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Any Gun toteing level 80 NIN/COR?Follow

#1 Jun 30 2010 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Curious anyone testing out the potential of this combo? Quick draw at 40 benefits from MATK and Innin bonus 30% seems viable.
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#2Inralkil, Posted: Jul 01 2010 at 6:08 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) No. There is no way to gear Quick Shot to do more damage than the DA from /WAR, the haste from /DRG, or the utility from /RDM.
#3 Jul 01 2010 at 10:21 PM Rating: Good
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Except that quick draw feeds no TP, nin has easy access to movement speed, superior shadows, and excellent evasion, making nin/cor a possibly excellent sub for kiting and nuking certain fights.

The only drawback is no way to heal yourself if you do get hit, unless you bring meds, npc healer, or regen gear/traits/buffs.

I'm curious myself to see how strong a nin/cor's quickdraws could be.
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#4 Jul 01 2010 at 10:47 PM Rating: Good
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Inralkil wrote:
No. There is no way to gear Quick Shot to do more damage than the DA from /WAR, the haste from /DRG, or the utility from /RDM.

Speaking as a 76COR, the main issue here is the garbage bullets NIN has access to. QD is based in very large part on the total DMG from Gun+Bullets. Although NIN can use some respectable guns like an unlocked Coffinmaker (DMG:40) or a Shark Gun (DMG:39), you lose a VERY significant 15DMG by only being able to use Iron Bullets as opposed to COR's standard Steel. You're also lacking COF AF hat, which is a sizable boost to QD.

I do kinda want to fool around on NIN/COR, but it's really a novelty and not much more. /DNC, /WAR, /RDM - they just offer more.

/COR can get access to Slug Shot, and NIN has access to enough good ranged gear through AF/AF+1 and random pieces that you can make a solid Slug set other than the lackluster ammo, even considering the mediocre C rank Marksmanship skill. Again though, more of a novelty than anything. Even if you can outdamage Jin (wouldn't be that surprising, especially on piercing weak mobs) you'll be less consistent thanks to Slug's Accuracy penalty (exacerbated by C skill) and you'll have to spend money on ammo to do it.

One thing that doesn't tell the whole story though is "/WAR gives more DD". Don't forget it's not all about the damage you contribute, when you also have subjob strength buffs to help a party. Some refresh on the mages with Evoker's and a DD roll up front (even a subjob strength Chaos, Hunter's, or Samurai roll can be quite helpful) aren't something to ignore. You can only have one roll on each party member at a time, but you can cycle multiple rolls to target different members (e.g. one on healers, one on melees). Perhaps there's some situational use there for a non-tanking NIN to help the party with /COR buffs, Innin DD, enfeebling and elemental ninjutsu.

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#5 Jul 02 2010 at 7:24 AM Rating: Good
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There may be a highly unlikely situation where /COR is your best option, but as you mentioned it wont be because of QD. Damage would be (2*(55+40)*(1+(5/100))*1.1) = 219 damage. This assumes moldy and elemental staves. Don't forget NIN would only start with one charge, as opposed to COR's two.

Assuming your standard nuke and run fight, you would be better off /RDM and debuffing the mob for the nukers while a RDM kites.

Even being needed for rolls is highly unlikely. If you don't have much support, you are likely low-manning, something NIN can shine in a DD or Tank role, or nuking, which /COR does nothing for. NIN would add more in those situations than many other jobs, so one of the jobs that don't have a primary role would be better served going /COR for the rolls, even if they lose ~200 damage every minute from not being able to equip guns.

Now if you want to try going /COR to events, you can. It will be a different playstyle and sometimes breaking out of a rut in this game is more important than optimal performance. It will not be the most useful choice, though.
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