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Maat Strategies Only ^^Follow

#1 Jul 26 2005 at 8:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Well, we've all seen the numerous threads about people beating the old man, but... Each of the threads only has one, maybe a few, strategies. So onto my proposal.

Everyone who's beaten the old man, post your strategy here. Only strategies in here, no questions or suggestions, only what's actually worked. Make this thread be the Maat reference thread. ;)
#2 Jul 26 2005 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
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All the starting crap

Food Carbonara

1. Full mind gear, fully boosted Chi-blast
2. Raging fists
Maat uses Hundred Fists
3. Hermes Quencher -----> Flee
Maats Hundred Fists where off
4. Hundred Fists
5. Raging Fists
6. Maat Pwned


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#3 Jul 26 2005 at 8:42 AM Rating: Good
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Food: Carbonera
2 Hi Potions to bring you to max
Drink: Persiskos Au Lait

Blink Band
Hundred Fists

Once down a bit Maat uses Hundred Fists
Raging Fists
Icarus Wing
Raging Fists
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#4 Jul 26 2005 at 9:09 AM Rating: Excellent
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Here's what I did. First Maat fight I got beat, made a few tweaks and came up with this strategy. Won with ~800hp.

Food & Medicines:
- Yellow Curry [Carbonara better choice now, was not available at time]
- 4 Sleeping Potions
- Vile Elixir +1 [Potions take time to use, Elixirs are instant]
- Periskos Au Lait
- Icarus Wing

Feral Fangs [Go for big damage like Fangs, Spartans, CC]
Happy Egg
Tiger Mask [Optical Hat would rock if you have it already]
AF Body, Hands, Legs, Feet
Dodge Earring x 2 [Elusive better, were not available at the time]
Sun Ring x 2
Amemet Mantle +1
Brown Belt
*Blink Band
*Opo-opo Necklace

- Create a new macro template just for the fight. Take out unnecessary party calls, set up all your JA and items to be used durig the fight. Do not put Boost before WS as it wastes precious seconds.

Battle Strategy:
- Get Naked! [Maat may or may not take your stats when you enter the BC, better safe than sorry].
- Enter BC.
- Equip Opo-opo Necklace; drink Sleep potions until at 100TP. Equip Spectacles.
- Equip Blink Band and all other equipment
- Eat food & Au Lait.
- Approach Maat, enter attack mode without engaging, and turn around.
- Begin Boosting for Chi Blast.
- After Boost #8 activate Blink Band. Equip Tiger Mask after activation.
- Activate Dodge, Focus, and Hundred Fists.
- Chi Blast Maat and turn around.
- Howling Fist >> Maat.
- Let TP build rebuild. Use Chakra then Elixir as needed to heal.
- At 100TP Raging Fists >> Maat.
- If Maat does not immideately concede use your Icarus Wing and Raging Fists him again.
- Shout over /LS that you just beat the heck out of Maat.

This is what I did after an initial loss vs. Maat. Immideately using an Icarus Wing & 2nd WS gets Maat to use Hundred Fists earlier in the fight from the large amount of damage in a short time....delay this as long as possible. Going overboard on a big Chi Blast (+MND gear, 11 Boost) adds to that ptoblem.

Start a little easier and let Hundred Fists do it's work softening him up & building up TP and he is all yours.
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#5 Jul 27 2005 at 7:49 AM Rating: Decent
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I did mine the same as MRKRAZE.

Sleep, get TP,blink band, eat carbone had 1800hp's with that food ^^ Drink HP regen drink while boosting. Run in CHI , focus Dodge, ws his ***.

Fight till he pops Hundred when he does pop a hermes quencher and run your happy *** away. Soon as flee is gone so should his hundred fist.

Go in and hundred fist him. ws when ya get tp (do not boost before ws takes to much time) also I used stun jamy's and the stun effect went off enough to make the difference.

He gave up right before I was tryin to Chakra 82/1800 for me.

Even with this route he is still no push over but I didn't have the cash for uber gear so I fought him almost bone stock gear other then a phalanx ring and to +3 agility earrings.
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#6 Jul 27 2005 at 9:31 AM Rating: Good
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Since there have already been some good battle plans posted I'll give some additions to keep in mind while doing this fight instead of a detailed rundown. First and most important, after deciding which strategy to use, stick with it! You won't likely be able to change plans mid-fight, the battle is just too fast paced. Macro EVERYTHING. Again, very fast paced battle and you won't have time to fiddle with menus/inventory/ect... macro every action you need and make sure you know EXACTLY where everything is. Before you enter the BC, take a minute to mentally review your strategy and then focus on executing it no matter what happens. Know exactly when and why you're going to WS, Chakra, Med, ect. Like I said, form a plan and stick to it.

My winning battle plan was essentially the same as NameAlreadyTaken's except I started with a fully boosted Chi-blast instead of a medium Chiblast followed by Howling Fist. Unless you plan to do the flee from Maat's 2-hour method, I feel it is of the utmost importance to avoid triggering his 2-hour early (i.e. before 1/2 his life is gone.) Then hammer him into submission once he 2-hours. You may not need all the items listed, but for any strategy I feel a Blink Band and Icarus Wing are essential, as they tip the balance heavily in your favor.

As for gear, it is my opinion that most monks at this stage should have a pretty good idea as to what works and what doesn't (and the ideal may change depending on your play style and strategy.) For what it's worth I have put the gear flips I used in my profile.

Finally, if at first you don't succeed... well most people know the rest. You could have the best strategy and execute it perfectly, but there's always the chance the game will roll the dice squarely in the old man's favor. Also, if you lose, take some time to mentally review and figure out what went wrong and adjust accordigly. And remember, the next time you fight him, you'll have a better idea of what to expect. I did quite a bit of research and watched a couple videos and it still did not compare to actually getting in there and fighting him. I learned more from my first 2 losses than I ever did from my research.

Good luck and remember, it will all be worth it when you finally put Maat in his place!

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#7 Jul 27 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok this was my 7th try mind you.

Food: Bison steak,Panama au lait
Full Mnd equip
Full AF, Feral fangs, sun rings, life belt, tiger mask

Went in naked, slept till 100tp
used blink band
boosted 4 times, ate au lait
boosted 4 more times, dodge, focus, hundred fist
boosted once more, chi blast

fought him till he 2hred at half life,
Raging Fist, Chakra, Icarus wing, Raging Fist

won with 610hp i had a vile elixer but i didn;t use it

Also got my AF2 gloves the same day^^
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#8 Jul 30 2005 at 11:54 PM Rating: Default
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Just beat Maat tonight on my first try. I basically followed the Synbios video exactly:

Full AF (except for Dune Boots)
Drone Earrings
1 Each STR and VIT ring
Brown Belt
Spartan Cesti

Enter naked and right away eat carbonara, pear au lait, and hi potion. I did this at the start and with the hi-potion to make sure I was at Max HP before any punches were thrown.

Equip all my gear via macros (incl. blink band instead of AF to start). You can fit everything in to 2 macros, though i did not equip any neck piece at this point. I had a justice badge included in my HF+Chi-Blast Macro.

Then I hit first boost macro to boost 3 times. After that the timer on blink band was up so i used it.

Two more boost macros to get my total boosts up to 9.

Get close enough to maat for chi-blast range.
Dodge + focus (swap in AF head for this)

Then with maat targeted Hundred Fists + chi blast (in a single macro, and in that order).

