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Samurai, Dexterity, and TP buildFollow

#1 Jun 17 2009 at 1:54 AM Rating: Default
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This may sound like a really dumb idea, but I'm wondering if it's reasonable to have a TP-build consist of a DEX-build at level 75? This question stems from a curiousity about the relation between dexterity and critical hit rate as well as its importance when choosing a TP-build, so it'd be nice to have a few outside opinions on the subject.

From what I've been reading from FFXI wiki links and other sites, it seems like some would say 10-15 DEX increases the critical hit rate roughly 1-2% with 115+ DEX capping Crit Hit at 24-25%. And if I'm understanding the 2-handed bonus correctly, 4 DEX is equal to 3 ACC with 115+ DEX being equivalent to 28.75+ ACC. Granted that doesn't seem like much when compared to other ACC gear, but couldn't 24-25% crit be a worthwhile exchange especially with 4% crit merits and crit hit bonuses from other gear like Michishiba/Claymore Grip? Or is there a point where crit hit rate caps out over all other gear enhancements and ceases to be useful in SAM DoT?

EDIT - I calculated wrong when I totaled the DEX/Acc. 115+ DEX would be equal to 86.25 ACC since every 4DEX=3ACC. My bad.

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#2 Jun 17 2009 at 2:25 AM Rating: Decent
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I TP in 75+35 DEX SAM/WAR.

I haven't given a serious thought about this, but my sense telling me it's not worth it that much, especially on a job that are so heavy in WS frequency.

This is how you measure average damage in TPing phase:
Damage = crit_rate*avg_crit_dmg + (1-crit_rate)*avg_normal_dmg

say you got something that boost your crit rate from 10% to 25% (15% increase) without changing your base damage or pDIF. Then your damage increase will be

ΔDamage = Damage2 - Damage1 
        = [crit_rate2*avg_crit_dmg + (1-crit_rate2)*avg_dmg] - [crit_rate1*avg_crit_dmg + (1-crit_rate1)*avg_dmg] 
        = (crit_rate2-crit_rate1)*avg_crit_dmg + (crit_rate1-crit_rate2)*avg_normal_dmg 
        = (25%-10%)*avg_crit_dmg + (10%-25%)*avg_dmg 
        = 15%*avg_crit_dmg + -15%*avg_dmg 
        = 15%(avg_crit_dmg - avg_dmg) 

Say your average crit damage is 120 damage higher than average damage, then 15% boost to your critical hit rate only boost the damage by 18 damage
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#3 Jun 17 2009 at 6:54 AM Rating: Excellent
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tl;dr- crit sucks for 2h jobs
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#4 Jun 18 2009 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Don't look at the Crit Hit increase, look at the Acc increase.

If your Acc is capped, there has to be something better than DEX out there. Att, Haste, Store TP, even Double Att.
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