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That time of the year, new computer thread go!

#1 Feb 03 2013 at 1:33 AM Rating: Good
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Kaolian you the man. But yeah this is what I was wanting to see. Sorry If i was confusing, She has a laptop now, Im looking to get her a PC since Price = more bang for the buck. I mean I found decent "midrange" gaming laptops for around the 800 mark but they sacrifice CPU/RAM, and have a lower res screen.

As for my PC wasnt looking to Up it to much but Ill have to Look into it I have a Evga Geforce GTX 460 SE (Pre OC'ed) they only game I really run into frame issues is Planetside 2 (GPU bottleneck when no fighting low people around, CPU bottleneck when In fights) but I managed 20-30 Fps in medium fights which I find tolerable. But A) the developers have admitted they need to clean up the engine optimazation, and B) the game runs WAY better on Intel, people with the Same setups on Intel (460 GTX , 8 gig ram) are reporting 40-50 In medium and 25-35 in large. Otherwise I can run most games at Ultra or Close enough.

I was looking at I5-3570 Ivy Bridge, 15 bucks off atm puts it 20 bucks more then the 3350P.

As for the Motherboard was considering ASRock H77 Pro from my meager internet sleuthing it seems the H77 NB is really good. Maybe someone can chime in on this, I'm not the greatest at knowing about North Bridges.

Now the RAM, I know in the past 2 Bigger sticks were better than 4 Smaller ones, but from looking around, at todays speeds, I've seen a lot opinions to go with 4x4 vs 2x8 Since the speed difference isnt large enough to notice, and it has the benefit if one ram stick goes bad you lose less (25%) vs. 50% lose of 2x8 gigs (again if RAM goes bad)

Again back to my Rig. I think my next investment (Other than a video card possibly) is Water cooling. The kits have come down in price a lot and I have a AMD Phenom X4 965 BE, its OC'ed on aftermarket air cooling atm and just doing my own tests I could probably get it up to 4.2 or higher and still be stable on air(At time of writing this post my PC OC'ed to 4.0 is 30c idle and playing PS2 earlier maxed at 41c which is way below the 55c threshhold) , on water I should, from various sites be able to get 4.5ghz OC stable and with good temps. Now I've never down water cooling before but Im sure I can handle it, and that will save me from having to get a new Mobo/CPU for a while.

As for the Windows 7 I already have a copy I bought one with a home license a while back for my PC, and It says I can install on 3 PCs. I've only used one, her laptop came with Windows 7 installed.

Now one of the reasons I posted here, as I noticed you linked all Newegg, is would it be in my best interest to shop around at Tiger direct and other such sites or stick to Newegg like I have for about 8 years now?

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