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From Unlocked to Uncapped - Faffy's Complete DRG GuideFollow

#1 Jul 05 2006 at 1:58 PM Rating: Excellent
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From Unlocked to Uncapped - Faffy’s Complete Dragoon Guide

Table of Contents:
[P-0A] Preface
[P-0B] Updates
[P-01] Helpful Links
[P-02] Unlocking DRG
[P-03] Subjobs for DRG
[P-04] Job Traits and Abilities by Job (and Subjob)
[P-05] Polearm WS
[P-06] Equipment to look for
[P-07] Your Very own Wyvern Costume (DRG AF)
[P-08] Food for DRG
[P-09] Know your Enemy
[P-10] The Endgame Playground
[P-11] Closing Notes
[P-12] Blah Blah Maat Blah

Ctrl+F to search for the section code you want.

[P-0A] Preface:

Before I even started playing FFXI, I looked at all the jobs via alla carefully. Mage jobs didn’t particularly appeal to me. I wanted to get my hands dirty, get in close and really knock some stuff around. DRG seemed like a great job to do that, and with a cool weapon too. And as icing on the cake, I get my own pet wyvern. Now, while I did have to take another job to 30 to unlock it, I consider DRG my first job. Nobody does their first job perfectly, has the best gear, or eats the best food, but if it’s a job that you love, you get all the information you can, and are as prepared as you can manage to be. So, this guide is for those looking to become a DRG, those who just started leveling it, mid-level DRGs checking up on their gear or food, or end-gamers looking for ideas to perfect their job.

While I will be putting my experiences and preferences into this guide, it’s important to remember that what worked/works for me, may not work for you or your play style. Additionally, I’m not trying to tell you what’s the best Lance, or best food, because that’s under debate, but I will give my opinion from experience.

[P-0B] Updates:
Added Salvage and Nyzul to Endgame section

The word "best" gets dated and I'm trying to remove it where applicable
Updated several descriptions in the gear section
Added Barbarossa's Zerehs, Cuchulain's gear, and Ulthalam's ring
Changed the food listing link in "Helpful Links" section to Wiki

High Jump information adjusted in response to hate testing
Edited Table of Contents, since post linking was broken

Added Fourth Haube set and misc. gear to Equipment section

Added DNC and SCH to subjob, and JA/JT sections
Adjusted some ability/trait descrptions
Added Ares set and Skystrider to Equipment section
Forgot to add the Supremacy earring, but I'm too lazy to fix it now

In celebration of my name turning red for the first time since I had about 500 posts, I did an update.
Aurum set and ZNM weapons added
Ecphoria Ring added
DNC and SCH added to Subjob section
New WotG mob families added

Updated several item descriptions for correctness and relevance

Several mob races added

Third Eye timer information was incorrect
Adjusted Call Wyvern for update
Askar set added
Thalassocrat added, Mezraq shamed

Second STR and DEX adjustment. /sigh

Massive adjustments made to gear section because of update
Added grips to gear section
Added Accuracy Bonus II trait to Traits and Abilities section
Enjoy your ridiculous damage until they fix the pDIF equation

Added RNG description to subjob section
Added FFXI-Wiki to Useful Links section
Adjustments to Know Your Enemy section
lolstickied while I was at work

Note about the VIT mod on Jump
Small change in gear section
Just edited out the weirdest @#%^ing glitch. For some reason one of my links contained the words "my hovercraft is full of eelsting." You tell me.

Added Maat thing
Happy New Year

Added Hydra set to Equipment section
Added Mighty and Vision rings to Equipment section
Added two weapons to Equipment section

Adjusted description of Puks in Know your Enemy section
Update to Spirit Surge and Super Jump
Made a note about Full Swing in Endgame Playground section

MAJOR adjustment to SAM sub in Subjob section
Added the three new SAM JA's and one JT
Adjusted Resist Virus description

Update section added to avoid bumping
Adjusted description of DRK sub in Subjob section
Adjusted description of BLU sub in Subjob section
Correction on the ability "Souleater"
Changed note on STR/ATT in Equipment section
Adjusted notes on a few pieces of equipment

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From Unlocked to Uncapped - Faffy's Complete DRG Guide
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[P-01] Helpful Links:

One of the many aspects to an RPG is what you know, and being able to find out what you don’t. While your gear can only make you prepared to fight the mob, you have to know where it is, what it’s weak to, and many other things. For that reason, having a multitude of information at your fingertips is greatly beneficial. Here are a few links I personally recommend.

Archain’s WS mod List
A guide to how stats and TP influence WS.

Vana’diel Atlas
The best FFXI map site around. Contains NM locations, chest/coffer key mobs, chest/coffer locations, mining/harvesting/logging points, quest ???’s, and everything else you could want from a map.

Leveling Campsites: Revisited
A thread that is a compilation of earlier camp site threads, but also including new ToAU campsites. Tiered in 10 level increments, contains the mob you’re fighting, and the position of the camp. It’s always good to have other options open when you’re party is ready to go, but the popular places are packed.

Shigemo Romanji Guide
Being able to communicate with the other half of the player-base, at least on a basic level, is very useful. There are some things you just can’t say with the auto-translator.

A phenomenal listing of just about every quest, mission, and event in all of FFXI. And unlike the rest of Wiki, it's mostly accurate! A far better Mission section than Alla at the very least.

Wiki: Food
Food by category: ATT food, ACC food, Store TP food, DEF food, etc.

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From Unlocked to Uncapped - Faffy's Complete DRG Guide
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[P-02] Unlocking DRG: The Holy Crest (Dragoon Flag Quest)

Requirements: You must be a job that is at least Lv30 to start the quest, and you must have access to Bostaunieux Oubliette under Chateau d’Oraguille, via the Rank 2-3 mission (all nations). De-leveling below 30 at any point after starting the quest will not prevent you from finishing it.

To start the quest, go to Cargo Room A in Port San d'Oria and talk to Arminibit and Ceraulian. Then go to Bostaunieux Oubliette (enter the Chateau d'Oraguille, head right, up the stairs, and follow that path down) and talk to Novalmauge (follow the right wall after zoning into Bostaunieux Oubliette). Then go to the northwest room in the Cathedral in Northern San d’Oria and talk to Morjean. During the cut scene, Oiheaurese will ask you to bring him a Wyvern Egg.

A Wyvern Egg can be mined from the excavation points using a Pickaxe in the Maze of Shakrami, found in the upper right hand corner of Tahrongi Canyon. You will aggro here if you are Lv30, and when the aggro stops depends on how far down you have to go to find the Excavation Point (goblins aggro sight, but everything else aggros sound afaik). If I recall correctly, from doing RSE, all aggro should stop at 50. Because you’re on a quest, it should be the first thing you mine up, however, you may want to bring a few axes just to be safe; they’re cheap anyway.

Upon finding your Wyvern Egg, return to Morjean in the Cathedral. He will then send you to talk to Yachemidot, who tells you to take the egg to the Meriphataud Mountains. On the far eastern end, on the southern face of the Doragora's Spine you will find a ???. Trade the egg to it for a cut scene. There are mid-level yagudo and weapons wandering around this area, and it would be a good idea to get a chocobo from the Crag of Mea (if not for the aggro, then for the fact it’s a really long walk).

Return to Chateau d’Origuille, and head left into the Royal Knights Quarters and talk to Rahal (remember where he is, he is an important character later in the DRG AF quests as well). Next, head up to the Ghelsba Outpost, which can be found in the upper left hand corner of West Ronfaure. You will find a hut with a targetable door, “Hut Door,” found at G-10. This is where you will enter an uncapped fight against Cyranuce M Cutauleon!

This fight is impossible to solo if you’re doing it at 30, do-able if you’re a hardcore soloist at 40-50, and easy to solo by 60. The safest bet would be to ask any DRG’s 60+ in the area if they have a little free time; it’s not often we get to kill a dragon! Things to keep in mind: Wyverns are very resistant to sleep, have a dispelga ws, a paralyga ws, and a breath attack that adds silence.

After he is defeated, you get another cut scene, you can name your wyvern*, and you can now become a dragoon! Congratulations!

Note: You may re-name your wyvern at any time, for a price, by speaking to Fouvia at G-7 in Norg. If you are DRG main, she will allow you to re-name your wyvern, and select from a much larger list of names, but at the cost of 9,800 gil.

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From Unlocked to Uncapped - Faffy's Complete DRG Guide
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[P-03] Subjobs for DRG:

Your subjob determines not only what JAs, JTs, and base stats you will have, it also determines what kind of wyvern you will have.

The all melee subs (WAR, THF, SAM, MNK, BST, RNG, COR, PUP, DNC, and strangely enough SMN) will give you an Offensive Wyvern. This wyvern will use an elemental breath attack when you use a WS (even if it misses). Your wyvern will tend to pick an appropriate breath attack. That is to say, a wyvern is likely to use frost breath on crawlers more often than others. Maximum breath damage is dependent on CURRENT wyvern HP.

The primarily mage subs (BLM, RDM, WHM, BLU, SCH) will give you a Healing Wyvern. This wyvern will use Healing Breath (I to III depending on your level) to cure you or a party member when you cast a spell while someone in the party or yourself is under 33% (50% with AF1 helm) HP. If both you and a party member are under the required HP trigger, the DRG gets first Healing Breath. Note that this does not apply to members of different parties within an alliance. If the DRG uses a WS while someone is either Blinded or Paralyzed, the wyvern will use Cure Breath to remove that status. HP recovered is dependent on MAXIMUM wyvern HP.

The sub jobs that can both melee and use magic (BRD, DRK, PLD, NIN) will give you a Hybrid Wyvern. This wyvern will use an offensive breath when the DRG uses a WS, like the offensive wyvern, and will use a Healing Breath if the DRG casts a spell while the DRG is under 25% (33% with AF1 helm) HP.

WAR: From 1 to 75, there will always be a use for this subjob. Sure, 1-29 you don’t get anything from it other than provoke, but you do get higher STR at the very least. And not many subjobs give you anything at those levels anyway. Endgame, this is the most damaging subjob (except maybe having a good six-hit build by using /SAM).

THF: From 1-29, you will have higher DEX than other subjobs, but at 10 you’re missing out on Provoke from /WAR, which can be very useful at times. At 30, Sneak Attack becomes available, and is fairly useful as it can stack with Jump, but most likely won’t outweigh the benefit of Berserk over time. At 65 you finally get a WS worth using SA for, Wheeling Thrust. Because it can be part of a Light skillchain, which is very powerful and useful for those levels, a THF sub is on par with WAR for this period. At 75, you can use THF sub on Gods in sky and some HNM to land WS on them 100%, despite their high evasion. However, in exp, you will receive better benefits from a WAR or SAM sub.

WHM: Like WAR, from 1-75 this is useful, but not really in most exp parties. Solo however, this subjob shines. Dia casts fast, lowers enemy defense, and only costs 7mp to activate healing breath. If you have juice, you could solo up to 20 or higher very quickly. Later on, with the Drachen Armet, soloing becomes even easier. Using a WHM sub over other mage subs also provides you with potentially life saving –na spells, and Erase, the only way to get rid of Bio.

BLM: An alternative soloing subjob. While losing Cure and –na spells, you gain damage spike spells, and Elemental Seal + Aspir can return some MP to you, delaying downtime.

RDM: With fast cast and phalanx, this is a hard soloing sub to beat. You will have a slightly lower mp pool than BLM and WHM, but you’ll be taking less damage at the same time. In a pt healing situation, you lose the support /WHM's -na, Raise, and DS Curaga offers.

BRD: A soloing subjob that gained popularity recently, as songs can’t be interrupted and cost no MP. However, this is a hybrid wyvern, so your healing breaths activate later, and songs take longer to cast.

SAM: Thanks to the update, I have to completely rehash this section! SAM is the /NIN for two handed weapon users. It is the balance of damage mitigation and a slight offensive edge. Meditate, Hasso, and zanshin to a lesser extent are your edge, Seigan and Third Eye are your defense. And what a defense! Third Eye can now block AND COUNTER multiple attacks! Useful for not getting mowed down before you have a chance to use a hate shedding jump. When you feel you're getting injured too often on /WAR, this is a good subjob to increase your party efficiency. This is also a good subjob in Ballista, as one Third Eye will eat an entire WS (Sidewinder anyone?). Not as useful before 70, when Seigan becomes availible, as Third Eye's recast is 1 minute and only blocks one attack without it.

MNK: Useful 1-29, as this is the only job that provides a useful JA before 30, Boost. Beyond that, it’s overshadowed by Berserk, SA, and Hasso.

RNG: Similar to MNK in that it's only useful for a short period of time. That time being 20-29 where you would get the Accuracy Bonus (ACC+10) trait 10 levels earlier than you normally would. 10 ACC is a lot at those levels, especially compared to what other subjobs would give you. However, it does not stack with your Lv30 DRG Accuracy Bonus, and is therefore useless beyond that.

NIN: This is a popular soloing job for other jobs, but not particularly for DRG. While ninjitsu doesn’t drain from an MP pool, and thereby can be cast indefinitely without resting, you have a hybrid wyvern, and ninjitsu is easy to interrupt, especially ichi level. Additionally, you gain no benefit from dual wield by using a 2 handed weapon, and DRG doesn’t have enough skill in one handed weapons to make it useful at all in exp. In many situations, /SAM is a superior defense. Greater Colibri, for example, attack very fast, and have multi hit ws that are absorbed by a single Third Eye. On the other hand, there are certain AoE attacks that blast away Third Eye but are absorbed by Utsusemi. Dragons, Weapons, and Puks come to mind. However, there are only a few, niched, endgame situations it's worth wasting your subjob for that AoE protection.

DRK: Last Resort is greatly inferior to berserk, which is gained at the same level. It has a shorter duration, and using it is a large boost in your hate. Additionally, the attack bonus trait you’d gain at Lv20 by subbing DRK, does not stack with the trait DRG gets at Lv10. A 5/5 Penta with Souleater on will take 50% of your HP, which isn't exactly the peak of efficiency. However, you will have a hybrid wyvern which could be useful in some situations.

PLD: With the last update that gave Auto-Refresh to PLD at 35, and therefore anyone that subs it 70+, this is a viable combo to solo with. However, subbing PLD will give you a hybrid wyvern, meaning your healing breaths will activate later. If you are simply farming though, you can go indefinitely.

BLU: Edited because I now have experience with this. Cocoon cuts the frequency of your Healing Breath needs by a noticeable margin. /BLU also has the capability of Auto-Regen and Clear Mind (if necessary). Sprout Smack has the chance to land Slow on your target, but this is based on your blue magic skill. As a soloing subjob, it is superb. For party support, it offers little.

DNC: A widely popular subjob for soloing DDs recently, however, this isn't really as useful for DRG. Is it usable? Sure, but is it better than what we could already do with /mage? No. You have more healing power (provided you use one of the myriad of ways to recover even a little MP every now and then) and greater damage output (no TP loss for healing) with /mage. If you don't have a /mage and you desperately need healing, it's as usable for DRG as it is on any other DD, but you're really ignoring a whole facet of your job if you don't have even one /mage job leveled.

SCH: A very good soloing subjob that allows MP recovery without gear or regional influence (at higher levels, anyway). Dark Arts allows you to do worthwhile Aspirs and Sublimation allows you to recover a small portion of MP every fight if you choose to use it (however, sublimation stops charging if you drop below 50% HP). Also, with Light Arts and Addendum: White, you get to keep your -na spells, albeit at a slightly higher level, and with no Erase (SCH39) or Reraise (SCH40).

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From Unlocked to Uncapped - Faffy's Complete DRG Guide
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[P-04] Job Traits and Abilities by Job (and Subjobs):

While the DRG forum has a nice convenient button for DRG JAs and JTs, I’d like to talk about all of them, and the traits and abilities you’ll get from subjobs as they would relate to your DRG. Note that I list the job abilities and traits of other jobs as they would be received by them not as subjobs, but as mains. For example, while WAR gains Double Attack at 25, DRG would gain it at 50 (DRG50/WAR25). Spells not included, but updated JAs and JTs not found on Alla are.

Job/Lv, Ability name, Recast, Duration :: Description


DRG1, Spirit Surge, 2:00:00, 1:00 :: Adds your wyvern’s strength to your own.
First off, your wyvern has to be out. So, in times where you expect you might have to use it, it’s a good idea to either have a spare wyvern ready, or maintain the one you have. When you use Spirit Surge, your max HP, your STR, and your ATT will raise by a set %. Additionally, I have heard you get a small amount of haste. Also, your HP will be replenished up to how much HP your wyvern had when you activated Spirit Surge. While Spirit Surge is active, your jumps will have additional effects as well. Jump = Target DEF down. High Jump = Target TP down (it’s quite significant, used in ballista I removed 80 TP from someone). Super Jump = half hate removed from party member behind, and closest to you. Spirit Surge now also resets all Jump timers, so it would be wise to use what you have beforehand for extra damage, TP, and so you don't have a completely unmanagable hate level (I know, SJ will be reset as well, but you don't want to die DURING your 2 hour and ws's).

DRG1, Call Wyvern, 20:00, infinite :: Calls a wyvern to fight by your side.
There are a few conditions to losing your wyvern. 1) You die 2) You mount a chocobo 3) You change main or subjob 4) Wyvern is dismissed. If you dismiss your wyvern at full HP, your timer will reset to 0. If your wyvern is even a nick below 100%, timer will not reset. This includes the dent Drachen Brais put in them. In the March '08 update, your wyvern will become stronger as you gain exp with the wyvern out. This means keeping your wyvern alive (as opposed to just letting it die when your recast is up) is beneficial.

DRG5, Ancient Circle, 10:00, 1:00 :: Grants resistance against dragons to party members within area of effect.
Wha? How many dragons do you think you’re going to see at Lv5? Anyway… it gives your party members in range “Dragon Killer” for 1 minute. This will give you the chance to intimidate dragon opponents, which is similar to paralyze.

DRG10, Jump, 1:30, instant :: Delivers a short jumping attack on a targeted enemy.
Delivers a ranged, physical attack that does 100-125% of a normal attack. While this is an attack with range, it is not a ranged attack. If you want to test this, find a THF type mob that has the 2 hour Perfect Dodge. Perfect Dodge allows the THF to evade all attacks, with the exception of ranged attacks. As you’ll see, Perfect Dodge will eat Jump attacks. Jump is a great ability to catch up with your SC partner if you’ve missed a few attacks, finish off a mob, or claim an NM. This is NOT a good method for pulling, as when you Jump, the Jump animation causes you to stand still for a second or two, giving the enemy time to catch up to you, and hit you all the way back to camp. We also now know that there is a 50% VIT mod on Jump. However, I wouldn't bee too concerned about this because gearing up VIT for Jump takes away from your ACC and ATT, which will give you similar if not better results.

DRG10, Attack Bonus, Passive :: Improves power of physical attacks.
ATT+10, will not stack with attack bonuses gained by other subjobs.

DRG25, Spirit Link, 3:00, instant :: Sacrifice HP to heal your wyvern.
At the cost of 25% of your current HP, a portion of your wyvern’s HP will be restored, proportionate to your current HP. i.e.: If you’re at half HP, and you use Spirit Link, you won’t give very much HP to your wyvern. Additionally, this has the effect of “Esuna” on your wyvern. For those of you who didn’t play earlier FF’s, this means any ill effects on your wyvern are removed. Even though keeping your wyvern alive longer is now more beneficial, I still wouldn't reccomend spamming Spirit Link every 3 minutes if MP is getting tight.

DRG25, Dragon Killer, Passive :: Gives you an edge when fighting dragons.
See “Ancient Circle,” however, this is always active on you.

DRG30, Accuracy Bonus, Passive :: Improves accuracy of physical attacks.
ACC+10, will not stack with accuracy bonus traits gained by subbing RNG.

DRG35, High Jump, 3:00, instant :: Delivers a high jumping attack on a targeted enemy.
Another ranged physical attack, this time only doing 75-100% of a normal physical attack, but also sheds 50% of the hate you have built up before High Jump. That is to say, if you bust out a 500 damage High Jump, you probably aren't going to lose much hate overall. If you find yourself pulling hate in a PT often, it would be wise to save this instead of using it as soon as it's up for TP building.

DRG50, Super Jump, 3:00, instant :: Jumps out of targeted enemy’s perception range.
By using Super Jump, you and your wyvern completely leave the map for around 5 seconds. You can not be hit by physical attacks, or AoE’s, and your hate is reset to 0 (note, that you can not completely remove all your hate and lose aggro, but you will set yourself as the lowest priority to an enemy). Both facets of this ability, both leaving the map and removing all hate, are useful. If you have TP at the start of a fight, and want to unload so you’re not wasting it, you can use Super Jump afterwards. If you see a big AoE coming that is less than instant cast, you can avoid it to save both you and your wyvern. Most notably, this ability is faster than Astral Flow bloodpacts.

DRG50, Accuracy Bonus II, Passive :: Improves accuracy of physical attacks.
You won't see the "II" in your JT listings, but it's there.

DRG75 (Merited), Deep Breathing, 15:00, instant :: Enhances effect of next wyvern breath.
Divine Seal for your wyvern. The next breath, either offensive or healing, will be twice as powerful. Each additional merit will reduce recast by 2:30.

DRG75 (Merited), Angon, 3:00, instant :: Expends an angon to lower an enemy's defence.
The throwing item Angon must be in your ammo slot upon using this JA, not just in your inventory. Macro swapping ammo items will not cause you to lose TP. Angon lowers your target's defence by 20% for 30 seconds. This is useful for when berserk is down, or for laying into an NM/HNM/God, as it has 100% accuracy and can only be blocked by shadows. Each additional merit will increase defence down status by 15 seconds. This is a must have of a 75 DRG. I would actually merit this before polearm skill.

DRG75 (Merited), Empathy, Passive :: Copies beneficial status effects to wyvern when using Spirit Link.
You have protect, you use Spirit Link, your wyvern recovers HP and gets your Protect Effect. You have berserk, you Spirit Link, your wyvern gets berserk, etc. However, Stoneskin and food effects can not be copied. Also, your wyvern no longer has to be injured to use Spirit Link (if this is the case, you will not lose HP for doing so). Each additional merit will increase number of effects copied by 1.

DRG75 (Merited), Strafe, Passive :: Increases accuracy of wyvern breath.
Like magic accuracy for a mage, the breaths are less likely to get resisted (i.e. do crappy damage, but not increase potentcy). Each additional merit increases breath accuracy by 5.