Right around the time i got 100 TP he popped Hundred fists. I hit RF, ate an Icarus wing and did a second RF and he gave up. Had about 450 HP left, no elixer, no chakra, no sleeping for TP.

I guarded one hit, countered once, maat countered me twice (one absorbed by blink).

It all happened so fast I was thinking "WTF, that's it?"

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#9 Jul 31 2005 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
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I just beat him a few hours ago. Before i talked to maat i ate my Carbonera and rested to full HP. Took off my gear and entered BC. Put all the gear back on which was AF pants and feet, then scorp harness, pallas braclets, and tiger mask. I boosted once then alternated boosting and sleep potions till i got 100 tp from the opo opo necklace. Boosted once more, ate my pamama O lait to regain the HP bonuses from AF and other gear, used dodge focus with the Right AF on and 2 hour'd. I then chi blasted for 310 which was more than i expected, and raging fists after for 495. Maat 2 houred me at around 80% of my TP, so I went and raging fists right at 100% tp for 525 dmg, then started to use icarus wing but ended up beating maat with 325 hp left over.

I did all my abilities manually, and looking back i should have used chakra earlier on in the fight when it wasnt so hectic. I didnt bother with blink band since i didnt want to spend the money, although it would have helped. I chose instead to use a memento muffler which has enchantment of +7 vitality, it has 20 charges and only cost me 1K from the AH.
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#10 Jul 31 2005 at 2:05 AM Rating: Good
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Here's 2 videos approaching Maat in 2 different ways.

*Edit* These strategies are similar to most MNK methods of victory, I hope the videos help to give you a visual of what actually "went" down.

1st Video

This one entails the slow and steady approach. Soft-Palm, Gentle Hand.

Food: Carbonara
Drink: Au Lait
Chi Blast: Bout 7-9 Boost
Gear: Standard AF / Spartans (High Delay Heavy Hitting H2H)
Item: 1 Icarus Wing
Extra: Blink Band
TP: Slept to 100%

Strat is basically, sleep to 100% TP than Boost. Do a light Chi Blast after buffing(blink band) and activating hundred fist. Then use Raging Fists when Maat uses his Hundred Fists. Right after your Raging Fists animation is finished eat the Icarus Wing, and Raging Fists again for the win. Inexpensive and a very good shot at victory. In fact this IS the method I've recommended to all mnks who are trying to beat Maat nowdays. So far it's been 12/13 in victories. It basically stresses what MNKs are good at. DoT. Props to Synbios for establishing this method good.

2nd Video

This one is trying to do as much damage in as short as time as possible. Expensive and high chance of loss in my experience.

Food: Was Bison Steak but I would recommend Carbonara
Drink: Au Lait
Chi Blast: 11-12 Boost (Including Chi Blast Gear)
Gear: Lots of Counter, KF series shoes, Pallas, CC's etc. Not much focus in the way of VIT/DEF
Item: Icarus Wing, Vile Elixer
Extra: Blink Band
TP: Slept to 100%

Basically same Strategy as above except no delay when using WSkills. Go right into Weapon Skilling x2 times and hope Hundred Fist will give you a 3rd for the win, or drink a Potion to keep your self alive when you try to survive Maat's Hundred Fists. Or possibly get a lucky series of counters. Many things can and could go wrong. You'll be pummeled badly. I recommend 1st video, as that is what I would have done had I had not already beaten Maat. :/

Both these videos are from PirateSyndicate LS, where we have lots O MNKs. ^^ link in my Sig.

Have a good one,



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#11 Jul 31 2005 at 3:11 AM Rating: Decent
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Beat him at 67 with the following strategy.

Eat Carbonara
Use Pamama Au Lait
Sleep to 100% TP
Boost up 10 times
Engage out of range
Focus/Dodge/Hundred Fists
MND Gear on
Chi Blast while running into range
Battle gear on
Raging Fists
Use Chakra/Vile Elixir as needed
When Maat used Hundred Fists, I popped Counterstance
100% TP - Raging Fists

Countered 14 times, didn't even get to use my Icarus Wing.

Gear (battle) was Cross-counters, Happy Egg, Temple Crown, Spike Necklace, 2x Dodge Earring, Temple Cyclas, Ochiudo's Kote, 2x Sun Ring, Amemit Mantle, Brown Belt, Temple Hose, Wulong Shoes.


#12 Jul 31 2005 at 6:43 AM Rating: Decent
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Food: Carbonar
-slept til 100%
-Boosted 6 times
-Popped Dodge, Focus, Hundred Fists
-Chi Blast
-Raging fists
-beat down
-raging fists
-beat down more
He gives up

Had 123/1400 hit points left, never Chakra'd or used a wing
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#13 Jul 31 2005 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
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I subscribe to the Med-free DoT approach ^^

No sleep
Carbonera + au lait
dodge headband

Weak chi for ~200 if you are bored...

Engage and hundred fist

Without his 2 hr, maat seems to have a dreadfully high attack delay (Like a L1 monk using spartans... lol). Blink eats some, chakra recovers from some...

Take your time wearing him down naturally until hes at the halfway point when he will eventually 2hr.

When he uses 2hr, finally do your WS (you should have 150-250% tp naturally gained from a long fight)

My WS instantly won at this point, but I have heard other people needed a wing and second WS, or even just 2-3 more punches.

I finished with over 1000hp without needing the wing or an elixer and used only a single WS, but I would reccomend bringing these for insurance.

#14 Jul 31 2005 at 7:43 PM Rating: Good
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This is my interpretation of the "gentle palm" approach, insofar as the goal is to control/ride the flow of the fight rather than attempting to go for a blitz victory.

Food: Carbonara / Persikos Au Lait (optional)
Meds: Icarus Wing / Hi-Potion x2 / Vile Elixir (optional)

The Hi-Pots are to top off your HP after eating the carbonara as it saves a fair amount of time compared to resting to full.

Time can be an issue if you use the Opo-opo necklace and sleep pots, so I honestly wouldn't recommend it. 2 WS should be enough to take Maat out from ~50% hp so just an icarus wing will do. The persikos is a bit of added insurance as is the Vile Elixir, if all goes well you shouldn't need to use the latter but having it in reserve is a wise move unless you really enjoy farming tests.

Enchanted Equipment: Blink Band / Mememto Muffler / Counter Earring

Blink Band is your best friend, consider a Memento muffler and a counter earring (dropped from the solo ENM) too. Again, do not forget all these items have substantial cast-times so factor it in to your pre-fight buff time. Fighting Maat is stressful enough without worrying about running out of time in the arena - that 10 minute limit can easily be eaten up if you have a complex set-up in mind and you make a mistake.


Rather than run down an exact list of items to wear I'll simply list a few of what I consider to be the major do's/dont's.

1. Avoid any gear that has -def stats. This includes otherwise valuable items like TM Hooks, Ochiudo's Kote and Sniper Rings.

2. Good evasion is important especially if you don't load up on counter gear. Dodge/Drone earrings are preferable to Spikes or other +atk/-eva earrings.

3. A good amount of +Vit gear is worthwhile in order to reduce damage. Note:it makes sense if you go this way to use Howling Fist over Raging Fists as it actually adds to your offence as well as defence.

