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Ninja evasion set?Follow

#1 Nov 23 2010 at 3:16 PM Rating: Good
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Retired nin awhile ago, can someone list a ah/easy rarex's evasion starting set.
#2 Nov 23 2010 at 3:46 PM Rating: Decent
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Well, I don't know how easy you consider trials but:


Sekka +1s are R/Ex, Ungur R/Ex, Ohat R/Ex

Torque is very cheap, Musical R/Ex, Velocity very cheap

Aurore very cheap, Rasetsu <50k, Rings I don't bother with but there is eva to be found there

Boxers is R/Ex, Scouters is rather expensive @ 800kish but I don't know alternatives offhand, Leg slot I use Koga for night bonus, Aurore feet are dirt cheap too

This setup with merits gets me through quite a bit of NM soloing. There's plenty of room for improvement but a lot of the gear consists of things I already have or can use for other jobs.
#3 Nov 27 2010 at 5:45 AM Rating: Excellent
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Evasion Sekka's are very quick and easy to make provided you go at the right time of year.
The longer trials are all TOAU based (Puks, Diremites, Colibri, and Pephredo's) so its vital that you wait until the late-spring/summer in Vanadiel before trying them as otherwise you won't see any wind weather.

If you pick the right time (starting around the end of month 4), you can literally power through the trials in a couple of RL days. Diremites are far and away the most time consuming, but fortunately as everyone is in the same boat -there is no real alternative to the 1 room in Aydeewa- its easy to party up and just hang around in there camping wind weather.

Once you have a pair of wind Sekka+1's the difference in evasion is astounding, although if you have better trial weapons you will definitely notice a drop in DoT.

For the record, here's the fast way to make them:

592: Lizards - Pso'xja (F7 tower) Constant weather means it should take 30 mins tops to do this.
593: Funguar - Grauberg (S) (North-east side above outpost) Wind is almost constant, mobs are common and squishy. Easily doable in 15 mins.
600: Funguar - Grauberg (S) Same as 593.
601: Crabs - Kuftal This one is hard to time as competition can be harsh, that said there are so many easy mobs to kill it should never take that long.
602: Puks - Waojoam (G12) There's an unmarked tunnel leading to a small clearing with pephredo hives. Camp at either end and wait for wind weather. 20 kills wont take long, but watch out for TP move spam due to the added effect on the Kuina feeding them. You shouldn't start this part until month 4/5 of the year.
603: Diremites - Aydeewa (via Bhaflau I-7) This is far and away the worst trial and will most likely take you as long as the rest put together. 6 mobs on 16min repops means that you either camp weather or be prepared to spend a RL week's worth of Windsdays down here. Go at the right time of year though (around month 6) and you'll be done in a few hours. This trial is a total pain, but at least after this your Kuina has +12 eva on it.@
1520: Pephredo - Waojoam (G6) Technically this trial asks for vermin, so you have a lot of options, but camping wind at a 2 or 3 hive cluster is far and away the fastest way to go. Should only take a couple of hours in summer.
1521: Colibri - Waojoam (Leypoint) Another lightning fast trial if the season's right. 50 colibri's is a trivial task for your Sekka upgrade.
2101: Funguar - Grauberg (S) Same deal as 593/600, just 60 wind kills this time instead of 10. Cake.

That's it. Very fast and easy, and quite overlap friendly (you can do 2 trials at once at a few points) making getting a not inconsiderable +16 AGI +36 EVA easy to get.
#4 Nov 27 2010 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Good info on the season-dependent weather, I actually had no clue this was the case.

*edit* where do you actually find this information on seasons? NPC somewhere? Is it on wiki anywhere?

A couple of notes on the evasion Sekkas, as I'm in the middle of working on them. If you're having trouble with wind weather for the Puks, I did the dragon trial on wyverns in Grauberg (S). They're a little tougher to solo, but wind weather is very frequent there.

Also for the vermin trial, if you're working on two Sekkas, diremites count as vermin, so you can do two trials at once that way.

My current evasion set looks like this:

Sekka+1 x2 (in progress) / Ungur's
AF+1 Head / Evasion Torque / Ethereal Earring / Evasion Earring
SH+1 / Seiryu's Kote / Wivre Ring / Wivre Ring
Boxer's / Scouter's Rope / Relic Legs / Rasetsu Sune-Ate

Obviously a few places in here to go for upgrades. There is a new ring from Abyssea with EVA+3 on it, and some Subtle Blow I think (Heed Ring). Waiting on price to drop a bit before I pick one of those up. Also Ambusher's Hose, Ballerines, etc.

Edited, Nov 27th 2010 6:32pm by Lothiriel
Lothiriel on Midgardsormr
Bonecraft 103 (like anyone cares anymore)
#5 Dec 01 2010 at 1:31 PM Rating: Decent
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I got solid info on Fire weather in Ifrit's Cauldron from the wiki, but finding the right time of year for wind in TOAU areas was just dumb luck on my part. Going through it a second time I knew that wind peaked out in late-spring summer (I made a mental note doing the first Katana) so I just camped out at the Leypoint until wind started to happen and then moved to the Puk camp, figuring by the time I got that done I'd be in a great position to hit Aydeewa at the time when wind was most likely.

I was a little bit out - it seems to me that Wind (or any other "seasonal" element) is only really present outside of rare instances for 3 months out of 12, the peak time being bang in the center roughly 6 game weeks (~5 RL days) from when it first starts to appear, after that it tails off again.

There are definitely trends, for example I noticed near the start of the windy season you'd get occasional windstorms separated by days of nothing, but the closer it got to the peak the fewer the gaps until eventually you get a couple of RL days where anything other than Wind is the exception.

It takes a bit of patience but even if you just check in (pop specs in the target region) once per RL day you shouldn't ever miss the right season because of the way it ramps up over time. The worst case scenario is of course arriving when it's "winding down", in which case I'd just suggest doing something else until the next game year rolls around.

The simple truth is for some trials, its not worth bothering with unless the weather is right - it just takes too much longer.
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