WAR5, Provoke, 0:30, instant :: Goads an enemy into attacking you.
Useful for several scenarios. Backup tanking at low levels, pulling mobs when no one else has a ranged weapon, claiming a NM at greater range than Jump, or, most commonly, turning a mob for SATA.

WAR10, Defense Bonus, Passive :: Improves defense against physical attacks.
DEF+10, it may be slight, but it’s better than nothing.

WAR15, Berserk, 5:00, 3:00 :: Enhances attacks but weakens defense.
Berserk is the number one way to increase your DoT. However, every five minutes, it will be inactive for two minutes, so try not to use it at the end of a fight, or when you anticipate downtime. Using it directly before a WS will increase the number of berserked WS you can squeeze in before it wears off. This effect can be de-activated at any time during it’s duration if you’re being attacked, and want to reduce your damage taken.

WAR15, Resist Virus, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against diseases.
When they say slight, they mean it. “Virus” includes both “diseased” and “plagued” statuses. “Disease” only prevents recovering HP and MP while resting, so this isn’t an issue during a party, but “Plague,” used by Buffalo and some Empty mobs, will drain MP and TP over time.

WAR25, Double Attack, Passive :: May double your attacks.
Basically, you attack twice in a round instead of once. This trait is the best friend of jobs like DRG, DRK, and SAM who have long delay, high damage weapons. Double Attack can also activate on any, and every strike of a ws, but a ws can never exceed 8 hits.

WAR25, Defender, 3:00, 3:00 :: Enhances defense but weakens attacks.
Useful when you’re the “first voke” for setting up SATA, or when you pull hate and don’t have High or Super Jump ready.

WAR30, Attack Bonus, Passive :: Improves power of physical attacks.
Does not stack with your DRG10 Attack Bonus, you will not get ATT+20.

WAR35, Warcry, 5:00, 0:30 :: Enhances attacks of party members within area of effect.
Adds an attack bonus to all party members in range, and generates a large amount of hate. Be careful when you use this. Good for use while Berserk is down.


THF5, Steal, 5:00, instant :: Steals items from an enemy.
While subbed, this often misses, resulting in “(player) uses steal on <t>, but was unable to steal anything.” Fun to use on beastmen type mobs (non-rng), as they can give you beastcoins. Not useful to exp, obviously.

THF5, Gilfinder, Passive :: Multiplies amount of gil enemies drop.
Only works on mobs that actually drop gil (NM’s and beastmen), and, again, is not useful to anyone but yourself.

THF10, Evasion Bonus, Passive :: Improves evasion against physical attacks.
Like the other bonus traits, this is likely to be +10.

THF15, Sneak Attack, 1:00, 1:00 :: Allows your next melee attack to deal extra damage when striking an enemy from behind.
100% guaranteed critical hit for your next physical attack behind a mob. While subbed, this gains no bonuses from your DEX, unlike THF main. This ability stacks with physical attacks, Jumps, and non elemental WS (i.e. all polearm ws except Thunder and Raiden thrust). The duration is one minute, or until you take a swing at something, regardless if you were positioned behind it or not. If you’re not behind it, then you will gain no benefit. This makes THF a popular subjob for many melee jobs, as it means their WS will be more powerful and never miss.

THF15, Treasure Hunter, Passive :: Increased chance of getting treasure.
Increases the drop rate for any items a mob you kill could drop. This makes THF an ideal subjob for farming, but not beneficial while in an exp pt.

THF20, Resist Gravity, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against weight.
Worthless, though I did resist gravity once…

THF25, Flee, 5:00, 0:30 :: Increases movement speed for the duration of the effect.
For thirty seconds, you will run as fast as a chocobo. Useful for getting around towns, pulling, and escaping dangerous situations.

THF30, Trick Attack, 1:00, 1:00 :: Allows your next attack to deal extra damage when striking an enemy from behind a party member.
Again, this is only true if you are THF main. This will be a normal strike, but any damage done on your Trick Attack strike will be counted as hate for whichever party member is standing between you and the mob. This ability does stack with Sneak Attack, and thus SATA’d ws can do great damage, and the hate won’t be placed on you. Duration is one minute, or until your next swing.

THF30, Evasion Bonus II, Passive :: Improves evasion against physical attacks.
The “II” will not appear in your list of Job Traits, but your evasion will go up.

THF35, Mug, 5:00, instant :: Steals gil from an enemy.
Only works on mobs that have gil (NMs and beastmen) and is less effective when subbed. NM’s tend to have a lot of gil to steal.


MNK5, Boost, 0:15, 3:00 :: Enhances the power of your next attack.
You can stack boosts for up to 3 minutes, and then you will receive the message “your boost effect wears off,” at which point you will lose the benefit of all boosts up to that point, and will have to restart. Boost stacks with regular attacks, physical WS, and Jump, and is the first damage enhancing ability you can get from a sub job.

MNK10, Counter, Passive :: May cancel target’s attack with an attack of your own.
Basically, an attack directed at you from the front has the chance of doing nothing to you, and you hit the enemy in return, but gain no TP for doing so.

MNK15, Dodge, 5:00, 2:00 :: Enhances evasion.
Nice, but why are you still subbing MNK at 30?


SAM5, Warding Circle, 10:00, 1:00 :: Grants resistance against demons to party members within area of effect.
The only ability less useful than Ancient Circle.

SAM5, Resist Blind, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against blindness.
Despite all the mob that use blinding attacks, this most likely won’t mean squat to you.

SAM10, Store TP, Passive :: Raises amount of TP gained.
Each strike will generate 10% more tp than normal. A 10 TP/hit spear will now give 11 TP/hit.

SAM15, Third Eye, 1:00, 0:30 :: Allows you to dodge the next attack directed at you.
The next physical attack directed at you will miss. This includes entire multi hit ws. In ballista, where RNG SAM and THF like to pick people off with Sidewinder, this makes SAM a useful subjob, as it will eat their entire WS, and can’t be dispelled by AoE magic. Duration is 30 seconds, or 1 attack.

SAM20, Zanshin, Passive :: May attack again immediately after missing target.
If you miss, you have a chance to attack again. Not as good as it sounds. If you have a 90% accuracy (decent) and it activates 20% of the time, then 20% of 10% of your swings are doubled, or, you gain an effect of about 2% more accuracy.

SAM25, Hasso, 1:00, 5:00 :: Grants a bonus to attack speed, accuracy, and strength when using two-handed weapons.
Haste+10%, ACC+10, STR+5 iirc (STR is definately 5). Nice to use between weaponskills and while meditate is down. 5 STR will not impact your WSs greatly, so putting up Seigan and Third Eye first may be a better idea.

SAM30, Meditate, 3:00, instant :: Gradually charges TP.
While subbed, you will gain 12TP/3 sec for 15 seconds, for a total of 60 TP.

SAM35, Seigan, 1:00, 5:00 :: Grants bonus to "Third Eye" when using two-handed weapons.
Makes it possible to blink 1-7 attacks or so, and gives you Counter! While not as reliable as Utsusemi, you can't get interrupted. Also lowers the recast of Third Eye to 30 seconds to match it's duration.

White Mage

WHM10, Magic Defense Bonus, Passive :: Improves defense against magic spells.
Exactly what it says, though it’s hardly noticeable.

WHM15, Divine Seal, 10:00, 1:00 :: Enhances the potency of your next healing spell.
This means that the next Cure spell you cast will recover up to twice as much HP as usual. This has no effect on Raise or –na spells, even though they are “healing” spells. Duration is 1 minute, or until you cast ANY spell.

WHM20, Clear Mind, Passive :: Raises amount of MP recovered while resting.
Raises base MP recovered while resting to 15 (assuming you are not diseased).

WHM30, Magic Defense Bonus II, Improves defense against magic spells.
An improvement over the first bonus.

WHM25, Auto Regen, Passive :: Gradually restores HP.
At a rate of 1HP/3 sec, you will recover HP. It’s very weak, but it’s noticeable if you’re farming very weak things that hardly do any damage to you.

WHM35, Clear Mind II, Raises amount of Mp recovered while resting.
Increased base MP while resting to 18 (unless you are diseased).

Black Mage

BLM10, Magic Attack Bonus, Passive :: Improves power of magic spells.
Useless. With half level magic skills, nothing you cast will be MP efficient anyway.

BLM15, Clear Mind, Passive :: Raises amount of MP recovered while resting.
Raises base MP recovered while resting to 15 (assuming you are not diseased). Note that this subjob gains Clear Mind the earliest.

BLM15, Elemental Seal, 10:00 :: Enhances the accuracy of your next spell.
This means your next spell, be it enfeebling, dark, or elemental, is less likely to be resisted. This is useful for aspiring some MP back despite gimped skill.

BLM30, Clear Mind II, Raises amount of Mp recovered while resting.
Increased base MP while resting to 18 (unless you are diseased).

BLM30, Magic Attack Bonus II, Passive :: Improves power of magic spells.
Useless. With half level magic skills, nothing you cast will be MP efficient anyway.

Red Mage

RDM15, Fast Cast, Passive :: Decreases casting time for magic.
Decreased casting time for magic means your spell will be “complete” and cast at a lower %, leaving less time to be interrupted. Good for soloing.

RDM10, Resist Petrify, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against petrification.
Don’t count on this to save you while soloing lizards or cockatrice.

RDM20, Magic Attack Bonus, Passive :: Improves power of magic spells.
Useless. With half level magic skills, nothing you cast will be MP efficient anyway

RDM25, Magic Defense Bonus, Passive :: Improves defense against magic spells.
Exactly what it says, though it’s hardly noticeable.

RDM30, Resist Petrify II, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against petrification.
Don’t count on this to save you while soloing lizards or cockatrice.

RDM31, Clear Mind, Passive :: Raises amount of MP recovered while resting.
Raises base MP recovered while resting to 15 (assuming you are not diseased).

RDM35, Fast Cast II, Passive :: Decreases casting time for magic.
An improvement to the fast cast ability. Spells will “complete” at an even lower %.

Dark Knight

DRK5, Arcane Circle, 10:00, 1:00 :: Grants resistance against Arcana to party members within area of effect.
Useless in almost all areas except Sky, where just about everything is Arcana. However, that doesn’t make this subjob any more useful.

DRK15, Last Resort, 5:00, 0:30 :: Enhances attacks but weakens defense.
Like the WAR ability Berserk, except it has a much shorter duration and generates a lot of hate (maybe half a provoke) when used.

DRK20, Weapon Bash, 5:00, instant :: Delivers an attack that can stun the target. Weapon required.
Actually stunning your target is unlikely, though it’s worth a shot if they’re casting something.

DRK20, Resist Paralyze, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against paralysis.
About as useful as the other resist traits.

DRK25, Arcana Killer, Passive :: Gives you an edge when fighting arcana.
See “Ancient Circle,” however, this is always active on you, and pertains to arcane type mobs instead of dragons.

DRK30, Souleater, 6:00, 1:00 :: Sacrifices your HP to increase your physical attack.
The damage added by this ability is proportional to your current HP. When subbed, you will lose 10% of your current HP (meaning this ability can never kill you), and 5% of that will be directly converted into damage done. Any hits that take place simultaneously, like during a WS will all drain from the same HP. Meaning if you have 1000 HP and use pentathrust, you will lose 500 HP if all hits land, instead going 1000>900>810>etc. You will also have a slight increase in accuracy.

DRK30, Attack Bonus II, Passive :: Improves power of physical attacks
ATT+ another 12, for a total of +22. This does not stack with your DRG trait and give you +32.


PLD5, Holy Circle, 10:00, 1:00 :: Grants resistance against undead to party members within area of effect.
Good if you’re fighting something undead, and that’s about it.

PLD5, Undead Killer, Passive :: Gives you an edge when fighting undead.
See “Ancient Circle,” however, this is always active on you, and pertains to undead type mobs instead of dragons.

PLD10, Defense Bonus, Passive :: Improves defense against physical attacks.
DEF+10, it may be slight, but it’s better than nothing.

PLD15, Shield Bash, 5:00, instant :: Delivers an attack that can stun the target. Shield required.
You’ll never use a shield, so this is useless.

PLD20, Resist Sleep, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against sleep.
Won’t notice it, especially since this is a soloing subjob, and you’ll be getting hit right away.

PLD25, Shield Mastery, Passive :: Grants bonus TP when blocking an attack with a shield.
Useless to you.

PLD30, Sentinel, 5:00, 0:30 :: Enhances defense.
More of a hate building ability for PLD than a life saver.

PLD30, Defense Bonus II, Passive :: Improves defense against physical attacks.
DEF+30, lowering your damage taken while soloing.

PLD35, Cover, 3:00, 0:30 :: Allows you to protect party members by placing yourself between them and the enemy.
Fwah? Even if you did use this subjob in exp, most other jobs have more DEF than you anyway.


BRD5, Resist Silence, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against silence.
Even as BRD main, this won’t work often.

BRD25, Resist Silence II, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against silence.
I wouldn’t rely on this.


DNC5, Drain Samba, 1:00, 2:00 :: Inflicts the next target you strike with Drain daze, allowing all those engaged in battle with it to drain its HP.
Note: All Sambas, Steps, and same-tier Flourishes act on the SAME RECAST TIMER. VERY useful at low levels when soloing, as it should be potent enough to keep you at/near full HP while killing EP or DC mobs. Costs 10 TP to activate. Ineffective against the undead.

DNC15, Evasion Bonus, Passive :: Improves evasion against physical attacks.
Like the other bonus traits, this is likely to be +10.

DNC20, Resist Slow, Passive :: Gives a slight resistance to the Slow effect.
The pass word is "slight."

DCN20, Quick Step, 0:15, 1:00 :: Lowers target's evasion. If successful, you will earn two Finishing Moves.
Step accuracy is based on your melee ACC. First step removes 8 EVA; additional steps remove 4. Can be stacked up to 5 times for a total of EVA-24. Each additional step adds duration +30. Additional Quick Steps while at Lv5 will add duration, give 1 Finishing Move, but does not increase the effect.

DNC20, Animated Flourish, 0:30, Instant :: Provokes the target. Requires at least one, but uses two Finishing Moves.
Potency based on how many FM are used, but never as strong as WAR's Provoke.

DNC25, Aspir Samba, 1:00, 2:00 :: Inflicts the next target you strike with Aspir daze, allowing all those engaged in battle with it to drain its MP.
Two sambas can not be active at the same time, and one mob can not have more than 1 samba on it despite multiple dancers. Solo, this is useless, because you have no spells. Also only works on mobs that have MP. Ineffective against the undead.

DNC25, Subtle Blow, Passive :: Reduces the amount of TP gained by enemies when striking them.
This is something your Wyvern has, actually. It means that enemies will typically WS less often, because you feed them less TP. However, unless this is stacked up it's not very noticable.

DNC30, Accuracy Bonus, Passive :: Increases the accuracy of physical attacks.
Does not stack with DRG's acc bonus.

DNC30, Box Step, 0:15, 1:00 :: Lowers target's defense. If successful, you will earn two Finishing Moves.
Stacks with Quick Step. First step is DEF-10%; additional steps are DEF-5%. Again, this stacks up to 5 times for a total of DEF-30% (substantial!). In an EXP situation, it may be best to use Quick Step, followed by Box Step, as two Lv1 effects are greater than a single Lv2 effect. Same duration and finishing moves rules apply as with Quick Step.

DNC30, Desperate Flourish, 0:20, Instant :: Weighs down a target with a low rate of success. Requires one Finishing Move.
Adds the Gravity effect. Accuracy isn't -that- bad, and seems to be effected by mob level difference, and elemental affinities (extremely difficult to land on birds).


SCH10, Resist Silence, Passive :: Gives you a slight resistance against silence.
See BRD.

SCH10, Light Arts, 1:00, 2:00:00 :: Optimizes white magic capability while lowering black magic proficiency. Grants a bonus to divine, enhancing, enfeebling, and healing magic. Also grants access to Stratagems.
Lowers MP cost, casting time, and recast of white magic by 10%, while raising MP cost, casting time, and recast of black magic by 20%. Also, it raises your Healing, Divine, and Enfeebling skills to a B+ rating.

SCH10, Dark Arts, 1:00, 2:00:00 :: Optimizes black magic capability while lowering white magic proficiency. Grants a bonus to enfeebling, elemental, and dark magic. Also grants access to Stratagems.
Same as light arts, but reversed. Raises your Elemental, Enfeebling, and Dark magic skills to B+ rating. Useful for Aspir.

SCH20, Clear Mind, Passive :: Raises amount of MP recovered while resting.
Raises base MP recovered while resting to 15 (assuming you are not diseased).

SCH30, Max MP Boost, Passive :: Increases maximum MP.
10 MP. That's it. Seriously.

SCH35, Sublimation, 0:30, 2:00:00(charged) :: Gradually creates a storage of MP while reducing your HP.
At a rate of 2/tick, it will create a storage of MP by draining HP, up to a maximum of 25% of your max HP. If your HP drops below 50%, the effect will change from "Charging" to "Complete" and freeze at whatever it was up to. Sublimation: Complete effect will last for two hours, so you can use it before you start soloing to save up 200-300 MP to use at your leisure. To regain the MP (ether from a "Complete" or from "Charging" state) you simply use the Sublimation ability again. It's a single button that starts the charge, and releases it. Mind the recast.

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[P-05] Polearm WS

While I did provide a listing of Polearm mods in the beginning of this guide, I’d like to talk about the functionality of each of these WS and their role in SCing. One of my biggest pet peeves when I level a new job with a DRG is watching them use WS that aren’t appropriate for the situation (in a “free WS” role).

Skill level : Name : Elemental alignment

Note: Some WS may fall into multiple elemental alignments, and therefore be listed as (a) and (b). These different positions are sometimes called it’s “SC affinity.” That is to say, a WS’s first affinity is it’s (a) slot, and (b) is it’s second slot. Take Sturmwind (Great Axe WS) as an example. If you use Raiden Thrust, with it’s (a) slot in light, and an WAR or DRK follows with Sturmwind, you will make Reverberation, NOT Distortion, as Sturmwind’s (a) is in water, and (b) is in earth (the closing position for Distortion).

Note 2: The “level 3” ws that are used in Level 3 SCs (Light, Darkness) have level 2 SC’s as slots in the Level 3 ws chart, but will not create said SC when used individually.

Lv10 : Double Thrust : Light
This is one of the best Lv10 ws around, for all weapons. However, that means you’ll be using it for a long time which can get boring. It does good damage, it does two hits which is nice on a high DMG weapon, and it is in the Light slot, which opens Distortion. As far as Lv10 skill goes, only SAM, RNG, SMN, and DRG can open distortion, and Double Thrust is better than all of those WS (SAM being the exception, Tachi: Enpi is very nice as well). This SC is very popular because of the multitude of mobs that are weak to Ice (one of the bursts), and because later on THF get very powerful WS that close Distortion for big damage.

Lv30 : Thunder Thrust : Light(a), Lightning(b)
Unless you’re fighting a mob that has such high DEF that your melee strikes (and therefore WS) are doing next to night (i.e. crabs and beetles that are too high for you), you should never use this WS. Unlike other FF’s, just because it’s higher level, doesn’t mean it’s better. Additionally, this doesn’t open any useful SC’s unless you want to burst Fire on a crab or undead, or close Impaction for thunder on a water based mob. However, keep in mind SCing is important at these levels, as even weak WS and SC can set up for a large burst.

Lv70 : Raiden Thrust : Light(a), Lightning(b)
Same as Thunder Thrust with higher mods, so it will do more damage. However, on most mobs, this will still not be better than Double Thrust. Again, use this only if it’s to make a SC with it.

Lv100 : Leg Sweep : Lightning
Won’t do much more damage than a regular hit (or critical if SA is used). Stun on an exp mob won’t last very long, and will usually be less useful than the damage you lose by not using Double Thrust. Useful in some situations, but not many.

Lv150 : Penta Thrust : Darkness
It’s been a big skill gap since your last WS (which wasn’t very good anyway), and it was worth the wait… or was it? Firstly, the darkness slot doesn’t make very many useful SCs. Additionally, due to the low damage mods on this WS, on very high DEF/VIT mobs like crabs and beetles, or fighting anything too high, this WS will do very poorly. IF you manage to land all five hits (which isn’t likely), they won’t land for much. You can compensate accuracy with accuracy food, but lowered attack without attack food will earn you five weak hits. However, when fighting mobs weak to piercing, or weaker VT mobs, this WS is king. Endgame, where few mobs are IT, multi hit ws’s are where it’s at. The best way to improve your Penta Thrust is to first ensure that you have enough acc to land all five hits reliably (not too much, but not too little that getting 5/5 is rare), and secondly increasing your STR/ATT. With the new "accuracy varies with TP" it may take a little while to hammer down exactly where you're comfortable with your ACC gearing.

Lv175 : Vorpal Thrust : Water(a), Light(b)
Another Light WS to open distortion with. However, this is actually worse, in most situations, than Double Thrust! While you “may” strike a critical hit, it’s not likely at 100% TP, and it’s only a one hit WS. Stacking this with SA isn’t very useful either, as it’s not very powerful. Try both this and Double Thrust when making distortion. However, since this is your first WS in the water slot, you can now open Impaction for a thunder mb.

Lv200 : Skewer : Light(a), Lightning(b)
Yet another Distortion opener (aren’t you glad that’s so popular?). However, this is a three hit WS with decent mods. The update has changed it's ACC variance to a chance for critical hits, which is a great improvement. In some situations, this may be better than Penta. FINALLY you can erase your Double Thrust macro.

Lv225 : Wheeling Thrust : Fusion
Your first Lv3 SC WS, and your best of the three you can get (counting Retribution for staff). Since this WS ignores defense, as long as you don’t fight something with very very high DEF, using equipment or JA’s that improve your ATT won’t help your damage significantly. However, with a 50% STR mod, STR equipment and food will benefit this WS greatly. Also, since this is one big hit, and all that STR equipment may tempt you to remove ACC gear, Wheeling Thrust makes /THF a decent subjob when making a Light SC. You’ll never miss and, while you won’t do Spinning Slash or Shark Bite damage, you will land respectable hits. This is also useful on Gods/HNMs, because it ignores defense and can make Light.