Battle Tactics:

Again key points-

1. Make a plan, and stick to it.

2. Macro everything.

3. Once you enter the circle, don't rush or panic, stay calm and execute your plan.


The goal is to ensure Maat triggers his 2hr at 50% health, no sooner. So...

Enter naked. Dress/Eat/Heal with pots.

If you have enchanted items factor in the activation/casting delay in your plan. e.g equip enchanted gear first so by the time you are fully dressed and fed they are all available for activation.

Approach the battle arena casually, Maat will not attack until you directly attack him so just get in a comfortable chi-blast range before making your final preparations.

DO NOT EXCESSIVELY BOOST CHI-BLAST. This is critical, as a high powered chi is a sure way to **** Maat off, use no more than 3 or 4 boosts (with AF gloves).

Focus/Dodge/Hundred Fists then Chi-blast to start the fight. IF you macro these make sure there is sufficient delay between them for them all to activate. Don't worry about losing a few precious seconds visually confirming their activation as the battle will last less than 2 minutes.

Just punch away at Maat until he tells you he is warmed up. At most use Chakra during this part of the fight. This should happen when Maat is around 50% health.

The second you see the "warmed up" message WS, use the wing, then WS again.

If he isn't done after this, he should quit within a round or two of regular punches. Use whatever means you have at your disposal to survive this (elixir, chakra if still available, etc)and you should win comfortably.

No guarantees, but this worked for me very well.

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#15 Aug 07 2005 at 2:04 AM Rating: Decent
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Just beat him. heres how i did it.

Galka 70 monk:
Feral Fangs
Tiger Mask/ Blink Band
Spike Necklace/ Justice Badge
Dodge Earrings x2
Sun Ring x2
AF Gloves, Boots, Leggings, and Body
Anemet Mantle
Brown Belt

Vile Elixer, Vile Elixer +1, Icarus Wing, Carbonara, Persikos au lait

Entered BCNM unarmored, upon entering I ate the Carbonara and Persikos au lait then equiped normal armor and blink band. As I walked towards the arena I Boosted 5 times, then used Blink Band. Boosted 2 more times and walked to Maat and turned away from him. Activated Dodge, Focus, and Hundred Fists. Used Chi Blast macro (had equip change to the Justice Badge, boost, chi blast and back to spike necklace in it). Turn around and started beating the daylight out of Maat. Soon as I had 100% TP I used Raging Fists. Activated Icarus wing and did a second Raging fists. Battle over.

Never used Chakra, Vile elixer, or Vile Elixer +1

Maat got 2 hits on me before he atcivated his Hundred Fists, then started hitting me at 90-120 dmg a hit. i was doing on average 53-56 dmg a hit, with crits of 120 and guarded ones of 13.

At 70 he has about 2800-3000 HP
My time was 3 minutes and 44 seconds (Beat server record)

Hope this helps any Future Maat Masher
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#16 Aug 08 2005 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
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sleeping didn'g work for me. took too long to sleep and boost. by that time, time expired mid-fight and maat laughed at me....

this is what i did and what i recommend to anyone else who would put themselves through the **** that is "monk lb5"

get an icarus wing, blink band, stumbling sandals, and two beetle rings. enter the fight arena with only the sandals and rings on. then unequip them and equip your awesome monk gear. use your icarus wing. use your food.
walk up to maat, turn away from him, and engage. boost up to about 75% and equip/use your blink band...which takes a while. once it is done(don't forget to put your temple crown or optical hat back on), boost once more and use dodge/focus/hundred fists. hit chi blast, then turn around and use raging fists. pray a little while you wait on your tp to go back to 100 and use it again(spam the macro). after you use it, the fight is matter how you look at it. but if the blink band worked, and your chi blast was good(macro in mind gear) prolly won.

i ate sole sushi and used stun jhamdars. i recommend making macros for everything and putting them in chronological order. it is very important that you do everything as quickly as possible in succession because you don't have much time to live in this fight. he hits for 200+ every round and will hundred fist/WS you at his earliest convenience. if he activates hundred fists within a few seconds of you know you're gonna win. cuz you musta took almost half his energy already.

4 minutes and 44 seconds. i am the record holder on shiva....tried and true.

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#17 Aug 13 2005 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Just a note for anyone else that might end up trying to do the same... I know now that none of the guides did actually say to use both, but I took bits from different guides and it didn't work out.

Both Hermes Quenchers and Icarus Wings (And Vile Elixir as far as I know, I may be wrong) give Medicated status. This means you can't use both of them in the same fight, and after using one you can't use any potions or medicine of any sort. I had a Hermes Quencher and an Icarus Wing... use the Hermes Quencher when he threw up Hundred Fists, and then couldn't use the Icarus Wing. Kinda messed up my strategy and threw me off a bit, and basically I died.

Got a new test now, off to try again...
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#18 Aug 13 2005 at 7:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Well, I beat him on the 3rd try... the only advice I can give is -Check your Macros!- Check them, double check them, triple check them. The seconds I lost from confusion over messed up macros, and having to go into the menu lost me the fight, it's a very fast fight. Other than that I just followed the general strategy.

Sleep to 100%. Use Blink Band, Carbonara, Persikos Au Laut, Hi Potions to full HP.
Engage, Dodge, Focus, Hundred Fists
Turn around, Chi Blast, Raging Fists
Raging Fists again when you have TP
Chakra as needed
If he's still alive, pop an Icarus Wing. I was really suprised to have beaten him soon after using my 2nd Raging Fists. My HP was down to 600ish and I was abou to pop it... when he gave up.

When I used this strategy and my macros were working, I beat the record by over 50 seconds. I guess thats not saying much with all the maintenance (resets the records) lately, but 50 seconds over the last person is a nice margin. I'm sure it could be beaten easily with different strategies though (No sleeping) Not too sure how you could run out of time, there's a 10 minute time limit and it's 30 seconds per sleep potion as far as I know. so 3-4 mins for prep, and the fight itself is over in a flash.

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#19 Aug 14 2005 at 2:22 AM Rating: Default
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Very help full strategies... Just wondering if anyone would be willing to share the macros they used for the battle? I am such a macro invalid and this info would be a great help ; ;

#20 Aug 14 2005 at 8:39 AM Rating: Decent
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One Question: If you unequip the Blink Band after you use the Blink enchantment, will you lose the blink effect?
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#21 Aug 14 2005 at 10:41 AM Rating: Good
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macros i used in no particular order

Boost macro
/ja Boost <me>
/wait 15
/ja Boost <me>
/wait 15
/ja Boost <me>
/echo Boost macro #1 complete

And i had two more just like that with whatever number in the echo line

equip macros:
/equip head "Blink Band"
/equip main "Spartan Cesti"
/equip body "Trmple Cyclas"
/equip back "Amemet Mantle +1"
/equip waist "Brown Belt"
/equip hands "Temple Gloves"

/equip ear1 "Drone Earring"
/equip ear2 "Drone Earring"
/equip ring1 "Puissance Ring"
/equip ring2 "Chrysoberyl Ring"
/equip legs "Temple Hose"
/equip feet "Dune Boots"

And, yes, i am aware that this leaves my neck slot empty (Keep reading)

job ability macros:
/ja Dodge <me>
/wait 1
/ja Focus <me>

/equip neck "Justice badge"
/ja "Hundred Fists" <me>
/wait 1
/ja "Chi Blast" <t>
/wait 3
/equip neck "Spike Necklace"

WS macro
/ws "Raging Fists" <t>
/ws "Raging Fists" <t>
/ws "Raging Fists" <t>

Wing macro
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>

and i think my chakra macro was just /ja Chakra <me> on a couple lines, but i never had to use it.

also: I would use the blink band in between #1 and #2 boost macros through the item menu, then manually change it out to a tiger mask through the equipment menu after i used it and got shadows up.
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#22 Aug 14 2005 at 2:37 PM Rating: Default
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Thanx alot Derigible, rate up ^^

#23 Aug 26 2005 at 1:47 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok, just beat him tonight, on my first try, at lv 70. I must say, I expected more. I am elvaan and had 1503HP in BC with equip on.

