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#1 Mar 20 2011 at 4:39 PM Rating: Good
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I'm getting tired of mobs one shotting me with a -ga IV that doesn't get stunned/interrupted, so I decided to finally get around to putting together a MDT/MDB set. I can dualbox a pld, so I've got access to shell IV. I don't want to sacrifice DoT for magian based solutions. Looking at wiki, here's what I'm seeing:
         Shell IV                21.9% 
Head     Merman's Cap             2 
Neck     Twilight Torque          5 
Earring  Merman's Earring x2      4 
Body     Merman's Harness         4 
Hands    Denali Wristbands        2 
Ring     Merman's Ring x2         8 
Back     Hexerei Cape             4 
Legs     Lore Slops               2 
Feet     Lore Sabots              2 
                                -54.9% MDT 
Range    Lamian Kaman +1          2 
Ring     Unfettered Ring          2 
Back     Lamia Mantle +1          4 
Waist    Resolute Belt            2 

The bow and the belt are obvious choices here, since there's no MDT gear for those slots. Dropping hexerei for the mantle puts me to -50.9% and 8 MDB. I assume MDT and damage taken both count towards the same cap, but does anyone know for sure? (As in, adding 5% damage taken on top of -50% MDT would do nothing, not hit the 50% MDT cap, then take 5% from that.) I know aug dark rings can be higer than the 4% on merman's ring, but that'll just save me some space down the road. Any thing else I'm missing? Thoughts?

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#2 Mar 20 2011 at 7:17 PM Rating: Decent
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Are you Taru? Do you have all the abyssites of merit? Honestly, most time low man, we just eat the AGA IV, if there is a more dangerous TP move.

Anyways your set looks about right. Avalon body is -5% but don't think its worth the gil for just eating AGAs.

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#3 Mar 21 2011 at 3:27 AM Rating: Good
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Damage taken, physical damage taken and magic damage taken reduction all cap at 50% (it might be slightly higher like the haste cap due to fractions). Shell counts toward the magic damage taken reduction cap.

Magic defense bonus is a completely different part of the damage equation and is compared to the caster's magic attack bonus. (MAB / MDB) Magic damage reduction is taken after that.
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#4 Mar 21 2011 at 12:44 PM Rating: Decent
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Take some time to level whm on that dualbox character. Merit shellra 5/5. Spend 100k on whm gear and you have lots of magic defence plus tons of utilty in- and outside abysea. Then add MDT gear/atma if needed.

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