-Ramuh Casts Thunderspark.
-Carbuncle and I are paralyzed.
-Cast Paralyna on myself.
-Run to the Crystal and wait.
-Carbuncle was defeated by Ramuh.
-Use Yagudo Drink
-Casted Carbuncle.
-Ran up to Ramuh.
-Astral Flow
-Searling Light #1
-Ran to Nest.
-Carbuncle was defeated by Ramuh.
-Casted Carbuncle.
-Used an Ether.
-Ran up to Ramuh
-Searing Light #2
-Ran to Crystal.
-Carbuncle was defeated by Ramuh.
-Casted Carbuncle.
-Used a Hi Potion.
-Used an Ether.
-Ramuh casts Shockstrike.
-I am Stunned.
-Thiefcat is no longer Stunned.
-Searing Light #3
-Ramuh was Defeated by Carbuncle.

Thats it. As you can see I only used 1 Hi-Potion and 2 Ethers. This was by far my cheapest fight yet. I fought Ramuh on Lightsday (Carby's strong day) and had Protect II and Shell II. I also got Barthunder but am not sure when it wore off. I also used a boiled Crayfish for the Def boost.


/ma “Carbuncle” <me>

Astral Flow
/ja “Astral Flow” <me>

Searing Light
/pet “Searing Light” <bt>

/item “Ether” <me>

/item “Hi-Potion” <me>

/item “Yagudo Drink” <me>

/ma “Banish” <bt>

/ma “Dia” <bt>

Other things to note

1) You can only fight the Prime once every 24 hours.
---People say you can fight the Prime again as long as the servers in Japan get reset wich is midnight Japanese time. I find this to be false. I tried this twice, once with Titan and once with Garuda and I was unable to refight them until 24 hours had passed.

2) You obtain a Warp Scroll if you win.
---Having a warp scroll with you in your inventory will not grant you a second warp scroll. So do not bring one with you, its a waste of you CP
---I also believe strongly that if you have a warp scroll in your mog house you will NOT recieve another warp scroll. I had one in my mog house when I fought Shiva and I did NOT get another from beating her. Don't take the change and have to blood port home. Do youself a favor and don't have any warp scrolls either on you or in your mog house.

3) Fame Requirements
---As stated earlier you only need fame 2 to obtain the mini forks. You DO NOT need fame 3.

4) You will Probably lose.
---As much research I did with guides and videos I felt there was no way I could lose. But let me tell you something...chances are you will lose. Don't get discuraged. Every fight teaches you something new. Just go over what you did wrong and fix it for next time. All you lose is your pride and some gil.

---Remember to have fun. These battles are cool and there is nothing more enjoyable then when you win and you cast Ifrit or Shiva or whoever for the first time. Its enpowering. So have fun.


All information here is private and may not be copied or altered in away.

Edit: Added Macros Section
Edit: Added Link for the picture of battlefield
Edit: Added Link to Treppe's post about Physical Earrings

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#2 Aug 16 2004 at 2:04 PM Rating: Good
197 posts
Nice guide..up to this time I only got 2 avatars: Ifrit and Ramuh.
My score is Garuda 0/3, Shiva 0/3, Titan 0/2, Ifrit 1/1 and Ramuh 1/2.

Your strategy for Ramuh is precisely like what I did on winning Ramuh. And the starting point for battle is definitely correct, its a psychological matter that also affecting me.

The way to start battle in Nest made me panicked. Crack spot is where I started my battle with ramuh and I won the fight.I only won with start fighting in nest when I fought Ifrit. The first battle with ramuh I made a big mistake just like you did, ramuh paralyzing me and carbuncle. After I start my astral flow I couldnt cast SL.

Gotta do more avatar battle, it freakin me out when I loose so many times and ditched alot of gil. But from my loosings I learned alot, I guess I know what to do next on avatar battles.

Thanks for your info, it's really good source for my next avatar battle ^^
#3 Aug 16 2004 at 2:09 PM Rating: Excellent
668 posts
Yay Thiefcat!

