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Best Average Penta Thrusts on Birds?Follow

#1 Apr 19 2010 at 1:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey Guys.

What should the best possible average Penta Thrust Damage be landing at with optimal WS Penta Thrust Gear?

Atm im wearing Ebon gear with Bird attack and accuracy evoliths and landing 900 avera Penta Thrusts as SAM/DRG but some how I feel the dmg could be much better.

Im using Engetsuto (dont have tomoe) and I have 4 polearm merits.
#2 Apr 19 2010 at 3:52 AM Rating: Excellent
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assuming capped ACC...

900 / 4.75 = 189.47 damage per hit. divided by 1.25 (bird bonus) that's 150. if base damage is around 130, this would mean that cRatio is around 1.154, which vs birds is around 490 ATT. so, you need more ATT (or, if your ATT is usually much higher than 500 or if mages regularly diaII/III like they should, you need more ACC and are missing too many hits, bringing your average down).

the best possible penta average will depend more on buffs (and debuffs) than on your gear. food, sub choice, and gear are all important, but once you have a solid setup with enough ACC and ATT to justify using polearm in the first place, most upgrades aren't going to be huge. to illustrate, adding 10 STR to penta only adds something like 1.5% to your WS average.

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#3 Apr 19 2010 at 1:25 PM Rating: Good
Also, Penta parsed avg will almost always be lower due to "overkill" (first couple of hits kill the mob, so last don't have a chance to do dmg and be recorded).
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#4 Apr 29 2010 at 6:30 AM Rating: Decent
Hello, sorry for the late post. I found some info that might help you out about my average Penta Thrust WS dmg. I had a merit party the other day and I had a friend parse the results:
Character is : 75 SAM/WAR , BRD doing double March, Dia 2, no COR, 1/5STR merits, 5/5 overwhelm merits, Capped Polearm skill, but no merits, Crab sushi always, WS Gear as follows:

Engetsuto/Mythril grip+1/ none / Tiphia Sting
Optical Hat/Peacock Charm/Spike earring/Fowling Earring
Shura Togi /Ochi. Kote / Snipers ring /Snipers ring
AM+1 /Life Belt /Dusk Trousers /Hachiman Suneate

WS WS dmg total Wskill % Hit/Miss WS accuracy WS low/high WS average

Penta Thrust 95612 100% 102/0 100% 404/1598 937.37
Mithra: Kittypryde
75WAR 75BRD(merit) 75THF (main)
Subs: 42DRK 45NIN 42SAM41RNG
Galka: Kamehameha
Subs: 37DNC 37THF

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