Lv240 + WSNM : Impulse Drive : Gravitation(a), Ice(b)
Referred to as the “pretty double thrust.” Greater mods than Double Thrust and Penta Thrust, but only 2 hits. The greatest way to improve Impulse Drive damage is just to have more TP or use a weaker Martial Lance, as the damage multipliers are high at 300%. However, using this WS at 300% (or even 200% with a Martial lance) will be nowhere as effective as three (or two) Wheeling Thrusts or Penta Thrusts at 100%. However, you can now participate in both Darkness and Light SCs, making you more flexible in both parties and endgame events.

Lv0 Nyzul Isle : Drakesbane : Fusion(a), Light(b)
A vicious WS obtained by breaking the weapons found during Nyzul Isle Investigations and doing the Unlocking a Myth (DRG) quest. This is a four fold WS witch a "chance of critical" modified by TP. The 50% STR mod coupled with the chance of critical makes this a potent WS. However, this may under perform Penta and WT in low ATT v DEF situations.

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[P-06] Equipment to Look for:

Well you’ve got DRG unlocked and you picked out your sub, but nobody wants to level a job naked! Here is a list of equipment, by level (because when you level up, you want to know what new toys you can use), of equipment to keep an eye out for.

For starters, here are the stats and bonuses that are important, and not important to DRG:
STR: Very important. STR raises your weapon damage. Also, with a two hand weapon equipped like a spear, 4 STR = 3 ATT.
DEX: Increases your ACC, critical hit rate, and is a modifier on a few polearm WS. With the new, new update, 4 DEX = 3 ACC for two hand users.
AGI: Increases your evasion and parrying rate. Useful for soloing only.
VIT: Lowers the maximum damage you can take. Useful for soloing only.
ATT: Raises your average damage per strike.
ACC: Raises your hit rate.
HP+: Very beneficial for soloing with a mage sub, because having a higher total HP will mean your healing breaths will trigger sooner.
MP+: Useful for increasing the time you can go without resting while soloing. However, try not to wear many MP gears that take away HP, for the reasons listed above.
Enmity: While soloing, it is a good idea to wear some Enmity+ gear to prevent your wyvern from taking hate and dying, leaving you high and dry. However, in exp, additional enmity on top of your melee damage could become problematic. While the stats on the Warwolf belt are very tempting, having it on at all times will build up more hate than a Life Belt or Swordbelt. Also, having on too much barone equipment, while providing an ATT boost and having fairly high DEF, will get you hate more than you may like, for all the wrong reasons. If you’re pulling hate, let it be because of your damage, not your enmity+ gear. The Raven/Crow set at 50 is good for Enmity-, but provides no bonuses to your DDing capabilities.

Note about STR and ATT: Well, I had to completely delete that section AGAIN. Jesus SE, make up your mind. 1 STR now = 3/4 ATT. Or, 4 STR = 3 ATT. Whereas before I would have advocated STR over ATT, I'd say they're more or less equal in effectiveness now. It's usually easier to find items with massive ATT.
Note about DEX and ACC: Another section ruined TWICE. 1 DEX = 3/4 ACC. Not as substantial as before. I'd stick with using ACC gear over DEX like in the olden days. Yes, DEX adds to your crit rate, but you really need a lot of it to get a substantial effect (and since we can't wear Hidate or Hachiryu, it's not really worth going for).
Note about Haste: Endgame, it is popular to wear items with Haste+%, since the mobs are no longer hard to hit, and you are able to get enough ACC in other slots to compensate sufficiently to eat meat. Every bit of Haste+ helps, although you probably won't be able to eye-ball it, it's there. Haste gives increasing returns; meaning the more you can stack, the more each additional % does for you. For example, Homam feet may outperform Aurum feet in high haste situations. However, do consider what you're losing by using it in low haste situations.

Name – Level – Equipment slot – Stats
Obtained by

Of course, you’ll start with the RSE0 set, Lv1, well you have nothing else to wear, so go for it. You aren’t going to have much else to buy for a while except gear with the best DEF you can find. However… if you’re a crafter, you’ll notice your Lv1 crafting gear has higher DEF ratings than your Lv1 RSE, so that would be an improvement.

Harpoon +1 Lv1 Weapon Dmg: 9 Dly: 385
Obtained by: Crafted
Start off with a bang, go HQ.

Fortune Egg Lv1 Ammo Dmg: 1 Dly: 777 VIT+1 MP+1%
Happy Egg Lv1 Ammo Dmg: 1 Dly: 777 VIT+1 HP+1%
Orphic Egg Lv1 Ammo Dmg: 1 Dly: 600 Latent Effect: Evasion+1 Attack+1 Accuracy+1 Singing Skill+1
Obtained by: Easter Event
As you can see from how all three of these are obtained, if you don’t have them, there isn’t much you can do about it. They’re only small bonuses though, and the latent on the Orphic is only active if you have a song on you, though it is the best ammo you could have if you have a BRD in the pt until Lv30 or 58 (depending on race).

Pebble Lv1 Ammo Dmg: 5 Dly: 276
Obtained by: Crafted
Yeah, I know, there are more ways to obtain these, but farming them yourself isn’t exactly efficient. They stack to 12, and make decent fodder if you need to be the party puller.

Cache-nez Lv1 Head Def: 2 Enmity+2
Obtained By: Quested
Good for those first few levels, where no other head piece has 2 DEF, and the enmity will keep hate off your wyvern. Do not use this in exp.

Cassie Earring Lv1 Ear Def: 2 STR+1 VIT+1 Convert MP to HP: 50
Obtained by: NM drop
No, you can not kill this NM yourself, and no, your Lv50 ls can’t either. Even if you did get a group large enough to kill it, now you have to out claim all the other people camping it. It’s an incredible earring for all but soloing, though.

Obelisk Lv4 Weapon Dmg: 13 Dly: 396 STR+1 INT-1 MND-1
Obtained by: NM drop
Replace Harpoon +1.

Rabbit Mantle +1 Lv4 Back Def: 2
Obtained by: Crafted
What the heck, it’s more DEF right? Get the HQ, not like it’s expensive. I pop them out while soloing Lv1-10 in sarutabaruta since I’m a leathercrafter and give them to random people or sell on the windy AH.

Bronze Spear +1 Lv7 Weapon Dmg: 17 Dly: 385
Obtained by: Crafted
Notice how I’m advocating HQ weapons? This is where the rubber meets the road. Higher base DMG and lower delay increase your DDing output like no other.

Leaping Boots Lv7 Feet Def: 3 DEX+3 AGI+3
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Bounding Boots Lv7 Feet Def: 3 DEX+3 AGI+3
Obtained by: NM drop
If you can afford them, or have the patience to camp Lizzy, these are the best boots for a long time depending on your RSE selection.

Leather Belt +1 Lv7 Waist Def: 2
Leather Trousers +1 Lv7 Legs Def: 6
Leather Bandana +1 Lv7 Head Def: 4
Leather Gloves +1 Lv7 Hands Def: 3
Leather Highboots +1 Lv7 Feet Def: 3
Leather Vest +1 Lv7 Body Def: 9
Obtained by: Crafted
The first set you can buy to boost your defense. This vest is the only armor, as far as I know, that gains 2 DEF when HQ’d… just thought I’d mention that.

Royal Footman's Gloves Lv10 Hands Def: 3 Attack+3
Legionnaire's Mittens Lv10 Hands Def: 3 Attack+3
Obtained By: Conquest
Doesn’t matter which you wear, as long as you wear them.

Optical Earring Lv10 Def: 1 Attack-2 Accuracy+1
Obtained by: NM drop
Eh… it’s pretty good I guess, considering you could balance this out with a ATT+ earring in the other ear. ACC+ gear is hard to find at lower levels.

Astral Ring Lv10 Ring Convert HP to MP: 25
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
While it allows you to go longer without resting while soloing, you should take it off when the 25 mp is drained, because it’s needlessly lowering your max HP.

Scale Cuisses Lv10 Legs Def: 7
Scale Greaves Lv10 Feet Def: 3
Scale Mail Lv10 Body Def: 11
Obtained by: Crafted
One higher def than Legionnaire’s, and a level earlier than Brass.

Royal Footman's Bandana Lv10 Head Def: 5 AGI+1
Obtained By: Conquest
The AGI makes this slightly better than a scale/solid faceguard, but it’s not a melee stat, so not required.

Traveler's Mantle Lv12 Back Def: 1 Evasion+3
Obtained by: NM drop
Better than the Rabbit Mantle, but not much. Completely optional.

Brass Spear +1 Lv14 Weapon Dmg: 26 Dly: 385
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace Bronze Spear +1.

Battle Gloves Lv14 Hands Def: 4 Accuracy+3 Evasion+3
Obtained By: Quested
Get comfortable, you’re going to be wearing these for a loooong time. And yes, you do need them.

Balance Ring Lv14 DEX+2 Vs. Lightning+4
Courage Ring Lv14 STR+2 Vs. Fire+4
Obtained by: Crafted
Both very beneficial to a melee. I would make a choice that compliments the food you're using (ACC food = STR gear, vica versa).

Mighty Ring Lv14 STR+1 Vs. Fire+3 Enchantment: Attack+5 R.Attack+5 (50 Charges)
Vision Ring Lv14 DEX+1 Vs. Lightning+3 Enchantment: ACC+3 R.ACC+3 (50 Charges)
Obtained by: Crafted
Most people look at an enchanted item and see a money sink; an item that they can't resell after wearing it. However, these are very cheap as they're synthed from the previously throw-away NQ results of Lv14 rings. Additionally, it's going to take you a heck of a long time to burn through 50 charges. 5 ATT is much better than 1 STR, and 2 ACC is much better than 1 DEX. Oh the crazy toys you kids get to level with. Back in my day we'd cover ourselves in mud for armor, and we were grateful for that mud.

Warrior's Belt +1 Lv15 Waist Def: 2 HP+4 VIT+3
Obtained by: Crafted
A nice DEF boost for your waist slot.

Bone Earring +1 Lv16 Ear Attack+2 Evasion-1
Obtained by: Crafted
Really, what else would you put in your ear slot other than these?

Bone Mask +1 Lv16 Head Def: 8 Vs. Fire-3 Evasion+1
Bone Leggings +1 Lv16 Feet Def: 5 Vs. Fire-3 Evasion+1
Bone Harness +1 Lv16 Body Def: 15 Vs. Fire-3 Evasion+1
Obtained by: Crafted
Best set so far, since there aren’t any sets with DDing stats on them. NQ is fine too for the DEF. Wait till 17 for the lizard set if you would prefer leather style armor.

Lizard Ledelsens Lv17 Feet Def: 4
Lizard Jerkin Lv17 Body Def: 15
Obtained by: Crafted
DEF as high as a HQ Bone set, higher when it’s HQ’d, but all you’re getting is DEF.

Lizard Mantle +1 Lv17 Back Def: 3
Obtained by: Crafted
Better than Rabbit Mantle, comparable to Traveler’s depending on your evasion. Although, replaced in one level by a cheaper NQ synth.

Royal Spearman's Spear Lv18 Weapon Dmg: 28 Dly: 396
Obtained By: Conquest
Replace Brass Spear +1.

Brave Belt Lv18 Waist Def: 3 STR+2 DEX-1 VIT+2 AGI-1
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace your Warrior’s Belt +1.

Power Sandals Lv18 Def: 3 VIT: 3 Vs. Fire: 7
Obtained By: Quested
Not bad. Better than Lizard. But won’t help you DD.

Garrison Tunica Lv18 Body Def: 15 DEX+1 CHR+1
Obtained By: Quested (Garrison)
This is your best bet for a while. Though, it is a bit pricey considering the level. It’s only a slight bonus, so you can skip this is you can’t afford it.

Dhalmel Mantle Lv18 Back Def: 3
Obtained by: Crafted
Cheap, but it works.

Breath Mantle Lv18 Back Def: 3 Enchantment: HP+18 Enmity+3 (50 Charges)
Obtained by: Crafted
Excellent for soloing, unless you would prefer the evasion from the Traveler’s. Do not use this during a PT (well, you can wear it for the DEF, but don’t use the charges).

Cruel Spear Lv20 Weapon Dmg: 29 Dly: 385 INT+2 MND-2 Vs. Dark+2 Vs. Light-2 Impairs Evasion
Obtained by: NM drop
While this doesn’t have the power of a Platoon Lance, the impaired enemy evasion will help your party members do more damage as well.

Platoon Lance Lv20 Weapon Dmg: 37 Dly: 492
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
The first thing you’ll notice using this lance is it’s monstrous damage, the second is it’s delay, then when you WS you’ll notice it’s damage again. Get used to this. Lances are DRG only for a reason, they blow spears out of the water in terms of DoT. And I swear to god if someone mentions DPS I’ll impale them. This isn’t WoW or some other less complex game. Your DMG/Dly ratio isn’t all that goes into how you calculate your overall damage.

Variable Mantle Lv20 Back Def: 3~
Obtained By: Quested (Garrison)
The “~” means it will change with your level. However, it’s nothing significant. It would seem to be +1 def every 10 levels.

Beetle Earring +1 Lv21 Ear Attack+3 Evasion-2
Obtained by: Crafted
Replaces Bone Earring +1. Get two of these, or one if you have an Optical Earring.

Garrison Hose Lv21 Legs Def: 9 STR+1 DEX+1
Obtained By: Quested (Garrison)
You can’t beat these great pants for a long time to come. Expensive though.

Beetle Mask +1 Lv21 Head Def: 10 Vs. Ice-3 Evasion+1
Beetle Leggings +1 Lv21 Feet Def: 6 Vs. Ice-3 Evasion+1
Beetle Harness +1 Lv21 Body Def: 18 Vs. Ice-3 Evasion+1
Obtained by: Crafted
Replaces Bone +1 set, but not Garrison Tunica.

Spike Necklace Lv21 Neck STR+3 DEX+3 MND-6
Obtained by: Crafted
I haven’t mentioned any other necklace up to this point, because none of them really help you. This is the HQ, and it would benefit you greatly to buy it, because it’s one of the best necklaces you can get from here to 75, especially considering the price, and further considering you're a two hand weapon user.

Night Cape Lv21 Back Def: 3 Vs. Dark+3 Evasion+3
Obtained by: NM drop
Best cape at this level, though it doesn’t help your DDing capabilities. I’ll let your server’s going price dictate if you buy this or not.

Winged Boots Lv24 Feet Def: 5 DEX+3 AGI+3
Obtained by: Crafted
If you want more DEF over Leapers, go for it. However, leapers are Lv7, and great for leveling up any other melee job.

Emperor Hairpin Lv24 Head HP-15 DEX+3 AGI+3 Evasion+10
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Empress Hairpin Lv24 Head HP-15 DEX+3 AGI+3 Evasion+10
Obtained by: NM drop
The DEX makes this the best head armor you can wear, and the AGI and EVA will help if you’re pulling, soloing, or pull hate. However, you won’t see huge benefits from this, and due to the difficulty to obtain I would say this is very optional.

Spear +1 Lv24 Weapon Dmg: 35 Dly: 385
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace Cruel Spear, and possibly Platoon Lance.

Tiger Stole Lv24 Neck Def: 2 Attack+5
Obtained By: Quested
Understanding of game mechanics has shown this to be superior to Spike until you have approximately 175 ATT. You still, however, lose 1 or 2 ACC.

Nomad's Mantle Lv24 Back Def: 2 AGI+1 Evasion+3
Obtained by: Crafted
The HQ is a desirable NIN cape, so the cost will vary. Like the other capes so far, this doesn’t help you as a DD, so it’s completely optional.

Reraise Earring Lv24 Ear Enchantment: Reraise Evasion+2 Attack-2 (10 charges)
Obtained by: Crafted
Great for when your party doesn’t have a raise. Especially if your party does things that scare you… Even better for events like BC’s or Promy.

Republic Subligar Lv25 Legs Def: 13 VIT+1 Ranged Attack+5 Attack+5
Obtained by: Crafted
Great stats. Get used to looking stupid for the sake of it.

Shade Harness +1 Lv25 Body Def: 20 Empty Killer Evasion+1
Obtained by: Crafted
Useful for Lv30 Promy missions. Replaces Beetle Harness +1.

Steam Scale Mail Lv27 Body Def: 23 Fire+3 Water+3 Wind+3
Obtained by: NM Drop
Highest DEF availible, but no bonus to melee stats. Not necessary but not bad. Replace Beetle Harness or Shade Harness (unless you're still doing Promys).

Military Spear Lv28 Weapon Dmg: 36 Dly: 374 STR+1
Obtained By: Quested (Garrison)
Replace whatever you’re currently using.

Wolf Mantle +1 Lv28 Back Def: 5 Vs. Fire+3 Vs. Ice+3 Vs. Water+3 VS. Lightning+3 Vs. Earth+3 Vs. Wind+3 Vs. Light+3
Obtained by: Crafted
One of the better capes out there. I’d use it just because there isn’t anything better. Again, this is a cheap HQ. I used to make them when KRT parties would have downtime.

Custom F Boots Lv29 Feet Def: 5 HP+4 MP+12 DEX-1 AGI+3 INT+3 MND-1 (Hume Female only)
Custom M Boots Lv29 Feet Def: 5 HP+4 MP+12 DEX-1 AGI+3 INT+3 MND-1 (Hume Male only)
Obtained By: Quested
I wasn’t aware there were any BAD RSE until I came across these. Don’t wear them.

Elder's Sandals Lv29 Feet Def: 5 MP+12 AGI+3 INT+2 (Galka only)
Obtained By: Quested
A HUGE boost to a soloing Galka. Not useful in exp.

Magna M Ledelsens Lv29 Feet Def: 5 MP+20 AGI+3 INT+2 (Elvaan Male only)
Magna F Ledelsens Lv29 Feet Def: 5 MP+20 AGI+3 INT+2 (Elvaan Female only)
Obtained By: Quested
Good MP boost for soloing, not great for exp.

Savage Gaiters Lv29 Feet Def: 5 HP+16 STR+3 CHR+2 (Mithra only)
Obtained By: Quested
Aside from looking like you’re not wearing anything on your feet, these are definitely the best feet armor a mithra can wear for many levels to come, and beyond AF if macro’d for WS.

Wonder Clomps Lv29 Feet Def: 5 HP+20 STR+2 (Tarutaru only)
Obtained By: Quested
Silly name, seriously good gear.

Royal Squire's Halberd Lv30 Weapon Dmg: 37 Dly: 396
Obtained By: Conquest
Skip it, stick with Military.

Archer's Ring Lv30 Ring Accuracy+2 Ranged Accuracy+2
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Shikaree Ring Lv30 Ring Ranged Accuracy+2 Accuracy+2
Obtained by: NM drop
The first accuracy ring you can equip. Hard drop, and only a slight bonus. You could easily stick with STR rings.

Rajas Ring Lv30 Ring STR+2~5 DEX+2~5 Store TP+5 Subtle Blow+5
Obtained By: Quested
If you own this, you know you should be using it.

Pilferer's Earring Lv30 Ear Latent Effect: DEX+2
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
A good earring if you’re subbing thf, as that’s how it’s activated.

Wyvern Earring Lv30 Ear Latent Effect: Haste+5%
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
I’m putting this on here just to state that THIS WILL NOT WORK. DRG has to be your subjob to activate the Lv30 Wyvern items, NOT your main.

Lance Belt Lv30 Waist Latent Effect: Polearm Skill+5
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
This is activated by SUBBING DRG. i.e. it’s worthless to you.

Mercenary Captain's Doublet Lv30 Body Def: 20 DEX+1 AGI+1
Obtained By: Conquest
This is the best at this level. Even replaces Garrison Tunica. You may be wearing this for a while if you don’t have a useful RSE.

Mercenary Captain's Headgear Lv30 Head Def: 10 STR+1 DEX+1
Obtained By: Conquest
Best headgear at this level. Even replaces the Emp hairpins. Yes, STR is that important.

Mercenaries Mantle Lv30 Ammo Def: 2 Latent Effect: Enmity+1
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Latent active when subbing WAR. Useless. Worse than useless, it’s detrimental.

I won’t bother to mention the other Lv30 latent capes, as they would be active with less popular subjobs, and have even less useful effects.

Attar Sachet Lv30 Ammo Dmg: 10 Dly: 999 STR+2 (Elvaan Female only)
Olibanum Sachet Lv30 Ammo Dmg: 10 Dly: 999 STR+2 (Elvaan Male only)
Obtained by: NM drop
If you’re an Elvaan, get one of these. You will use it until at least 58, and most likely up to and at 75.

Balm Sachet Lv30 Ammo Dmg: 10 Dly: 999 STR+1 INT+1 (Hume Female only)
Millefleurs Sachet Lv30 Ammo Dmg: 10 Dly: 999 STR+1 INT+1 (Hume Male only)
Obtained by: NM drop
Only one STR this time, but again very desirable. Again, would be useful at least until 58, and possibly to 75.

Civet Sachet Lv30 Ammo Dmg: 10 Dly: 999 DEX+1 AGI+1 (Mithra only)
Obtained by: NM drop
The one DEX is less desirable than one or two STR, but still the best melee ammo you can use until 58.

Musk Sachet Lv30 Ammo Dmg: 10 Dly: 999 VIT+2 (Galka only)
Obtained by: NM drop
Not as useful as the other sachets in a party, but would be helpful while soloing. Only one more VIT than the easter eggs, so not entirely necessary.

Sweet Sachet Lv30 Ammo Dmg: 10 Dly: 999 INT+2 (Tarutaru only)
Obtained by: NM drop
Proof positive that even SE can’t tell a male taru from a female one. Not useful for DRG at all.

In order to obtain your race specific sachet, you need to find a ??? in one of the three RSE area’s during your RSE week. Upon checking the ???, a NM specific to the zone (Fly, Crawler, Leech) will spawn. They are Lv40, and most likely soloable at Lv55, perhaps earlier with whm sub. The ??? will respawn 30 minutes after the NM dies, provided the RSE week does not change.

Gargoyle Boots Lv30 Feet Def: 7 Enchantment: Wyvern Gains Effect of Stoneskin (20 charges)
Obtained by: NM drop
If you know you’re going to fight something that AoE’s a lot, this could help you keep your wyvern alive for the full 20 minute recast.

Brass Strap +1 Lv30 Sub DEX+2
Obtained by: Crafted
The first strap made available. I only list the HQ because there isn't going to be another DDing strap for 25 levels, and it's not that expensive.

Elder's Braguette Lv31 Legs Def: 12 MP+20 AGI+2 INT+1 CHR+2 (Galka only)
Obtained By: Quested
OH DEAR GOD NOT IN THE FACE! Great boost to a soloing Galka, useless in exp.

