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#1 Mar 22 2010 at 11:31 AM Rating: Good
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Looking for a bit of help on my WS gear swap,

Currently I have the following gear for WS's

Wyvern Helm
Alky bracelets
smilodon Mantle +1
Warwolf Belt
Hachiman Feet

Problem is i only have 6 slots for my macro. One of those is taken up on the WS command line so i have 5 peices of Kit that i can swap in on a WS.

Normal kicking about Gear is

Pole Grip
Lightning bow
Walhara Turban
Amemet Mantle +1
Chiv Chain
Hachiman Hands
Potent Belt
Fowling Earing
Ecphoria Ring
Hachiman Legs
minuet Earing
Ruby Ring
Fuma sune ate

Merits are

Store tp 4/5
Meditate 1/5
Overwhelm 3/5
Shikko 1/5

The problem i have is that as soon as i drop the hachiman hands i am short on TP for a 6 hit by 3 tp

Currently i have macro that swaps all str gear in for the ws and another macro that to swap all the gear back in. It is not the most efficient way to do things. This OK but it delays my WS by a few seconds switching gear then getting to the WS i wanna use then switching back.

The only thing i can think of is drop the pole grip for a rose strap which would mean i'm over shooting in TP gear and having no chance of DA.

Is that a viable or do is there a peice of equipment out there i'm overlooking?

Apologies for the long blurb i'm just in a bit of a quandry on this one

Thanks for reading

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#2 Mar 23 2010 at 4:22 AM Rating: Decent
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The first thing I'd do is get that last store tp merit.

Also, how far along are you in CoP? Rajas ring is probably the single most indispensable piece I have for my SAM. If you can find/make a CoP static and plug away at it, you could have your Rajas in a month or two. Less depending on how quickly you can churn through the missions.

Sadly, using two or even three macros for gear swaps + WS is the best way to swap in all the gear you need (short of cheating).

With the gear you've mentioned you do indeed have a 6 hit build, so I'm assuming when you say you want to drop hachiman hands you mean you want to get rid of them entirely for something like haste? If that's the case, I'd say go for a rose strap. Trading 2% DA for 3-4% haste seems worthwhile to me. Although of course the long term solution would be to finish your STP merits and get that Rajas. Then you'd only need 6 STP from the rest of your gear for a 6 hit, and depending on how you finagle it you might be able to get your pole grip back.

(Edit: Just realized you won't have a 6-hit build by dropping hachi hands and adding rose strap w/no Rajas unless you finish your STP merits first.)

Let me give you my loadout as a comparison:

Hagun / Pole / * / Tiphia
Walmart / Chiv / Brutal / Bushi (Wyvern ear if /drg)
Hauby / NQ Dusk / Ulthalam's Ring / Rajas
Forager's / Swift / Myochin +1 / Fuma

I'm eventually looking to replace the AF+1 pants with Byakko's, and when I do I'll need to use a rose strap.

And YGK gear:
Hagun / Pole / * / Tiphia
Champion's Galea (STR+4 WS dmg +2%) / Bull Necklace / Brutal / Bushi
Domaru / Pallas / Ruby / Rajas
Smilo +1 / Warwolf / Myochin +1 / Rutter Sabatons

It's not perfect: Looking to upgrade to Osode, Alky's, and Flame Ring, among some others. But I have 46 STP for TPing and 51 for WS. Overkill for WS I know, but when I switch out Domaru for Osode I'll end up with 45 for WS (which will still work out: 46 STP gives 16.7 TP per hit while 45 gives 16.6; so 16.7 * 5 = 83.5 + 16.6 = 100.1).

TL;DR: capped STP merits and Rajas. Then find 6 more STP. Multiple macros for WS gear swapping.

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#3 Mar 23 2010 at 8:54 AM Rating: Excellent
to make multiple gear macro swaps easier make a seperate book and put the 2nd half of the gear/WS stuff in there (repeat if necessary) and have the last line of the macro link back to the original book so you just have to hit "ALT+X" three times instead of multiple macros slots.

/macro book 2

/wait 1
/macro book 3

/macro book 1

There is a way to edit the macro's themselves to allow more lines too, but I don't have the bookmark on this computer, so I'll have to link it later.

or you could just get we're not allowed to discuss windower

Edited, Mar 23rd 2010 10:55am by shintasama
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