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AF+1: Body or Hands first?Follow

#1 Jun 08 2010 at 10:52 AM Rating: Good
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Upgrading an AF+1 and I'm debating which to go for first, between hands/body. Leaning toward body, but any advice would be helpful.

I'd be using them as a WS piece only. I have Ochimusha Kote now, I'll probably get Enkidu's before too long (likely gonna go for some lowman T3 ZNMs after 80cap). How does the STR/DEX+6 compare to the Atk+20 on O.Kote - big difference? And do Enkidu's (DEX+4 STR+4 Acc+5) make AF+1 hands obsolete if I manage to get them?

Mirke with DW/Acc isn't an option for me. I do have Mirke, but with Acc+10 and Pet MAB/MAcc+7 for my PUP that I'm not giving up (my main job, only body available for pet nuking). I still like it for NIN in some party situations if I'm tanking, giving up +10 Atk from Hauby in exchange for +10 AGI +20 Evasion.

Other NIN bodies I have available - SH+1 (evasion/solo), Hauby (Jin, DD if I'm not tanking), AF (haste solo), Osode (Kamu, Ninjutsu). I generally like NIN for solo and small group activities, so I'm often fighting stuff that doesn't require a lot of Acc. Then again, if it's something I would solo in AF body now, I'm sure the extra DEX on AF+1 wouldn't hurt due to the Yonin Acc penalty.

I guess the other consideration is that with the coming level cap raises, it seems more likely to get new hands replacements than to have more NIN bodies with haste or DW. And haste/DW retains its benefit well in the face of other competing stat options for the slot (in fact becoming significantly more valuable if OTHER slots add more haste). Look at something like Rapparee Harness with no other helpful stats still being one of the best THF/DNC bodies at 75. Am I making sense here?

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#2 Jun 08 2010 at 11:27 AM Rating: Excellent
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When you solo on NIN, are you /dnc? Because tier 1 lethargic daze + accuracy bonus puts nets a decent +18 accuracy to compensate the -30 accuracy from Yonin. (Not that I ever use lethargic daze when soloing, I'd rather use box step..)

If I were in your shoes, I'd go for the AF+1 body first.

I'll let more math savy people do the AF+1 gloves vs Enkidu comparison.
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#3 Jun 09 2010 at 11:23 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hands, a lot of it winds up being situational. What mob, what buffs, that sort of thing when comparing AF+1 to O. Kote, etc. Enkidu's don't obsolete AF+1, but they are a very nice sidegrade.

I would say, given what you mentioned with alternatives, that the body +1 is your better bet, though it's not a huge upgrade over plain ol' AF.
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#4 Jun 09 2010 at 2:50 PM Rating: Good
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Basically you would use AF+1/enkidu's for more evasive mobs or o/b kotes for weaker mobs. Okotes are enough attack that you can basically fall back on them and still be fine.

The gloves are only 2str/dex for 4acc against Enkidu's mittens so if you had enkidu's I would just go with AF+1 body.

It also heavily depends on how often you would use AF+1 body as is. For the most part it's just making the body a tad better, but I wouldn't say 5 dex is enough that you would change from the current DD body if it weren't already AF.

The boots are also worth considering since they increase the duration from 18-6 to 17-7, which while isn't that large of an improvement it still has use. I mean you're basically deciding between 2 more str/dex for your weaker mobs WS or for 5 dex for your weaker mob TP or for another 2 hours of uber run speed.
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#5 Jun 11 2010 at 1:19 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks everyone. These responses do make me more confident that I'll go body first. I'll stick with O.Kote for now for my WS hands, until I get another AF+1 material set or grab Enkidu hands.

I know AF+1 body isn't a massive upgrade over AF, but since I've been using AF more and more often lately for NIN/DNC soloing stuff, adding some DEX and Shock Spikes won't hurt.

And yeah, AF+1 boots for a little more movement+ would be cool too. Just not my first priority. Sooner or later I'll grab those too.
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#6 Jun 11 2010 at 3:02 PM Rating: Good
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Shock Spikes won't hurt.

I know this isn't really why you are upgrading the piece, but just so you know, they barely ever kick in (you aren't trying to get hit anyways). When they do, they don't seem to stun very well. In fact, I can't recall them ever stunning to be honest, and I've used AF+1 body for probably 2 years now in capped accuracy situations.

I think the primary advantage of AF+1 body is not needing to get your AF out of storage. I have body, hands, and feet and a set which I am going to turn in for head cause why not? Body and hands get the most use, but man do I love my fast shoes when they are on. Kiting is a breeze.
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#7 Jun 12 2010 at 12:23 PM Rating: Good
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If you solo a lot, or are big in an EVA setup, AF+1 head is a very nice piece.

I personally went with: Feet>Body>Head>Hands. I did hands last because I had Koga for night time and Bando for day time.

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