Magna F Chausses Lv31 Legs Def: 12 HP+12 MP+12 DEX+2 AGI+2 (Elvaan Female only)
Magna M Chausses Lv31 Legs Def: 12 HP+12 MP+12 DEX+2 AGI+2 (Elvaan Male only)
Obtained By: Quested
The DEX makes this better than all but Garrison, and the MP and AGI provide bonuses to soloers.

Savage Loincloth Lv31 Legs Def: 12 MP+32 VIT+1 MND+1 (Mithra only)
Obtained By: Quested
A.k.a: “Astral Panties,” these are a great MP boost if you solo.

Wonder Braccae Lv31 Legs Def: 12 HP+21 STR+1 VIT+2 MND+2 (Tarutaru only)
Obtained By: Quested
Good for both exp and solo.

Lizard Piercer Lv32 Weapon Dmg: 36 Dly: 365
Obtained by: NM drop
Skip it, stick with Military.

Peacock Amulet Lv33 Neck Vs. Dark-10 Ranged Accuracy+10 Accuracy+10
Obtained by: NM drop
Peacock Charm Lv33 Neck Vs. Dark-10 Ranged Accuracy+10 Accuracy+10
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
By this level, these are the hardest to obtain of any gear you could look at. However, you can’t beat the 10 ACC, especially in a neck slot. However, no one expects you to have these, so don’t worry about it.

Magna Jerkin Lv33 Body Def: 18 HP+24 MP+4 DEX+1 INT+1 (Elvaan Male only)
Magna Bodice Lv33 Body Def: 18 HP+24 MP+4 DEX+1 INT+1 (Elvaan Female only)
Obtained By: Quested
Decent for exp, though I’d keep the Merc. Cpt. Doublet. Decent for soloing, despite low DEF.

Elder's Surcoat Lv33 Body Def: 18 MP+32 INT+1 CHR+1 (Galka only)
Obtained By: Quested
A HUGE boost to a soloing Galka. Not useful in exp.

Savage Separates Lv33 Body Def: 18 HP+32 STR+1 CHR+1 (Mithra only)
Obtained By: Quested
Being mithran keeps looking better and better. You will wear this for a long time, get it.

Wonder Kaftan Lv33 Body Def: 18 HP+36 STR+1 VIT+2 MND+1 (Tarutaru only)
Obtained By: Quested
Taru are really spoiled with this great RSE. You’ll definitely want to get one.

Lance Lv34 Weapon Dmg: 51 Dly: 492
Lance +1 Lv34 Weapon Dmg: 52 Dly: 478
Obtained by: Crafted
Pick this up, and never lift another spear again. It’s long delay high damage lances from here on out.

Venerer Ring Lv34 Ring Accuracy+3
Obtained By: Quested
A great, free alternative to Snipers and Woodsmans. You lose two ACC, but have no ill effects on your DEF, dark resistance, or EVA.

Federation Doublet Lv34 Body Def: 22 DEX+1 AGI+1 Inside Nation's Control: CHR+2
Obtained by: Crafted
If your RSE wasn’t that great, use this.

Bastokan Greaves Lv34 Feet Def: 8 AGI+1 Inside Nation's Control: Accuracy+3 Inside Nation's Control: Ranged Accuracy+3
Obtained by: Crafted
If your RSE sucks, and you’re in the right area, these are nice.

Jaeger Ring Lv35 Ring Accuracy: 4 Ranged Accuracy: 4
Obtained by: NM drop
Great alternative to Snipers and Woodsman. Loss of one acc with no side effects.

Drone Earring Lv35 Ear AGI+3 Vs. Wind+6
Obtained by: Crafted
Useful for soloing.

Puissance Ring Lv36 Ring STR+3 Vs. Fire+6
Obtained by: Crafted
If you can’t afford this HQ ring, you might as well stick with your HQ Lv14 rings, as they give the same STR and these are NQ.

High Breath Mantle Lv36 Back Def: 5 Vs. Ice+5 Enchantment: HP+38 Enmity+5 (20 Charges)
Obtained by: Crafted
Excellent for soloing, replaces Breath Mantle.

Tathlum Lv35 Ammo Dmg: 24 Dly: 276
Obtained by: Crafted
Stacks to 99, and thereby beats out pebbles on convenience. More costly, but will only take up one inventory slot.

Obelisk Lance Lv38 Weapon Dmg: 57 Dly: 492 STR+2 INT-1 MND-1
Obelisk Lance +1 Lv38 Weapon Dmg: 58 Dly: 478 STR+3 INT-1 MND-1
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace Lance/Lance+1, or wait two levels for the Behourd.

Mountain Gaiters Lv38 Feet Def: 7 STR+1 INT+2 Spell Interruption Rate-5% Evasion+2
Obtained by: NM drop
Another one of those gears that’s a ***** to obtain for only a slight advantage over other pieces of equipment. Totally optional.

Volans Greaves Lv38 Feet Def: 9 Jump: Accuracy+4
Obtained by: NM drop
Don’t you hate it when those miss? Good to macro in if you want.

Behourd Lance Lv40 Weapon Dmg: 60 Dly: 478 AGI+2
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Replace Oberisk/Oberisk +1, or wait two levels for your AF weapon.

Ether Ring Lv40 Ring Convert HP to MP: 30
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Good ring for soloing. Remember to take it off when you’re down 30 MP to get your 30 HP back.

Sniper's Ring Lv40 Ring Def: -10 Vs. Dark-20 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5
Obtained by: Crafted
Woodsman Ring Lv40 Ring Evasion-5 Ranged Accuracy+5 Accuracy+5
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
I personally prefer Woodsmans as far as ACC rings go. The –DEF will hurt more than the –EVA that you hardly see activate anyway, and the –Dark resist make any dark spells cast on you stick 100%.

Resentment Cape Lv40 Back Def: 8 Enmity+2 Outside Nation's Control: Magic Damage Taken-5%
Obtained by: NM drop
Decent for soloing, but High Breath Mantle is far better, and you don’t have to camp an NM for them.

Tilt Belt Lv40 Waist Def: 3 Evasion-5 Accuracy+5
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Your best bet for an ACC build until Lv48.

Voyager Sallet Lv41 Head STR+3 DEX+4
Obtained by: NM drop
The best headgear for a long time to come. If you get this, you’re set till Lv70-75.

Peregrine Lv42 Weapon Dmg: 61 Dly: 492 DEX+1 VIT+1
Obtained By: Quested
Your AF weapon, compared to other jobs, isn’t that bad. This can replace Behourd.

Assailant's Ring Lv42 Ring Attack+5
Obtained by: NM drop
Crap. If you want to up your dmg output, use STR rings.

Swordbelt +1 Lv43 Waist Def: 5 Attack+12
Obtained by: Crafted
Your best bet for a STR/ATT build.

Valkyrie's Mask Lv43 Head Def: 16 MP+10 Attack+7
Obtained by: NM drop
Walkure Mask Lv43 Head Def: 11 HP+15 Attack+6
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
These are both great pieces that will replace all but a Voyager Sallet. The Valk is slightly better. But, if it costs a lot more, I’d go with the Walk.

Headlong Belt Lv44 ATT+4 Haste+3%
Obtained by: NM drop
Probably the best gear for it's level. Price may vary. ACC+10 on Life Belt will likely do more for you at Lv48. Additionally, it's not as good as Swift once you get to Lv50.

Vanguard Belt Lv45 Waist Def: 3 STR+3 Attack+3
Obtained By: Quested
Not bad for WS, but I’d stick with Swordbelt +1 if you’re looking for ATT/STR.

Tortoise Earring +1 Lv45 Ear Attack+4 Evasion-2
Obtained by: Crafted
Replaces Beetle Earring +1.

Brigandine Armor Lv45 Body Def: 32 HP+10 DEX+2 VIT+2
Obtained by: Crafted
Welcome to Home Depot- I mean, Lv45. A great piece, though if you’re Taru or Mithra it’s debatable. I’d wear this because of the vastly higher DEF and extra VIT for when you pull hate, and the benefit of 1 STR vs. 2 DEX at this level is debatable.

Brigandine Armor +1 Lv45 Body Def: 33 HP+15 STR+1 DEX+3 VIT+3 AGI+1 INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1
Obtained by: Crafted
Very expensive, because it’s very hard to make. Maximum achievable HQ rate is 10% on this synth. However, this is the best armor you can wear until at 55, if you can afford it.

Bat Cape Lv46 Back Def: 6 Vs. Dark+5 Evasion+5
Obtained by: NM drop
Highly desired by NIN and THF because of the high EVA, and dropped by a NM, so the price is usually fairly high.

Jaguar Mantle Lv47 Back Def: 4 Attack+3 Evasion+1
Obtained By: Quested
What is this!? A back armor that does provide DDing stats? Get this.

Mythril Lance Lv48 Weapon Dmg: 69 Dly: 492
Mythril Lance +1 Lv48 Weapon Dmg: 70 Dly: 478
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace Peregrine.

Life Belt Lv48 Waist Accuracy+10
Obtained By: Quested
Hello Life Belt my old friend… buy this no matter what setup you’re using, you may find a time you need more ACC.

Harvest Earring Lv49 Ear DEX+1 AGI+1 MND+1
Obtained by: NM drop
It’s alright I guess… because of the price I’d sooner stick with ATT+ earrings over the tiny bit of DEX this gives you.

Kshama Ring No. 2 Lv49 Ring DEX+3 Accuracy+2
Kshama Ring No. 8 Lv49 Ring STR+3 Attack+3
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
I haven’t seen any of the Kshama rings, though they do look useful.

Ecphoria Ring Lv49 Ring Accuracy+4 S.TP+1 Enchantment: Cure Amnesia <100 0:30>
Obtained By: NM Drop
A good ring that's cheaper than the Lv40 ACC rings. While it carries no negatives, you do lose 1 ACC. 1 S.TP will likely do nothing for you, though. If only it cured Wyvern Amnesia that prevents healing breaths.

Drake Ring Lv50 Ring Enhances Jump Effect
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Only works with <75% hp, and <100% TP. In other words, not very useful.

Storm Gorget Lv50 Neck Def: 4 DEX+2 AGI-2 Attack+6
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Considering the cost, I’d stick with spike.

Enkelados's Bracelets Lv50 Hands Def: 14 HP+25 STR+7 DEX-4 AGI-4
Obtained by: NM drop
Not terribly useful at 50, but at 65 when you have a WS that’s only mod is STR, and subbing THF for a guaranteed hit is viable, these are useful. These are the most economical gigas bracelets. The price greatly increases on the other two pairs. Let me make a note here that the gigas line of bracelets aren’t very good for Penta Thrust, which has both STR and DEX mods, and the loss of ACC isn't helpful either.

Spiked Finger Gauntlets Lv50 Hands Def: 8 VIT-2 Attack+12
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Very expensive, but very worth it. Great for an ATT/STR build.

Crow Hose Lv50 Legs Def: 20 Evasion+5 Enmity-5
Crow Beret Lv50 Head Def: 15 Enmity-7 Evasion+4
Crow Bracers Lv50 Hands Def: 10 Enmity-4 Evasion+5
Crow Gaiters Lv50 Feet Def: 8 Enmity-4 Evasion+4
Crow Jupon Lv50 Body Def: 28 Enmity-8 Evasion+8
Obtained by: Crafted
Very useful if you find yourself pulling hate a lot. However, it won’t help you as a DD, so don’t wear it unless you’re pulling hate. This degree of Enmity down would also be detrimental to soloing, despite the evasion.

Falconer's Hose Lv50 Legs Def: 27 Wyvern: HP+30
Obtained by: NM drop
AF is better and 2 levels away.

Wyvern Mail Lv50 Body Def: 36 HP recovered while healing+1 Wyvern: HP+65
Obtained By: Quested
By increasing your wyvern’s HP, you increase the potency of it’s breath attacks. This includes it’s healing breath. Thusly, this is useful for soloing.

Ulthalam's Ring Lv50 Ring ATT+4 ACC+4 Assault: STR+4 DEX+4 Adds "Regen" Effect
Obtained By: Quested (ToAU)
Certainly excellent for it's level, and unsurpassed in assaults. This ring can last you to 75 if you choose it.

Astragalos Lv50 Ammo Dmg: 32 Dly: 276
Obtained by: Crafted
Base damage shouldn’t matter with your throwing items, since you’re never going to hit anything. So, if you need to pull for whatever reason, go with whichever is cheaper, Tathlum or these.

Kakanpu Lv50 Ammo Dmg: 21 Dly: 276 Attack+2 Breath Damage Taken-2%
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Wow, looks nice (especially if your sachet sucks), right? Personally, in all my levels, I’ve never seen one ever. Just keep that in mind.

Optical Needle Lv50 Ammo Dmg: 21 Dly: 276 Accuracy+1
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Again, looks nice, but I’ve never seen one.

Dark Staff Lv51 Weapon Dmg: 30 Dly: 366 STR+1 DEX+1 VIT+1 AGI+1 INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1 Vs. Light+15 Additional Effect: Darkness Damage MP Regeneration While Healing+10
Obtained by: Crafted
The first staff I’m mentioning, because it helps you a lot while soloing.

Earth Staff Lv51 Weapon Dmg: 30 Dly: 366 VIT+4 VS. Lightning+15 Physical Damage Taken-20% Additional Effect: Earth Damage
Obtained by: Crafted
Good to skillup staff with, as you take less damage and the delay is low, but your wyvern will tend to pull hate off you a lot.

Vampire Mask Lv51 Head Def: 17 Nighttime: Accuracy+3
Obtained by: NM drop
A decent piece for your head, but it only works half the time (18:00-6:00) and does nothing during the day.

Drachen Brais Lv52 Legs Def: 27 HP:+15 Vs. Earth+10 Increases Wyvern's HP by 10% Enhances "Ancient Circle" Effect
Obtained By: Quested
Your first piece of AF… kinda suck don’t they? Don’t wear these in exp, but the HP bonus will make your wyvern’s healing breaths 10% better while soloing.

Royal Knight's Belt +1 Lv52 Waist Def: 6 STR+2 DEX+2 AGI+2 INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2 Inside Nation's Control: Ranged Atk: 5
Obtained by: Crafted
Eh… stick with Swordbelt +1 if you want ATT/STR.

Super Ribbon Lv52 Head HP+5 MP+5 STR+1 DEX+1 VIT+1 AGI+1 INT+1 MND+1 CHR+1 Evasion+1 Ranged Attack+1 Ranged Accuracy+1 Attack+1 Accuracy+1
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Good for… just about anything. This gives you minor bonuses to everything, but makes you great at nothing. Despite this, you would be hard pressed to find this many bonuses on even a few pieces of other gear. If you don’t have a Voyager, I’d use this if you can afford it.

Holy Lance Lv53 Weapon Dmg: 74 Dly: 492 Additional Effect: Light Damage
Holy Lance +1 Lv53 Weapon Dmg: 75 Dly: 478 Additional Effect: Light Damage
Obtained by: Crafted
Lance damage is really starting to get up there! Altana help you if I catch you using a spear...

Drachen Greaves Lv54 Feet Def: 10 HP+12 AGI+3 Enhances Jump Effect Evasion+5
Obtained By: Quested
Five years into the game, and we still don't know what these boots actually enhance. Anecdotally, they seem to increase one of the mods to do more damage. Feet options aren't fantastic, so I wouldn't call these bad if you chose to use them, but don't replace them if you have leapers/bounders. The AGI and EVA make them decent for soloing as well.

Sun Ring Lv54 Ring STR+3 Vs. Fire+7
Obtained by: Crafted
STR is your friend on WS, but 5 ACC is going to help you more than 3 STR while building TP. You would have to have very low ATT for these to be better, and at Lv54 that's not going to be the case. Need to be able to keep eatin' that meat!

Virtuoso Belt Lv54 Accuracy+12 ATT+4
Obtained by: NM drop
A **** good penta piece. It's all jobs so you'll see some mileage out of it as well.

Kusha's Ring Lv55 Ring Vs.Water/Earth/Ice/Dark +5 Set: DEF+6 Accuracy+12 Attack+6
Obtained by: NM drop
Lava's Ring Lv55 Ring Vs.Fire/Wind/Lightning/Light +5 Set: DEF+6 Accuracy+12 Attack+6
Obtained by: NM drop
A very nice set for anyone without a Raja's Ring. The drop rates of these rings leave something to be desired so if you better be serious about getting them.

Waetoto's Earring Lv55 Ear STR+2 VIT+1 (Tarutaru only)
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Great to have if you’re Tarutaru, though difficult to obtain.

Spike Earring Lv55 Ear Attack+5 Evasion-5
Obtained by: Crafted
Replaces Tortoise Earring +1 (if you bothered).

Jaridah Nails Lv55 Feet Def: 12 HP-7 Evasion+1 Ranged Accuracy+2 Accuracy+1
Obtained by: Crafted
Small bonus… I’d say optional compared to AF, and worse than Bounding/Leaping.

Jaridah Peti Lv55 Body Def: 42 HP-25 Ranged Accuracy+5 Attack+5 Accuracy+5
Obtained by: Crafted
One of the many blessings of ToAU. If you can’t afford even the NQ, farm. Going on without this is unacceptable.

Republican Army Mantle Lv55 Back Def: 6 HP+6 DEX+2 VIT+2
Obtained By: Conquest
Decent stats, arguably better than the Jaguar Mantle’s Attack+3 Evasion+1 (you would need around 300 ATT). If you’re not from bastok though, this will cost you a lot of CP.

Royal Army Mantle Lv55 Back Def: 9 STR+2 MND+2
Obtained By: Conquest
Best back piece at 55. However, if you are not San d’Orian, this is going to cost a lot of CP and you may not be able to obtain it. You could always hold out another 6 levels for an awesome back piece that you will definitely want.

Mythril Grip +1 Lv55 Sub STR+2 VIT+2 ACC+2
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace your Brass Grip +1. This is your best bet until 60-65.

Merman's Gorget Lv56 Neck Def: 7 Ranged Accuracy+5 Accuracy+5
Obtained by: Crafted
If you can’t acquire the peacock pieces, this is your best bet for an ACC build.

Drachen Finger Gauntlets Lv56 Hands Def: 15 HP+11 DEX+3 Enhances Wyvern Accuracy Parrying Skill+10
Obtained By: Quested
Another solid piece of AF. Boosting your wyvern acc boosts your damage output, and the DEX adds some accuracy and criticals, and is a mod on most polearm WS. I wouldn’t replace Spike’d with these though, because the dragoon should always come before the dragon.

Toreador's Ring Lv57 Ring Def: 1 HP+10 Accuracy+7
Obtained By: Quested(BCNM)
If you can obtain this, you shouldn’t have to check a guide to see how great it is.

Scorpion Harness Lv57 Body Def: 40 HP+15 Vs. Ice-20 Vs. Water:+5 Vs. Dark+15 Accuracy+10 Evasion+10
Obtained by: Crafted
Previously considered a “must have,” and still is by some. This is the most acc you’ll get out of a body piece (1 exception), and the evasion will help with soloing. However, due to the price, our raised accuracy, and the availability of the Peti, this is now, in my opinion, optional.

Darksteel Lance Lv58 Weapon Dmg: 78 Dly: 507
Darksteel Lance +1 Lv58 Weapon Dmg: 79 Dly: 492
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace Holy/Holy +1.

Assault Earring Lv58 Ear Def: -3 Accuracy+2 Attack+5 Evasion-2
Obtained By: Quested(BCNM)
An incredible earring that will last you until Lv75. Pick it up despite the price.

Master Belt Lv58 Waist Def: 6 Accuracy+5 Attack+5
Obtained By: Quested(BCNM)
A nice piece if you have an ACC build and find you can survive with 5 less, and vica versa.

Drachen Mail Lv58 Body Def: 38 HP+15 VIT+4 Vs. Ice+10 Adds "Regen" Effect to Wyvern
Obtained By: Quested
Great for both soloing and downtime in parties where your wyvern has taken damage. However, there are no useful melee stats.

Tiphia Sting Lv58 Ammo Dmg: 37 Dly: 300 HP-25 Evasion-4 Attack+2 Accuracy+2
Obtained by: NM drop
A great piece of equipment, commonly worn to 75. However, this would be detrimental to soloing, as the HP-25 means your healing breaths activate later.

The NM, Demonic Tiphia, is difficult for DRG to solo, but could be duo’d by anyone that can silence it (WHM, RDM, or a THF or RNG using a machine x-bow and sleep bolts) to prevent it from casting Cure V, which it spams below 50% HP. It will most likely use Final Sting for a huge amount of damage on whoever has hate. I personally took over 1k. So if you don’t have a WHM with you, bring a RR item. The drop rate is fairly high in my experience; I’m 2/2.

Grand Knight's Lance Lv60 Weapon Dmg: 80 Dly: 492 Accuracy+7
Obtained By: Conquest
This lance USED TO BE your new best friend. So sad... so so sad, my dear friend GLK, you now have a competitor.

Dark Mezraq Lv60 Weapon Dmg: 81 Dly: 492 Additional Effect: Impairs Evasion
Obtained by: Crafted
Why'd they make the cool black one the lower level one? Pfft. While a GKL will give you accuracy, this will lower your target's evasion, which is like giving accuracy to the rest of your party. Also, it has a higher dmg rating than the GKL. There are some ways to benefit your party that can't be parsed.

Schwarz Lance Lv60 Weapon Dmg: 82 Dly: 551 STR+2 VIT+4
Obtained By: Quested(BCNM)
Higher base damage and STR, sure, but the delay is astronomical. Compared to the GKL, this lance falls short on benefits. Only useful in Ballista as DRG/SAM.

Pallas's Bracelets Lv60 Hands Def: 15 HP+35 STR+9 DEX-5 AGI-5
Obtained by: NM drop
More STR than Enky, more accuracy lost, and vastly more expensive.

Chivalrous Chain Lv60 Neck Def: 4 STR+3 Accuracy+5 “Store TP”+1
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Store TP works on a very small scale, so this does not replace the peacock charm for TP building, but it does replace the Spike Necklace/Tiger Stole/Mermans.

