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Glavoid: Gorge/Disgorge woesFollow

#1 Jan 23 2012 at 1:53 PM Rating: Good
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I know this is not the best place to post a query like this, but after what has been happening recently, i need all the advice i can get.. And since this NM is part of the Twashtar trial, it does concern THF.

I have killed Glavoid about 10 times so far with low-man setups (THF, WHM, RDM trio) and i died on all but 3 fights. I just want to know as much about the nature of Glavoid's abilities as i can before I waste any more KI popsets.

The ONLY problems i have been having through these fights are Gorge/Disgorge one-shotting me. I understand that these two abilities are earth-based, and having as much earth resistance as possible (barstonra, earth carol II, etc) will supposedly render these abilities survivable - specifically earth carol II which is said to make these abilities harmless (0 dmg reports).

So here's what happened today. tried duoing with a whm after reading some testimonials. We were well-prepared and the fight went very well until the inevitable disgorge insta-kill. i only accidentally healed it once, maybe for 500 max, it only used gorge once, absorbing 500hp from me and a little more from the whm. the first time it used disgorge, it did about 1,400 dmg to both the whm and i. the way i understand it, disgorge is like 1000 needles in that you need more bodies to split the dmg with, so we were both standing in front of glavoid. for the record, again, i am thf, have all stat/hp abyssites, used earth wyrm (earth+100), ebon hoof (superior HP) and RR atmas, along with barstonra and shell V. I had over 3300 HP. the second disgorge is used did 4300 dmg to me and 4500 to the whm.

i understand the best advice on these abilities is to keep them stunned, i just want to understand how the dmg is determined. a friend is telling me the dmg seems to be in multiples of 3000, perhaps doing 3000 split the first time, then 6000 split, then 9000, up to 12000. it's possible the whm stunned the 2nd disgorge and i didn't notice, then its third was split between us for 4500~ each, but i can't square this with my experience from the previous fights where i was healing it for a ton and ate 2 or 3 disgorges (not split, all me) before the one that killed me.

i'm just discouraged now because i stacked HP and earth resistance but none of disgorge's dmg seemed to be mitigated.. so how is it that people are saying earth carol is a necessity if it's just earth resistance, the same as barstonra and the earth atma? i've had good fights where i'm never in any danger and bad fights that kill me from the start. at this point it looks like it's just luck. Am i missing anything or is stun that critical?

thanks in advance for any helpful insight
#2 Jan 23 2012 at 9:26 PM Rating: Decent
Pretty sure that Gorge (as in to gorge ones self) charges up Disgorge (to throw up violently, apparently in the earth element in multiples of 1500). Base Disgorge is 1500, more Gorging means more to Disgorge. Just don't let those WSs go off; have the WHM and RDM both sub BLM and do whatever it takes so that there are no doubts about it.

That said, maybe use Sanguine Scythe (HP+ by some amount, 30% rings a bell) in the place of one of your usual DD atmas so you can survive a 3k Disgorge, if you need more HP than that you're doing something wrong.

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#3 Jan 24 2012 at 12:51 PM Rating: Default
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I would suggest using atma of the earth wyrm. +100 resistance to earth, pdt taken -10% and gain full benefits of earth day/weather. Should help on disgorge being that it is earth based.
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#4 Jan 25 2012 at 1:48 AM Rating: Excellent
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Did you even read his post>
used earth wyrm (earth+100), ebon hoof (superior HP) and RR atmas, along with barstonra and shell V. I had over 3300 HP

I've not long finished this trial for my ukon, we had me tank on thf, blm out of range with a dual box pld standing with me to soak up some dmg, and a smn who would set titan on it and another body to soak up dmg. Titan can use Earthen Armour(or what ever the ability is called) to stop you getting 1 shotted, but in all the fights we done it wasn't needed, was just a back up plan. Smn and blm both /whm was enough to cure.

We sometimes brought along more people if they were on when we were fighting but more people = more chance for things to go wrong, and often would cause or fights to take longer with too many heals

Atma's I used were RR, GH, SS, I found with apoc a triple attack would always go off when I was too slow to turn, which with my crappy connection was quiet often.

#5 Jan 25 2012 at 3:08 AM Rating: Good
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The earth carol II comment in wiki is old. It's from the time when brd set bonus was 100% proc on carol II, so basically if you had brd with two pieces of +2, you were immune to dmg of that element (which of course SE promptly nerfed).

Stun is the key pretty much. If your rdm or whm friends have a blu, that with right atmas (lots of macc and fast cast) can shut Glavoid down completely. Or as another poster suggested, smn for Earthen Armor works well as long as you can limit tp gain. Migawari nin works as well.
#6 Jan 28 2012 at 9:27 AM Rating: Good
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Since I will have to go through Glavoid soon enough... How effective is Violent Flourish as a stun on his moves?
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#7 Jan 28 2012 at 11:30 AM Rating: Decent
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If you rdm can go bard, he can apply earth carol II and Sentinel's Scherzo along with barstonra. You will pretty much survive it with no problem.

Sanguine Scythe and all abyssites that enhance your HP will also benefit you greatly.

#8 Jan 28 2012 at 8:50 PM Rating: Good
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Use a heavier melee, all DD atmas, damage it carefully. The faster you kill it, the less likely you die. Make the WHM use /THF sub instead if you can't get a real THF.

Put Addle on it; the more time it spends casting, the more time you can safely unload attacks on it without it readying a WS on you.

Bear in mind that while Blood Weapon is active it will not use any WS. There is a 50% chance that it will be physical immune while Blood Weapon is active; if it's not phys immune, that's also a safe time to unload attacks on it.

Other than that, yeah, stuns.

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#9 Jan 31 2012 at 4:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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The best advise I can give you is to take a second tank along. My buddy and I did this with 2 WHM's, his NIN and my THF. His NIN would tank while I'd proc TH at the beginning, then I'd fall back to a safe distance, and occasionally run in for a SA'd Evis every so often, being careful not to pull hate. If/When he'd die, I'd take over.

Unfortunately we never found a sure fire way to avoid disgorge. I'd also suggest taking your strongest DD to tank/kill him if you have a THF who can come along and give you TH. He's not hard to tank on other jobs if you got a adept healer. The faster you can kill him the better. I always find my WAR had an easier time of avoiding healing him with his great axe, then I ever could with my hundred fists like daggers. :)
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#10 Feb 01 2012 at 12:32 PM Rating: Good
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The easiest way to avoid Disgorge damage is to have a decent stunner. You can have your whm use /blm and makes a stun <bt> macro. Always worked fine (unless someone in another party attacked/nuked/anything and caused the mob to be purple to the party with the whm).
All the other methods require using less than the best DD options for Atma or songs. And killing slower = less shells per run time and more chances for disgorges. Just kill it as fast as you can and stun it.
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#11 Mar 23 2012 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
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~280+ Earth resist

Nin+Thf stun Gorges. If no earth resist Whm stun agas. This fight is intense as you're just staring at chat-log with finger on violent flourish macro. I did not enjoy glavoid.
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