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will a 2600k really make that much of a diffrence?Follow

#1 Jan 31 2011 at 3:27 PM Rating: Default
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I plan on getting a i5 2500k but contemplating on the i7 2600k and want to know if I would regret not getting it while playing ffxiv... Decisions decisions...

My question is that will it be worth me spending the 330 on the i7 and spending a little less on a cpu card or get the i5 and spend more on a gpi...

I wish was rich lol

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The general statement would be that it'd depend on the game, but that most will see more of a performance improvement from a better GPU than they will CPU.

It also depends on what scale you look at the CPUs in. The i7 2600K is faster, sure, but not exceptionally faster than the i5 2500K - only barely edging it out in plenty of tests. They're both effectively in the same tier/ballpark/whatever for performance. Realistically, there's not going to be anything where the 2600K will cut it and the 2500K won't.

If you're on a budget, and overall gaming performance is your priority, then putting the extra ~$100 into a better GPU is likely the better move.

As FFXIV already gets solid performance out of older i5/i7 CPUs with previous-generation GPUs, I doubt you have much to worry about. Get a single card to start with, however, as that tends to be the more reliable way for performance. Plus, you leave the option open for adding a second card down the line for an upgrade (assuming whatever you're running works well with SLI/Crossfire).
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Just a note to hold off on getting a new Sandy Bridge i5 or i7 for a bit; there's a bug in the supporting motherboard chipsets and Intel is halting production and pretty much doing everything short of an outright recall.

The "fixed" Sandy Bridge support chip will be made available around April. So far only desktop mobos have been affected.

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