Tiger Mask [Blink Band](forgot to use Blink tho)
Spike Neck [Opo Opo Neck]
AF body
AF hands
AF legs
AF feet
Brown Belt
Sun Ringx2

Items Purchased:
Icarus Wing (Didn't end up needing this...)
Sleeping Potions
Vile Elixir
Vile Elixir+1
Meat Mithkabob

First of all, let me say I do not think CCs helped, and pursuing a route less detrimental to my evasion may have helped me. Maat hit me everytime, and I only countered him once, and guarded him once, he countered me once as well.

Throughout: use Vile Elixirs as needed
#1 Sleep to 100TP
#2 Eat kabob
#3 Boost 8x
#4 use Blink Band (I forgot this step ><)
#5 Focus+Dodge+Chi Blast
#6 turn around
#7 hit raging fists
#8 Hundred Fists
#9 @100TP, raging fists (maat died for me at this point)
#10 if needed, use TP wing and raging fists again

Now, my chi hit him for 399dmg, I hit him for about 80/fist, with raging fists doing around 450. Maat did not use any WS on me, and hit me for 90-120. I ended up with 495 HP and completed fight in 6m 29s.

Good luck fellow MNKs

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#24 Aug 26 2005 at 3:35 AM Rating: Decent
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My maat fight was quite messy at level 70 but it worked quite well and i came out of it with pretty high HP, my original plan was:

enter - eat carbonara, use a few hi-potions to recover full HP

run up to maat - wearing full MND gear except my staff (so i could keep TP from my knuckles). replace head and neck MND gear with blink band + opo-opo necklace

Sleep TP - use blink band - Swap opo necklace for Promise badge and swap used blink band with AF head

Boost 11 times

dodge, focus + hundred fists - 12th boost and chi blast

change to full melee gear with macros - raging fists

icarus wing - raging fists - hope maat dies, if not let hundred fists finish him off

Vial elixir +1 if needed


Unfortunatley it didn't go like this. I allready had most of these macros made from my first maat fight i lost at level 66 and i only needed to update them to the new equipment i was using at level 70. Because of the new equipment, my equip change macros now covered 2 macros instead of 1, pushing my raging fists macro over 1 more slot (which caused the problem).

I got DC just before i traded my testimony to maat and all the macro changes i made got reset back to the originals, i didn't notice. So anyway after these problems that i hadn't actually noticed at this point, i traded my testimony and entered. This is how it went:

I entered in my MND gear minus the staff, neck and head as mentioned above, ate my carbonara and used the high potions to recover my HP to full.

I slept to 100 TP, then used my blink band and swapped back to my temple crown and promise badge for chi blast.

I started to boost as planned, but somehow lost count of my boosts half way through. Instead of risking the timer on boost running out or starting again from 0 boosts and risking the fight timer running out, i decided to chi blast early, I estimate i'd boosted something like 7-9 times. I knew i hadn't boosted 12 times but wasn't sure so i used dodge, focus, hundred fists, engaged and blasted maat for just over 500 damage.

I instantly hit my equip change macros to get into my melee gear, but like i said they were erased on the DC and the macros were trying to change to my old equip setup. So i manually swapped back into my melee gear in the menu while my character went at it with hundred fists. I was using the windower and i remember maat activating hundred fists at 68% HP. At this point i was in a real panic with broken macros and really didn't know what to do.

I had my plan layed out in a notepad file open just below my FF window just incase i forgot my sequence while fighting which turned out to be a life saver because i glanced down at it and remembered "oh yeah, raging fists > icarus wing > raging fists". But my RF macro that had been pushed over 1 from my previous macro changes that got deleted had put the RF macro back in it's original position so i was whacking it for ages desperatley trying to WS with my log just being spammed with "unable to change equipment" or something.

Now i was in serious trouble with maat's hundred fists really taking it's toll on me. Eventually my fingers found their way to my raging fists macro but while i was performing the raging fists animation maat got a few critical hits and took me down to very low HP.

This is where the fight turned around, and i'm so glad i brought a vile elixir +1 with me. I used my elixir first, then my icarus wing instantly and delivered the second raging fists, ending the fight. Just before the elixir activated i got down to 98 HP and was a fraction of a second from death with maat's hundred fists.

I read the log after the fight and found out the following:

-Maat never missed me once
-I never missed Maat once
-Maat never countered me once
-I never countered Maat once

Given the ammount i messed up in this fight and how long it took me to use my items and perform my weapon skills on top of the weak chi blast opener, I would say that maat at level 70 is a real pushover - but bring a vile elixir +1 just incase u need it.

My melee equip setup was:
Weapon: Cross-Counters
Head: Tiger Mask
Neck: Spike Necklace
Body: Scorpion Harness
Hands: Temple Gloves or O. Kote (not sure which ones my messed up macros put on)
Rings 1 & 2: Phalanx Rings
Earrings: Coral Earring + Minuet Earring
Waist: Brown Belt
Legs: Temple Hose
Feet: Temple Gaiters

All done as an elvaan monk. I can't remember what MND chi blast gear i was using at the time, but minus the staff i had +22 MND.
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Anyone try it at 66? I have a testimony, but I'm not sure I wanna blow it once I level up. I've been toying around with strats in my mind, but I'm just not sure how accurately/hard one can hit him at that level. I've done all of my LB's pretty much as soon as they've been available (Save LB3 due to laziness) and I'd like to continue the pattern... but if it's an unrealistic goal, I guess it'd be nice to know in advance.
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#26 Aug 26 2005 at 5:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Seeing as no one said this strategy, and/or some are repeating the same strat as others, I decided to post one that I heard works.

Prep work:
Alot of preperation is done outside of the fight. What you want to do is get to a certain lvl (68 is a good minimum) and cap your H2H skills and evasion skills. After this, delevel yourself to the previous level and within 200-400xp to get to your next lvl. Obtain a Page of the Dragon Chronicles(the new chocobo escort thing is an easy way to obtain this).

-Carbonara is good
-2 Hi-Potions
-Blink Headband
-Page of the Dragon Chronicles
-4 Sleep potions
-Vile Elixer(optional)
-Icarus Wing(optional)
-A Regen drink(optional)

Equip all your equipment after walking in naked, use Carbobara, then the 2 Hi-potions to fill HP and Regen Drink if it's still not full. Sleep yourself to 100% TP. Start doing a few boosts then followed by Dodge, and Focus. Don't use Chi Blast.

The Fight:
Engage Maat, but use Hundred Fists before you connect any fists followed by a Boost and the most powerful WS you can dish out. Let Hundred Fist do its work. When Maat uses his Hundred Fist, begin to activate your Dragon Chronicles. If you prepared right, you should level up, have full hp and capped H2H and evasion skills for your new level. Then just WS to finish him off(if he's not done Icarus Wing and another WS). If you're in danger of losing, use Vile Elixer or Chakra.

