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New top tp set?Follow

#1 May 12 2011 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
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If the new Mextli Harness has 5% dual wield or more and you where the head piece for the 8% haste do you think it will be the 4/5 set with homam feet tp set?

you have to take of af hands to cap haste so you lose 20 att 16 acc 8 dex and 8 str

by taking of head you lose 12 acc and 3% trip att

and body you lose 10 dex and 5 dagger skill

the new stuff wil give

Mextli Harness:Accuracy+17 Ranged Accuracy+17 Sword skill +7 Katana skill +7 Marksmanship skill +7 Enhances "Dual Wield" effect Sphere: Critical hit rate +3% Set: Haste+8%

Cuauhtli Headpiece +1:STR+7 DEX+7 AGI+7 Dagger skill +6 Axe skill +6 Archery skill +6 "Subtle Blow"+6 Set: Haste+8%

so you could still cap haste if you where haste hands and maybe the dual wield if its 5% or more and the crit rate how ever you obtain sphere effect might out do 4/5 af3 tp set.

not sure just kinda hoping so i have something new to chase and a bonues i can take off this **** vest with my belly butten all out >.>.

what do you guys think?

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#2 May 21 2011 at 3:17 AM Rating: Good
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Some ppl say dual wield is 3%, also seems the "Sphere" effect is for everyone in your party but you... Not sure! Just repeat here that I read there. Anyway, Mextli doesn't set with Cuau. Head. The combo is:

Cuauhtli Headpiece +1:STR+7 DEX+7 AGI+7 Dagger skill +6 Axe skill +6 Archery skill +6 "Subtle Blow"+6 Set: Haste+8%

Cuauhtli Harness Accuracy+16 Ranged Accuracy+16 Sword skill +6 Katana skill +6 Marksmanship skill +6 Set: Haste+8%

No dual wield or sphere effect.

Blame me if i'm wrong.
#3 May 21 2011 at 6:34 AM Rating: Good
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I don't believe there is a top tp set because sh*t is situational and mobs have varying stats. S-E has released a lot of armor that serves the purpose to tp in, and many of them offer unique strengths that cater to specific scenarios. Consider just one slot as an example

Ocelot Trousers: 4% haste, 6 accuracy, 10 evasion, 6 enmity
Raider's Culottes +2: 5% haste, 7 dex, critical hit rate + 4%
Calmecac trousers: 3% haste, 2% double attack, 2% triple attack, -8 accuracy

Many of the other slots have similar decisions. Your hitrate is not always capped inside abyssea without pizza or sushi (many NMs in abyssea altepa are especially evasive and I've parsed a 70-80% hitrate with cruor buffs/razed and + 100 accuracy in gear and exceptions exist elsewhere too), and you will always need more attack (I parsed the leeches in zeruhn mines and saw an approximately 33% damage increase from no food vs red curry + acid bolt (~~70 damage per hit versus ~~102). S-E has given us a lot of options but they have created a lot of mobs as well, and the voidwatch nm's are pretty hard. Some setups are more well rounded than others, but there is no such thing as a "top set" for every scenario.

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#4 May 21 2011 at 11:07 AM Rating: Good
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When i think of 'top' TP set, i think of top DD set regardless of other stats, not a well-rounded set or anything like that. I would nix the ocelot legs for raiders in that scenario. But otherwise, yes, the top options are fairly fluid and would need soe very close examination to pick out a 'top' spot.

These days its more 'what do i have access to' and how to make the best of that. Though I will have to start looking more closely at this new gear since I havent really examined the pieces in a full set yet.
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