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#1 Sep 06 2010 at 11:06 PM Rating: Decent
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so there are varying opinions in regards to the state of nin/drk endgame tanking. its my understanding that its still viable but more difficult because of the loss of bind. my question is do the ToM katanas offer any solutions? (i know you'd be sacrificing weapon bash as well and as such /mage tanking would change considerably) what about nin/blu? i keep hoping that eventually nin will get something really cool and SE will balance the scales for nin but at this point i know thats not gonna happen and i just wanna skin the dev team for killing the one job i like(d) in ffxi. ill prolly just be soloin and lo-man with it until SE gives us the coup de gras and announces that all jobs can now use DW, ninjitsu, and gives all other jobs an A+ rating in katana with nin gear that actually makes them LOOK like ninjas. and a quick side question is it possible to have 2 completed enchu katanas say oat and DA?
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Sigh, this topic is a dead horse imo.

Not having Bind or Sleep hasn't been that big of a deal when I've been tanking as we still can open with Weapon Bash and Last Resort, then Stun, Aspir, Enfeebs, Stun, Aspir, Enfeebs, repeat until capped. If the elemental increase is significant, then what jprvoices said in the Ninja Updates thread will play a significant role in how we tank. Also keep in mind we have no idea what the two new Ninjutsu are nor do we know how much enmity they will generate.

That said, I think NIN/BLU is going to be a viable tank, but it's not going to be on par /DRK until 96 when the last of the hate spells (Jettatura) is available because Weapon Bash and Last Resort are that good for initial hate (plus Absorb-TP will be available for /DRK at that point too).

At the end of the day, things are changing. If folks choose to resist modifying how they play the job, that's on them, those who are willing to expirement and adjust will thrive, because everything we need is already there, we just have to learn how to take advantage of it.

To answer your question about Enchu, the answer is no, the katana is Rare and thus we can only use one, kind of a bummer, but that's how it goes.
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