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Anyone try it at 66? I have a testimony, but I'm not sure I wanna blow it once I level up. I've been toying around with strats in my mind, but I'm just not sure how accurately/hard one can hit him at that level. I've done all of my LB's pretty much as soon as they've been available (Save LB3 due to laziness) and I'd like to continue the pattern... but if it's an unrealistic goal, I guess it'd be nice to know in advance.

I tried this at 66. Carbonara, persikos au lait, good gear. Slept to 100%, boosted 7x, activated Blink Band after Focus and Dodge, macro error'd and left AF gloves and Blink Band on (dangit). Shot him with Chi Blast for 320'ish. Got him down to 58%... he used Spinning Attack for 350'ish. I was down to half at that point, and he immediately used 100 Fists, so I did Raging, Vile Elixir +1, Icarus Wing, Raging. The second Raging failed to take him out... only did 250 whereas the first did 450.

Died with Maat at around 15% HP remaining.

Confident that I'll do fine at 70. It's probably possible at 66, but it'd take a lot of luck, and if I wasn't drunk at the time I probably wouldn't have tried.

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What do you guys think about using both a blink band and momento muffler to get both blink and VIT+7 enchantement at the start, and making sure you start the battle at 18:00 and equipping Vampire Boots (EVA +10 at nighttime) after you use dodge?

Also do you think it would be beneficial to enter the ring with coral earrings equipped as they will lower his EVA by 10 but also boost his attack by 10....I wasn't sure if dropping his eva by 10 is worth giving him +10 attack or not?

Oh also if at some point early in the battle I use a hyper potion to restore some HP...will I then be able to use another hyper potion after it or an icarus wing? Also, same question for vile elixir.

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Beat Maat last night on my 3rd attempt at lvl 67. I managed to beat the record time with 4 mins and 55 seconds :-). Anywho.... I entered Circle dressed.

Slept to 75% TP
used blink band
Boosted 3 times no mind gear
Used Persikimos Aulait
Ate meat cheif kabob
Boosted 2 more times
Used dodge focus then I chi-blasted

Once I chi'd I locked my targeting again and started backing up. Previously I lost sight of him at start. Once I was inganged I started 100 Fists. used dragon kick at 110%. took a few hits and used vile elixer. As 2hr ended and he started his I dragon kicked again and it was over. I had about 700~ HP left.

I also had a vile+1 and incarus with me, but I did not use either.

Arhat series head and body piece, Brn Belt, Feral Fangs, Triumph X2, Amemient +1 and AF for other parts.

All in all I believe this attempt went much smoother then my previous tries. I didnt do any OMGZORZ type damage this time, but it was consistant.
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I would do this. ;p
Has what I did. Though I would say boost 11 times not to 999 atk like I said there ( secert but I was kinda noobish at the time about chi blast =x ).
(*) Blink (*)
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Well beat Maat today on my first try (yay!)

Equip :
Feral Fangs
Temple Set (head, body, gloves, legs and feet)
Spike Neclkace
Blink Band
Dodge Earringsx2
Chrysosomething Ringsx2 (Vit+3)
Amemet Mantle
Warrior's Belt +1

-=ChiBlast equip=-
Justaucorps +1
Holy Phial
Saintly Rings x2
Friar's Rope

How it went :
-Entered naked
-Equiped everything with Chi Blast equip (exept for blink band)
-Carbonara + Hi-Potion + Pear au lait
-Boost x 2
-Activate Blink Band (change to temple crown when done)
-Boost X 6
-Dodge/Focus/Hundred Fist
-Engage + Chi Blast
-Switch to attack gear
-Howling fist when at 100% TP
-Icarus Wing
-Howling fist
-(Chakra here but i forgot)

Maat never missed me. Dodge earrings were pointless. 5 hits total didn't land (3 shadows and 2 counters).
He was Hitting me for 90-120 per shot.

I tried to make him attack normal for as long as possible and when he poped 2hr i had to end him quick.

Good luck to all of you (oh and btw, dont ask a friend to cast buffs on you, they dont stick =p)
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First off I'd like to thank everyone here for throwing out some great ideas and I must say these threads were extremely helpful in giving me the edge to my own victory. I really appreciate it.

For my own two cents I feel the biggest and most crucial tip is not to panic. You do indeed have plenty of time to prepare, even with the sleep to 100% tp method, at a calm and steady pace. Also the above poster's tip on cronological macros is a god-send as well. No fumbling for keys, just a nice steady flow of macros.

Personaly I went in at level 69 with pretty standard gear. Full AF set, drone earings, str+ rings, spike necklace, life belt, and amemit mantle. For my weapon I chose Spartan Cesti for the "more bang for your buck" effect.

I ate Carbonara +1, used hi pots to fill up, then began sleeping myself. At full tp I ran in, engaged, buffed + hundred fists, then did an un-boosted chi blast immediately followed by a Howling fist.

After HF I rode the wave of the fight and used what I think clinched my victory. As Maat wore away at me while I steadily gained TP I used a Vile Elixir when my HPs hit 3/4 then a Vile Elixir +1 when my HPs again dropped to half. When at 100% tp I Raging fists, Icarus wing and Raging fists again and Maat gave up. I was saving Chakra for post last Raging just in case there was trouble but it was over with the WS. Ending Hps 348/1645.

Now the kicker is I forgot to use my Blink band and Persikos as well as re-equip my spike necklace in place of opo. Even including these mistakes I still beat the server record with 4 minutes 49 seconds.

#33 Oct 12 2005 at 2:03 PM Rating: Good
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My strategy wasn’t that much different from any of the gentle palm / sleepless strats above so I won’t list it.. However a few notes from what I noticed after looking over the battle log and parser stats.

Maat hit me for 100ish damage with 200ish crit hits…
I hit Maat for 50-80ish damage with 120ish crit hits…
He took 1352 pts of damage before 2-houring and 2730 before giving up…
Neither Maat nor I ever missed…


Maat took more damage from my hits then a normal IT xp mob and hit me for less… it seems that he has Semi-low Def, Semi-low Atk. If I had to judge I’d say he’s level 70

The old man never missed a punch despite my Capped Eva Skill + 18 Evasion + Dodge, I suggest forgetting gear designed to generate a miss and load yourself up on Vit/Def and Str/Atk. You’re both going to land almost all of your punches so plan around being able to take and dish out as much damage as possible.

Talking of equipment, the stars of the fight were my Carbonara, Memento Muffler, and Blink Band. I credit them with my victory, I had vile elixirs and an Icarus wing ready to go but they proved unnecessary. Everything else was my normal lv 70 Xping gear.

All and all at 70 he’s not that hard, He’ll certainly hand you your head if you go in without a plan and ill prepared. But if you take the time to think about your strategy you should have a very good chance of success.

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For the most part I pretty much followed the majority on this one, except in one category, weapon. I used Shiva's Claws and fought Maat on Iceday. The additional effect of paralyze kicked in quite a few times and stopped Maat from attacking altogether.

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I did the slowplay strategy, 3xboost chi blast, engage with hundred fists, WS when maat 2-hours, icarus wing, WS again. i won with 50 hp left, though I didn't use my chakra.

