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#1 Aug 10 2011 at 5:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Camate wrote:
Hi-ya monks! (get it? It's a pun.) Can I get a yeah buddy? Because I have a bunch of responses from the development team as follow-ups to all the feedback we have received about monk job adjustments :)
Make it so you generate TP upon a successful counterattack.

Since Counter offers the monk a defensive edge by negating damage from an attack, we decided against it also generating TP.

Abolish the TP that is given to enemies upon a monk’s successful counter.

Since the benefit of Counter itself is already very potent, it will be difficult to justify cutting the TP given to the enemy as well.

Make it so the rate of guard activation and the amount of damage that is reduced increases the higher the monk’s guard skill is.

First we will be making adjustments to make it easier to increase guard and parry skills. We plan on looking into guard balance adjustments as the next step we take.

Add an ability that increases the guard rate and damage reduction.

Since we already have Perfect Counter, we have no plans to add this type of ability.

Make it so magic casting cannot be interrupted when you guard.

Since monk has no native magic skill, a different type of effect such as a reduction in enemy’s generated TP would fit better than simply magic interruption.

Adjust Boost so the attack power is stronger.

We will look into it. We agree it would be nice to feel a potent effect even if the enemies get stronger with the level cap increase.

Add Regen, Stoneskin, or some other type of support-related effect to Chakra.

We are thinking about adding something along the lines of increasing the effect of Chakra through Boost. It might be good if we added a Regen effect when using Boost in conjunction with Chakra which would get more powerful the more times you Boost.

Add a stun ability.

We are not thinking about adding an ability for this. We would like to have monks use the weapon skill “Tackle” in instances that they need to stun something. We are currently looking into an effect that will reduce an enemy’s TP as an adjustment to Chi Blast.

Will there be any new stance abilities like Footwork?

First we would like to make adjustments so that Footwork can be used in more efficient ways, so we are not currently preparing any additional new stances.

We would like special abilities that can only be used while Footwork is active.

We’ll keep it in consideration as a part of the Footwork adjustments.

Add items that can be equipped in the sub equipment slot while using hand-to-hand weapons.

We are currently looking into methods of utilizing the sub slot for hand-to-hand. We’ll take into consideration the balance of other weapons and will look to implement it at the right time.
#2 Sep 04 2011 at 6:07 AM Rating: Good
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Interesting notes, thanks for posting them.

The idea of Boost increasing the effect of Chakra seems pretty lame to me. A regen could be useful if it was potent enough and lasted a decent amount of time, but a straight buff to HP healed would need to be quite large in order to beat Boost x1 -> Chakra -> rest for the 2.5 mins you'd otherwise be Boosting for. And that's just talking the rare instances where you don't have a healer and you actually have to rest to get HP back.

I'm glad to see that they plan to make guard and parry easier to skill up, but it looks like any changes to the effectiveness of guard are still a ways out, if they come at all.
#3 Sep 04 2011 at 1:42 PM Rating: Good
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And that's just talking the rare instances where you don't have a healer and you actually have to rest to get HP back.

I can imagine when our HP gets lower switching to kite mode so we can boostx12 to recover full HP or something like that.

It still seems like MNK is on the back bench for SE developers for now. The job will gain even more power higher H2H skill and probable ToM weaponon upgrades.
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#4 Sep 04 2011 at 7:54 PM Rating: Good
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I hadn't thought of stacking it while kiting... but, particularly in Abyssea, that seems just as rare as resting for HP on MNK. Maybe I'm not recognizing the usefulness of kiting *as MNK* but I'm usually either straight tanking something or KO'd from a nuke + heavy TP move combo.
#5 Sep 12 2011 at 12:14 PM Rating: Default
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Hahaha, Guard skill.
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