Drachen Armet Lv60 Head Def: 16 HP+12 MND+5 VS. Lightning+10 Wyvern Uses Breaths More Effectively
Obtained By: Quested
Your final piece of AF. While this fails to provide any bonuses to your melee ability, you’ll never know how you soloed without it. Having a pure healing wyvern, healing breath will now trigger at <50% HP! This means you can maintain a safer level of HP at all times, and have a greater buffer for spell interruption. Additionally, during exp, this would make your wyvern more likely to use a breath attack that the mob is weak to. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to do more damage as a result, and I would only macro it into WS.

Patroclus's Helm Lv60 Head Def: 21 STR+2 Evasion-5 Haste+2% Enmity-5
Obtained by: NM drop
Truly an excellent piece, on par with the Voyager Sallet. But also on par with it in difficulty to obtain.

Behemoth Mantle Lv60 Back Def: 12 HP: 20 Attack+5
Obtained by: Crafted
Ignore it, wait one more level.

Bibiki Seashell Lv60 Ammo Dmg: 1 Dly: 999 VIT+4 Vs. Water+3 Enhances "Aquan Killer" Effect
Obtained By: Quested
Great for killing Robber Crabs, common soloing fodder, and easy to obtain.

Katana strap Lv60 Sub Enhances "Zanshin" effect
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
It's usefulness is dependent on you missing. So it should be pretty crappy.

Axe Grip Lv60 Sub HP+20 STR+3
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Decent, but not that great. One more STR than you can get on another grip, but with no other benefits.

Sword Strap Lv60 Sub Two-Handed weapon delay -3%
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Looks good, but this is not 3% haste. -3% delay will also effect (negatively) your TP per strike equally. While this may not matter due to rounding, it may make a big difference. Remember, you have two delay-less attacks already.

Pole Strap Lv60 Sub Double Attack +2%
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
My choice. I'll always pick DA over most anything else because it can proc on WS and Jumps.

Spear Strap Lv60 Sub HP+10 MP+10 DEX+3
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Meh. Most acc on a grip, but still not that great considering the effects you could have.

Claymore Strap Lv60 Sub Critical hit rate +3%
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
My third or fourth choice for a strap. Not that great.

Minuet Earring Lv61 Ear STR+1 DEX+1 Minuet: Accuracy+3
Obtained By: Quested(BCNM)
A good earring. Even if you don’t have a BRD in the party, you’re still getting STR+1 and DEX+1.

Carapace Helm Lv61 Head Def: 23 Vs. Water+7 Latent Effect: Attack+10 Latent Effect: DEF+23
Obtained by: Crafted
Latent activates by having <50% hp. Again, not terribly useful for exp, but will be often active while soloing.

Carapace Breastplate Lv61 Body Def: 44 Vs. Water: 9 Latent Effect: DEF+44 Latent Effect: Attack+12
Obtained by: Crafted
Latent activates by having <25% hp. So, it’s not useful for general exping, but it would be for soloing.

Thrakon Breastplate Lv61 Body Def: 39 STR+3 DEX+3 AGI-3 Accuracy+7 Attack+7
Obtained by: NM Drop
Haubergeon -2. But since we can't wear that, this is a pretty **** good piece of armor. You could wear this up to and through Lv75 and I wouldn't complain.

Amemet Mantle Lv61 Ammo Def: 7 STR+1 Attack+10 Ranged Attack+10
Obtained by: Crafted
Finally! A back piece with serious DDing stats! The NQ is cheap cheap cheap to boot! You have no excuse not to use this.

Amemet Mantle +1 Lv61 Ammo Def: 8 STR+2 Ranged Attack+15 Attack+15
Obtained by: Crafted
This mantle is so great, there are few to even bother mentioning after it. This is the 2nd best mantle you can wear. And it only comes in 2nd by a hair.

Wyvern Feed Lv61 Ammo Dmg: 30 Dly: 999 Enchantment: Adds "Regen" Effect to Wyvern (20 Charges)
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
The regen is much more powerful than the AF1 body, and would be useful if you’re wyvern is taking a beating to the point where the 20 minute recast isn’t up. It may be nice just to keep one as a trophy.

Heavy Lance Lv62 Weapon Dmg: 80 Dly: 492 Additional Effect: Weight
Obtained by: NM drop
Despite the rumors, this lance is not blunt, and does experience a piercing penalty on bones. Although, the additional effect procs often, which makes it good for soloing if you have to run away.

Shadow Mask Lv62 Head Def: 20 MP+10 STR+2 VIT-2 Vs. Light-10
Obtained by: NM drop
Considering how hard this is to obtain… you could be spending your time getting a much better Voyager Sallet or P. Helm.

Creek F Mitts Lv62 Hands Def: 11 HP+65 STR+6 VIT+2 AGI-3 (Tarutaru Female Only)
Creek M Mitts Lv62 Hands Def: 11 HP+65 STR+6 VIT+2 AGI-3 (Tarutaru Male only)
Creek F Clomps Lv62 Feet Def: 9 HP+35 MP-35 STR+4 VIT+4 INT-3 (Tarutaru Female only)
Creek M Clomps Lv62 Feet Def: 9 HP+35 MP-35 STR+4 VIT+4 INT-3 (Tarutaru Male only)
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Darn you tarutaru and your awesome RSE2! These really are the best feet armor for DRG at this level, and the hands are great too.

Marine F Boots Lv62 Feet Def: 9 HP+60 STR+3 DEX+3 VIT+2 AGI+2 INT-3 MND-3 CHR-3 (Hume Female only)
Marine M Boots Lv62 Feet Def: 9 HP+60 STR+3 DEX+3 VIT+2 AGI+2 INT-3 MND-3 CHR-3 (Hume Male only)
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Stats in all the right places. Best feet armor for a hume DRG.

Bloody Lance Lv63 Weapon Dmg: 79 Dly: 507 Additional Effect: HP Drain
Obtained by: Crafted
Drain procs so infrequently that it’s useless.

Feral Trousers Lv63 Legs Def: 30 Vs. Fire-4 Vs. Ice+6 Attack+5
Obtained by: Crafted
Replace your ATT subligar/cuisses because of higher DEF, and much higher coolness.

Feral Ledelsens Lv63 Feet Def: 12 Vs. Fire-2 Vs. Ice+4 Attack+4
Obtained by: Crafted
It's a small bonus, but feet armors mostly suck anyway. Good for races with bad RSE2 (or people without Leaping/Bounding).

Coral Earring Lv63 Ear Attack+5 Evasion-5 Magic Damage Taken-1%
Obtained by: Crafted
Same ATT boost as a Spike earring, so it's an optional replacement.

Frenzy Sallet Lv64 Head Def: 18 Latent Effect: Haste+4% Latent Effect: Accuracy+12
Obtained by: NM drop
Wow, looks great right? Now you just need to activate that latent, and it’s so simple! All you need is to have HP! Wait, what? This helm, while equipped, will drain your HP at 99HP/3 sec! Therefore, I would HIGHLY not recommend buying this for any reason. For TP build or WS.

Parrying Torque Lv65 Neck HP+7 Parrying Skill+7
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Good for skilling up parrying solo.

Green Beret +1 Lv65 Head Def: 20 Accuracy+2 Evasion+2
Obtained by: Crafted
Just incase you aren’t wearing enough different colors by this point, this is a decent piece, but you're likely better off with an ATT mask.

Diabolos's Earring Lv65 Ear Accuracy+3 Dark Weather: Accuracy-3 Dark Weather: Magic Accuracy+2
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
The only decent reward if you’re not fighting Diabolos for the summon itself, and also a decent earring (except in Dynamis and other Dark Weather areas).

Darksteel Harness Lv65 Body Def: 39 VS. Lightning+2 Vs. Dark+2 Physical Damage Taken-3%
Obtained by: Crafted
A good piece for soloing.

Platinum Grip Lv65 Sub ACC+2 Additional effect: "Stun"
Obtained by: Crafted
A great grip right here, but know this: it will override any other "additional effects" your weapon may already be imbued with (i.e. Mezraqs lose their evasion down).

Cermet Lance +1 Lv66 Weapon Dmg: 81 Dly: 453 Accuracy+3
Obtained by: Crafted
Less acc than the GKL, but one higher base DMG, and very low delay as far as lances go. A good replacement for the GKL, just keep in mind the lowered delay means you're getting less TP per strike.

Rutter Sabatons Lv67 Feet Def: 16 STR+3 VIT+2 Attack+5 Slow+2%
Obtained by: NM drop
The bonuses greatly outweigh the 2% slow on them. One of the better feet armor unless you’re Hume or Tarutaru.

Triumph Earring Lv67 Ear STR: 2 Vs. Fire: 11 Vs. Ice: 11
Obtained by: Crafted
Very expensive, but you won’t find an earring with more STR than this. While it may be better than the Minuet if you don’t have a bard, I don’t know if I’d be willing to say it replaces an Assault Earring for anything but WS.

Assault Jerkin Lv67 Body Def: 42 HP-1% Accuracy+3 Attack+18
Obtained by: NM drop
This is a fantastic body piece. Arguably better than even the Scorpion Harness, unless you’re going for a pure ACC build in order to eat meat. Although, at higher levels, where the mobs aren’t all IT, that additional 7 ACC is completely overshadowed by 18 ATT. This is a great body armor to both gain TP in, and WS (especially a multi hit like Penta) unless you have something better. However, it can be very difficult to obtain.

Ose isn’t terribly hard for a blink tank, though she hits fairly hard and might be difficult for a PLD. You will need someone there as WHM or /WHM for silena and paralyna. Ose also has incredulously high EVA, so at 67 you won’t likely hit her very much. Be prepared for a fight longer than you may be used to.
Obtaining this is dependant on two things: Having enough people to help you kill it, and getting the drop when it does die. The drop rate is about average, it shouldn’t take more than 5 kills.

Narval Lv67 Weapon Dmg: 83 Dly: 492 HP+15 Additional Effect vs. Undead: Water Damage Healing Magic Skill+10
Obtained by: NM drop
Easy to obtain (because the people who camp the NM can’t sell it), and very powerful against undead. While it still receives a piercing penalty on bones, the water damage is high and procs on every hit.

Gae Bolg Lv68 Weapon Dmg: 92 Dly: 551 HP+10 MP+10 Vs. Water+7
Obtained by: NM drop
This damage is, simply put, incredible. However, look at that delay! If you want a high DMG lance, just wait it out until the Skystrider or Colossal.

Tonbo-Giri Lv68 Weapon Dmg: 72 Dly: 396 AGI+3 Vs. Vermin: Critical Hit+3% Enmity+3
Obtained by: NM drop
Looks neat, and can be useful while soloing, but useless spear in exp.

Fourth Haube Lv68 Head Def: 23 STR+3 Evasion+5 "Subtle Blow"+4 Set: Increases Attack
Obtained By: Quested (Campaign)
Not a bad head if you don't have the NM drop visors mentioned earlier. The "Set" bonus is active when just two pieces are equipped, and increases when you add more. However, it only seems to be ATT+1 for each additional piece.

Fourth Hentzes Lv68 Hands Def: 14 STR+3 Evasion+4 "Subtle Blow"+2 Set: Increases Attack
Obtained By: Quested (Campaign)
You'll benefit more from Spiked Finger Gauntlets, but these aren't bad, and they're easy to obtain.

Fourth Schoss Lv68 Legs Def: 27 STR+4 Evasion+4 "Subtle Blow"+4 Set: Increases Attack
Obtained By: Quested (Campaign)
A solid leg piece... for two levels. It provides some of the best STR you'll get in a leg slot, but with no other benefits, unlike Phaluwahn or Barone.

Fourth Schuhs Lv68 Feet Def: 11 STR+3 Evasion+2 "Subtle Blow"+2 Set: Increases Attack
Obtained By: Quested (Campaign)
Not too shabby for a feet equip. These are free, but if you have the cash you have a better option in barone in two levels.

Barchha Lv69 Weapon Dmg: 84 Dly: 492 VIT+3
Barchha +1 Lv69 Weapon Dmg: 85 Dly: 478 VIT+4
Obtained by: Crafted
Skip these.

Skystrider Lv69 Weapon Dmg: 93 Dly: 492 "Jump" TP bonus Set: Increases STR, Attack, Ranged Attack, "Magic Atk. Bonus"
Obtained by: NM drop
Extremely good for it's level. TP+5 on jumps. Pairs with the Supremacy earring to give +6 to STR and ATT. Without the Supremacy earring, it is a downgrade from Mez/Thal at 75.

Psilos Mantle Lv69 Back Def: 6 Accuracy+1 Attack+12 Ranged Accuracy+1 Ranged Attack+12
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Meh... Worse than the Amemet +1, and personally I wouldn’t trade 1acc and 2att for 1 STR, making the Amemet NQ at least equal, too.

Alkyoneus's Bracelets Lv70 Hands Def: 16 HP+40 STR+11 DEX-6 AGI-6
Obtained by: NM drop
The most STR you can get in your hand slot, and thereby the best for Wheeling Thrust. However, this are nigh impossible to acquire.

Colossal Lance Lv70 Weapon Dmg: 88 Dly: 492 HP+25 STR+3 VIT+5
Obtained by: NM drop
Skystrider is better, but this is probably more readily available.

Bourdonasse Lv70 Weapon Dmg: 84 Dly: 478
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
You’re going to want to pick one of these up (unless you have capped Staff). This lance has the hidden effect of doing blunt damage on mobs weak to it (Bones and Pots). However, your WS will still receive a piercing penalty on bones. Can also replace Cerment +1 and GKL if you don’t need the ACC.

Engetsuto Lv70 Weapon Dmg: 85 Dly: 480 ACC+2 Store TP+1
Obtained by: Crafted
Stronger than a Bourdonasse and with a little added ACC. However, carries a high price because of it's ingredients. Actually, I'd wager SE didn't introduce this weapon for DRG's. This is a WAR/SAM/DRG weapon, but still has lance attributes. So, this is for them really. DRG can make good use of it, but you can make better use of a Collosal if you have the gil to buy this anyway.

Schiltron Spear Lv70 Weapon Dmg: 70 Dly: 396 STR+5 Parrying Skill+6
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
I wouldn’t care if it had 10 STR, it’s still a spear. Don’t use it.

Wyrm Belt Lv70 Waist Def: 5 VIT+5 Accuracy+7 Attack+7
Obtained By: Quested (Dynamis)
Replaces the Master Belt for an ACC/ATT balance, and Life Belt and Sword Belt.

Pixie Earring Lv70 Ear DEX: 3
Obtained by: NM drop

Fowling Earring Lv70 Ear STR+1 Accuracy+3 Enhances "Bird Killer" effect
Obtained by: NM drop
In my opinion, beats Minuet earring because the accuracy is always on, and on par with Assault because of no negative effects (though you are losing 4 ATT, keep that in mind). The bird killer effect is useful when soloing Colibri.

Drake Earring Lv70 Ear Latent Effect: Double Attack: 5%
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
In order for this to work, you have to be nearly dead, so it’s nearly useless.

Tarasque Mitts +1 Lv70 Hands Def: 8 CHR-6 Vs. Fire+6 Attack+12
Obtained by: Crafted
Easier to obtain, and no –VIT compared to Spiked.

Optical Hat Lv70 Head Accuracy+10 Ranged Accuracy+10 Evasion+10
Obtained by: NM drop
Has been, and likely to continue to be, the best acc gear you can put in the head slot. And has been, and likely to continue to be, the most ridiculous thing you’ve worn in a long time. I consider it the cowboy hat of FFXI. Useful to a good ACC build.

Barone Cosciales Lv70 Legs Def: 32 STR+2 Enmity+1 Attack+6 Jump TP Bonus
Obtained by: Crafted
2 extra TP gained through Jump and High Jump, even ones that do 0 damage. If you don’t wear these, may your current pair of leg equips turn carnivorous and consume your genitals. Buy them. Seriously. Do it. Did you do it yet?

Barone Zucchetto Lv70 Head Def: 24 Attack+5 Parrying Skill+10 Enmity+1
Obtained by: Crafted
Not bad, not good. A few things available that are better than this.

Barone Manopolas Lv70 Hands Def: 15 Enmity+1 Parrying Skill+4 Attack+4
Obtained by: Crafted
Crap for exp. Good for soloing.

Barone Gambieras Lv70 Feet Def: 19 STR+2 Attack+5 Parrying Skill+3 Enmity+2
Obtained by: Crafted
Third or fourth best feet armor, edging out Rutter. While it doesn’t have the 2% slow on it, the Enmity+3 could become a problem, and these aren’t cheap either.

Barone Corazza Lv70 Body Def: 45 Jump TP Bonus Enmity+2 Adds "Regen" Effect Attack+13
Obtained by: Crafted
High DEF, regen, and Enmity+ for soloing. Attack+13, and 2 extra TP on jumps for exp. However, it’s incredibly expensive, and inferior to the Assault Jerkin as far as damage dealing goes.

Dragon Mail Lv70 Body Def: 47 HP+12 Vs. Fire+10 Vs. Ice+10 Vs. Water+10 VS. Lightning+10 Vs. Earth+10 Vs. Wind+10 Vs. Dark+10 Vs. Light+10 Breath Damage Taken-9%
Obtained by: Crafted
Looks **** good, but that’s about it. High DEF could be useful to soloing.

Boxer's Mantle Lv70 Back Def: 8 Parrying Skill+10 Shield Skill+10 Guard Skill+10 Evasion Skill+10
Obtained By: Quested
While you COULD wear this, it’s going to be incredibly expensive to do so just to have a decent soloing back piece.

Gigant Mantle Lv70 Back Def: 4 HP+80
Obtained By: Quested
See Boxer’s Mantle.

Fenrir's Stone Lv70 Ammo Dmg: 30 Dly: 999 Nighttime: Evasion+10 Daytime: HP+30
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Great for soloing. During the day, your healing breaths will activate earlier, and at night you will evade a little more. Hard to obtain for the slight, situational advantage, though.

Hedgehog Bomb Lv70 Ammo Dmg: 23 Dly: 999 MP+30 Enmity-1
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
While not terrible for soloing, it’s not particularly good either. The enmity down means your wyvern is more prone to pulling hate and dying. However, your wyvern pulling hate while you’re getting pummeled might be a good thing, and the 30 more MP is a few more healing breaths before you have to rest. For the cost, though, not useful.

Black Tathlum Lv70 Ammo DEX+1 Accuracy+4 Attack+4
Obtained by: NM drop
The king of ammo for DRG.

Reserve Captain's Lance Lv71 Weapon Dmg: 69 Dly: 365 Enhances "Resist Silence" Effect Citizens of San d'Oria: Defense+10
Obtained By: Conquest
Despite the name, this is a spear, as you can see by it’s DMG and Delay. Don’t use it.

Spear of Trials Lv71 Weapon Dmg: 68 Dly: 396 Latent Effect: HP+20 Latent effect: Water+10 Latent effect: Dark+10
Obtained By: Quested
A spear that you have to use, but you don’t have to use it in a party and shame yourself. In fact, please don’t. Solo, duo, trio, whatever you have to do to get your points elsewhere.

Imperial Neza Lv71 Weapon Dmg: 92 Dly: 478 Depending on Day: Increases Elemental Weapon Skill Damage
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Elemental WS, as seen on the WS damage calculation page in the Helpful Links section, are ones that deliver elemental damage as opposed to physical damage. I believe all weapons have at least one of them, and usually two. For polearm, it's Thunder Thrust and Raiden Thrust. These, as with all other elemental WS, are useless. However, the high base DMG and acceptable delay make this one of the best polearms availible. The loss of 2 ACC for the benefit of slightly lower delay when compared to the Oric. Lance is debatable, but this comes four levels sooner. If you're 75, you shouldn't worry about getting it and focus on a Thalassocrat, but this is a nice lance if you're 71-74.

Iron Ram Lance Lv71 Weapon Dmg: 70 Dly: 365 HP+10 MP+10 AGI+2 DEX+2 Damage Taken -10% Enhances "Resist Silence" effect
Obtained By: Quested (Campaign)
Liar! You're a spear! Great for soloing enemies that do dangerous amounts of damage, though.

Zahak's Mail Lv71 Body Def: 55 STR+10 DEX+10 Evasion-20 Critical hit rate +3%
Obtained by: NM drop
An awesome body armor; certainly the best for it's level. Even up to 75 with Drakesbane, this will more than hold it's own. Prices may vary.

Warwolf Belt Lv71 Waist Def: 6 STR+5 DEX+5 VIT+5 Enmity+3
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Delicious WS mods and melee stats. However, the enmity can be problematic if you build TP with this on for stronger hits and more criticals.

Wyrm Brais Lv71 Legs Def: 32 HP+13 DEX+5 Enhances High Jump Effect Wyvern: Physical Damage Taken-5%
Obtained By: Quested (Dynamis)
The DEX helps build TP, but I still wouldn’t wear these over Barone, even if you macro’d Barone for Jumps. Use these if you’re really hurting for ACC or hate loss. They enhance High Jump by removing 10% more hate.

Pineal Hat Lv71 Head Def: 18 Accuracy+2 Attack+2 Evasion+2
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
The cheap knock-off brand Opti hat. If you can’t get a group for an o-hat run, this is acceptable if you're really hurting for an ACC build.

Forager's Mantle Lv71 Back Def: 7 STR+3 Attack+15
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
The hands-down best back piece for DRG (unless you're willing to suck up a lot of gil and the Enmity+ of a Cerb+1).

Dreizack Lv72 Weapon Dmg: 87 Dly: 477 STR+4 DEX+1 Additional Effect: Weakens Attacks
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Can replace Colossal, and is likely the one of the best lance for soloing, as you’ll be taking less damage. However, don’t let that 4 STR blind you into not using a higher base DMG lance at 75.

Martial Lance Lv72 Weapon Dmg: 84 Dly: 492 TP Bonus
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
The way the TP Bonus on the martial weapons is as follows: Your ws will hit as if you have 50% more TP than you do. Meaning 100% hits like 150%, and 200% hits like 300%. Useful for Impulse Drive, which has a large TP modifier, but I didn’t like it for Penta. A higher base DMG lance will help you more.

Z's Trident Lv72 Weapon Dmg: 87 Dly: 507 Latent Effect: STR+12
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Latent activated by the scythe and dagger being equipped by party members. So, virtually useless even if you can acquire one.

Hydra Mask Lv72 Head DEF:30 DEX+1 AGI+2 ACC+5 EVA+5 Magic damage taken -2%
Obtained by: Crafted
Good for soloing for the AGI, EVA, and good DEF rating. Inferior to Opti in exp, but purchasable.

