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Toci's Harness worth it?Follow

#1 Mar 14 2012 at 9:42 AM Rating: Good
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I was evaluating this piece to work into TP set and it seems like I've got to sacrifice using other pieces that don't make sense (e.g., swapping out Raider's Hands+2 full time and putting on Brego or Homam in order to get haste back up to cap.)

Does anyone use this on Thief?

#2 Mar 14 2012 at 10:57 AM Rating: Good
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I do. Oce+1 hat+Tocis+brego will edge out Raiderx3 for TP.

26 Dex
18 Str
10 atk
19 acc
18 Agi
11% Haste

18 Dex
8 str
21 atk
28.5 Acc
3% TA
11% haste

Tocis=+8dex, +10str, -11atk, -9.5acc, 3% DA, no set bonus.
With str/dex counting for acc/atk its

Tocis: +8Ddex, +10Str(2.5Fstr), -6atk, -5.5acc, 3%DA. No set bonus.
Nominal boosts: 2tic regen, 2haste aura.

Its not like an OMGBBQ upgrade, and not really an upgrade at all unless you have the +1 oce hat. Ends up being 2-3 Fstr and 3%DA vs 5-6acc/6atk/set bonus. Tocis should win in an uncapped Fstr situation and even more in acc capped. if your working with ~50ish base damage thats 4-6% DOT from Fstr, ~2.X% or so from the 3 DA. No contest vs 6atk/5-6acc and leaves the set bonus to make up the slack (in abyssea with TA atmas and capped Fstr raiders prob wins. Outside unlikely). And who doesnt like 8Ddex(again irrelivant in abyssea), 2regen and 2haste aura for everyone around you.

Also style points. You look way cooler than the bajillion Thfs in 4/5 raider gear :P

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#3 Mar 18 2012 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
Over the course of a 120 minute dynamis, that Ocelomeh +1 head will give ya 4.8k HP for free, equivalent to 700~ TP worth of curing waltzing ^^. That is what sells Toci's builds over AF3 builds for me, at least outside Abyssea, or anywhere where there will not be cure bombs. Oh, and there's just something magical about nipples that you could see from Sky.

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