I was kind of lagging a little when i went into the fight, and in retrospect i should have waited, but i was having issues with patience.

I used a blink band and the counter+ earring from the ENM, combined with my AF pants, i countered exactly one time. Of course, if i hadn't countered, i would have died.

Also used Cabonara and pear au lait.
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#36 Nov 10 2005 at 11:16 PM Rating: Decent
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Won on my third try @lv 69. First two tries were lvl 66 & 67 (Note: I never used medicines or potions of any kind, I didnt want to spend alot of gil on fight, and thought it would feel like more of an accomplishment if I didn't)

1. Get nakid, Enter BC
2. Eat (I used Carbonara).
3. Drink Pear Au Lait.
4. Put on EQ (I started w/ AF gloves, I didnt use macros, but macro eq if you prefer.) Equipment was mostly AF, Avenger's earring, Minuet Earring, Phalanx ring, Kampher Ring, Pride staff/Cross Counters)
5. Boosted 11 times (used Boost >> add a couple pieces of EQ >> repeat)
6. Run up to Maat, Chi-Blast (Had Cross-Counters macroed in to swap from Pride staff after Chi-Blast{but macro failed n ended up equipping manually ><}).
7. Focus, Dodge, Hundred Fist COUNTERSTANCE.
8. Pummel Maat into oblivion.

Notes: After I Opened up the Fight with a 440 dmg Chi-Blast Maat immediatly used Hundred Fists, so we were using our 2 hours almost simutaniously. He submitted after my first and only Raging Fist (550 dmg.). Maat Never Weapon Skilled me due to the fact i used Counterstance vs his Hundred Fist, and countered 80% of his hits, in fact most of the hits i took were from counters from Maat. Since Counters produce no TP (I assume this is true for Maat as well) The old guy never gained enough TP to use a WS.
My time was 3:30, And i was left w/ 145 hp (I was about to use Chakra when he submitted). 7-9 secs to eat, drink, take a couple deep breaths, 2:55 to Boost, equip and Chi-Blast, and maybe 26-28 seconds to beat him.
I really believe the deciding factor of me winning w/o medicines etc. was Counterstance w/ decent Counter gear.

The Record on my Server was 0:45 0.0

*Edit~ spelling

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equips and accessories used:

Tiphia sting
AF Body
Crow Beret
AF feet
AF Hands
Opo-opo Necklace
Amemit Mantle +1
Brown Belt
Kampfer earring
Kampfer ring
Venerer's ring
Spike Necklace
Minuet Earring
Aikido *******
Sleeping potions x4

I walked in naked. I used macros and followed the macros pretty much posted by Derigible from hades server, with some tweaks. I macro'ed in first half of equips, then used carbonara. Used 2 hi potion +1's to give me some hp back. I equipped opo opo necklace and used 4 sleeping potions. Once at 100% TP, I used blink band macroed in second set of equips. I boosted 3 times and got closer to Maat. Activated dodge, focus, and counterstance.

Then macro'ed promise badge, used hundred fists, used chi blasts re-equipped spike necklace then started attacking. Used raging fists, and after taking some hits, he popped hundred fists around 50% health and I used raging fists again. A few more hits and he quit.

I swung 32 times
I countered 4 times
Additional effect: paralysis x1

he has a high delay but hits hard and I had ended the fight with 429 hp. I had health items and hermes quencher but didn't get to use them
#38 Nov 19 2005 at 10:59 AM Rating: Good
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My date with Maat recently came and went. I scoured every forum for days for strats. In the end it took me a couple tries, slightly different strategy variations each time. This is going to be a long post, but I want to give back the monks here who post here who have helped me out muchly throughout my levels! So hopefully my post will help others.

Gear for my first 3 tries:
opo necklace, spike necklace
tiger mask
temple cyclas
temple hose
temple gaiters
coral earrings
sun rings
brown belt
amemet mantle
feral fangs

Drink: persikos au lait
Food: I remembered all the guides saying meat mith or chief, so I um, used a rice dumpling. Shh >< I had some lying around ok.

Macros: everything. I set them all up in order I would use them in so I would just have to go right down the line and not have to worry about blanking on what was what.

First try- total disaster kept spamming my 2hr macro thinking it was chakra and by the time I tried to use a potion (which are useless btw) I was KOed.

Second try- followed the mnk-maat-fight-this-way-and-you-will-win-like-fer-sure guide to the letter. I'll go into more detail with my screenshotted one but basically sleep to 100, boost 10x for chi blast, dodge, focus, hundred fists, engage at distance, chi blast, raging fist, get tp from hundred fists, raging fists, and then I died. Supposedly he was supposed to give up after my second raging fists. Nope! But luckily I still had my Icarus Wing (which I would have used next and then another raging fists). If I had any luck I would have won this time ><

Third try- same strat except I only boost up 7 or so times for a weaker chi-blast, thinking this will delay maat's 2hr use (he used it pretty early on) and macroed in chakras and hi-pots in the middle of my hundred fists. So I begin, raging fists, he 2hrs, I start to get owned and start trying to use potions and then I die. Potions were a biiiiiiiig mistake.

Gear for fourth- start getting serious now…

opo necklace, blink band, spike necklace (kept on the blink band until after I chi-blasted- macro gear change)
temple crown, Arhat's Jinpachi (kept on crown until after chi-blast)
temple cyclas, Arhat's Gi (cyclas macroed in for chakra, then switch back out)
temple hose
temple gaiters
coral earrings
sun rings
brown belt
amemet mantle
feral fangs

Drink: persikos au lait
Food: Carbonara

Fourth try- I have screens of this one. In an effort to keep him from 2 houring so quickly, I did a weaker chi-blast and didn't hundred fist until he did. I actually got off three raging fists, had him down to maybe 10% and I still lost! It was very frustrating. Really should have won this one I think. I dunno ; ;

Screenies (I didn’t screenshot all of the boosting)
Also my blink band going off randomly in the middle there with two shadows? What’s up with that? I originally thought I only had one shadow and was mad about it.

By this time I was getting pretty bummed out about the whole thing, especially in light of my definitely-should-have-won-non-wins. A friend took pity on me and gave a bunch of gear to try out, although I only ended up using the body piece and one earring. In this fight I take all the advice and strats I've tried so far and mush them up into one big mushy banana puree type thing which I throw on the floor in front of Maat and hope he breaks a hip and his med-alert has run out of batteries *cough* Anyway...

Gear for fifth:
opo necklace, blink band, spike necklace (kept on the blink band until after I chi-blasted- macro gear change)
temple crown, tiger mask (kept on crown until after chi-blast)
temple cyclas, lucky scorpion harness (cyclas macroed in for chakra, then switch back out)
temple hose
temple gaiters
kampfer earring, evasion earring
sun rings
brown belt
amemet mantle
feral fangs

Drink: persikos au lait
Food: Carbonara

Macro set: (5th fight only, it changed every fight)

Use food, use potions to get HP up, equip opo-opo necklace, use sleeping potion x4, sleep to 100, equip blink band, boost 10x, use drink, use blink band, dodge, focus, hundred fists, engage at a distance, chi blast, raging fists, vile elixir, icarus wing, raging fists, chakra... win. Looking over it all Maat missed me a lot this time. The SH eva and the eva earring obviously did the trick. Also the the kampfer is counter skill++ something. Coral earrings were –eva. I would have used the vile elixir after icarus wing, but I heard a rumor that since icarus gives medicated status you can’t use the elixir afterwards. I didn’t want to test this to find out, so I used it even though my HP weren’t down that much, and just hoped chakra would be enough later on.