Hydra Mail Lv72 Body DEF:49 DEX+3 AGI+3 ACC+9 EVA+9 Physical damage taken -3% Magic damage taken -3%
Obtained by: Crafted
Upgraded Gavial mail in terms of soloing equipment. With the stats, this adds more acc and eva than a SH. So, if you need an ACC body this is the way to go, while also being a very solid solo piece. Makes you wonder why they didn't just say "Damage taken -3%."

Hydra Fng. Gnt. Lv72 Hands DEF:20 VIT+3 ACC+5 Attack+3 EVA+5 Magic damage taken -2%
Obtained by: Crafted
More Gavial upgrades. A good acc piece if you need it, again with solid soloing capabilities.

Hydra Cuisses Lv72 Legs DEF:36 DEX+2 VIT+2 ACC+3 EVA+3 Physical damage taken -3%
Obtained by: Crafted
With barone legs being as great as they are, I wouldn't advocate this piece, unlike the others, for solo play (or exp for that matter).

Hydra Greaves Lv72 Feet DEF:22 VIT+2 AGI+2 ACC+2 Attack+2 EVA+2 Physical damage taken -2%
Obtained by: Crafted
Not bad, considering the paltry feet options DRG is provided. Decent stats for both solo and exp, as is the theme in this set.

Ruby Ring Lv72 Ring STR+4 Vs. Fire+9
Obtained by: Crafted
STR is your friend. Even more so now that you have WT.

Gavial Finger Gauntlets Lv72 Hands Def: 19 VIT+3 Attack+3 Magic Damage Taken-2%
Obtained by: Crafted
Decent for soloing only.

Dusk Gloves Lv72 Hands Def: 24 Movement Speed-1 Haste+3% Attack+5
Obtained by: Crafted
Expensive for non-utsusemi casters. However, a fairly staple equip for a haste build.

Dusk Ledelsens Lv72 Feet Def: 23 HP+25 Attack+4 Haste+2% Movement Speed-1
Obtained by: Crafted
Well rounded, but expensive. May not be worth it to you, but it is a good piece.

Dusk Trousers Lv72 Legs Def: 47 HP+35 Movement Speed-1 Ranged Accuracy+10 Attack+14
Obtained by: Crafted
I know I kind of ignored the other dusk pieces, but these really are great. That’s a lot of ATT, which in my experience does a lot for multi hit WS like Penta. I would also recommend these over Barone, if it weren't for the cost. These are, like the other dusk pieces, very expensive. Keep barone for Jumps and Wheeling Thrust even if you can afford this.

Light Gorget Lv72 Neck Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Shadow Gorget Lv72 Neck Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Flame Gorget Lv72 Neck Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage
Obtained By: Quested
Latent activated by using a WS that aligns with it’s elemental base. Penta is dark, Wheeling Thrust is fire and light. These are good for both of those WS.

Bushinomimi Lv72 Ear STR+2 Great Katana Skill+5 Parrying Skill+5
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
A free Triumph Earring +1, with Parrying to boot. However, if you ever plan on leveling a job that uses swords, or dual wields, you’ll find the Suppa is going to give a bigger bonus than this.

Ethereal Earring Lv72 Ear HP+15 Converts Damage Taken to MP: 3% Attack+5 Evasion+5
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
An astounding earring for soloing, but a far cry from easy to obtain. The ATT isn't bad for normal use, either.

Gavial Greaves Lv72 Feet Def: 21 VIT+ 2 Attack+2 Physical Damage Taken-2%
Obtained by: Crafted
If you can afford/obtain nothing else… then these are acceptable for exp and soloing.

Gavial Mail Lv72 Body Def: 48 DEX+3 AGI+3 Physical Damage Taken-3% Magic Damage Taken-3%
Obtained by: Crafted
One of the better soloing body armors, but falls on it’s face compared to other body armors in exp.

Wyrm Greaves Lv72 Feet Def: 16 HP+10 VIT+4 Vs. Ice+10 Wyvern: Healing HP+6
Obtained By: Quested (Dynamis)
Like a Dark Staff for wyvern HP, if you should ever find yourself needing to rest it. Useless otherwise. The VIT is offset by pitiful DEF, and the mods it provides to Jump are worse than wearing something like Barone for STR+ATT.

Pahluwan Crackows Lv72 Feet Def: 13 DEX+4 Accuracy+3 Ranged Accuracy+3 Set: Enhances “Subtle Blow” effect
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Eh… they’re not bad per say, but they’re not better than a lot of options, especially considering how hard these would be to obtain.

Pahluwan Khazagand Lv72 Body Def: 42 Accuracy+10 Ranged Accuracy+10 Increases rate of critical hits HP recovered while healing+2 Set: Enhances “Subtle Blow” effect
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Who need evasion anyway? This is one mean TP building machine that will help you do more damage in the process via criticals.

Pahluwan Dastanas Lv72 Hands Def:19 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5 Ranged Attack+5 Set: Enhances “Subtle Blow” effect
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
If you don’t have AFv2 hands, these are a replacement for an accuracy build.

Pahluwan Seraweels Lv72 Legs Def: 36 STR+3 Accuracy+4 Ranged Accuracy+4 Set: Enhances “Subtle Blow” effect
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
These and Conte Cosciales have the highest STR for the leg slot. The accuracy is also useful for an ACC build, and there is no Enmity on it compared to the barone set (no ATT either, though).

Pahluwan Qalansuwa Lv72 Head Def: 15 HP+25 Accuracy+7 Attack+5 Ranged Accuracy+7 Set: Enhances “Subtle Blow” effect
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Beats the Optical Hat in both total benefits to a melee, and looks.

Amir Puggaree Lv72 Head Def: 23 Attack+5 Evasion+2 HP recovered while healing+2 Set: Reduces magic and breath damage
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
There are one or two useful pieces in this set, this isn’t one of them.

Amir Dirs Lv72 Legs Def: 38 Attack+4 Ranged Accuracy+4 Ranged Attack+4 Set: Reduces magic and breath damage
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Very no.

Amir Korazin Lv72 Body Def: 44 Attack+12 Evasion+12 Enhances “Zanshin” effect Set: Reduces magic and breath damage
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Looks good, and good stats for soloing. The Zanshin isn’t a big enough factor to wear this over another piece of equipment for exp, and the ATT bonus is inferior to other pieces.

Amir Boots Lv72 Feet Def: 16 Accuracy+6 Attack+5 HP recovered while healing +1 Set: Reduces magic and breath damage
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
A fantastic pair of boots for TP building and penta.

Amir Kolluks Lv72 Hands Def: 21 Attack+5 Parrying Skill+5 Set: Reduces magic and breath damage
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Terrible, just putting these in to complete the set.

Aurum Sabatons Lv72 Feet Def: 20 DEX+3 Accuracy+5 Attack+5 Evasion-5 Haste+2%
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
A very strong foot piece. By sacrificing 1% Haste from Homam Gambieras, you gain 5 ATT. While Homam are still better for /mage because of the Wyvern HP+50, these are certainly on the same level as Homam as a pure DD. Achamoth is a wimp, too (zone, nuke, repeat).

Aurum Gauntlets Lv72 Hands Def:23 STR+2 DEX+2 Accuracy-5 Attack+12 Evasion-10
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
You're losing 4 ACC for 2 STR (compared to Tarasque +1). Not a great trade.

Aurum Cuisses Lv72 Legs Def:40 STR+4 VIT+4 Accuracy+7 Attack-4 Evasion-8
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
Inferior to Barone for ATT (and benefit to Jump) and inferior to AF+1 for ACC. Pass, let another job get them.

Aurum Armet Lv72 Head Def:23 STR+3 Accuracy+4 Attack+4 Evasion-7 Haste+2%
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
Too great of a loss of haste to justify the 4 ACC and ~6 ATT. Not a bad penta piece.

Aurum Cuirass Lv72 Body Def:55 STR+8 DEX+8 VIT-8 AGI-8 Attack+15 S.TP+7
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
An amazing piece. I've always said the problem with Askar was it's lack of accuracy in the slot that had the best accuracy options. This only gives you 6, but that's likely all you need if you're at the stage in your career that you're doing these. I'd rank this in the top three body armors with Ares and Homam.

Cletine Lv72 Weapon Dmg:91 Dly:480 HP+15 MP+15 VIT+5 MND+5 Critical Hit Rate+3%
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
Very good for it's level (even though it's a flamboyant shade of green), and a good option for soloing things where you don't need the Evasion Down of the Lv75 polearms. With Drakesbane, this should parse in the same area as the Thal.

Tomoe Lv72 Weapon Dmg:86 Dly: 480 Subtle Blow+5 Parrying Skill +10 Attack+10 Accuracy+10
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
Well ****, now I can't call SAMs who use polearms on colibri "fake DRGs" with so much conviction. This isn't the best thing you can use, but at 72 it's certainly not bad, and could last you to 75 (looks good, too).

Cuchulain's Belt Lv72 Waist Def:6 HP+15 DEX+6 ATT+10
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
A decent belt, offering another small bit of ACC on top of being an ATT piece.

Mekki Shakki Lv73 Weapon Dmg: 70 Dly:412 STR+5 Accuracy-4 Attack+12 S.TP+5
Obtained By: NM Drop (ZNM)
The ultimate Full Swing staff. Experimental Lamia is another easy to kill ZNM if you know how to do it correctly.

Love Halberd Lv73 Weapon Dmg: 60 Dly: 396 DEX+7 Virtue stone equipped: Occasionally attacks twice
Obtained by: NM drop
While the Double Attack procs a LOT, the damage is so painfully low (damned spear), it may parse lower than things you can purchase except in zerg situations.

Wyvern Perch Lv73 Weapon Dmg: 57 Dly: 402 Wyvern: HP+50
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
A great skill-up staff, as it increases your wyvern’s healing breaths as well.

Wyrm Finger Gauntlets Lv73 Hands Def: 19 HP+16 AGI+3 Accuracy+5 Wyvern: Magic Damage Taken-5%
Obtained By: Quested (Dynamis)
One of the better accuracy pieces for your hands.

Hecatomb Cap Lv73 Head Def: 33 HP+14 STR+11 DEX+5 Slow+8%
Obtained by: Cursed
The most STR you can get in a head piece, and DEX to boot.

Crimson Cuisses Lv73 Legs Def: 43 HP+25 MP+25 Vs. Fire+20 Vs. Water+20 VS. Lightning+20 Vs. Dark+20 Movement Speed+12%
Obtained by: Cursed
Here are some fun pants. Generally these go to PLD, RDM, and RNG first, and they do nothing for you as a melee, but who doesn’t want to run 12% faster?

Hecatomb Subligar Lv73 Legs Def: 42 HP+15 DEX+8 Attack+20 Slow+12%
Obtained by: Cursed
Very hard to obtain, but the best pants for Penta, and possibly DB as well? (I'm looking at you, Ares.)

Bahram Cuisses Lv73 Legs Def: 36 STR+5 Accuracy+12 Evasion-4 Slow+10%
Obtained by: NM drop
Good luck getting the kill... and the drop!

Crimson Finger Gauntlets Lv73 Hands Def: 26 HP+20 MP+20 Dark Magic Skill+10 Ranged Attack+10 Ranged Accuracy+10
Obtained by: Cursed
Good for soloing, due to HP/MP+, and high DEF.

Hecatomb Mittens Lv73 Hands Def: 25 HP+8 STR+7 DEX+4 Slow+5%
Obtained by: Cursed
Excellent for all DRG WS.

Crimson Greaves Lv73 Feet Def: 24 HP+15 MP+15 DEX+3 AGI+3 Vs. Ice+20 Vs. Earth+20 Vs. Wind+20 Vs. Light+20
Obtained by: Cursed
These are basically leaping boots for high levels. Decent for soloing things that aren't dragons or demons. The DEX makes it acceptable (barely) for exp.

Hecatomb Leggings Lv73 Feet Def: 22 HP+7 STR+6 DEX+3 Slow+4%
Obtained by: Cursed
Excellent WS feet. Possibly the best around (with the exclusion of Ares for penta).

Hecatomb Harness Lv73 Body Def: 50 HP+16 STR+12 Accuracy+10 Slow+13%
Obtained by: Cursed
Fantastic WS body piece. Adds high STR while ensuring your multi hit WS are landing their hits. However, please do not be tempted to use this while building TP, as the 13% slower attacks will slaughter your DoT.

Settler's Cape Lv73 Back Def: 5 HP-30 Accuracy+10 Attack-10
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
Would be decent to gain TP in, however, I still wouldn’t use this. Since you’re not using a mantle that would be giving +15 ATT and STR+3, you’re effectively trading 25 ATT and 2-3 STR for 10 ACC. When you’re TP burning, your normal melee strikes are going to constitute at least half of your damage over the course of the fight. Unless you’re **** bent on eating meat, and your other acc+ gear isn’t cutting it, I would skip this.

Ice Lance +1 Lv74 Weapon Dmg: 90 Dly: 478 Additional Effect: Ice Damage
Obtained by: Crafted
Wait one level for a better lance.

Ace's Helm Lv74 Head Def: 28 STR+4 Haste+4% Evasion-7
Obtained by: NM drop
Excellent for both TP building, and WS. However, this isn't an easy NM.

Drachen Finger Gauntlets +1 Lv74 Hands Def: 19 HP+11 STR+5 DEX+5 Parrying Skill+12 Wyvern: Increases Accuracy
Obtained By: Quested
Possibly the best AF+1, rivaling the brais.

Flame Ring Lv74 Ring Def: 3 STR+5 INT+2 MND-2
Obtained by: Crafted
Best STR+ ring, aside from Raja’s.

Heroic Boots Lv74 Feet Def: 13 STR+2 CHR+3 Enmity+1
Obtained by: Crafted
If you can’t obtain better WS armor for your feet, you can use these.

Narasimha's Vest Lv74 Body Def: 46 STR+3 VIT+3 Accuracy+4 Evasion+4
Obtained by: Crafted
Previously known as “the poor man’s SH.” Decent for wheeling thrust I suppose, and soloing perhaps. They're so outdated I'm amazed when I see people wearing them now.

Wyrm Mail Lv74 Body Def: 49 HP+24 Enhances Resist Blind Effect Parrying Skill+15 Adds support job Traits to wyvern.
Obtained By: Quested (Dynamis)
Now, I know it says “support job abilities” on the actual armor, but this is what it really does. This includes /whm Auto-Regen, /mnk Counter, and the most fun to watch /war Double Attack. Additionally, the high DEF, HP+, and Parrying Skill+15 make this one of the best body armors for soloing. This only works if you have it equipped when the wyvern is called or if you zone but then you can take it off.

Cuchulain's Mantle Lv74 Back Def: 8 STR+4 DEX+4 ACC+5
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
This back piece excellently compliments the low/no acc body options for DRG. If you can make use of the ~7 ACC, this will be a good choice.

Tournament Lance Lv75 Weapon Dmg: 91 Dly: 492 Store TP+3
Obtained By: Quested (Assault)
Crappy. The Store TP in no way will outweigh the higher DMG of the other Lv75 craftables, not even counting their other attributes.

Orichalcum Lance Lv75 Weapon Dmg: 92 Dly: 492 Ranged Accuracy+2 Accuracy+2
Obtained by: Crafted
A decent, high end lance. No one makes them anymore because the Mez and Thal plainly beat it.

Mezraq Lv75 Weapon Dmg: 93 Dly: 492 STR+2 VIT+2 Additional Effect: Impairs Evasion
Obtained by: Crafted
Many people argue this is better than the Thal because of the STR. I disagree. There is only a 50% chance it will raise your damage enough to match the Thal, and even then you're losing the DEX+2. Good if you can find an HQ.

Thalassocrat Lv75 Weapon Dmg: 94 Dly: 492 DEX+2 VIT+2 HP+10 Enhances "Resist Virus" Effect Additional Effect: Impairs Evasion
Obtained by: Crafted
It's better than Mez in so many ways it's just unfair. Replaced STR with some DEX which is arguable, but higher base DMG and vastly cheaper. The only down side is it doesn't look good with Homam.

Blunt Lance Lv75 Weapon Dmg: 1 Dly: 492
Obtained by: NM drop
Sarissa Lv75 Weapon Dmg: 96 Dly: 507
Obtained by: Crafted
Etchable with things like WS: Crit+, the highest base damage outside of relic, and a delay that makes a 5-hit-build possible, this weapon could be interesting.

Galliard Trousers Lv75 Legs Def: 30 HP+20 STR+2 DEX-2 VIT+2 AGI-2 INT-2 MND-2 CHR-2 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5
Obtained by: NM drop
Good, I guess. This is a truly confusing piece that gives you ACC but -DEX and r.ACC but -AGI. Maybe if you need more ACC. I’d stick with barone.

Wyvern Helm Lv75 Head Def+30 HP+30 STR+5 Vs. Fire+10 Physical Damage: "Blaze Spikes" effect
Obtained by: Crafted
A great WS head piece, as it provides the best STR bonus you can get off the AH.

Walahra Turban Lv75 Head HP+30 MP+30 Haste+5%
Obtained By: Quested
A staple for haste builds; for when you're merited out of your mind, and have all the acc you need elsewhere.

Wyrm Armet Lv75 Head Def: 22 HP+11 STR+4 Vs. Wind+10 Enhances Effect of Wyvern Breath
Obtained By: Quested (Dynamis)
This is an incredible piece, and the most difficult to obtain. The STR isn’t the only thing that makes it good for WS, this adds a significant amount of damage to your wyvern’s breath attacks. With this, Muffin’s breaths do, consistently, around 50 damage more. While you could get more STR elsewhere, it’s unlikely that even if you do more than 50 damage better than this helm, that 50 damage doesn’t add to your hate, it’s on the wyvern. As far as soloing goes, this helm also boosts up the power of your Healing Breaths to over 300! However, unlike AF1, they do not activate at higher HP. So, while this makes your MP consumption more efficient, it doesn’t provide the safety of AF1. But there are ways to macro around that.

Barbarossa's Zerehs Lv75 Legs Def:36 STR+4 VIT+4 Haste+3%
Obtained By: Quested (BCNM)
The other haste pants. If you don't need the ACC of Homam, you will see slightly better returns from these.

Homam Cosciales Lv75 Legs Def: 35 HP+26 MP+26 Accuracy+3 Enhances "Fast Cast" Effect Haste+3%
Obtained By: Quested
A solid piece of gear, with haste and ACC. If this is your only piece of haste gear or are hurting for ACC, however, you may get better returns from other options.

Homam Manopolas Lv75 Hands Def: 20 HP+20 MP+20 Accuracy+4 Enmity+3 Haste+3%
Obtained By: Quested
The accuracy and haste are nice, the Enmity is not. Dusk gloves are a better option if you can live without the 4 ACC.

Homam Zuchetto Lv75 Head Def: 26 HP+22 MP+22 Haste+3% Magic Accuracy+4 Accuracy+4
Obtained By: Quested
Crap. Wear Walahra if you want a haste hat and Optical if you want ACC.

Homam Gambieras Lv75 Feet Def: 16 HP+31 MP+31 Accuracy+6 Ranged Accuracy+6 Haste+3% Wyvern: HP+50
Obtained By: Quested
Incredible for soloing, great for building tp in exp. Hard to obtain. One of the best feet equips around.

Homam Corazza Lv75 Body Def: 49 HP+28 MP+28 Accuracy+15 Enhances "Triple Attack" Effect
Obtained By: Quested
This is the most ACC you can get out of your body slot. The triple attack rate is sadly very low. This body is a must have for those "DRG as a second job that doesn't get combat merits" people unless you want to be stuck with inferior hit rates!

Askar Dirs Lv75 Legs Def: 32 HP+15 MP+15 DEX+4 INT+4 ACC+5 ATT+5 Pet: DEF+10 Set: Max HP Boost
Obtained by: Quested (Assault)
A very good piece for a non-haste set-up with boosts to many stats. Although if you don't need the ACC, Barone is going to be better. Good for your multi hit WS.

Askar Gambieras Lv75 Feet Def: 17 MP+30 STR+3 AGI+3 Damage Taken -2% Enmity +2 Set: Max HP Boost
Obtained by: Quested (Assault)
A great tank piece, so a great soloing piece. The STR with no slow is nice as well for TP building.

Askar Korazin Lv75 Body Def: 49 STR+5 ATT+12 EVA+12 Store TP +5 Double Attack +2% Set: Max HP Boost
Obtained by: Quested (Assault)
An excellent body piece when you don't need ACC. Good for both TP building and for WS.

Askar Manopolas Lv75 Hands Def: 23 DEX+5 Enmity+4 Evasion+8 Haste+2% Set: Max HP Boost
Obtained by: Quested (Assault)
More geared towards PLDs, this piece has too few beneifts to outweight the enmity. Good for soloing.

Askar Zuchetto Lv75 Head Def: 23 STR+4 DEX+4 VIT+4 Haste+4% Set: Max HP Boost
Obtained by: Quested (Assault)
An excellent head piece. The STR and DEX outweight 1% haste of a walhara turban. However, this is the hardest piece to obtain (Floor 100).

Ares's Mask Lv75 Head Def: 28 HP+2% MP+2% ACC+12 ATT+12 EVA-12 Set: Enhances "Double Attack" effect
Obtained by: Quested (Salvage)
A great piece for Penta, perhaps 2nd to Heca for other WS. I really wish they used "Ares'" correctly. Set bonus is 5% DA while wearing all pieces.

Ares's Cuirass Lv75 Body Def: 55 HP+3% MP+3% STR+12 VIT+12 ATT+24 Adds "Refresh" effect Set: Enhances "Double Attack" effect
Obtained by: Quested (Salvage)
A dreadfully powerful body piece, that's dreadfully expensive and difficult to obtain. HOWEVER, this body also has no ACC on it, so be sure to compensate elsewhere when using it.

Ares's Gauntlets Lv75 Hands Def: 20 HP+1% MP+1% STR+4 VIT+4 ACC+10 Set: Enhances "Double Attack" effect.
Obtained by: Quested (Salvage)
A good WS piece (or TP if you're hurting for ACC).

Ares's Flanchard Lv75 Legs Def: 35 HP+2% MP+2% STR+6 DEX+6 INT-3 MND-3 "Double Attack"+2% Set: Enhances "Double Attack" effect
Obtained by: Quested (Salvage)
One of the hardest pieces to obtain due to drop rates. Excellent for WS, but at even moderate haste and high ATT is out shined by haste+ legs.