With all these guides, I have no idea why you aren't 5.00 ^_^

::rate up::
#4 Aug 16 2004 at 2:14 PM Rating: Good
405 posts
Dear lord Thiefcat you have a lot of time on your hands. :P
#5 Aug 16 2004 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
1,250 posts
Eriiko >
Thanks, its good to see you again. Hows things going?

Crusher >
LOL I know, I hate my job to much to work, so I write guides and hang out here all day. Maybe one day I will go back to being a husband and spent time with my wife instead of playing this game =P

Thanks I really hope this guide helps you and I am glad its not just me who thinks that the "Crack" has some sort of effect on
#6 Aug 16 2004 at 3:01 PM Rating: Default
62 posts
Decent guide. One error. You do need Level 3 fame for the Avatar battles. This has been well established.
#7 Aug 16 2004 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
Great Guide! - On Ramuh, i did the same strategy...but watch out, cause when i did the 1st SL down by the crystal, he Judgement Bolted poor you need to be a little quick getting ready for the second SL :)

Server: Carbuncle
75 SMN / 30 RM / 36 WM / 56 BLM

Avitars - Carbuncle, Shiva, Garuda, Ifrit, Ramuh, Leviathan, Titan, Fenrir, Diabolos

Some people are okay, but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody
#8 Aug 16 2004 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
1,250 posts
Sorry double post

Edited, Mon Aug 16 16:49:14 2004 by Thiefcat
#9 Aug 16 2004 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
1,250 posts
MasterofYeven Wrote:
Decent guide. One error. You do need Level 3 fame for the Avatar battles. This has been well established.

You DO NOT need fame 3. If I only have fame 2 (which is a proven fact since I just asked the appropriate NPC in each town) why would you think you need fame

Fame 2 is all I have in Bastok and SanDoria (ITS A FACT) so therfore you only need fame 2 to aquire the avatars.

Bastok Fame
Level 1
[Name]? What is that, some kind of snail? Oh, that's your name. You must be a rookie adventurer, right?
Level 2
[Name]? Hmm...sounds familiar. Who was it again? Oh. Well uh...not many people know who you are, but if you work hard enough, word will get around about your good deeds.
Level 3
Oh, you're [Name]. Yeah, I've heard of you. You're not doing too bad for an adventurer. Keep working hard, and the people of Bastok will come to recognize your efforts.

SanDoria Fame
Level 1
Hmm... [Name], you say? No, never heard that name. Do not expect me to learn the name of every recruit! Do good for the kingdom and her people, and they shall come to know you. Once you have their trust, they will request your help more readily. Just keep your head down, and your day shall come.
Level 2
[Name]...? Hmm... I might have heard that name before. Then again, maybe not. You are not famous yet. Keep your nose to the grindstone and work for the people. Soon, they will know you better!
Level 3
Ah, [Name]. That is a name I often hear. People speak well of you! Your deeds for the kingdom have earned you much honor.

Guess what mines says....thats right the ones listed under fame 2

Drache Wrote
Great Guide! - On Ramuh, i did the same strategy...but watch out, cause when i did the 1st SL down by the crystal, he Judgement Bolted poor you need to be a little quick getting ready for the second SL :)

Wow good to know thanks. If this happens and I survive I will deffinatly add it to my guide. Thanks again =P

Edited, Mon Aug 16 16:57:11 2004 by Thiefcat
#10 Aug 17 2004 at 1:43 AM Rating: Good
47 posts
Great stuff, Thiefcat! /praise
Just one little correction.. You talk about trading the fork to the "cloister" where you of course mean the "protocrystal". Barely worth mentioning really.
How did it go vs. Ramuh? Going in myself at some point soon. Third time lucky, they say...

Oh, just one more thing. I can confirm that there doesn't have to be a 24 r/l hour gap between avatar fights, as I took Ramuh on yesterday at 9:00 GMT, and then again about 21:00 GMT. So I'm not sure what the trigger is, though midnight JST is between those two times, so I guess that's possible.