Screenies (also note the original time record on this one O_o)!

Anyway FINALLY! Woot! I’d like to especially thank Jonai for pretty much everything, Briste for his lucky gear, advice and testimony farming skillz, Izdubar for letting me keep that vile elixir from that one time we got Lumberjack (yep I used the same one) and a bunch of testimony farming, Skyylya for being an all around general monk mentor, fight advice and also Yagudo smackdown-age and Gattamus who helped farm the testimony that let me win ^^b

Server : Gilgamesh
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My strategy was a defense one, you can read my thread how I beat Maat right here

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#40 Nov 21 2005 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Soft-Palm Approach

Tried at 66, lost..too many misses. It was obvious that it would work at 69 though.

Food: Carbonara
Use Blink Band, Au Lait

Feral Fangs
Temple Gear
Spike Neck
Dodge Ear*2
Victory/Sun Ring
Brown Belt
Amemit +1

Boost a couple times
Engage Turned around
Focus,Dodge,Chi macro
HF while turning around
Chakra at some point (I think)

-Maat Uses Hundred Fists

Dragon Kick
Icarus Wing
Dragon Kick

You have set the clear time record for "Shattering Stars(MNK)"!

(I know, it's just since the last server reset, but it still feels nice.)
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#41 Nov 21 2005 at 10:19 PM Rating: Good
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Time to write up my experience with Maat. Beat him last Wednesday night. ^^

The strategy I intended to use was to counter-tank him. To that end I loaded up on every piece of counter gear I could except the muscle belt (preferred the Brown Belt). I also decided to use a Str ring instead of the Kampfer ring for overall balance.

Happy Egg
Tiger Mask / Blink Band
Memento Muffler
Kampfer Earring
Counter Earring (from ENM)
Temple Cyclas
Creek F Mitts / Temple Gloves
Venerer Ring
Puissance Ring
Amemet Mantle
Brown Belt
Temple Hose
Creek F Clomps

Food: Carbonara

2 Hi-potions
Pear Au Lait
Vile Elixir

With this gear and food I had Str +23 and Vit +24.

Went in, used the food, 1 hi-pot and the au lait, boosted 4 or 5 times (wanted the chi blast to be fairly weak), then started activating items. I did not use the Opo-opo necklace for initial TP. Made the first mistake here when trying to be clever about activating stuff. Did Dodge, Blink Band, Focus, Memento Muffler, Counter Earring. Because of how long the items took to use, Dodge ended up wearing off in the middle of the fight. Advice: activate all items before activating abilities. Items tend to have longer active durations anyway.

I had analyzed Maat's fighting and had gone in with the expectation that Maat would use his weaponskill at 100% TP. I expected that, due to Subtle Blow, he would get 100% at the same time I did, so planned on hitting counterstance immediately after the weaponskill to minimize overall damage. Problem was, he didn't use his weaponskill. In fact, he never used a weaponskill at all. This screwed up my timing slightly, but overall wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Activated 100 Fists and used Chi Clast, which only did 104, a fair bit weaker than I'd intended. Of course I didn't have any +Mnd gear on. Blink stopped 3 attacks and Maat missed once, so only 2 attacks got through before I reached 100 TP. At that point I continued my macro set and hit Counterstance before I realized Maat hadn't used his weaponskill yet. Then I used Chakra early and only healed 216 instead of 249. Minor losses.

The counterstance tactic, however, paid off. I'd done 1237 damage, then used Howling Fist for 183 (yeah, pretty pathetic; I think only one of the hits connected) and Maat started 100 Fists. I countered 8 out of 12 attacks, and got hit for about 200 per attack that connected (I was expecting to be hit for 150 or so). Overall, took 800 damage instead of 1200, so was a good tradeoff, though risky because he hadn't weaponskilled yet.

Anyway, after the Howling Fist, I used Icarus Wing and Dragon Kick (I'd wanted to see how those two fared in the fight, just because; DK did 373), and just continued to punch away, waiting for when I'd need the Vile Elixir. I ended up not using it, and finished the fight with 341 HP left.

Summary stats: I hit him 28 times for 1630 damage total, plus Chi Blast [104], Howling Fist [183] and Dragon Kick [373], and countered 8 times for 467 damage, for total damage done of 2757. Estimate he had a total of just about 200TP at the end. The "I give up" message came just before a final pair of both normal attacks and counters, so no idea which happened last.

#42 Nov 21 2005 at 10:45 PM Rating: Decent
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First try, success.

Relevant Equipment:
Kampfer Earring
Kampfer Ring
Avenger's Earring
Aikido *******

Meat Mithkabob
Persiko Au Lait

Enter, eat & drink, walk up to Maat, turn on all abilities, boost, chi blast, hundred fists, spam Raging Fists.

Personal Note:
I attempted this on lightningsday to increase the effect of Counterstance.
#43 Nov 21 2005 at 11:58 PM Rating: Decent
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How's Maat's Evasion?

Is AF body, Cross Counters, and Focus enough to hit him almost all the time?

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#44 Nov 22 2005 at 1:37 PM Rating: Good
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On Maat's evasion: I had +11 acc (CCs, AF body, Venerer) and focus and only missed once. Out of 30 attacks, 28 hit, 1 missed, 1 was countered.
#45 Nov 28 2005 at 12:26 PM Rating: Good
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Okay, it's my turn.

I beat the old man last night and it wasn't much of a battle at 70 I discovered. I think being lvl 70 helped and I believe I was also lucky.


Spartan Cesti
Full AF
Tiger Mask (which I forgot to equip)
Blink Band
Opo opo Necklace to charge TP with sleep potions.
Spike Necklace
Brown Belt
2 Sun Rings


Carbonara +1 (I forgot the regen food)


Hi-potions (2)
Vile Elixir
Vile Elixir +1
Sleep potions (4)

Promise Badge for Chi then Spike Necklace macroed in once done. My Chi was boosted only 6 times.

After each sequential macros, I had an echo set to tell me what to do next.

Echo: Equip Blink band and spiked necklace (after final Boost series) for example.

Carbonara +1 then Hi-potions to get full HP which was roughly 1588.

Dodge Focus Hundred Fists on one macros once all prep work was done.

Battle begins:

Chi Blast for 170

Blink band absorbs 3 of Maat's hits

I hit Maat several times for normal dmg (59-70)

Raging Fist for 537

Maat connects 3 times by this point I Chakra for 198

I counter twice then Maat 2 hours it

I was almost ready to panic at this point as I thought his 2 hour statred too soon

My Hundred Fists is doing its job and after I get in a crit I use an Icarus wing.

Raging Fist for 547

I am at 872 of 1588 now and am ready to use my Vile Elixir and then my Vile Elixir +1 (both macroed)

Then I see: "Hm. That was a mighty fine display of skill there..."

I couldn't believe it was over so fast. I missed the server record by 5 seconds.

All in all I got in 3 crits, 3 counters, and missed only once. He missed 3 times with no counters or crits. Fortune was on my side that day.

To my surprise, my /shouts of joy in Low Jeuno were met with sincere Congratulations and a lot of nice tells.