Ares's Sollerets Lv75 Feet Def: 20 HP+2% MP+2% VIT+3 AGI+3 ACC+7 ATT+7 EVA-7 Set: Enhances "Double Attack" effect
Obtained by: Quested (Salvage)
Amir +1. Will likely be out performed by Aurum, Homam, or Dusk with a little haste.

Brutal Earring Lv75 Ear Store TP+1 Enhances "Double Attack" Effect
Obtained By: Quested
This does grant Double Attack when you’re not subbing WAR, and increases it’s activation further when you are. For jobs that use long delay, high damage weapons, double attack is your best friend. This is an excellent earring.

Sortie Ring Lv75 Ring STR+4 Accuracy+2 Enmity-1
Obtained by: NM drop
A good piece for drakesbane, or even penta. Unless you're at capped ACC, of course.

Angon Lv75 Ammo
Obtained by: Crafted
At least I think it's crafted... I know tomahawk is so this probably is too. However, more importantly it's sold (cheap) from an NPC in Whitegate, 188 gil a pop. They stack to 99 and are used for the ability Angon. They must be equipped at the time you use Angon, but switching to and from these does not make you lose TP.

Imperial Egg Lv75 Ammo Dmg: 99 Dly: 999 CHR+3 Ranged Accuracy+99 HP Regeneration While Healing+3 Additional Effect: Provoke
Obtained by: Crafted
Useless. Listing it just to state that, because it may look interesting due to the lack of ammo available. If you’re still not convinced, look up the synth items.

And people say DRG have limited gear selections… lets see you make a gear guide then!

I was tempted and asked to make an addition to this section where I say what sets I think would be best for what, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Endgame equipment can be very hard to obtain, and I would end up having to say “but if you can’t obtain this, use this, and if you can’t obtain that, use this, and…” etc. By endgame, you should know what works best for you and your setup.

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[P-07] Getting Your Very own Wyvern Costume (DRG AF)

They say pets and their owners look alike. The DRG artifact armor set perpetuates that saying. Every piece has a purpose, so it would be smart to get them all, even if you don’t like the purple look.

DRG AF1 – Weapon – A Craftsman’s Work.

You must be DRG40 or greater to start this quest. Start by talking to Miaux, a completely unrelated to the DRG storyline up to this point NPC, in Northern San d’Oria, outside the 2nd floor entrance to the Blacksmithing Guild. She needs her father’s armor repaired but needs you to get something for you, of course. The key item is called the Altepa Polishing Stone. Hope you got the Altep gate crystal by this point.

Head out into East Altepa Desert to find a ??? at H-8. Upon examining the ???, an antica NM will spawn named Decurio I-III, a PLD type antica with all the spells and Invincible that a PLD would have.

Generally speaking, AF1 NM’s aren’t very hard, but you’ll want someone of at least Lv65 if you’re trying to have it solo’d for you. I’d wager that a full party of Lv40 could do it, just watch out for other Antica in the area that can link (by sound) and undead at night.

After the NM is dispatched, examine the ??? again to receive your key item, the Altepa Polishing Stone. Return to Miaux for a cut scene and your reward, the Peregrine.

DRG AF2 – Legs – Chasing Quotas

You must be DRG50 or greater and have completed the DRG AF1 quest. First off, I hope you like traveling! Prepare to do more running around than the DRG flag quest. To start this quest, talk to Cerualian in the warehouse in Port San d’Oria to trigger a cut scene in which you learn he needs a Gold Hairpin, which can be purchased off the AH, and it would be a good idea to bring one with you. After trading him the hairpin, you must wait until the next day (starting at JP midnight) to continue. Talk to him again after this time has passed to get another cut scene. For no apparent reason, go talk to Miaux (AF1 NPC) again to learn more about this dilemma, and she will give you a key item. Once you have this, go talk to Ardea in the Goldsmith’s guild in Bastok Markets. You will find the next NPC you’re looking for in a tower, closer to San d’Oria, in northern West Ronfaure.

Here’s the hard part of the trip, and the NM. You may want to get some selbina clay from the mayor of Selbina before you head out too, as your destination has a very hard to reach Headstone that carry’s a 10k reward. Head back to Jeuno to get supplies and get a group ready, then head out into Batallia Downs, and head for the southern entrance of the Eldieme Necropolis, south of the cerment spine (a popular entrance for farming Ancient Papyrus). You’re going to need at least two people to hit the plates in order to open different doors. Know that everything in this area, with Azer bombs being the exception, aggros to sound, and the multitude of undead aggro to HP below 75% (non-white HP). Proceed to the door at H-9, and have someone wait inside (or outside if the door is closed) the square room with the torch. Have a second person head back to the intersection you just passed and head north, and west once they reach the large room to find a targetable stone plate patrolled by an Azer (sight and magic aggro). Hitting this plate changes whether the north/south gates are closed, or the east/west ones. The 2nd person opens the gates for the 1st person/group as they travel through and into a large room. Head north in this large room to find another stone plate to allow the 2nd person through the gates you just passed through.

Once everyone is back together, drop down through the central pile of bones in that large room. Upon dropping down, head east, take the right at the first intersection you come to, then hug the left wall all the way to the zone. You will zone out into Batallia Downs, on the small island to the south. Beware, a quest NM Trent is virtually always up there, and he can be tricky if some members reach the zone before others. On the north side of the island (not the east, that’s a sandy mission ???), you will find a ???. Examining it will spawn your AF2 NM, Sturmtiger. This tiger attacks very very fast, but has poor accuracy. A few 75 jobs should be able to solo it, though it can be very difficult if they’re relying on shadows. A group of 50 might be too low for this fight, as it’s quite difficult; perhaps one of the most difficult AF2 fights.

When Sturmtiger is dead, examine the ??? again for a key item. Talk to Cerualian again to receive your artifact pants, Drachen Brais (please do not use these in exp, they’re absolutely pointless as far as DDing goes).

DRG AF Hands – Borghertz’s Dragon Hands

To start this quest you must be a DRG with AF2 quest started. The AF hands quests are the same for every job, coffer location excluded, so if you’ve done one before, you know what to do.

Talk to Guslam in the armor shop in Upper Jeuno for a cut scene. Now you’re ready to open a Coffer in The Boyahda Tree for a key item “Old Gauntlets.” For coffer key dropping mobs and coffer spawn locations, please refer to the FFXI-Atlas link I posted in the Helpful Links section. Once the quest is opened, the coffer can be opened as any job and you will still receive “Old Gauntlets.”

Talk to Guslam again, and he will tell you how to repair them. Talk to Yin Pocanakhu, a mithra inside Neptune’s Spire in Lower Jeuno, and she will tell you about a tool box she left somewhere in jeuno that won’t open, but you’ll have to pay her 10k before she’ll tell you where it is (even if you find it on your own, you still have to pay 10k the first time you do an AF hands quest, but not for AF hands quests on other jobs after the first). She’ll tell you she left it on a crate outside the Duty Free shop in Port Jeuno, found near the AH NPCs down the steps.

Upon examining the ??? at the toolbox you will get a cut scene in which you are told you need to bring some Shadow Flames, key item, and the old gauntlets back here, and the gauntlets will be restored. For the shadow flames, it’s NM time!

Head to Castle Zvahl Baileys, located in western Xarcabard. The demons aggro to sight, the eyes aggro to sight and sound, and there are elementals during weather conditions that will aggro to magic. Not a fun trip. Follow the path, ignoring the offshoots to the side to find four Torch Stands near a large gate. In this area be sure to STAY AWAY FROM THE SIDES! Below you, on a lower level are demons that will aggro you, run all the way through the lower section up to you, and link every demon on the way. You may want to clear this top area both to prevent adds, and to build TP. Upon examining a Torch Stand (remember which one, because you’ll need to examine the same one after the fight), a NM bomb will spawn named Dark Spark. Has normal bomb attacks, with added high level black magic. And, despite being a NM, is more than willing to use Self Destruct. However, this NM is easily dispatched by any 75 job, or any group around 55. Remember to examine the same torch stand used to spawn Dark Spark after it’s dead to receive your Shadow Flames key item.

Return to the ??? toolbox and examine it for a cut scene and your reward, Drachen Finger Gauntlets.

DRG Coffers

While you get a few pieces of your AF from quests, there are two pieces that are completely up to you to get. How they think you would know where to go without either looking it up for yourself or asking other players is beyond me.

Drachen Greaves, AF Feet, are found in the Quicksand Caves coffer.
Drachen Mail, AF Body, is found in the Ifrit’s Cauldron coffer.

For lists of coffer key dropping mobs and coffer spawn locations please refer to the FFXI-Atlas link I posted in the Helpful Links section.

DRG AF3 – Head – Knight Stalker

You must be a DRG with DRG AF2 quest completed to start this quest. Go talk to your old buddy Rahal in the Chateau d'Oraguille to trigger a cut scene. Next, talk to Ceraulian in Port San d’Oria (but you should know that by this point) for another cut scene. Now, you need to open a coffer in Kuftal Tunnel. Getting a key should be easy, as exp and skillup parties get far more than they know what to do with. Open the coffer to receive a key item, Challenge to the Royal Knights. Return to San d’Oria and talk to Rahal again. He will tell you to talk to Balasiel, the PLD flag quest NPC, and the NPC you will need to talk to get your final WS, Impulse Drive. Balasiel will tell you some very interesting things. Now, go talk to Rahal once again. He will tell you to go find the helm of the last dragoon, and that your Wyvern should help you locate it.

Well you’re wyvern doesn’t have On-Star, a metal detector, nor is it a compass. However, your wyvern MUST be out in order to trigger the spawning of the NMs. Head to the Temple of Uggalepih in south-east Yhoater Jungle. Head through the granite door in northern F-11 into a room that is off the map (be careful when dropping invisible to open the door if you don’t have any high level help to do it for you). Here you will find two ???’s, one is the spawn point for Death From Above, the Hornet Needle NM, and the ??? you want (closer to the entrance to the room). Upon examining it with your wyvern out, two NM shadows will spawn, THF and WAR. Because they’re shadows, you can spawn them with Sneak on and have someone else pull them. However, if you use a method to pull just one of them, the other may despawn, and you may not get credit for just one kill (may depend on which is killed). These NM’s are very, very easy, and a balanced party of 60 can take them down provided they can deal with two mobs at once. Mighty Strikes can be problematic for a PLD tank if they don’t have Invincible up (if they’re Lv60, I mean).

After the kills, examine the ??? again to find out why the Dark Knight rivalry exists, and to receive your reward, the Drachen Armet.

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[P-08] Food for DRG (from Somepage):

Now, I’m not going to go and list every food that gives ATT, ACC, STR, and DEX, but I will list some popular choices. Ultimately, it’s up to you to either look into the larger listing on somepage (through the link found in the Helpful Links section), or to experiment yourself and find out what works for your gear setup. Generally speaking, food will give much greater boosts than any equipment can. Therefore, if you think you only need a little acc, but a lot of ATT/STR, you should wear acc gear and eat ATT/STR food, and visa versa.

Grilled Hare
Stacks: 1
Duration: 180 mins
Strength +2
Intelligence -1
Attack +30% (Cap: 15@50 Base Attack)
This is a good, cheap food to start soloing up to 10 with.

Stacks: 1
Duration: 180 mins
Charisma -10
Resist vs. Dark +25
Accuracy +10
Evasion +10
Arcana Killer
A good low level ACC food. However, they do not stack.

Stacks: 1
Duration: 180 mins
HP +3%
Strength +3
Vitality +1
Agility +1
Intelligence -1
Evasion +5
Attack +27% (Cap: 30@111 Base Attack)
Ranged Attack +27% (Cap: 30@111 Base Ranged Attack)
This food is solid for leveling in Qufim, but doesn’t stack, so it’ isn’t very portable for places like Valkurm or Yhoater.

Rice Dumpling
Stacks: 12
Duration: 30 mins
HP +17
Strength +3
Vitality +2
Agility +1
Attack +20% (Cap: 45@225 Base Attack)
Ranged Attack +30% (Cap: 45@150 Base Ranged Attack)
HP Regeneration While Healing +2
MP Regeneration While Healing +2
Accuracy +5
Resist Paralyze
Probably my all time favorite food for levels 10-40, where you won’t receive the full benefit, or need, of sushi. This will give you an attack, STR, and accuracy boost.

Meat Mithkabob
Stacks: 12
Duration: 30 mins
Strength +5
Agility +1
Intelligence -2
Attack +22% (Cap: 60@272 Base Attack)
With a higher ATT cap than Navarin, and stackable, this is one of the better attack foods to use.

Meat Chiefkabob
Stacks: 12
Duration: 60 mins
Strength +5
Agility +1
Intelligence -2
Attack +22% (Cap: 65@295 Base Attack)
HQ food gives you the benefit of added meal duration, meaning you won’t find yourself running out of food as quickly. Also, this caps out higher than Mithkabobs. This is popular to use almost all the way to 75 with an ACC build.

Crab Sushi
Stacks: 12
Duration: 30 mins
Vitality +1
DEF +10
Accuracy +13%
The cheapest of the pure ACC foods. Good for bird camps when you're not receiving an ACC buff.

Sole Sushi
Stacks: 12
Duration: 30 mins
Strength +5
Dexterity +6
Accuracy +15%
Ranged Accuracy +15%
Resist Sleep
HP +20
More expensive than Crab, but will also give you a boost to your STR.

Yellow Curry Bun
Stacks: 12
HP +25
STR +5
AGI +2
INT -4
Attack +20% (Cap: 75@375 Base Attack)
Ranged Attack +20% (Cap: 75@375 Base Ranged Attack)
Hidden Effect: Attack caps at 85 when in a party of 4 or more.
10 higher ATT and cheaper than Coeurl Subs. These are the new hot food.

Bison Steak
Stacks: 1
Duration: 180 mins
Strength +6
Agility +1
Intelligence -3
Lizard Killer
Attack +18% (Cap: 90@500 Base Attack)
Ranged Attack +18% (Cap: 90@500 Base Ranged Attack)
One of my favorite foods at 75. High ATT and STR bonus, and not too expensive.

Hedgehog Pie
Stacks: 1
Duration: 180 mins
HP +55
Strength +6
Vitality +2
Intelligence -3
Mind +3
MP Regeneration While Healing +2
Attack +18% (Cap: 90@500 Base Attack)
Ranged Attack +18% (Cap: 90@500 Base Ranged Attack)
Accuracy +5
Same ATT and STR bonus as Bison, but 5 ACC as well. Usually more expensive than Bison though, but it is better. This is the top-o-the line food you can use for a STR/ATT food.

Marinara Pizza
Stacks: 1
Duration: 180 mins
HP +20
Attack +20% (Cap: 50 @ 250 Base Attack)
Accuracy +10% (Cap: 40+@ 400+ Base Accuracy)
Undead Killer
While it doesn't provide nearly the same ATT boost you get from Hedgehog (and no STR to speak of) it provides loads more ACC. Situationaly, a very good food.

Steamed Crab
Stacks: 12
Duration: 60 mins
Vitality +3
Defense +27% (Cap: 55@203 Base Defense)
While soloing, ATT food doesn’t help you too much, but taking less damage will.

Tavnazian Taco
Stacks: 12
Duration: 30 mins
HP +20
MP +20
Dexterity +4
Vitality +6
Agility +4
Charisma +4
HP Regeneration While Healing +1
MP Regeneration While Healing +1
Defense +25% (Cap: 150@600 Base Defense)
The best food for /BLU soloing, though pricey.

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[P-09] Know your Enemy

Not all mobs are created equal, and knowing their weaknesses and strengths will help you choose the right food, equipment setup, and WS/SC that would be most effective to defeat them.

First, look at your party setup and level range, then you can decide on a camp that would be best for you. Can you make distortion? Go for mobs weak to water or ice. Have a THF or RNG? Counting your DRG, you have a lot of piercing jobs in the party, go after flying mobs that are weak to piercing. Have a DRK or SAM? Your high delay, high damage weapons will cut through the defense of Crabs and Beetles. Not making a SC because you don’t have a BLM or a free RDM? Decide what mobs you can do the best free WS or Light SC on.

Also, lets not forget your companion who’s very susceptible to enemy AoE attacks, as he can’t be cured by conventional methods. Some mobs either have AoE’s so powerful or so frequent that use of your wyvern is severely limited. In situations like this I prefer to not call my wyvern at all, as opposed to either calling it whenever I can, or trying to keep that one alive by Spirit Linking as often as possible and becoming an MP sink. This allows me to keep up my Call Wyvern timer incase I want to use Spirit Surge.

Additionally, it’s important to pick your targets carefully when soloing. Do not pick mobs that have strong WS, as you will be at or below 50% hp for the majority of the fight. Do not fight things that will use AoE attacks frequently, that could kill your wyvern (this is how I lost my first fight against Wyvernpoacher Drachlox, before my revenge). Remember that you have no way to deal with links other than to either zone, tank two mobs at once, or let your wyvern tank one, possibly killing it. Don’t fight mobs that will silence, paralyze, or otherwise incapacitate you. And also, remember to not camp on top of exp parties. There are lots of things you could be fighting in places where exp parties will never bother you. If mobs are scarce, don’t bother the exp parties.

I will describe the more common mob families that you are likely to encounter, and you can consult the leveling camp guide I provided in the Helpful Links section to see where you’ll encounter them.

Keep in mind that while the lower level versions of things like crabs do not aggro, higher levels might. So when I say that Bees aggro by sight, I don't mean all of them do.

Ahriman: One of the few mobs that aggro by both sight and sound and link. These mobs are also demons, and will intimidate your wyvern (and you if you wear crimson). While they do fly, you gain no piercing bonus on them. They have no AoE WS to harm your wyvern, but they can cast –ga magic. Uncommon exp mob.

Antica: Aggro by sound and link. Beastmen of the Kuzotz region of RoZ. Have status AoE WS, but not AoE damage (though some are BLM). Decent DEF.

Antlion: Found only in Attohwa Chasm, it’s unlikely you’ll run into these. The tan ones link but won’t aggro, but the black ones you won’t see… they stay buried beneath cracks in the ground, and will aggro by sound (and link the tan antlions) and attack with a WS called Pit Ambush, that hits very hard through shadows. No damaging AoE. Very high DEF. Uncommon exp mob.

Bat: Come in groups of three, or one large bat. Aggro by sound, and link both types. Weak to piercing. No AoE WS unless you fight triple bats in CoP areas. Decent EVA. Common exp mob.

Bee: Aggro by sight (only a few do), and linking. Weak to piercing. No AoE WS. Uncommon exp and soloing mob because of the power of Final Sting.

Beetle: Aggro by sight and linking. A very popular soloing mob because it’s weak WS and lack of AoE attacks. Common exp mob. High DEF.

Bird: Non aggro, but linking. Strong single target and frontal AoE attacks, but not particularly dangerous to a soloing DRG or their wyvern.

Bomb: Aggro by sight and magic. If you know anything about FF, you know these have a devastating AoE attack. If ever your party has to fight one, don’t bother calling your wyvern if it isn’t already out, and dismiss it if it’s at full but your timer isn’t up. Uncommon exp mob.

Buffalo: Aggro by sight. No AoE damage WS. High HP. Uncommon exp mob.

Chigoe: A new mob in ToAU. Detects by both sight and sound and linking. While they are very small and visible, their name will not appear and they will not be targetable until they aggro you or someone else. One notable feature about these guys is that damaging job abilities “squish” them, and they fall to the ground (garnering no EXP). So, both Jump and High Jump will one shot these. No WS. Very high attack speed. Low HP.

Cluster: Aggro by sight and magic. A cluster of three mobs that can explode and keep going. Various dangerous AoE.

Cockatrice: Aggro by sight. Can petrify you, and therefore don’t make good soloing targets. No damaging AoE WS.

Coeurl: Aggro by sight and linking. These nasty cats, found throughout the FF series, are not prevalent in FFXI. However, you will most likely fight them in exp at one time or another. Virtually impossible to solo for exp. No damaging AoE WS. Very high EVA.

Colibri: Non aggro, non linking. Toucans found in the new areas of ToAU. These are great, easy soloing fodder, and have weak/useless WS that pose little threat to a soloing DRG. However, they can steal food you’ve eaten, so don’t eat any while soloing them. Weak to piercing. No damaging AoE WS. Common soloing and exp mob.

Crab: Aggro by sound, non linking. Likely the most common exp and soloing mob in the game. Weak AoE WS. Very high DEF.

Crawler: Aggro by sound, linking. Their poison breath can be powerful at full HP, and slow can be annoying. Also, Cocoon reduces the damage they take significantly. Low DEF. Common exp mob.

Demon: Aggro by sight, linking. These run faster than normal mobs and players, and can intimidate your wyvern. No damaging AoE. Uncommon exp mob.

Dhalmel: Non aggro, linking (very short perception range though). Have the irritating ability to heal themselves with Healing Breeze for quite a bit. No damaging AoE WS. Common exp mob.

Doomed: Aggro by sound and low HP, non linking. An uncommon undead mob made more common by Caedevra Mire (ToAU). No damaging AoE WS.

Dragon: These walk on all fours, and are featured in the Lv25 cap BC for Rank 3. These are so uncommon I won’t bother to talk about them other than to mention the difference between these, wyrms, and wyverns.

Eft: Non aggro, linking. AoE WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Elemental: Aggro by magic. Highly resistant to physical attacks. Uncommon exp mob.

Evil Weapon: Aggro by sound and magic, non linking. Only has two WS, one is single target and painful (thereby dangerous while soloing) and the other is AoE and stun (bad for your wyvern). Since they only have two WS, they have a 50% chance of doing an AoE that hurts your pet. Common exp mob.

Fly: Aggros by sight (only one in the entire game afaik), linking. Like weapons, only two WS, one of which is AoE and very powerful, and dangerous to your wyvern. Weak to piercing. Very common exp mob.

Funguar: Aggros by sound, linking. Devastatingly powerful breath attacks make them difficult to solo. No AoE WS. Common exp mob.

Ghost: Aggros by sound and low HP, non linking. The bane of your early existence. Resistant to physical damage. Damaging AoE. Uncommon exp mob.

Gigas: Aggros by sight, linking. You’ll only see these in the Qufim area, as far as exp goes. One AoE WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Gnat: Aggros by sight, and by DEATH! They will loiter around dead bodies, making RR impossible (and tractor difficult). They have a very high attack speed and a contagion transfer WS (among other irritating WS). No damaging AoE WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Gnole: Aggros by sight, linking. You'll see these werewolves in the San d'Orian areas of WotG. Closer to a full moon they will attack more quickly and their healing move will recover more HP. Also, at night they have auto-regen. While they have a decent WS, they have no AoE. Uncommon exp mob.

