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#1 Oct 04 2011 at 8:17 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello, thanks for taking a moment to read my post.

I just started playing FFXIV today. Everything is going great. I was skeptical before starting considering I'm usually the kind of person that encounters millions of problems when it comes to getting started on a new game. May it be bad luck - or may it be that I lack proper knowledge of dealing with graphics and gaming - who knows? Probably both!

Anyway. I'll get to the point. I really am only having one problem with my graphics. Everything seems to run fine, but my all player characters and non-player characters like to flicker in and out of the game constantly. I've tried messing around with the graphics options in and out of the game but each time it always results in the same flickering annoyance.

The other parts of the game (Login screen or the cut scenes) all work just fine. The cut scenes are beautiful!

I'm using Windows 7 32-bit (Parallels 7 Mac OSX) - I really dont think being on a mac is the problem, since many other high end graphics games (online) work just fine for me. I've also had some friends through other games tell me that they run FFXIV very well on their macs using Parallels or Boot.

Intel Core i5 CPU 3.60GHz

ATI Radeon HD 5750

Not sure if any other information will really be necessary to post (again, I'm definitely not skilled at understanding computer graphics).

And, I dont know if this is a big deal or not, I'm directly connected to my internet.

Of course I have updated everything I can think of and both ends of my computer say everything is working 100% the way it should.

If this has been posted on before, my apologies since I haven't been able to find a post on it.

Hopefully someone out there has been through this and knows how to fix it. Thank you!
#2 Oct 05 2011 at 1:23 AM Rating: Excellent
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Any chance you are running dual monitors? Apperently that specific card and that specific game get annoyed if dual monitors are present. Some potential fixes from similar cards in this thread here:

It could also be smelly mac germs!
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#3 Oct 05 2011 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Nah its not like that problem unfortunately. I've been doing more researching and I guess the proper term for my problem is "Tearing"...

I've also been trying to figure out what happened to my catalyst controller. That no longer is working either. This is slowly starting to make more sense, I think.

At this point though I am probably going to accept defeat and ditch Parallels. Gonna try doing this with Boot Camp instead -- from what I understand its a better way of ensuring that drivers are properly installed. Since basically Parallel converts every drive from OSX to be "readable" by Win. In Boot Camp I believe you have to install every driver you want to use in Win, not OSX. So none of this "conversion" will be going on, I am sure that is the problem ---- or at least thats what I am really hoping. If Boot Camp fails, I give up! Guess I'll have to wait for this game to come out the PS3 in a few centuries... (if it ever comes out on PS3).

Post thought - ATI Catalyst doesn't want to be installed through Parallel on windows 7 or Vista. Fail! Here I come Boot Camp. Wish me luck

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#4 Oct 07 2011 at 3:48 AM Rating: Decent
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You could also try installing without Catalyst and using ATI Tray Tools (from Ray Adams, should be able to get it at to configure and monitor the card.

If it's just a tearing issue and it still persists I'd look into your refresh/VSynch options, as well as maybe your voltage/RAM/GPU timings to rule all that out.
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