Edited, Tue Aug 17 04:35:08 2004 by Yalka
Yalka, Tarutaru WHM55/BLM28
Goldsmithing: 43.8
GK: 1 [X] 2 [X] 3 [ ] 4 [ ] 5 [ ]
Artifact Armor: 2/5
LS: PiratesOfNorg
#11 Aug 17 2004 at 7:10 AM Rating: Decent
1,250 posts

I will fix the Protocyrstal thing.

Yeah I beat Ramuh last night when I talked with you. It was really easy actually and my guide was perfect for how to fight him. I have them all now and am very happy about that.

Can someone tell me when Mindnight Japan time is for Eastern Time Zone. I fought Titan at 1:00am EDT and tried again sometime after 1:00pm (12 hours later). No luck. Same thing about Garuda only I don't remember the times, so I can't say for sure. I know I did try to go for her again at what I thought would have been past Midnight Japan time and was unable to get it, so I don't know.

Good Luck Yalka. Follow my guide you should be fine.
#12 Aug 17 2004 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
32 posts
Congrats on Ramuh Thiefcat!
I live on the East Coast...and 11:00 AM EST = 12 Midnight in Japan. I was always able to refight as soon as it hit 11:00 AM here.
Server: Carbuncle
75 SMN / 30 RM / 36 WM / 56 BLM

Avitars - Carbuncle, Shiva, Garuda, Ifrit, Ramuh, Leviathan, Titan, Fenrir, Diabolos

Some people are okay, but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody
#13 Aug 17 2004 at 8:10 AM Rating: Decent
1,250 posts
Thast really weird Drachejdr cause like I said I fought Titan at 1:00am Saturday Morning. I then went to bed. And I know for a fact that I did not try to fight Titan again till the afternoon sometime on Saturday. It was well past 11:00am EDT and it would NOT let me do the quest. He kept telling me that you have to wait awhile to try again.

Anyway thanks and its not that I don't believe you guys, I just know what happened to me and that I could not fight him till 24 hours had past. I actually didn't refight him till Sunday afternoon sometime.
#14 Aug 17 2004 at 8:44 AM Rating: Good
Thiefcat, your guide was excellent.

I fought Ramuh last night - my first avatar battle - using your guide for assistance and advice, and... well... look at my sig.

Smiley: boozing Cheers!

As far as dealing with Paralysis, though, I had something interesting happen.

I warped (I guess you could call it a deathport, actually...) to the Lightning Protocrystal completely unprepared at Level 15 just to see what the old geezer looked like. And I ran around the chamber, got close enough to see the dude, and spammed my Assault macro until I was in range.

The conclusion I came to during this fight was that I could get rather close to Ramuh without aggroing.

Then, I did it for real...

I started out listening to your guide and everything, came to what I thought was the crack, and stopped, trying to see if I should go up further, remembering what had happened to me on my first trip. I didn't even have Carbuncle out yet.

Then, before I could even see Ramuh, I see in my log: Ramuh readies Thunderspark.


So I did what you told me not to do, and I panicked, slamming down on my Carby macro so hard, it hurt my finger.

And here's the amazing part... Thunderspark connected right before Carbuncle was finished casting. So I was paralyzed, but Carby wasn't.

That completely simplified things for me. I used Paralyna, my Yagudo drink, Astral Flow, and Searing Light right off the bat without having to wait for Carby to be killed.

Things went extremely well, and I have you to thank for it. But I just wanted to share my story, and this seemed like the place to do it.

Edited, Tue Aug 17 09:53:30 2004 by ArTwoKay
#15 Aug 17 2004 at 8:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Master Artwokay wrote
I fought Ramuh last night - my first avatar battle - using your guide for assistance and advice, and... well... look at my sig.

wOOt, {Congratulations} on your victory. I am glad I could help. Its good to see feedback on my guide, and I hope I can help others. Good luck with the other ones, you got the hard one out of the way now =)

Edit: Master updated as I was posting the above so now that I read his update here is my

Master, wow that sounds like an exciting battle. It also sounds risky. If you were paralyzed a little sooner you might not have been able to cast such a long spell such as Carby. But it worked out for you which was great. Like you said, my biggest problem and I think many's biggest problem is PANIC! It was hard for me to keep myself Calm during the fights and I truely believe the two out of the three losses I had was do to Panic. Titan wooped my **** since it was my first fight and I didn't do the "Crack" thing that time. But Garuda and Ramuh the first time...I lost due to Panic. Anyway good job and nice victory =)