Goblin: Aggros by sight, linking. Likely the second most popular exp mob and prevalent through all the areas (though uncommon in ToAU). Like Flys and Weapons, only two ws, one of which is a potentially deadly AoE. When leveling off of these, don’t bother to call your wyvern, it will be dead in minutes. Very common exp mob.

Goobbue: Aggros by sound, linking. High ATT. Uncommon exp mob.

Greater Bird: Aggros by sight, linking. Damaging AoE WS. High evasion. Weak to piercing.

Hectaeyes: Aggros by sound, linking. No AoE WS (can cast aga black magic). Uncommon exp mob.

Imp: True sight, linking. A demon that can intimdate your wyvern. No damaging AoE WS. Flying, but not weak to piercing. Very common Lv68-75 for exp in ToAU.

Karakul: See sheep, but these will pop a chigoe when they use a WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Ladybug: Aggro by sight only during the day. They lose most of their WS at night. They are THFs who have a high attack rate, but a weakness to piercing. Uncommon exp mob.

Lamia: Aggro by sight, linking. Likely only encountered when traveling to Mission or Staging Point locations or during Beseiged. They have a "strip" ws that takes off all your equipment (which, while funny, causes you to lose your TP... unless you didn't have a weapon equipped). Uncommon exp mob.

Leech: Aggro by sound, linking. No AoE WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Lizard: Aggro by sound, linking. Has a petrify, stun, and silence WS, therefore dangerous to solo. Damaging AoE WS. Common exp mob.

Lycopodium: See mandragora. However, these cannot use Dream Flower! Uncommon exp mob.

Mamool Ja: Aggro by sight, linking. All mamool have a strong fire damage attack that can do up to 600 damage at higher levels, and other strong weapon-dependant WS (penta, vorpal blade) availible. Dangerous to solo. No damaging AoE WS. Common exp mob @75.

Mandragora: Aggro by sound (black mandies only), linking. Very, very weak mobs for their levels. No damaging AoE WS. Very common exp mob.

Manticore: Aggro by sight, non linking. AoE max MP down. No damaging AoE WS. High HP, High ATT. Uncommon exp mob.

Marid: Non aggro, non linking. Very robust, like a buffalo. Can absorb your buffs using Voracious Trunk. Will spawn a chigoe when they use a WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Moblin: Exactly like a goblin, but more WS, so less likely to blow up your wyvern. Uncommon exp mob.

Opo-Opo: Non aggro, linking. Damaging AoE WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Orc: Aggro by sight, linking. The San d’Orian beastmen, though they look more like galka if you ask me. Damaging AoE WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Pixie: Non aggro. DO NOT KILL PIXIES. Pixies will cast Cures and even Raise III if you are in need!

Pugil: Aggro by sound, linking. Screwdriver is a **** of an attack. Damaging AoE WS. High DEF. Common exp mob.

Puk: Aggro by sight and sound, linking. ToAU mob. Has “fun” WS, one of which does light AoE damage. Dragon type mob. Low ATT, low DEF, high attack speed. Soloable for exp (DCs and T-VTs) at 75.

Quadav: Aggro by sound, linking. The beastmen of the Bastok regions. No AoE WS. High DEF. Uncommon exp mobs.

Rabbit: Non aggro, linking. Unpopular exp mobs because their AoE attack is very powerful at higher levels. Uncommon exp mobs.

Ram: Aggro by sight, linking. You may exp on these at 75 in Lufaise Meadows, but that camp isn’t very popular anymore, as I understand it. More commonly you’ll encounter these near the Dem and Holla crags. Dangerous to solo EP and above because of Max HP down and Petrify WS. High HP. Uncommon exp mobs.

Raptor: Aggro by sound, linking. Like demons, these run faster than other mobs and you. Common exp mobs at mid levels. No AoE attacks. Non-CoP raptors have a breath attack that adds “Virus” so soloing them without /whm of a decent level is a bad idea.

Sahagin: Aggro by sound, linking. The beastmen of the Lower Elshimo region of RoZ. Easy soloing fodder, and a wide range of levels that will give exp up to 75. Kill the EP's behind the gold door in the grotto for a testimony. Weak damage AoE WS. Uncommon exp mobs.

Scorpion: Aggro by sound, linking. The most dangerous insect out there. Devastating single target WS and multiple AoE attacks. These aren’t good to solo, and dangerous to your wyvern in a party. However, you may see these in exp occasionally. Very high ATT.

Skeleton: Aggro by sound and low HP, non linking. The bane of any piercing weapon job. Resistant to piercing damage. Weak to blunt damage. Multiple damaging AoE WS.

Spider: Aggro by sound, linking. Sickle Slash is a powerful single target WS that is feared by tanks everywhere. As a PLD74, I took a 554 Sickle Slash from an EP spider. Just keep that in mind when you consider either pulling hate in exp often, or soloing these. High ATT. Common exp mobs.

Taurus: True sight, linking. Demon type mob. Found in some CoP areas. Most notable about this mob (aside from the true sight) is that it has a Doom WS. That is to say, if you are looking at it when it uses “Mortal Ray” on you, you will die in 10 seconds, with Cursna and Holy Waters having only a chance of removing Doomed status. If fighting these, fight in 3rd person while unlocked, and turn around whenever it begins to WS (as soon as you see the charging animation, just in case). Uncommon exp mobs.

Tiger: Aggro by sight, linking. While not a popular exp mob, because of it’s AoE paralyze attack, you may fight them in the 70-73 range. Also, your AF2 NM is a tiger. High ATT. No damaging AoE WS. Uncommon exp mob.

Tonberry: Aggro by sight, linking. Are you crazy? Their Rancor WS is based on how many you have killed, but this can be reset by doing a quest. Throat stab does 90% of your current HP unless you turn around. Every bit as bad as they have always been. Uncommon exp mob.

Troll: Aggro by sight, linking. Good for DRG/mage healing parties because they lack any strong WS. Very High DEF. No AoE WS (RNG excluded).

Wivre: Non Aggro. Not as bad as people make them out to be. Very defensively oriented and have a strong -ATK AoE WS. They also have an ability that reduces damage from the front, so attack from the sides if possible. High DEF. Uncommon exp mob.

Worm: Aggro by sound, linking. A popular exp mob at earlier levels as their spells aren’t that great just yet, and they are both weak and bound to where they’re engaged. May be difficult to solo because of Silence and MP drain WS. Damaging AoE WS. Low HP. Common exp mob.

Wyvern: Aggro by sight, non linking. You’ll mostly encounter wyvern NMs, as opposed to regular ones in your travels. These are the same as your DRG flag quest NM, and have AoE paralyze and Dispel WS. Also a nasty WS called Radiant Breath that does a lot of damage through shadows, and adds Silence & Slow. High ATT. Uncommon exp mobs.

Yagudo: Aggro by sight, linking. The beastmen of the Windurst regions. Damaging AoE WS. Uncommon exp mobs.

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[P-10] The Endgame Playground

If you’re not there yet, when you do get there, you will realize the endgame realm stretches much farther than the exping you’ve done up to it. Much like a playground when you were a kid, if you’re a likeable person with a good personality who keeps their gear at a decent level, then you’ll be invited to the games in the playground. If you were a ******* to everyone you exp’d with and/or maintained a sh*tty standard for gear, you’re more like the kid that smells funny and eats ants, or the fat kid in a dodge-ball game (but he’s got a great personality!).

But that’s neither here nor there. I’m not going to give you advice on how to get into an endgame linkshell, or even what you should do endgame, because that’s your business. I will, however, tell you what a DRG can do in that endgame playground.

Basically, you’re going to do what you have been doing in exp parties. While DRG is a good soloist, that doesn’t much matter in the team-oriented endgame. You’re going to do damage, SC, and shed hate.

Prereqs: Rank 6+, Lv65+, zone into Xarcabard for a CS, and talk to a goblin in one of the Beastmen strongholds (Davoi, Beadeaux, Oztroja) for a key item, Vial of Shrouded Sand (I think that’s what it’s called, it’s been a while). Now, upon examining any of the Trail Markings you’ve probably noticed in the three cities and Jeuno, you can participate in dynamis.

Dynamis can hold up to 64 people at once, per zone, one group at a time, and last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (some mobs, when killed, extend your time limit). I could go on, but this isn’t a guide to “what is Dynamis.”

In dynamis, you face cities of beastmen “as if they won the war.” Meaning, there are a lot of them… a real lot. Like I said before, you’ll be doing the same thing you have been doing. You will be a melee DD and SC if able. Try not to pull hate too often though, dynamis mobs don’t ***** around and can hit for 150-300 damage per strike, and 400 on criticals. Note that ALL beastmen in dynamis have jobs, and all have their job’s 2 hour. Also, there are statues in dynamis resembling the local beastmen have devastating AoE attacks. It’s best to let mages deal with them.

Prereqs: CoP Chapter 8

See Dynamis. Very similar, though there are more zones, smaller groups and thusly smaller numbers of enemies, a shorter duration, and the MBs (mega bosses) are in zones all their own.

Sky Gods
Prereqs: Rank 6+, Past ZM13
NM’s like you’ve never seen before. The Sky gods are likely to be the highest level mob you’ve ran into up to this point, unless you ran into a CoP wyrm. In these fights, usually two tanks will stand on opposite sides of the god, and hate will be SATA’d back and forth. Usually blink tanks are used, but a static PLD/WAR would work if there was sufficient curing. Kirin being the exception to these tactics, which I don’t care to go into as there are many methods to defeating Big-K.

Depending on the size of your LS, DRG can have two roles. Either you build TP beforehand, and during the fight using an opo-opo necklace and sleeping potions, are invited to the alliance, SA Wheeling Thrust (for light) or Impulse Drive (for darkness). Or, you can stay in the whole fight if no one else needs to get in, and do your thing. Wyverns do a tidy sum on gods as well since they ignore some defense.

A few gods drop abjurations for Hecatomb (neptunal abjuration) and Crimson (wyrmal abjuration) equipment that DRG can use.

Genbu: w. abjuration: Feet
Seiryu: w. abjuration: Hands
Suzaku: n. abjuration: Feet
Byakko: n. abjuration: Hands
Kirin: n. abjuration: Body, w. abjuration: Legs

Ground Gods (HNMs)
Prereqs: None

Heavily camped, dropping heavily desirable equipment for many jobs. DRG, however, doesn’t get too many useful things from them, Hecatomb cap and subligar coming from the same HNM (Fafnir/Nidhogg). Each HNM has 2 forms, a regular “NQ” form, and a king “HQ” form. The ground gods are Behemoth / King Behemoth, Fafnir / Nidhogg, and Adamantoise / Aspidochelone (and Cerberus in the new area, though it doesn’t have an HQ form). DRG has virtually no purpose on some of these HNMs, but there are a few where you would enter and TA (SA might not be a good idea) WS on the tank. Here is one place the Staff will shine. Where you have enough mobs around to gain 300% TP and can use SA, Full Swing will definiately be your best damage, hands down (some have done damage in the 2000's).

CoP Wyrms
Prereqs: None

Far harder than both Sky gods and ground HNMs. These fights will go similarly to a Fafnir fight, with the exception being that they are far more difficult, more quirky depending on which one you’re fighting, and take place in dangerous areas. But hey, no sweat, right? Oh, they also fly for half the fight making them unhittable by melee damage. Possible drops of interest are molyb. ore for a Barone Corazza, and Mercurial Pole, both from Jorm.

Sea Jailers
Prereqs: CoP Chapter 8, Palace access for Tier 1 Jailers.

Of all the quirky fights, these are the quirkiest. Every jailer is fought differently, as they are all vastly different. Again, you’re just another DD that can SATA a WS that opens Light and Darkness. Your wyvern will help DoT on kited mobs.

Only one Jailer drops things DRG can use, Jailer of Love (that’s right, we get the Tier 3 jailer... wooo). Love Halberd drops every fight, and occasionally drops Love Torque, which has some DEX on it, but the kicker is the Polearm Skill and Dagger Skill +7. I suppose I should be glad they didn't make the Staff the DRG item.

Nyzul Isle
Prereqs: Ability to do Assaults

For the climbing slog, you're going to need Sneak/Invisible. There's no way around that if you want to be an effective member. For bosses Angon is very nice, but the high level bosses hit like their counterparts which is going to tear up anyone without Utsusemi. Grab a Fanatics Drink and Dusty Wing in the lobby on boss runs. Bring a blunt weapon as well for the occasional undead floors.

Prereqs: ToAU Mission Black Coffin complete

Now here's an activity that requires a great deal of organization. You need to know your intent and who's organizing drops before you enter. I won't even get into that because I'll drag on and you can just find it somewhere else. Instead, I'll just tell you how DRG does.

Archaic enemies are weak to piercing, and wyverns receive no encumberence. Those are big plus. The AoEs on most enemies cannot be absorbed by Utsusemi so no loss in using DRG here, but MNK and WAR get convenient return-damage-abilities for melee tanking. Keep in mind you may not have a subjob during some runs, and therefore not even have third eye to protect you.

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[P-11] Closing Notes

I started playing this game with no prior experience with MMORPGs, but lots of experience with RPGs (Made by both Square Soft and Enix). Knowing everything about one, and ignoring the other aspect is folly. If you play this game like an RPG, you don’t think about the feelings of other players and party dynamics. If you think of it as just another MMO, you will be blown away by it’s complexity, and lose touch with the mechanics of the game.

DRG is not a popular job. DD jobs are a dime a dozen because there are so many, and everyone likes to be them. Beyond that, we lack useful tools and functions that other DD’s have. DRK can stun, WAR can tank, THF has TH, MNK has Chi Blast, RNG can hit kited and flying mobs (and SAM to a lesser extent). What DRG has is a wyvern that ignores defense with a reasonable level of accuracy, but this is greatly underused. Sure, we have lots of abilities that are functional to us (high jump and super jump only benefit you when Spirit Surge isn’t active), but apart from doing great damage, there’s nothing for us to do well that benefits a group. We can solo better than most, and best in long fight situations, with near bottomless curing potential with a mage sub. But as I said, this won’t help you in the group-oriented-only endgame. There are places where you’re just another DD.

Knowing this, I consider DRG to be my first job (I only remember THF to 30 for my interactions with others, starting out), my first to 75, and my most important to me (even with other jobs to 75 that I use at LS events more often). Knowing that DRG is used less often at endgame, I’d still do it again, because no job has been as enjoyable to me.

You can be the greatest asset to your party, or the weakest link. How you equip yourself, and how you play will determine that, not your job.

Enjoy yourself.

~ Faffy and Muffin ~

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#13 Jul 06 2006 at 1:38 AM Rating: Default
1,169 posts
Needs more Brakki Dragoon Guide reference.
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#14 Jul 06 2006 at 4:26 AM Rating: Decent
161 posts
Good job, first of all. It's quite comprehensive, it seems. I must admit I didn't read it all. But anything this wordy reserves some praise.

Secondly, I found it rather difficult to follow and ended up skipping about 90% of it. One major reason is that the list is rather confusing. I'd suggest categorizing.

For example, in your ability/trait list, you listed everything by level regardless of jobs. This creates confusion because you're jumping from one job to another. I'd suggest categorizing them by subjob. Also, it would give readers a more comprehensive view of each subjob if you list the abilities/traits under the description of the subjob. For example, /WAR description and then abilities/traits.

Same goes for your equipment guide. It's much easier to absorb if you categorized them instead of making a huge list of every suggested equipment available by level. It would also make searching easier if someone is just looking for advice on a certain slot.

I didn't see RNG being mentioned as a sub. It's quite useful from 20~29.
Also, COR and PUP weren’t mentioned.

DRG/BLU gives you a healing wyvern. That has been confirmed for quite some time.

It'd be good to mention subs to avoid like BST, SMN, and PUP.

That is all I see at this time. I will try to read a bit more and see if I can give you anymore feedbacks.
#15 Jul 06 2006 at 6:15 AM Rating: Good
3,883 posts
I always was looking for things listed by level, and not categorized, so this works for me, personally. Whenever I would level up, the first thing I would do when I hit Jeuno was to check every single equipment area for new things I could use. Then I would usually check alla for ra/ex items, again by level. So, this works better for me.

I see what you're saying about the JT JA section, as it does jump around a lot. I didn't really like the organization of that section. I will probably reorganize it by subjob while keeping it as a seperate post from the subjob discussion.
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#16 Jul 06 2006 at 7:17 AM Rating: Decent
363 posts
Great guide faffy! Needs a few updates. You left out the Imperial Neza from what I saw which argueably is on par with the Mezraq.

Another peice you didnt mention was the drachen mail +1. I just got this and all I can say is wow! This is your best att body for soloing and a great alternative if you dont have the Heca Harness. +6 vit, +6str, +7 att, much more def, added hp and wyvern regen. Much better for solo then the aj, probaly on par with Barone IMO maybe even better.

Another peice would be the Chiv chain. The best neck peice a drg can get imho, minus the situational ws gorgets. Drg dont realy need the extra acc from the peacock charm (though its stlill awesome)and stacked with the Raja's ring (dont think you mentioned that either)and Brutal earring give you get +7 Store Tp. Its basicly the two standard neck peices for drg molded into one. (Spike necklace and Mermans Gorget)

Last thing I noticed was at the top when mentioning hybrid subs you left out nin.

Anyway, I know that was a ton of writeing so no worries on the over looks.

Best guide ive seen for drg yet!

Thanks for your efforts!
#17 Jul 06 2006 at 10:50 AM Rating: Good
3,883 posts
While you are right, I did forget the Neza and I will add that, I don't think it's on par with the Mezraq.

As for the Mail+1, the only piece of AF+1 I actually put in the equipment section was the fng.gnt+1, but I suppose it would be good to add all of them.

I did list NIN as a hybrid wyvern subjob.

I never suggested the AJ for soloing purposes, and I never would. It has so-so DEF and -HP.

The chain is in there, Lv60. Raja's is also in there, Lv30.

Going to start making those changes to the JA JT section as I mentioned in a previous post.

Edited, Jul 6th 2006 at 11:50am EDT by FaffyOfDiabolos
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#18 Jul 07 2006 at 6:53 AM Rating: Decent
363 posts
I wasnt trying to critize you. Just stateing my opinion on the body. I know you didnt suggest it being better then the AJ, you just didnt suggest it at all.

I missed Rajas and the chain, my apoplogies.

As for the nin comment, ah crap. I need to start writing so early in the morn ; ; I saw it when you explained it as a sub job but didnt see it when you were explaining hybrid subs. Was just one paragraph but I see it there now and over looked it. My apologies.

As for the Neza, the only reason I say it rivals the NQ Mezraq is because of its delay. 1 point of dmg between then and the Neza has the delay of the Ice +1. For dmg swing for swing it is close. The str and vit of the Mezraq put it ahead but thats why I said its argubly.

The evasion down makes it awesome but when chaining the imps and flys in the mire or puks in the thickets its not all that relevant since they are so easy to hit anyway. On other activities it rules supream but not nessicarily in typical exp.

Again, great guide!

#19 Jul 07 2006 at 10:04 AM Rating: Decent
4,902 posts
well done nice and mostly compleat.
#20 Jul 07 2006 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
248 posts
Someone add this to the sticky. Great job, rate up.

EDIT: In the food section, perhaps add Sis Kebabi? They're bought from a vendor in Aht Urghan Whitegate for 2000 gil, and have similar stats to Meat Mithkabobs. I'm not completely certain of those stats, however.

Edited, Jul 7th 2006 at 2:50pm EDT by Skirkle
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Maat Mashed - December 11, 2005 1:30 AM
#21 Jul 07 2006 at 3:11 PM Rating: Good
3,883 posts
In the food section, perhaps add Sis Kebabi? They're bought from a vendor in Aht Urghan Whitegate for 2000 gil, and have similar stats to Meat Mithkabobs. I'm not completely certain of those stats, however.
Likewise on uncertainty. It wasn't listed on somepage, hence why I mentioned it doesn't have ToAU food. They do seem to give similar boosts to mithkabobs, but their vendor price makes them more expensive.
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#22 Jul 11 2006 at 11:29 AM Rating: Good
I like it. A definite addition to the useful thread list. :D

As far as categorization, I think it's done well and I like how you linked to the individual posts in the table of contents.

You might want to add the Carect Ring to the list since it drops from the same NM as Gargoyle Boots and is much more useful.

EDIT: Ack! Spelling...

Edited, Jul 11th 2006 at 12:33pm EDT by LadyOfHolyDarkness
#23 Jul 11 2006 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
Yes I liked the guide very much. It was very helpful and the mob list was pretty good.
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#24 Jul 12 2006 at 12:38 PM Rating: Decent
FaffyOfDiabolos wrote:
The sub jobs that can both melee and use magic (BRD, DRK, PLD, NIN, COR?, BLU?) will give you a Hybrid Wyvern. This wyvern will use an offensive breath when the DRG uses a WS, like the offensive wyvern, and will use a Healing Breath if the DRG casts a spell while a party member is under 20% (33% with AF1 helm) HP.

Very complete guide overall. I just wanted to correct this little bit.

1) The threshold without AF helm is 25% HP, not 20% (the top of the main DRG forum page here has been wrong forever, just got corrected today).
2) The hybrid wyvern will not cure other party members, only the wyvern's DRG.
3) BLU definitely gives healing wyvern, not hybrid. I don't know about COR.
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#25 Jul 12 2006 at 9:20 PM Rating: Good
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Personally I never played with the hybrid wyvern, even though I have PLD leveled so I could use it as a sub. I always thought it was 25% but the front page made me doubt it. I didn't know you couldn't heal others with a hybrid though.

As for COR, I'm gonna say I'm 75% sure it would produce a hybrid wyvern, as it's very bard-like.

Edited, Jul 12th 2006 at 10:23pm EDT by FaffyOfDiabolos
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#26 Aug 24 2006 at 7:11 PM Rating: Good
3,883 posts
The 4 new DRG merits and Fowling Earring were added; and some mistakes have been fixed.

EDIT 2: Yet more mistakes fixed (I'm **** like that), and some more gear including the Imperial Neza were added, while the descriptions of some pieces were adjusted.

Edited, Aug 25th 2006 at 3:40am EDT by FaffyOfDiabolos
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