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#1 Feb 25 2010 at 10:47 PM Rating: Good
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How well does an unlocked Gondo stack up against Engetsuto? I've got a Gondo rotting away in my safe but don't want to unlock it if it just isn't as good.

On a side note, this will likely just be for when I run out of virtue stones.

Thanks for your input, finally getting around to skilling up polearm (I hardly ever merit on SAM so it hasn't been a priority)
#2 Feb 26 2010 at 1:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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gondo vs engetsuto is a wash unless you're somehow dying for the 1sTP. 2 ACC gives 1%~ more melee DoT and 1%~ more WS + 1% higher average WS, while 6% crit probably gives something like 3%~ melee DoT and 0% WS DoT. if you think of the common stats as 100, engetsuto is something like 101.505 while gondo is something like 101.5. if ATT and base crit rate are really low, gondo probably wins, while if ACC is low and ATT is high, engetsuto wins, but neither ever beats the other by a lot.

tomoe whips them both if you're not buffed out the *** (ie if the ATT and ACC matter), and i suspect love halberd is better than all 3. this post (which i haven't gone over too carefully, but looks more solid than the math i did a long time ago getting the opposite result) says love halberd wins handily.

quick math says love should win. assume love is 7-hit, tomoe 5-hit, ignore the ACC/ATT unless the comparison is close enough for them to matter, and assume love DA procs 50%. love swings around 20% faster. tomoe hits around 37% harder melee, and maybe 26% harder WS.

so, in the time it takes tomoe to do 24 WS, tomoe has hit 96 times, while love halberd has hit 170~ times and done 28~ WS.

tomoe: 96*1.37 = 131~
love: 170

tomoe: 24*1.26 = 30~
love: 28

without speculating on melee/WS % split, i think 30% melee advantage beats tiny WS advantage, so love wins.
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#3 Feb 26 2010 at 2:49 AM Rating: Good
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I got a gondo and sold off my engetsuto. Pretty happy with the marginal upgrade, though I use it on WAR more than SAM
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#4 Feb 26 2010 at 9:58 AM Rating: Good
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Appreciate the info, I guess I may as well unlock Gondo while I finish skilling up since I just ran out of stones anyway.

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