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You DO NOT need fame 3. If I only have fame 2 (which is a proven fact since I just asked the appropriate NPC in each town) why would you think you need fame

I am sorry but you are wrong. I was not able to get any of the quests with level 2 fame way back when I obtained all my avatars. Every other summoner guide out there (correctly) states that you need Rank 3 fame to get the quest and I can back that up with my own experiences. Please refer to or for verification and correct information.
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It's rank two fame, I got both Titan and Shiva with rank two fame.

They maybe exceptions, as Levaithian is to the high level fights.

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Yo thiefcat can you give me link to azzam video please?
Last night I fought titan and lost to him again ; ;
i think my mistake was when I casted second SL I didnt do it completely done, I moved while carby readies second SL that makes another lost for me ; ;
and also for cracked area i think i made mistake also, maybe i couldnt see it very well whether because I got tired from doing G2 last nite or I wasnt paying attention to it...
I believe the strategy is the same for all avatars right, except for ramuh
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This is getting funny now.

Why would people argue with me that you need Fame 3?




I mean how much simpler is it then that. If its was Fame 3 then there would be no way I would have beaten Garuda, Shiva, or Titan.

Come on people this isn't rocket science. Maybe SE changed the fame requirement to 2 since as you said, "Way Back" when you did your avatar fights. Also is a great website and I use it often but it has been known to be wrong. Their skill cap chart was wrong for something before, I can't remember right now. Something to do with bst i think. Also the website is alos an older website. When that guy or gal did his avatar quests, the requirement for Fame may have been 3 back then.

Also, you mentioned the word Rank. Rank and Fame are two different things. Now if your saying you need to be Rank 3 or higher with Fame 2 then thats one thing. But if its based soley on Fame then you don't need 3. I am Rank 5 not sure if that matters at all.


If the avatars battles are based soely on FAME for each city, that I can confirm 100% that at least in Bastok and SanDoria for Garuda, Titan, and Shiva you only need Fame 2. I have Fame 6 in windy and fame 7 in norg so I can't speak for those two cities. But come on now, I only have fame 2 Bastok and SanDoria so why are we arguing this.

Alos, Plese don't rate down my guide cause you have a disagreement with me. The guide is a good guide as many have posted already and I have helped others online.

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I found the link for the azzam videos but he took them down. If you want send me a tell tonight after 8:00pm eastern time with your email address. I will email you one of the videos to show you. If you want to post your email address here that your decision.

Yes all the fights are exactly the same except Ramuh. Ramuh is the same except you don't start the astral flow/searing light thing till after carby's first death.

Now let me try to help you with the Crack. Lets start on the bend and turn and face the nest. The bend is a circlish platform. Then next platform is larger with a jagged edge right about in the middle. Almost like a step up the second half of that platform. (This is the part where I said becareful cause you can get stuck there in a panic). At the end of that jagged platform is the "Crack". If your standing just before the crack you should be able to just about see the very top of the Primes head. That may help you I hope untill you see the video anyway.

I fought Ramuh last night on Lightsday and had no problem at all beating him with my method. He even stunned me before SL 3 but I had plenty of health to take a few hits till Stun wore off and I could use an ether for the last SL. I actually only used 1 Yag drink 1 boiled crayfish 1 Hi-Potion and 2 ethers. By far my cheapest battle. But again it was my last one so I had alot of experience going in.

Remember this and it is so important...

Carby is your main priority not MP.
-Make sure you cast Carby first before worrying about yourself.
(Unless of course you have 10 HP or
-HP is second Priority
-MP is last Priority

Good luck with your battles and let me know about the email address.
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Thiefcat...I am now in love with you...
#22 Aug 17 2004 at 10:26 AM Rating: Good
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Bardictaru wrote:
Thiefcat...I am now in love with you... come? =) I hope its cause my guide helped you.
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Alos, Plese don't rate down my guide cause you have a disagreement with me. The guide is a good guide as many have posted already and I have helped others online.