Another Monk who responded to my /shout was about to fight him as well, all he needed were some sleeping potions. I ran to my MH and gave him what I had then shouted to Low Jeuno to give him support. He said he was flooded with tells too. Ten minutes later he sent me a tell about how easy it was. We plan on many bones parties in KRT now.

All I can say is {Good luck} to all you Monks heading to a showdown with Maat. I know you can do it.

/cheer to all fellow Monks
Just a humble servant.

Character name: Morganwebb
-No, not the real Morgan Webb...once was a fan of X-play-
Server: Seraph
Linkshell: FamilyofStrangers
Rank 10
Preferred title: Maat Masher

Level 75 Monk, the rest don't matter.

Full AF -- Thanks Seraph AF Alliance
Melee Gloves O
Melee Hose O
Melee Cyclas O
Melee Gaiters O
Melee Crown O -- Thanks Grafelords/Dynamite
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I used this Method the Other day w/ my 70 Elvaan Monk and it was Awesome.

I forgot to Rebuff HP when I Zoned in, as I Buffed before BC Zone (Jackass move), but when all was said and Done, I had ~ 200 Hp Left :p

I had a Spike Necklace, as Specs are a little insane on price these days.

Rings, a Sun, and a Verner, H2H, TM Hooks +2

Just to Refrence one of the first Posts talking about /Thf + Flee, WTH makes you think Maat would not come after you anyways? :p

No real Monk Runs from a Good Fight ^.^
I Remember the Book Repository where they Crowned the king of Cuba
Name: Picout

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I have nothing much to add to this thread, it's already insanely complete and was critical to my success with Maat. I managed to beat Maat my first try and I really do owe it to the strategies in this thread.

If anyone is really interested in the details (or in a movie I made of the experience) they can find it all here.

In a nutshell, I did the DEF/VIT/EVA gear->Blink Band->Semi-Light Chi->Hundred Fists->WS->Icarus Wing->WS approach. The fight was over in probably 30 seconds after the first punch.

I did want to add a few things that I found from this fight which weren't answered in this thread (things I had questions about):

  • Derigible and everyone else who said to make Maat-specific macros ordered in a chronological way gave very good advice. I followed it, and I think it helped me a lot.
  • Double, triple, and quadruple check those macros. I personally went through them for over an hour in my MH to make sure I had them right. Even with all that checking, I still had two problems with mine (misspell of "Hundred Firsts" and timing of Blink Band). The MH is a great place to check your macros as you wont accidentally fire off your 2 hour or use an expensive item.
  • Practice Maat by trying the ENM 60 Puppet. I did this for a few weeks leading up to my Maat fight. It may be level 60 cap, but it is very similar to the Maat fight. It's free in that it doesn't cost any EXP if you lose (just any gil spent on it) and you may even get a nice earring for the Maat fight (I, however, did not ever get that earring). I cannot stress enough how much easier it is to practice on this ENM than farm for testimonies and fail Maat repeatedly. I have several friends who fought Maat upwards of 12 times before I could convince them to practice on this puppet.
  • As others have said, Icarus Wings do give you a "medicated" effect. However, I was still able to fire off (an unneeded) Vile Elixer +1 afterward.
  • WS choice doesn't seem to matter much. I've seen videos of people succeeding using Combo, Raging Fists, Howling Fists and Dragon Kick. They all seem equally effective against Maat. My only advice is to macro one of them, and stick with it.
  • Breath and be calm. When I did this fight I was snippy with my wife because I was so stressed. Somehow, emerging victorious from the fight to find an angry spouse kind of killed the moment :-)

  • Anyway... good luck to all you future Monk Maat Mashers out there :-)
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    Just beat Maat. This was my second attempt.

    For this one, I went with an evasion-based setup since Dodge was of absolutely no use the first time around. I also decided to try the Shiva's Claws as I heard they were pretty useful.


    Weapon: Shiva's Claws
    Head: Temple Crown
    Body: Scorpion Harness
    Hands: Temple Gloves
    Legs: Temple Hose
    Feet: Temple Gaiters (switched to Vampire Boots right after)
    Earring1&2: Elusive Earring
    Ring1: Venerer Ring
    Ring2: Sun Ring
    Back: Amemet Mantle
    Waist: Brown Belt

    Because of the Vampire Boots and Shiva's Claws, I had to fight Maat in a specific time frame, which was around 15:00 Iceday (or around 22:00 Windsday, but I missed that time). This gave me the time to get in and do my preparation stuff (Carbonara, Au Lait, Boost, etc.) and it would be night time by then, which is when the +10 Evasion on the Vampire Boots kicks in. I decided not to switch to the Emperor Hairpin because I figured having the defense from the Temple Crown would be pretty helpful.

    I beat Maat with 418 HP left, without having to use either Chakra or a Vile Elixir. Overall, I paralyzed Maat five times and he missed me six times.

    Good luck to all the other Monks attempting him. =)

    #49 Mar 13 2006 at 7:08 PM Rating: Decent
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    Enter BC
    Macro in Gear
    Use Blink Band, Carbonara
    Hi-Potion for some HP back
    Rested to about 1550
    Used Counter Earring
    Boost x4
    Engage Maat, back turned
    Focus, Dodge, Hundred Fists, Chi Blast

    Hundred Fists -> 100 TP
    Dragon Kick (Maat 2hrs)
    Icarus Wing -> Dragon Kick
    Chakra then melee it out

    Maat surrenders, I win with 54hp left

    1/6 ^^

    75/75Mnk (as of 6/28/06), 37/37War, 63/75Thf, 38/37Nin, 32/37Whm, 31/??Drg

    ZM 14
    SM 8-2 (8-1 soloed)
    ToAU 20
    CoP 1-3 (Need Holla)

    6/6 Runic Portals
    Support my efforts to get a free Tshirt, 5000 clicks needed x_x
    #50 Mar 13 2006 at 8:47 PM Rating: Good
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    Perskios Au Lait
    Blink Band

    Equip MND gear
    Boost x 10
    Engage facing away from Maat
    Dodge, Focus, Hundred Fists
    Chi Blast
    Equip normal damage gear, face Maat

    Chakra when needed
    Raging Fists at every 100% TP
    Icarus Wing (if you need it for final kill if low on HP)

    Personally I think Maat is a LOT easier than he used to be before Blink Band and Carbonara were around. The Blink Band alone saves you so much damage in this fight its crazy. Add in the extra HP from Carbonara and you have a good chance of winning every time.

    #51 Mar 13 2006 at 10:27 PM Rating: Decent
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    Everyone generally uses the same strategy, with the Icarus route.

    I went with the Strength potion route.


    Full AF
    Cross Counters
    Grand Temple Knights Collar
    Sun Ringsx2
    Brown Belt
    Amemit Mantle+1
    Merman Earrings
    Happy Egg

    Eat Carbona before entering the BC.

    Boost 10 times.
    Drink Strength Potion(Keeps you medicated like Icarus Wings)
    Dodge, Focus. Boost 1 more time.

    Chi Blast.

    Hundred Fists.

    Proceed to Hit Maat for hits that do 80-90 damage per fists.
    Chakra when necessary it felt right.
    Save your WS for when Maat Activated Hundred Fists.
    I used Dragon Kick, maybe Raging Fists will work.

    You can tweak this, by bringing in a blink band, and periskos au lait.

    Dragon Kick did 670 damage.
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