First of all, as you can see from my previous posts, I was in no way rude or beligerant. I have no reason to rate any posts, up or down, basically because I consider it quite pointless. I have read great posts on these message boards that were written by people with a low rating or "karma" if you will. Conversely have also read horrific posts by highly rated authors. I believe the actual content of the post should have more bearing towards the merit of a persons work then a meaningless numeric value.

Short version: I did not rate your post down.

Having said that, I would like to address your other points:


This is getting funny now.

Why would people argue with me that you need Fame 3?




I mean how much simpler is it then that. If its was Fame 3 then there would be no way I would have beaten Garuda, Shiva, or Titan.

There is I suppose no way to settle this. You saying that you were able to complete the quest at Fame 2 and me stating that it requires Fame 3 is a pointless debate. Pointless because it is your word against mine and neither of us have any way of presenting any hard evidence to support our claims.

Also, you mentioned the word Rank. Rank and Fame are two different things. Now if your saying you need to be Rank 3 or higher with Fame 2 then thats one thing.

I think any reasonable person would be able to interchange the term rank and/or level, but for the sake of clarity I will state that I was refering fame level, not national rank.

At any rate I will just end it like this:

We both have all of our avatars and should be happy with that, regardless of how they were obtained or the stipulations/requirements needed to get them.

Congrats on your guide. I enjoyed it.

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There is I suppose no way to settle this. You saying that you were able to complete the quest at Fame 2 and me stating that it requires Fame 3 is a pointless debate. Pointless because it is your word against mine and neither of us have any way of presenting any hard evidence to support our claims.

MastersofYevon, I am trying not to get the last word in, and though I do agree we have no proof of what fame level is required since I use a Ps2 and can't take snap shots of my chat log to prove that I infact have fame 2. As posted in my earlier post..the saying for Fame 2 are what was said to me when I asked the appropriate NPC and that is all I needed to aquire the quests. For me thats all the proof anyone should need since I just did it 2 days ago.

Like I said maybe its been changed by SE. If you did your battles long ago, maybe its been reduced since then. Maybe there is another deciding factor such as..
(And these are just hypotheticals)

A) You need Fame 3 or higher in your Home town and then Fame 2 in the others.
B) If your below Rank 5 then you need higher Fame. If your Rank 5 then you only need Fame 2
C) Or maybe its just been changed =)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and good luck to you.
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For me thats all the proof anyone should need since I just did it 2 days ago.

Again, you do not listen.


Your statement proves nothing.

I can make similar statements. They would also prove nothing.

I could say "Jenna Jameson is in my bed naked right now" and the fact that I believe and say that it is true would still not make my statement true or be reliable proof to convince others with.

I have previously referenced two credible sources ( and which substantiate my claims.

You have previously referenced your word to substantiate your claims.

I ask the public, which do you put more credence in?

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Wow your very

I specifically stated "thats all the proof anyone SHOULD need". I mean do you want to come over my house and and we can look

Man whats your deal. WTF (W=Why not What) would I make it up anyway. I am telling all the Newer Summoners out there. If you aquire Fame 2 in Bastok and SanDoria (I am asssuming the rest) you will be able to take on the avatars.

**** Silento said the same thing.
"It's rank two fame, I got both Titan and Shiva with rank two fame."

I just don't understand you. When the **** was the last time that either of those two websites updated their Avatar fame levels. **** the website isn't some huge group of people putting that together, its one freaking guy who made that website. Guess what he has higher Fame then 2 so how the **** does he know what Fame requirement is right now. Does he know someone as SE or something.

Maybe when he did it months ago it was Fame 3..I don't know. But look whether I have proof or not its a only need Fame 2. Why would I make that up or lie about it. I mean come on, whats your deal. Your arguing something you did months ago compared to what I did days ago. As well as referencing websites who you don't even know.

Like I stated before those websites have been known to be wrong. I even told you that posted the wrong Skill grade for beastmaster's weapon. I remember now, it was for Sycthe. They posted a lower rating then what it really is.


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